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"It was Sirius, I'm telling you!" Snape's whine seemed to fill the classroom. "He's the one that did it! Him and those annoying friends of his!"

Professor Dumbledore shook his head, a small sigh coming from him. "Oh Severus, I highly doubt that they would do anything of this caliber."

"B-but, Professor, I'm SURE it was them!" The boy glared a bit, not directly at Dumbledore, but in his general direction. "They're always doing something this bad!"

Sirius couldn't help but stifle a snicker as he tried to keep a straight face, gazing over toward Dumbledore and Snape. Severus had been trying to get Sirius in trouble ever since he had stuck that dead fish in his book...It was just on a dare, how was he supposed to get out of it?

"But Professor...." Severus was cut off as Dumbledore lifted his hand, shaking his head. "Severus, that's quite enough. Now, go back to your house. Don't you have some studying to get done?"

Severus stomped his feet for a moment, then sighed sharply, turning on a heel and walking out the door, slamming it behind him. Dumbledore turned around, peering toward Sirius. "Now, Mr. Black...You know I'm quite aware you like to pick on people, but you know, you cannot continue doing these kinds of things."

Sirius nodded accordingly, keeping his stare away from Dumbledore. "Yes sir...I'll be sure not to do such a thing anymore." He tried his best still to keep the snicker inside, but once Dumbledore let him out of his office, he broke out.

To his side, he could see a couple of Gryffindor first years chattering away over the new wand one had received. Messing with the hem of his robe on his sleeve, he noticed James down the hall. "Oi, James!" With a smile, he began walking in his friend's direction, waving one of his hands.

James turned around, among him were Remus and Peter. "An...Oh, Sirius! Hey!"

Once Sirius arrived, James laughed a little, leaning in. "So, how'd it go?"

"It went great...I got out scotch-free, as usual." Sirius ran a hand through his shoulder-length black hair, a smug smile upon his face. "Severus got a 'talking to' again for trying to accuse me, even though I did it...Heh heh, happen's every time."

"I can't believe you got away with it again Sirius...That was low too...James, how could you make 'im do something like that?" Peter's shrill voice popped inward, causing the three others to look toward him.

"It was just a dare Peter...Don't get quite so upset about it," Remus stated.

James sighed a little, impatiently looking upon his watch. "Alright you two, stop."

"Why so ansy Prongs?" Sirius quirked a brow, knowing the name would catch his attention.

James furrowed his brows for a second, then turned to Sirius. "I've got plans to meet Lily today."

The three boys made their swooning noises as Remus fake-fainted into Sirius' arms. "Oh Lily, please, won't you marry me?"

Sirius laughed a bit, catching his friend. "Oh yes James, I'll marry you!"

James glared a little as he pushed up his glasses, idly tapping his foot. "That isn't funny you know."

Remus stood back up reluctantly, but he sighed a little. "Oh lighten up Potter..."

"I'm sorry, don't mean to be snappy...." James shook his head, then ran a hand through his matted, unruly hair. "I'm...I'm just..."

Sirius nodded softly, then set a hand on his friend's shoulder. "You're just nervous, aren't you?"

"I really shouldn't be, should I?" James' voice raised at the end of his question, a small sigh coming from him.

Peter smiled warmly, peering up at James. "Don't let it get to you so bad, she's just a girl!"

"Peter's right James, Lily isn't any different than us," Sirius stated with a smile, patting his friend supportively, "you'll be fine."

James' watch beeped annoyingly, and he slapped it for a second. "I've...I've gotta get going, I'll talk to you all later tonight?"

The three nodded, and off ran James, toward the courtyard. "Hope it all goes for the best, they're such a cute couple," Peter stated, both Sirius and Remus looking at him like he was nuts...

~*~*~*~*~Later that day~*~*~*~*~*~

Sirius sighed heavily, holding up his wand and swishing it around boredly. 'Wonder where James is...Maybe he's still with Lily...'

Remus and Peter had gone up to the dorms to play some Wizard chess, leaving Sirius downstairs in the Common Room all alone, or rather, as alone as one could be. Sirius sat alone, by the fire. He released a softened sigh, but as soon as he did, the portrait swung open, James flooding through, eyes stained with tears.

This surprised Sirius greatly, and the way he was sitting in the armchair made him fall out flat onto his chest. He stumbled up, looking to his disheveled friend. "J-james?!"

