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When Megan came to, she didn't open her eyes right away. She could feel wind rushing by her ear, and whatever she was lying on was rocking a little; her first thought was that the plane must have crashed in the ocean, but that didn't make much sense when she started contemplating it. If the plan fell into the ocean, shouldn't it have sunk? Shouldn't she be, oh, dead?

She heard men talking, lowly, and the scent of seawater was more prominent than anything else. The salt of it also stung her eyes, and an agonizing pain thumped against the side of her head where she'd hit the plane seat. She wondered, honestly, whether she'd just hit her head so hard that she was in a coma, and this was some fantasy world her mind dreamed up to distract her. If not... well, she worried for her physical wellbeing and sanity. If so... well, it was a fantasy. Who were these men, and - please - were they drop-dead gorgeous?

Mm'kay, gotta find out NOW. Get up, body. Come on. Up, up, up. I'm awake now, we can move.

Slowly she was able to force one eye open, shortly followed by its twin. Soon as they were no longer blurred by the salty water, she found herself staring at what appeared to be the deck of a wooden ship. Well, that explained the rocking motions, at least. But she still heard the men's voices. Where were they coming from?

Maybe if she could push herself up and see what the hell was going on around this nuthouse... assuming it was a nuthouse. And she did just that, though she had to start over several times, on account of her wound making her dizzy.

Finally, her eyes landed on what must be the source of the voices. And that was to say, she was looking at what seemed to be the fish-ified crew of the Flying Dutchman.

She would have assumed they were cosplayers - really good cosplayers, if there was such a thing - if not for the two things that poked a hole in that theory. One... where the hell did you get enough people in the average circle of cosplayer buddies - and forget that the annoying vast majority of people who liked Pirates of the Caribbean were either in it for Jack, Jack the Monkey, Jack and his jar of dirt, Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti's comic relief, Sparrabeth, Willabeth, or Davylypso - to perform as the entire damned crew? (Barring that terrible pun, it was still strange.)

Two... that didn't explain why the mother-loving hell she was on a boat. Though it did prompt her to yell out, "I'm on a boat, motherfucker!"

"I-I passed out," she muttered, trying to get to her feet and swaying as she did so. "The plane crashed, and I passed out. I'm in a hospital right now, and they're trying to get me out of a God-damned coma. My brain is just... trying to make me happy by acting out my fantasy while I'm unconscious. Oh God, what a dream but..."

"What're ye mumblin' 'bout, lass?"

She snapped her head up, which probably hadn't been a very good idea. Because, in addition to thinking she was staring at Davy Jones, she was also seeing two of him. She stumbled forward, thrusting her hands out in any attempt to steady herself. Why she'd taken even one step she'd never know, but this was quickly becoming the blondest day of her life. She took a spill forward, falling over top of - her luggage? Well, looked like it; pink enough, anyway.

She floundered about for a moment, flailing her arms and kicking her legs, before settling on a course of action. She went limp, glanced up at the double vision Dutchman crew, and finally blurted out, not very loudly but rather clearly, "FUCK", after which she let her head drop back down.

She hadn't even managed to close her eyes when near the whole crew broke out in a fit of raucous laughter. "Why in all me days!" someone shrieked in the midst of their howling.

"I ain't ne'er 'eard a lady say such words!" someone else snorted.

"Ye wager she ain't righ' in the head?"

"Aye, aye, mate - tha's gotta be it!"

None of them really sounded shocked - more amused than anything. She pushed herself up and looked into the crowd. "Who the hell are you guys to be calling me crazy?! I think it goes the other way around, fish food!"

"I think the better question here is, wha' are you doin' on me ship, lass?"

She looked to her right and swallowed. "I'm screwed," were the first words out of her mouth upon seeing Davy Jones coming her way. She quickly stood up, using her luggage as leverage, and tried to straighten herself up a little. "I, uh, I mean, Captain, see..."

