The Baby-Sitters Club don't belong to me, it belongs to Ann M. Martin

I was just having breakfast. I had eggs and bacon with French toast. I can't have maple syrup though because I'm a diabetic, which I'll have for life. I've had it for quite awhile.

I'm Stacey McGill. I'm 13 now and live in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. I'm an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Middle School. I live with my mother because she and Dad broke up. I lived in New York City all my life until my dad got transferred here when I was 12 and made new friends, I even made a best friend. But then… we had to move back to New York City after Dad's company transferred him back there, so I had to say good-bye to my new friends.

Then, something happened unexpectedly. My parents started fighting a lot, so they decided to get a divorced and I had to choose who to live with: Dad was staying in New York City while Mom decided to move back to Stoneybrook. Guess what? I choose to move back to Stoneybrook and I was able to see all my friends again.

After I had my breakfast, I took my insulin, got dressed, said good-bye to Mom and left after grabbing my coats and backpack. My neighbor and friend, Mallory Pike, walk to school together since she lives behind me.

At school, some of our friends, Mary Anne Spier, her two best friends, Kristy Thomas & Dawn Schafer- who is also Mary Anne's stepsister, Mallory's best friend, Jessi Ramsey, and my best friend, Claudia Kishi, were waiting for us already. Mary Anne's other two best friends, Kayla and Kaylee Willis, were there.

They live three houses down from Mary Anne. I happened to know the Willis girls. They lived in New York City before moving here. They're actually identical twins and they're very close.

Later, my friends- Mallory and Jessi have different lunch periods since they're sixth graders- and I were sitting together while we were chatting. Kayla has been struggling with leukemia and so far, she's doing well even though Mary Anne is worried about losing her best friend.

After school, we walked home together- even Kristy, who already told her bus driver that she wasn't taking the bus and was walking home with us. She lives across town, which is why she takes the school bus. We were going to be at Mary Anne and Dawn's and we planned on going to the club meeting together. We were doing homework together while we were talking.

At five-fifteen, we walked over to Claudia's. At the meeting, at five-thirty pm, the phone rang as I picked up.

"Baby-Sitters Club," I said. "Oh, hi, Mrs. Prezzioso."

The other girls-expect for Mary Anne and Kristy-groaned. Jenny is spoiled as a four-year-old. None of us could stand her.

"Stop that before she hears you," whispered Mary Anne.

She's the only one can handle Jenny. But Kristy hates it when we groan when anyone's on the phone.

"Sure. Hold on. Mary Anne, who's free on Saturday from nine-thirty in the morning until ten-thirty at night?" I asked.

"Mallory, Jessi, and I. But since it's all day until ten-thirty, I'll take the job," said Mary Anne.

Mallory and Jessi are not allowed to sit at night unless it's their own siblings. That's because they're only 11, so they're called Junior Officers. They can take day time jobs after school and weekends.

"You're all set, Mrs. Prezzioso, Mary Anne will be there for nine-thirty am," I said. "No problem. Bye."

"Can you guys not do that when we're on the phone? Mrs. Prezzioso will hear you someday," said Kristy.

"It's also rude to so so," added Mary Anne.

"Perhaps we can do a pet show," I said.

"That's a nice idea to do," agreed Kristy.

"Yeah," said Claudia.

"We can talk about it at the next meeting if anyone has more ideas," I said.

"And, about where we can do it," added Dawn.

"That's true," said Kristy.