AU. Ciel's last words before Sebastian consumes his soul.

"Shall we walk, Ciel?"

The boy in question resolutely nodded. He felt like a little boy again; away from the 'real world', away from work, away from people, away from where secrets had to be kept.

The man in front smiled. He was still dressed in butler's clothes, but where the nondescript clothing was meant to draw attention away from the subject, the devil himself seemed bursting with life and it showed. Clothes became an unnecessary garment to be preened.

He came to a stop in a clearing in the brush. Here, the previously lush ground was barren and dirt-dry, and the grass that tried to grow at the edges was brown with decay.

Ciel thought it ironic that he was to die in a place devoid of life, when he only need reach out and be able to touch a flower in full bloom.

He didn't reach out.

The man – or demon, rather – motioned for him to sit. Ciel felt like a puppet being led by strings. It was strange, when all these years with him, he'd been the one leading. Strange. Strangely comforting.

He sat; hands in his lap, knees together.

The demon smirked, then tutted. "No need for such formality."

Ciel didn't bother responding. The smirk turned into a smile.

The smile was soft, red eyes somehow kind. A breeze blew; Ciel saw the greenery sway. He, though, felt nothing.


Ciel looked up from his idle stare at the trees. The demon was suddenly kneeling before him. Ciel would have been irritated by that smirk-smile, but for the moment, he was too at peace to care. It was as if, at that final moment, everything and nothing mattered. It was all fine. Just fine.

He shrugged. Up to the demon.

"Are you not scared, my dear?"

Ciel couldn't be bothered to shrug, this time. He conveyed his meaning through his eyes. No words were really necessary, between these two, but for playful banter.

The butler raised an eyebrow, smile never leaving his face. Ciel sighed. He knew what the demon meant, the double-meaning.

After all, what was there to be scared of? A final kiss, no different from the ones they shared as lovers? Did that term even apply to them – was there any love? Had there been any love? Ciel wouldn't lie to himself. Fruitless effort.

"I'm not scared," he said, voice eerily soft, "because I've never been deceived."

Sebastian raised an eyebrow, but it went down with realization. His face softened.

"Oh, Ciel…," he raised a hand, caressing the boy's cheek, "My sweet, sweet Ciel.

I've always loved you."

He sealed that promise with a kiss.