With a heavy sigh, James shot his way toward the opposite end of the Common Room, quickly dropping down toward the ground in front of the window. "It's...I-..." His voice was shaking, as well as his whole body.

Sirius' eyes filled with worry as he shot over toward his friend, leaning down beside him. "James, what happened?"

Turning to look at his best friend, James dove forward, burying his face into Sirius' robes, muffled sobs following. "I...I..."

Shaking his head a little, Sirius held his trembling friend within his strong embrace. "James...? Did something happen between you and Lily?"

At the mentioning of the name Lily, James' sobs became harder, a cough coming from him as well in between every other cry. He shook his head as best he could, but all he could manage was a tremble.

"James, if you don't tell me, how can I help you?" Sirius asked, running a hand through his friend's unruly hair. "If it's this bad, I..."

With a heavy sigh, James' tears slowly began to subside. "It...It -was- Lily, Sirius..."

"..What about her?"

"She...We..." James' voice was still shaken, and he moved one of his slender hands to his face, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He gazed up to Sirius, the beautiful chocolate color now stained with darkened tears.

Sirius' tone deepened a little, "What -happened- James?"

Breathing becoming more of a pant than it had been, James shook his head angrily, making fists. He weakly lunged one of them at Sirius' chest, obviously trying to get some anger out.

"It's...Alright..." Sirius patted James' back, but he wasn't quite sure yet as to what was bothering him so about Lily.

James paused for a moment, setting his head back against Sirius' chest, listening to his friend's heartbeat. It...seemed to calm him...

"...James?" Sirius' voice rang into the other's ears, and he looked upward, tears drying to soften the skin around his eyes.

"Y-yes Sirius?"

"Are you alright now..?" Sirius' voice seemed child like as he asked, but he was just worried...Sincerely.

"I'm...I..." His words were still stutters...

"You're what Jamie?" Sirius had never called him that before. 'Why did I call him that?' He thought to himself.

"Jamie? You've...Sirius...?" James was actually making coherent sentences now....

"I'm- I ... I didn't mean to call you that, James...." Sirius began to stutter himself.

"I've...Only been called that by Lily, Sirius...It's alright," James reassured him, but with a small smile coming from him.

"Do you...Feel more comfortable now? Do you think you could tell me what happened?"

James released a heavy sigh. "I...Well, I went to meet her, right?"

Sirius nodded, keeping his arms wrapped around James without even really thinking about it. "Yes..."

"Well, when I went to meet her, I...It's just...I was so nervous, like I was beforehand when I was with you and the others..." He continued.

"Yes, that was understandable," Sirius chuckled softly, looking down at his friend with a glint of cheerfulness in his eyes. "You could've...Well, you just seemed really nervous."

James gave a small glare, but it wasn't bad...It seemed...Cute. "Very funny...continuing on...I saw her with this one guy...of all the houses, a Slytherin!" His voice deepened and seemed to fill with slight rage. Sirius just kind of blinked, listening still.

"It...I walked over to her, and she...She was giggling at a joke he said...I've never been so angry in my lifetime..." He balled one of his hands into fists again, but it quickly broke and returned to its normal stance.

"But James...They could be friends, couldn't they?" Sirius' voice of reason always seemed to come out...He hated that sometimes...

James seemed taken aback by that comment, but he let it slide. "Well, yes...But, you know me...I'm..."

"You don't have to finish that, I know what you mean..." Sirius stated, interrupting James once more.

"Please, be quiet..." James stated, lifting a finger to Sirius' soft lips, hushing him. Sirius' body shivered under the touch of James' finger, a new feeling to him.

"As I was saying...I had talked to her and she said it wasn't that big 'a deal...But, me being me...I started to yell at her...She got upset and said I was being jealous just because it was another male and she stormed off...I was left in the Great Hall...I didn't know if she came back here, but I...I couldn't help but..." Speaking about what happened made James' eyes begin to well with tears.

Sirius caught sight of this and he shook his head gently, snaking an arm from upon James' back, raising it to his cheeks, wiping away one of the welled tears. He looked into the other's eyes, blinking once or twice. "Sirius...?"

Sirius really didn't know what had come over him. Maybe it was just his overbearing need to comfort friends, or maybe it was something else. He leaned in, setting his forehead to rest against James'.

James felt a heavy lump in his throat, and as he swallowed, his eyes stared into Sirius', losing himself in those beautiful brown orbs...

