Chapter 0.

Against the Wind, I Fall

Summary: Life isn't as hard as it seems. 8018

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Sometimes, I thought, maybe falling in love wasn't such a bad idea after all. I was a worthy bachelor – had been – before cupid struck and in one fell swoop, my breath had been taken away. There were dancing sakura petals and couples with their hands laced in a temporal eternity, provided that they had their heads up in the clouds and youth blinded them of all repercussions. Once, I had seen a senpai with one of the girls from my class, and boy was he… I forgot the word for it, but he was content and the blush on his face made him seem like the happiest man, soon to be, on earth.

Back then, I single-mindedly gave my heart and my everything to baseball, even at the extent of a bruised and battered body due to balls of poor aim and simply my own swing at my limits. The thrill of the game was exhilarating yet suffocating in more ways explainable but it was something I could, and frankly, wouldn't let go of.

However, reality always made a fool out of everyone and- Turning for the worst, my rotten luck drove me up a wall, up a metal fence and down a slab of concrete which spelled the rest of my life. It was madness. My vision dimmed, flickered and the next thing I saw was the vast expanse of clear blue above and a cruel, and oh so dull grey below. It didn't matter anymore; none of it did. I closed my eyes and in an instant, the whipping wind seemed kinder as it caressed my tear-stained cheeks and bellowed for me to stay alight and not plunge to a deeper crevice from which I would never recover.

It was too late, far too late… or so I thought.

For me, there were always maybes and what-ifs but for that one steadfast, stubborn person, there were only yes and nos. He called out to me in restrained ferocity as I dwelt on my descent from over four stories high. Fear gripped my entire being and my will faltered, broke even. In a familiar monotone, he had said, "Don't you dare die on my watch or I'll bite you to death, Yamamoto Takeshi."

"You wouldn't understand how I feel, losing every-"

"Nothing but an excuse." There was an indiscernible flare in his eyes, one loyal still, and degrees shrouded in thick clouds of indifference. There had been a tinge of imposition sullying his words, but they were as soft, slick as they went and gone. "There are people ways more unfortunate than you are."

My lips had been reduced to a thin line of gradual understanding yet there were things I refused to accept. Did I make a miscalculation? Where did I go wrong-

"Your left arm. Use it, you herbivore." As his black overcoat rustled due to the paltry breeze, I understood and accepted my fate.

Later that day, I pondered whether or not breaking another arm was worth waiting at the doors of the school's reception room.

It was the start of a great friendship, and later… some things greater.

A/N: It's 12 am and I'm lazy... so drabble maybe? It's a bit of an AU!, if you haven't noticed. In the manga, it was Tsuna who stopped Yama-tan, but here, well it's kinda obvious. (winks)

P.S. Guess which senpai Yama-tan is referring to (and get a virtual glomp, maybe)!