*Alex Russo is finally a senior and she's new at Tribeca school, she lost her mom in a car accident and she's living alone with her dad*

*Justin Moriarty is a senior too in Tribeca*

Jerry: so honey, are you ready for your first day at school?

A: yes dad I am

Jer: come on then

*they arrive to school*

Jer: so I'll see you afternoon

A: ok dad, bye

Jer: bye sweetie

*after few minutes*

Teacher: ok class, we have a new student, Alex Russo

A: mm hey everyone

*everyone: hey*

Justin*just looks at her*

A*sits down next to Justin*

J: mmm… hey

A: oh hey

J: I'm Justin… Justin Moriarty

A: oh well nice to meet you, I'm Alex

J: yeah I figure that out*smiles*

S*smiles back*

*after few periods*

S*putting books in her locker*

Harper: hey

S: mmm… hey

H: I'm Harper

A: nice to meet you, I'm Alex

H: so… did you like our school?

A: yeah it's good

H: great… so I guess we're going to be great friends you and me?

S*laughs a little* yeah… I hope… you seem nice

H: yeah I know*smirks*


J: hey

A*turns to Justin* oh hey

J: so how's you first day for now?

A: good, I met Harper here and it look like we're going to be friends*smirks*

J*smirks* yeah well good…and you met me, so are we going to be friends?*smiles*

A*smiles back and blushes a little* mmm… well yeah… I guess

J: good… ok I have to go now, but I'll see you later

A: yeah ok, bye

J: bye*leaves*

H: oh my god, I can't believe this

A: what's wrong Harper?

H: that's Justin Moriarty

A: yeah so…

H: so? He's the most handsome guy in school, he's so cute, I can't believe that he was just talking to you

A: really?

H: yeah, didn't you noticed?

A: well mmm… yeah he's not bad

H: not bad? Are you serious? He's so attractive and hot

A: yeah but what's the big deal, he just talked to me

H: yeah and asked you to be his friend, not every girl have that chance you know

A: really?

H: yeah you're so lucky

A: wow I had no idea*thinks a little about Justin*

*after school*

A*arrives home*

Jer: so how was your first day?

A: good

Jer: you had fun?

A: actually yeah, and I met some people

Jer: great, I'm happy that you like you new school

A: thanks dad

Jer: if you want to eat there's food in the kitchen

A: ok thanks*went to the kitchen*