Spells & Effects

Couples in this chapter:
Ron & Hermione
Fred, Harry & George
Draco & Ginny
Molly & Arthur

Age Lines had proven to be quite useful in Harry's new shop to keep those under 17 out of areas they were not allowed, which let him open the main parts of his 'general' shop to everyone.

Bubbles from Harry, Fred or George's wands, in a rainbow of colors, were the only thing that could calm little Teddy every full moon; they may not understand why but they were forever grateful that they had this trick up their sleeves, and would happily cast the bubbles all night, every full moon for the rest of their lives if their little Teddy-Bear needed them too.

Colour Changing necklaces' were the newest item on the shelves of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, just put it on yourself or your friend and your hair and eyes change color every hour for twenty-four hours after the necklace is first put on, longer if the necklace is not taken off.

Diffindo was not a spell Draco expected to hear just after his beautiful Ginny gave birth to their precious baby girl; turning to look he saw that the midwife had simply cut the birth cord.

"Episkey!" Harry sighed; he never thought when he took a magical first-aid class that he'd need what he learned in it in his own home nearly every night, then again when he took that class he had not been bonded to Fred and George.

Fidelius Charms, Harry read, can not only be used to hide a person, place, or thing, but also can be cast on a person to learn if they are faithful or not; something that was often done in the medieval era and again in the renaissance era to learn if a spouse had been unfaithful to the marriage bed, something he knew he'd never need with George and Fred.

"Geminio Curse," George said as he watched Harry looking around the living room that was now beginning to overflow with blue and pink teddy bears and were hiding Fred from view.

'Hair-thickening Charm' thought Molly, giggling as she watched her poor Arthur try to cut the think shiny mass of hair that now hung to his knees and was still growing longer; only Fred and George would think of pulling a prank like this on their father.

Incarcerous, Ron found, could be a very fun spell, especially when Hermione used it to tie him to the bed and proceeded to...

Jigsaw charms were a little known, but very fun spell that would turn any picture, moving or not, into a jigsaw puzzle for up to forty-eight hours, or until it was put together properly; Remus loved using it on moving pictures because of how much more challenging it was to put back together.

Knitting charms were in no way something most people would expect Fred or George to know let alone enjoy using.

Levicorpus, when cast on Draco by Ginny, was a spell that always told him that she was either very angry with him, or very disappointed in him; the only trouble was he didn't know which it was until she either started yelling at him or left the room with him still hanging several feet from the ground.

"Mobiliarbus" was heard all around the new orchard just past the backyard of the Burrow, as everyone in the family moved the trees around to make it look more like the trees had just sprouted were they wanted to, instead of looking like the orderly muggle style orchard it had once looked like. (1)

"Nox" and giggles were heard coming from eleven year old Hugo's room as Hermione and Ron walked by headed for their own room, glad that they were staying at Hogwarts this year instead of going anywhere, after all Hermione still had to adjust to her new role as the Headmistress of Hogwarts.

Obliviate is a spell Harry often wishes he could cast on himself after walking into rooms only to find Ron and Hermione in 'compromising' positions.

Permanent Sticking Charms were the only thing that kept all the picture on the walls of the Burrow when all the grandchildren were there running around, not that Molly or Arthur minded.

Quietus, Ron found, was a perfect spell to cast on his son's bedroom walls so that loud noises outside the room didn't wake him.

Repairing his ninth statuette of the day Harry sighed, he would be so glad when school started again and there were almost never any young, ungainly teen in his shop for awhile.

Specialis Revelio was a spell heard all day around Fred and George Weasley every year on April first, and even though they often pretended to be hurt by this, they thought it was funny, especially when they had not pranked anyone's food or drink. (2)

Thief's Downfall, known to most people as a 'waterfall' in Gringotts Bank, is also a potion used on objects to mark a thief to be identified later, and also a ward used mostly around shops to stop thieves from leaving without paying.

Unbreakable Charms really were worth the time to cast on everything he could with two toddlers in the house.

Vanishing Spells were very handy things as long as you paid attention to where you were and what exactly you were vanishing, you really didn't want to vanish your lovers cloths when you were in an ally in Hogsmead instead of your bedroom, something Charlie Weasley would never forget again.

Waddiwasi never failed to make Harry laugh when he caught Peeves stuffing chewing gum in locks around Hogwarts.

X, as they say, marks the spot, but Harry never expected to find a book of spells created by the Marauders when he investigated the X he found on the Marauders Map.

Yellow rats were running all over Hogwarts, it seemed that Ron had gotten that silly incantation from their first train ride to work.

Zebra-Striped Hair was the most interesting, and longest lasting, side effect of being hit, simultaneously, by the Jelly-Legs jinx, a colour changing charm and a hair strengthening charm.

Authors Notes:

I'm not very happy with Age Lines, but I think that has more to do with wanting to write more than one line for it. LOL!

(1) Moves targeted tree.
(2) I used a bit of 'artistic license' on what this spell does. Instead of just being used to identify the ingredients of the target potion or the enchantments on a target object, I added checking food and drinks for potions and such.