*the next day*

A*putting books in her locker*

H: hey there

A*happy* hey Harper

H: well someone's happy*smiles* what's going on?

A*didn't want to tell her yet about her and Justin because Harper have a crush on him and she didn't want to hurt her* mmm… it's nothing…I'm just glad that today we're going to present our project and finish with it*lies*

H: oh yeah…me too


J*comes from behind* hey ladies

A*looks at him and smiles*

J*tries to take her hand but she moved it away*

J*gives her a confusing look*

A: mmm…hey Harper why don't you go and see if your partner is ready for the project?

H: yeah I think I should… see you later*walks away*

J: is something wrong?

A: no no no…I just…I didn't told Harper yet about us…I mean you know…she likes you and she's my friend and I don't want to hurt her…so I don't want her to know about us

J*a little mad* what? so we're going to pretend that we're just friends in front of her?

A*takes his hand* please try to understand… just give me a couple of days…I promise you I will tell her…

J*sighs and smiles* fine…

A*smiles* you're the best*kisses his cheek*

J: so today we're going to present the project

A: yeah…can't wait to finish with it

J: me too…come on let's go…our class is about to start*takes her hand and walks away*

M*was hiding in the hallway and heard everything, he knew that Justin and Alex were together* well well well…I don't think Harper is going to be happy with this news*smirks and walks away*

*in class*

*Justin and Alex presented the project as well as Harper and Mason*


A*in the hallway*

M: I have two suggestions for you

A*turns to him quickly and got scared* Mas…Mason…please leave me alone

M: either you'll do what I want…or Harper is going to find out about your little secret with that stupid jerk Justin

A:wha…what? I…I don't know what you're…talking about

M: oh you know exactly what I'm talking about…so think about it*leaves*

A*slides down on the floor and buried her head in her hands while crying*

J*walking in the hallway when he saw Alex*

J*runs over to her, worried* Alex…Alex are you alright*sits next to her* Alex baby what's wrong?

A*looks at him while crying* it's Mason

J*felt anger all over his body* what did he do? Did he hurt you?

A*shakes her head* no…but he told me either I do what he wanted or he will tell Harper about us…what am I going to do Justin*buried her head in her hands*

J*sighs* Alex look at me…

A*looks at him*

J: I told as long as I'm here he will not lay a finger on you

A: no Justin he will…he will always fallow me until he get what he want….and I can't take it anymore…maybe I'll just do it and finish with this once and for all

J*shocked* what? are you hearing what you're saying? You're not going to give up and do whatever he wants…no of course not…let him tell Harper about us I don't care but to touch you…of course not I will not let this happen

A: you don't understand if I didn't he will not leave me alone Justin…I can't…I have to…

J*says in a strict voice* I will not let him take advantage of you did you hear me and if I have to call the cops then I will*takes his cell phone*

A: what are you doing?

J: I told you…if he tries to hurt you again I will make sure he goes to jail and that's what I'm about to do

A: no Justin you can't call the cops

J: of course I can… why are you trying to defend him?

A: I'm not…I just…

J*sighs and takes her hands* listen Alex, you mean the world to me ok…and I will not let anything happen to you…that's why I have to make sure that he's not around you anymore…you have to let me take care of him…I love you Alex and I want you to be safe

A*shocked* you love me?

J*smiles* yes I love you…that's why I won't let anyone touch you…except for me of course*smirks*

A*chuckles* I love you too…more than anything

J*kisses her softly*

A*deepens it*

J*pulls away slowly* let me take care of him

A*smiles and nods*

I know it's a little short but the next one will be longer i promise:D