He was right in front of her now, probably thanks to that random ninja teleporting thing he could do. "You d'not speak unless y'are spoken tae, is tha' clear, lass?"

She averted her eyes, seeing fit to instead stare down at the deck. "Aye, sir," she mumbled, clasping her hands.

"It seems I'm in need o' some answers, then." He circled around her a bit, and her best guess was that he was trying to intimidate her like a vulture. "Wha' is yer name? Ye do have one, don't ye?"

"Yes, sir. Megan Reese."

"Megan? Somehow it fits ye... though I nary heard o' tha' name." He stomped his peg leg onto the deck, getting even closer. "Now, ye know o' me, but tha' be nae surprise at all considerin' who I am. So, I'm not concernin' meself wit' tha' right now. I'd call ye a witch, but even tha's too tame fer wha' I'm seein' here."

She crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her weight to her other hip. "Look, I'm just as confused as you are! I have no idea what I'm doing here, how I got here - by all accounts, it shouldn't even be possible that I'm here right now!" She flung one hand toward the sky. "I was just on a plane in the sky, on my way to a sea-filled vacation!"

He raised a hypothetical eyebrow. "A wha'? Ye mean ye were flyin'? Like I said, I think it be witchcraft..."

"Yes! But it's not what you're thinking of." She kicked at her luggage, pushing some of her hair back. "Okay, so, I guess you could say technically I'm from the future. Um, and/or an alternate dimension." Not giving him the chance to cut her off, she held up her hands in a preemptive shaddup, lemme finish gesture. "Before you even say anything, I know I sound crazy! But I'm not, I swear to God! Just hear me out! Please!"

Davy gave her a bitter and caustic look, but he simply snapped his claw. Clearly he decided it wouldn't hurt, and may even be amusing to hear what she had to say for herself. If there was anything in her defense that could explain what was occurring, he'd listen. She did sound completely daft, and yet... neither her clothing nor mannerisms seemed to belong to a lady in this world, pirate or no. "Very well, Miss Reese. Ye've not got long till me patience runs out, sae I suggest ye star' explainin' yerself."

She pointed to the sky. "Okay, well, yeah. I'm from the future, like I said. And where I come from, you guys..." She gestured to him, then to the crew behind him. "Are from movies. Moving pictures, up on a screen... like storytelling, but you can see it!" She tossed her hair over her shoulder without using her hands, then pressed one hand to her chest. "In my world, you don't exist. But believe me when I say - there is nothing I would ever like more than this. You know, meeting you guys."

"I'm followin' ye," he sighed, glancing back to the crew and silently warning them not to speak, "but I'm still no' hearin' how or why ye're here."

She waved her hands. "I don't know either one of those answers! Okay, well, it may have had something to do with the plane. It's kind of like a ship, but... in the sky. And it's mostly just a bunch of seats." She bent down and grabbed her luggage by the handle, hauling it up. "That's why I had this - it's all my stuff, because I was going on vacation to the Caribbean. Which... I guess is where I am, technically." She groaned mentally, because she got the distinct feeling she wasn't explaining this very well. "Anyway, so then... but the plane ran into turbulence, which is like... monster waves, but made of air. And... we crashed."

"Crashed?" He gave her a narrow-eyed look, then pointed at the clouds with his claw. "A shipwreck... in the sky?"

"I guess... but the plane fell out of the sky and landed somewhere on the ground." She crossed her arms over her chest, rubbing at the deck with the heel of her shoe. "I..." She shook her head and looked down. "I think I'm here... because I died in the crash."

He snorted, and she held back a fangirl squeal; she wouldn't waste her fangirlishness on him, she'd save it for if she saw her love. "Aye, ye got tha' part righ', at least. The dead appear fer us tae pass judgment."

She rolled her eyes. "Come on, Cap, don't lie to me. I know you don't ferry the dead anymore. Not since, you know..." She raised both her eyebrows. "She left you."

