It was about two weeks later when Stiles and Isaac were at school, they just had one hell of a lesson and it was lunch, Scott sat next to Alison and Jackson, Lydia and Danny sat at the table as well "So we hear Stiles' old man adopted you Isaac." He said
"Yep." The curly hair teen said "He really didn't like my aunt and really really didn't like the idea of Derek or Peter looking after me." He said, Stiles smiled at him and pulled out a tube
"What's that?" Scott asked
"Ummm oh just something, not sure why it is but me and Isaac have been eating raw meat for the last two days." he said shrugging his shoulders, he open the tube up and both he and Isaac pulled out short thick chunks of raw meat and ate them
"Eeeeew does your dad know you eat that!" Scott said sounding a little like a girl
"Well yeah he brought it for us." Isaac said, the others at the table looked at them in shocked before Lydia up and piped
"You know my aunt use to eat raw bacon and sausage meat when she was pregnant." She said taking a sip out of her drink,
"What come on are you saying they are pregnant?" Danny laughed
"Human males can't but werewolves can." She said
"Werewolves." He asked looking at her, the other looking back at him and Lydia looked confused for a moment
"Ah you don't know, I forgot, we need to call Derek."
"Yeah, yeah later Lydia what about Stiles and Isaac being pregnant?" Scott asked looking at them, while Stiles and Isaac carried on eating there meat.
"I don't know, maybe they are bonking the alpha." She smiled
"Stilinski do you know if male wolves can get pregnant?" Jackson asked
"Yes they can but only when they are in heat." Stiles said
"But Isaac wasn't."
"But then how?" Allison asked him
"Umm anyone who is too close to me at the time, it will affect them to." He smiled
"That will explain why Scott locked me and him in my bed room for the night." She said then dropped her sandwich and looked scared "Lydia come on we're missing last lesson." She said grabbing her friend and running off.
"Hey where are you going?" Scott yelled
"Can someone tell me about this werewolf thing?" Danny says looking more confused than ever
"Anyone knows when the next pack brawl is?" Jackson asked grinning from ear to ear as he looked at Danny
"Next new moon." Isaac answered licking the blood off Stiles chin.

Out in the hallway Allison was marching down the hallway dragging Lydia by the wrists "What is going on?" Lydia asked pulling her hand free
"You heard what Stiles said, Scott was close to him when he was in heat, it affected him and he then came to me, there could be a chance that I am…you know… pregnant." She said her eyes looking more doe like than ever before, flicking her hair back Lydia grabbed Allison's hand and dragged her to the girls' loos before looking around to make sure no one was in there, she then open her bag and pulled out a small box "Why do you carry that with you?" the dark hair hunter asked
"Well you never know when you're caught short and the monthly curse doesn't turn up." She said "Any way it might be too early to tell. It was what, about two weeks ago?"
"Yeah but it's ending on the two week mark in to three and the 'monthly curse' as you call it, still hasn't turned up!" she grated her teeth and took the box and went into the loo, Lydia to a place to sit on the counter where the sinks are. It was about 3 to 4 minutes later when Allison walked out of the bath room looking a little peaky "Let me guess, ink plus right?" Lydia said
"You just made aunt." Allison said
"Wow you dad is going to be pissed at Scott."
"He's going to kill him." She winced sliding to the floor
"Come on let's go and hide at my house, we will just tell your dad you were feeling under the weather." She said "And you figure out what to tell them." Lydia smiled helping Allison up and they left the school.

By the end of the month both Isaac and Stiles were showing, their wolfy mind told them to go into hiding and wait until their pup's were born, but they had to go to school at least for the time being, they did in the end tell the Sheriff, he went to Derek's and shot him twice in the backside and then told him welcome to the family "Oh my god I can't believe you shot my mate!" Stiles cried out
"Is he alright?" Isaac whined as he went over to Derek who was growling and half way between wanting to rip the man in half or show him what an alpha can do to his mate but that might get him shot again,
"I'm fine." Growled Derek, Stiles looked at him oddly and turned back to his dad
"Feel better?" Stiles asked
"Much, now let's go inside and order some Chinese." He smiled walking inside the house; he passed Derek who was trying to pull out the bullets in his arse cheeks.

Later on, they all sat around the table eating Chinese "So I have a question, if they are only a month long how come they are so domed?" he asked
"It's a werewolf pregnancy, if they were human it would be a full 9 months but in about another month they will give birth to our pups." He said
"Yay only a month left." Isaac said flicking out his veg across the table.
"All right two weeks before they are due they stay off school I will call up and say something like they both have the plague." The sheriff said,
"Oi the plague!" Stiles huffs and smiles widely like the devil "You're going to be a granddad."