For a moment, Sirius paused. He hadn't really thought about this before...James, he was always with him...But he didn't know exactly what it was he was feeling...

Without really a thought in his mind, James nudged his head forward gently, his lips meeting with his friends. As quick as they were there, they were gone, and he had dropped his head to lie on Sirius' shoulder. James could feel his heart beginning to beat faster, and he also noticed a large amount of blood flooding into his cheeks...His face felt as if it were on fire.

Sirius sat there, arms loosening around the other boy. He hadn't really expected that...Not that he didn't enjoy it. "James...?"

He couldn't respond. He buried his face deeper into Sirius' shoulder, a couple of lost tears absorbed by the robes.

Sirius really didn't have much of a response to this. All he could really do was hold his friend and comfort him the best he could. To his surprise, James' eyes met with Sirius' once more, and the two boys' lips met, locking this time in a more passionate kiss. Sirius held James close to him as the other slowly curled up to Sirius' protective hold.

Sirius couldn't help but feel aroused by this. He slowly parted his lips, sliding his tongue between the two pieces of soft flesh. He began to lick the outside of James' lips, but James pulled back, his eyes staring into Sirius' with innocence and a need for comfort. "Sirius.."

All the other boy could do to oblige was to pull James back into the kiss, one hand gently sliding up the boy's body to cup his face. Sirius began his invasion on James' mouth again, this time with James' cooperation. As he parted his lips, he felt Sirius' warm tongue slide into his mouth, exploring. Releasing a soft moan, James slowly began to lean back, melting into Sirius' grasp.

Sirius continued to cradle the boy in his arms, slowly falling atop him as James leaned back. The weight of Sirius' body didn't bother James at all, in fact, it seemed to make his breathing less rapid. Releasing another soft moan, James fell in front of the dying fire, Sirius atop him, beginning to run his hand down the boy's body.

A noise came from the top of the stairs, but it was quiet, the sound of footsteps.

"...Honestly Remus, how -do- you do it..?" Peter asked, stopping in his tracks as he saw the view just barely from the top of the stairs. He nudged Remus to stop, pointing below. "Remus, look!"

Remus, with an astonished look, covered his mouth. Sirius was now gently groping James' lower half, while the boy lie there, passionately kissing him, arms wrapped around the other's back. "Oh my...Peter, what -are- they doing?!" Remus whispered, eyes widened.

"I...I don't know, don't ask me!" His shrill voice was still of that even in a whisper, but it was even harder to comprehend. Remus replied with a quick shake of his hand to hush the other, and he continued to watch.

Once Sirius had reached into James' robes, he had begun to make his way through the rest of what was stopping him...He was driven by this desire, this need...He couldn't explain it. He didn't know whether what he felt was affection, or just horniness...

"Oh my goddess!" Peter shouted. Forgetting that they weren't invisible, he covered his mouth, only to notice Remus was giving him a look of so much anger, it could only be described as "I'm going to kill you."

James, hearing this, instantly began to pull away from Sirius. Struggling beneath the weight of the boy atop him, he hastily pushed Sirius off of him. As he stumbled to stand, he looked once more to Sirius, his eyes full of longing and passion...And other parts of him were quite visible as well. He ran toward the portrait picture, a couple of first years opening it just as he was about to. Shoving them aside, he ran out, panting.

Sirius glared up at the stairs...He knew that shrill, sometimes annoying voice. He stood up with a glare, almost stomping his way toward the stairs toward the dormitories. Remus and Peter both gasped a bit. They were in so much trouble once Sirius got ahold of them. Running up the stairs, the two of them hid within the boy's dormitory, not really wanting to face Padfoot.

"Oh Wormtail...Can Padfoot get a few words with you...?" The voice was in sing-song, and with the fact Sirius was going about the Dormitory ripping at anything he thought could be a hiding place, that only scared both Remus and Peter even more.

Falling upon the hiding place of Remus, Sirius quickly whipped back the curtain, in front of him an apparently nervous boy. "Oh, Moony...You were there too...?"

"We...can explain, Sirius?" Remus stated, a questioned tone in the end of it. He felt the ping of memory come back to him, reminding him of Sirius' doings. "Or maybe...You could explain to us?"

Sirius' glare gradually shrunk to a furrowed brow, and he emitted a heavy sigh. "I...I guess I should."


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