Whoops; looked like she probably shouldn't have mentioned that. Almost immediately he was close to her, his claw around her neck. Like he'd done to Bootstrap that one time, to make him watch the Kraken destroy the ship Will was on. "How..." His voice was low, but there was a discernible tremor to it as well. "How do ye know of her?"

"Like I said," she managed to choke out, trying to move away, "I've seen the movies. You know, the moving pictures I told you about, like, two minutes ago? It showed your relationship with her."

Davy looked down, probably unsure of what to do. After all, she'd basically just told him that everything he'd previously thought was his private business... well... wasn't. That people had seen his conversations with Calypso, and had watched him play his organ... seen him pick up his locket... and... cry. She'd seen it - she'd seen it too, and she knew everything. He'd be surprised if she didn't just jump ship right now.

Megan reached up and grabbed his claw, making him look into her eyes. "Personally, I don't think she was good enough for you. I mean, seriously, I was just in the middle of writing about this - she stood you up! You waited ten years for her - ten years! She doesn't even have the decency to meet you, and then she makes up some bullshit excuse about how it's 'in her nature'."

She slid her hand down off his claw, and shook her head, half-closing her eyes. "That would upset me too, but... she... by doing that, she proved she didn't deserve you." She was relieved when she felt his grip loosen just the littlest bit. "You're worth more than you think, you know. All she did was hit it and quit it. That just doesn't fly with me. You and your crew... deserve better than that shit."

After a moment of just them staring at each other, he finally opened his claw and withdrew it away from Megan's throat. He took a step back, the sound of his bad leg on the deck echoing; it was so quiet, the crew wasn't saying anything. He didn't say anything else to her, but turned around to face the crew. "Clanker..." He turned back just a bit, to look at her. "Show Miss Reese to a hammock belowdecks. It seems she'll be stayin' wit' us fer the time bein'."

For a moment, everything seemed to stop for Megan. She'd wanted this forever, for as long as she could remember. It had been an unattainable dream to meet her beloved Clanker, from the second she'd first seen him on the screen. Could it... Could it really be happening now?

There was a bit of a shuffle as the crew moved and mumbled to let him through. At last he emerged, looking confused as anything. His eyes showed puzzlement, but his mouth was set in a straight line, as if not to give away his curiosity. He took a few tentative steps closer, focusing his visible eye, dark and expressive, on her.

She felt her breath catch in her chest, and she couldn't stop an impossibly wide smile from breaking out onto her face. She raised a hand nervously, and used her free hand to wrap about her waist and grasp her other arm as she waved. "Um... h-hi, Clanker." This was so unbelievably surreal that she could just barely squeeze out those few words. She was completely stunned; he was even more handsome in person than she'd seen. The movies did him well enough, though they still didn't quite do him justice.

He nodded wordlessly, clearly not sure what to make of all this. She'd just explained it rather awkwardly, so obviously it hadn't really sunk in yet. Reaching up, he scratched underneath his hat and pointed to her luggage. "Shoul' I... get yer things, Miss Megan?"

No matter how hard she willed it, the smile wouldn't go away. "U-Um... no, I-I think I got it." She reached down and grabbed the big case, extending the handle a bit. She tugged at it, but somehow seeing Clanker right there in front of her had made her go weak in the arms as well as the knees. "Ugh... I got it... I can..."

"Miss Megan?" He bent down and picked up her carry-on bag by the strap. He flashed her a quick smile no one else could see, a turning-up of his lips that induced a tingly warmth all over her skin. "Allow me... trus' me, t'ain't no bother a' all."

She drew in a shaky breath, and if it was at all possible her smile got bigger. "Uh, um... I... thanks."

"O' course." He shifted just a little bit, folding up the strap of her bag, and held out his arm toward her. "Ah... let's go then."

A wave of heat rushed over her, and she walked forward. She almost couldn't believe it was real as she placed her arm first over his, then around it. "Yeah..."

He cast an odd look her way, but didn't say anything and simply gave her a yank toward the stairs. "This way."

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