Chapter 1-


Mr. Carter and his family moved into the old house. It was large, but perfect. It was in perfect condition. There was even furniture, but sadly they couldn't keep it. They donated it to charity to make room for their things. Mr. Carter sighed as he remembered the things that happened when they were moving in their new furniture . Nothing happened to him, but his moving men were freaking out. They kept muttering about some ghost. Two claimed they saw a white glow, most claimed cold-spots, and several saw something in black swish past them. No, Mr. Carter could have dealt with those things. But it got weird. As they were moving things in, the old things came back. Once they moved in the new couch, and put the old on in the moving truck, it was strange. They came back and the old couch was back in it's place and when they went to the moving truck, the new one was there. Several things like this happened.

One of the men quit because when he was near the basement he heard whistling, and felt someone push him down hard, yet no one was near him. It was, in all, a rather odd moving experience. But now, everything was going swell. The rooms were decorated, and furnished. Mrs. Carter was baking cake.

Jim went to the kitchen and gave his wife a small kiss on the cheek. She giggled. He wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and they watched Susie while she played in the living room.


She squeaked and talked. Lily smiled, "oh Jim dear isn't is sweet? She has a new imaginary friend. Apparently, his name is Danny."

Susie turned to her mom, "Danny's real! He's right 'ere!"

She pointed to an empty space near the ceiling. Mrs. Carter giggled, "Of course he is dear."

Susie pouted, but soon went back to playing. Ben came in the room and snorted. "What a baby. Imaginary friends…"

He walked past Susie, but he suddenly tripped. He landed on his face. Mrs. Carter looked at her son, "Dear, be careful."

Ben got up and sputtered, "I didn't trip! Someone grabbed my ankle! I swear!"

Mr. Carter sighed, "Ben, no time for your stories."

Ben glared, "I'm not making it up! I swear dad!"

Mr. Carter sighed, but unknown to him, things will get weirder…..

…and they had…

Mr. Carter had been alone in the house, sitting in the living room, and he heard footsteps coming from upstairs. That's not the first time. He's also heard strange noises when he walked by the basement. When Mr. Carter tried to open the basement, it felt as if someone was holding it for the other side and keeping him from getting in. Mrs. Carter had felt many chills, cold-spots, and has told her husband that she has a bad feeling about Susie's imaginary friend. Not to mention that any time Ben would make fun of the imaginary friend when Susie was around, he tripped, fell, or once, thrown backwards a bit. Ben, well, he knows he wasn't imagining anything when a vase was thrown at the wall near him.

No one had an explanation for the noises, moans, groans, the opening doors, the slamming doors, and other eerie things. Then, they heard about the ghost stories. Susie, luckily, was in her room when the neighbor was over. The neighbor, Mrs. Mayes, has tried warning them that the house is bad news. That it's haunted. She told the story of a boy names Daniel Masters. Though, all adults doubted that was a real name.

Mrs. Mayes wasn't the only one. Others warned them, and Ben heard the stories at school too. It would explain everything, well, mostly everything.

Then, one day, Mrs. Carter was in the kitchen stirring a bowl with a spoon, and Susie was playing with 'Danny.' Mrs. Carter had a thought, perhaps it's time to test the 'ghost' theory.

"Susie, what's Danny's full name?"
Susie shrugged, "He's Danny."

"Can you ask him?"

Susie flinched and Mrs. Carter heard a slight sighing noise. Susie looked at her mom, "He said you should ask him yourself."

Mrs. Carter should humor her daughter, so she turned to the empty space near Susie. "Danny, what's your full name?"

She heard a wind-like noise that sent shills down her spine. Susie smiled, "See, he said his full name."

"What did he say?"

"Daniel Masters."

Mrs. Carter dropped the bowl in shock. She blinked. How could Susie know that name. She was in her room when Mrs. Mayes was over. And she couldn't have heard the stories.

After that experience, Mrs. Carter told her husband. It then decided that they need help. And fast.