Sleep that is all he wanted was sleep, it's been a long week and sleep had become hard to come by of late, with werewolves and lizard people and hunters being the shit out of him he just wanted to bloody sleep. But no Scott came falling though his window at half one in the morning waking him up with a slapping a hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming "We need to go no time to change!" he said with a oddly calm panic as he pulled Stiles out of the bed

"What is going on?" Stiles asked as he put on a pair of trainers

"Just come on we need to get out of here." Scott said as he pulled Stiles towards his window

"Front door Scott I HAVE A FRONT DOOR!"

Stiles looked at Scott from where he sat in the other teen's car. It was 2 am by Stiles clock and the normally hyper teen was pissed off and wanting to go back to sleep. He couldn't understand why Scott had woke him up at this ungodly hour of the morning "Scott why did you wake me up and pushed me into your car? I wasn't even able to get dressed." Stiles said sitting there in his JP's bottoms and t-shirt trying to rub the sleep from his eyes
"Sorry but Derek wants you at the pack house." he said, Stiles could tell something was off, he didn't need to be a werewolf to figure out something is wrong with his best friend
"Why at 2am? What is so important that I have to be woken up from best sleep ever?" He said huffing as he pulled the blanket from the back seat and pulled it over himself.
"Urrrrh well it's a…"
"It's a what?"
"I can't tell you until we're at the house, d…don't worry." He said with a forced smile
"Don't worry ummm now is the time my brain is telling me to jump and roll out of the car and run." He said, Scott didn't say anything after that as they drove in the dark up to the house.

Scott stopped and looked at his best friend sleeping next to him; he didn't want to do this he wasn't even sure if Stiles would agree but they have to try at least he thought. He moved over and grabbed the teen's arm and shook him a wake "Hey Stiles time to wake up." Scott told him, Stiles let out a small whimper and open his eyes and looked at Scott

"Can't I pretend that I won't wake up?" Scott gave him a smile

"Not with a house filled with wolves." The dark hair teen said as he got out the care

"Dude you owe me big time, like a full straight week of Call of Duty!" Stiles said as he half fell out of the car and walked up to the newly built house.

Derek had builders work on for the last year and a half; he tore most of it down himself and then got builders in to rebuild the home with all the modcons as Stiles calls it. Rubbing his eyes Stiles pulled up his hoody and walked into the house he stood in the hallway noticing how quiet it was, he heard the sound of the door closing and then clicking shut with the lock also clicking into place. Stiles frowned at the quietness and the stillness of the house, he turned to his friend "Scott I don't like this, your acting too weird and this house is too still and quiet, what is going on?" he asked feeling himself panic
"Urrh well it's hard to explain?" Scott winced at his firend
"Try because I am one second away of kneeing you and running for your car." Stiles said holding up Scott keys, the dark hair teen frowned and wondered when Stiles took them from him, but that is not worrying him he could now smelt of fear, lots of fear and confusion as to why his best friend had dragged him here.

The teen looked to the floor opening and closing his mouth sporting a lovely red blush on his cheeks "Scott is going to blush too much and we will be here forever." Stiles turned around to see Derek standing at the arch way into the living room,
"What?" he asked
"Let's get to the point here okay, while do your research did you ever come across the words Pack Brawl?" Stiles was trying to think through the wave of thoughts that was going through his mind at the current moment in time,
"No." He finely said, Derek smirked at him
"Thought so a Pack Brawl is when the humans of the pack get scented by the rest of the pack."
"Okay, so is Allison coming to this then or Danny because he has been hanging around a lot?"
"No, Allison is still not part of the pack yet and Danny still hasn't been told about the werewolf side of this little group."
"S…So it's just me then?" he asked, swallowing a lump in his throat
"Yes it is."

A noise made Stiles turnaround where he spotted Isaac at the foot of the stairs, Stiles started to feel like he's going to get whip lash if he keeps this up, the thought of kneeing Scott came into his mind again…knee Scott, out the door into the car, hot wire it, wait no I have the keys but all the same get home safe sound and way from crazy town… he thought, but he knew Derek would be on quicker than a blood hound on a fox,
"Someone tell me what is going on?"
"The Pack Brawl is not just away to scent the humans of the pack, it's also away for pack members to find their mate and to protect the weaker of the pack by their scent…" Stiles frowned at the word weaker "…but it also makes the human feel part of the pack to." Derek said walking up to Stiles
"O…Okay this starting to sound like a gang bang thing." He said, he didn't miss the smirk on Derek's lips "Oh my god…"
"That is exactly what it is Stilinski." It was Jackson's turn to pop out of the wood works or rather out of nowhere
"Oh god who else is here for this and why me?" Stiles started to feel his heart in his chest banging again his rib cage and the palms of his hands were sweating…oh shit oh shit…
"Just Peter he's getting things ready and because you're the human of the pack we have to make sure you're well protected." Derek smiled, the word 'protected' was purred by the alpha making him shudder
"I think he likes the idea." Jackson smirked
"What oooh no sex with one dude I can handle but when it's all of you."
"You're not put off by the fact we're guys, it's how many of us there are?" Scott asked blinking like it didn't know Stiles had figured he was gay
"That and you're all fricking werewolves, you will break me, I will end up in hospital with broken hips and jaw, you lot will brake me." He said slowly going for the door,
"Stiles we're going to do this tonight at least this way you have the weekend to recover."
"And by Monday I will be in a full body plaster cast." He said as he reached for the door handle, Derek rolled his eyes and went to picked Stiles up, the teen let out a squeal as he tried to hold on to the door handle, but was pulled off and threw over Derek's shoulder and carried him up the stairs, the trail of pups behind him.

Peter stood in the door way naked, he leaned against the door frame and smirked "Finally, I thought you would never get him up here." Peter said, Stiles tried to turn his head to looked over at that one is least favourite wolf…OH GOD HE'S NAKED!… his mind screamed at him as he looked back at the rest of the wolves behind him Jackson holding a smirk, Scott was smiling…HE'S SMILING THE SMUG FUCKING BASTED…

"I'm going to castrate the lot of you!" Stiles cried out as he was bumped on Derek's shoulder, Isaac gave him a cute grin that Stiles shrugged off because well he's use to Isaac sleeping with him and Danny, his first try at being gay, let's just say Danny broken him for woman.
"You don't waste any time do you?" Derek said
"What it's not my fault I wanted to sink my teeth in him since we first met. I want to bite that beautiful round arse of his." Peter growled, Derek stopped and looked at him
"Remember I'm the only one who can bite him." Derek growled at the rest of them as he placed Stiles on the bed.