Well, this plot bunny has been sitting in my head for too long. Enjoy the crossover between Ghost Hunters International and Danny Phantom. This is a short story though, I mean really short. So….. Please take the poll on my profile (if you haven't already).


(P.S. I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom nor Ghost Hunters International).

Title: Strange Apparition

Summary: Danny doesn't age. He feels so much pain from watching everyone he loves die of old age while he stays forever young. So, he stays at Fenton Works. He doesn't leave, but at least he practices his powers. Over the next few decades, the house becomes a horror story told every night to scare people with the tales of the ghosts that live there in the old abandoned house. Unfortunately, the new owners didn't hear those stories, and after some strange occurrences, they finally give in and call Ghost Hunters International to see of they can solve the problem…..and Danny, well he decided he's gonna have some fun…

Rated: T

Genre: Humor/Adventure

Timeline: Phantom Planet never happened. To some extent it's AU. Because everyone Danny knows is dead. And he's just there, never aging due to his ghost status

Information you need to know: Danny decided to close the portal. Over time, he got new powers so he can create his own portals if he wants to visit his friends in the Ghost Zone. Danny is a bit dark humored; this is because over time he has become more…dark, due to death. He still has the body of a 14-year-old, but the mind of a 100-year-old.

Also AU because timelines don't match as far as years go, but this is 100 years in the future (for Danny) but the year is 2010 (ish).

Additional information: Danny has changed his outfit due to more dark feelings, thoughts, and the fact that the HAZMAT suit was getting on his nerves. He know wears black pants, a white tunic-like shirt, black boots, a black cape and hood that covers his whole body (when it's closed) and his face (when the hood is up). His hair is a bit longer, and his eyes, though are a glowing green, have a slight red tint to them (because technically he's past Dan, but because his body is still 14, they are still green too).


Danny's P.O.V:

They are all gone. All dead. Even Sam….my lovely, beautiful Sam. They all died of old age. But me, I'm cursed due to my half-dead status. I never understood way most of this is happening. I had to ask Clockwork these questions that haunted my mind. Vlad, though a halfa, aged because he wasn't a true halfa since only his face was shot with ectoplasm. He said that the reason Dan and I are different. Dan's younger self aged because I was supposed to age. But one of my parents' inventions had hit me and it was pure ectoplasm, mixed with blood blossoms and electricity (made to shot the ghost, land in his core, and destroy him from the inside out).

So, I was forced to sit there, through the inner pain. Watching Sam grow old, never marry, and always love the 14-year-old-bodied me (though I was older in the mind). Watching her die alone, since we couldn't actually marry and we couldn't have children due to ectoplasmic charge (another reason to despise my existence). Though, her parents had another child. I was fond of her and though I wouldn't admit it, I thought of her as a little sister. Her name was Lilith, and she had blonde hair and brown eyes. I remember watching her grow up. She grew up with a gothic taste like Sam's. But she was a strict meat eater and had a preppy attitude. I remember when Sam told me Lilith was getting married. I watched, invisible, at the wedding as she said her vows. I was happy when I found out she had kids too.

But only some of my memories were good ones. I was forced to watch as my older sister was constantly worrying about me. Luckily, she ended up falling in love with Tucker and marrying him. I was forced to see the older versions of my best friend, Tucker, and as he continued with his life. My parents, who eventually figured me out, were growing older and older and they died in their sleep. I was cursed though, to forever live. I tried to kill myself, to end this suffering. I wanted to leave, to be with them.

I sat in the basement of the lab. I never leave this building. I refused to leave this building. I wasn't needed, I had no purpose. I couldn't get a job because I looked 14. I couldn't explain to people why the Fenton's' supposedly older son was 14 in body. I wasn't need anyway. I closed the portal forever. I morphed my two sides. I still look the same, but I'm more powerful. I don't need to eat, breath, and my heart doesn't need to beat, even while I'm in human form. Eventually, the town forgot about the ghosts. And now, they are legends. Morphed legends, based on the truth, however they are very morphed. They called the Box Ghost the spirit of all things caged and it just went on and on from there. I was remembered, but only scarcely.

They made stories about me, everyone did. Many have entered this old abandoned building; I would scare them silly (seeing a glowing white figure in a black cloak with red-tinted eyes and white hair will do that). They made stories about the ghost of a boy named Daniel Masters. I shuddered; whoever started that story is dead to me. About how he was bullied and committed suicide in the basement. Now, as a ghost, he hates everyone, thinking they are the same as the ones who tortured him. However, if you show true kindness, it is said that he will give you a gift of luck. I sighed, that was a terrible story, a mix of the truth (they got my first name right), Sydney Poindexter, and crazy things.

Because of that story, I've had teenagers come; making fun of the story and planning to prove the house wasn't haunted. But I would scare them. With small things at first, then go big. To make them leave. I just want to be left alone. I think they got the part about the basement because no one can open it. If they try, I hold it closed, no matter what. And I make sure they never get it. I don't want anyone in the lab. It is my safe place. And I have remade many of my parents' inventions there too.

For once, I wasn't in the basement. I was sitting in the living room. I kept the whole house in mint condition….on the inside. The outside isn't so great due to time, but the inside is just the same as it always has and will be. I turned into Phantom and turned invisible. I heard someone outside. I can give them a good scare if I'm in Phantom mode.

I watched as a man in a suit led a small group tour of the house. He seemed nervous, I'm sure he's heard the stories. But the group, they must not have heard the stories. They looked around in awe and in fascination.

I almost scared them, but only one thing stopped me. The family, that consisted of a mother (who had black hair and green eyes), a father (who had red hair and green eyes), a son (fifteen, with red hair and brown eyes), and a daughter. That daughter, she was only four. She had black hair and purple eyes. Like Sam. But that wasn't the only reason I didn't scare them. The daughter was, after all, only four. I couldn't do it. I couldn't scare the shit out of a four year old, especially one that reminded me of Sam.

I blinked back tears as I watched. The family (whose name was Carter. Mrs. Lily Carter, Mr. Jim Carter, Ben Carter, and little Susie Carter) was going to move here, to live here. I couldn't let that happen, no, I want to be left alone. But I can't do it, I couldn't scare them. Not the way I usually scare them anyway. But maybe….maybe I'll slowly scare them, yes, that could work.

But first, he needs a plan….

Oh yes, I think that plan would do well….a horror movie-Amityville twist, but, of course, a bit more neutral due to the four year old.