Harry Potter

After the war was over Harry actually had time to get to know himself, quickly realizing that many of the things he'd thought he knew about himself were wrong; the biggest of which being that he was not attracted to women and that he HATED fighting.

Before he could tell Ginny about his realizations she told him that she had fallen in love with Hufflepuff Ernie McMillan; happily Harry wished her all the happiness in the world.

Curling up with a big mug of hot chocolate and a good book quickly became Harrys favorite thing to do on rainy days.

Days Harry spent in training to be a healer; nights he spent writing children's books.

Easter was not a holiday celebrated in the wizarding world, but Harry had fun teaching all his friends about the traditional egg hunt.

Fur-balls were an unexpected draw back to Harry's animagus form.

Glory and fame were not things that Harry wanted, so he was very careful to never let anyone but his two lovers know he wrote the most popular children's books.

Having a tail was an odd experience for Harry; but at least it was only in his animagus form.

In the Potter family vault, when Harry finally got the courage to go into it, he found journals that both his parents had written starting in their first year at Hogwarts.

Jotting notes as he watched people walking by the little café was something that Harry loved to do; he got so many ideas for stories to write.

Knitting was not something that Harry had any talent for, no matter how many times Mrs. Weasley tried to teach him; crocheting, on the other hand, was as easy for him as flying.

Like any young male Harry spent a good deal of time thinking about getting laid, but more than that he had always wanted to find someone who wanted to be with 'Harry' not 'Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived'; he wanted love and companionship, and he found it in two very special men.

Molly Weasley was the best cook Harry had ever met, and he was thrilled when she decided to teach him how to cook proper meals, not the to huge and overly fattening foods he learned to cook when he lived at the Dursleys.

New product launch days at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes was Harrys favorite times in the shop; he loved watching the faces of everyone who came in to check out the new stuff, from looks of awe to looks of shock or (sometimes) disgust.

Only the professional Quidditch teams, and his lovers, knew that Harry was the healer at all the games.

People seemed to only see what they wanted to see, something that Harry proved yet again when he got his eye sight fixed and no longer needed his glasses; it took several months before most people recognized him without the glasses.

Quietly he slipped back into bed between his redheaded lovers grinning to himself; he couldn't wait for morning to come, to see the looks on his loves faces when they saw the rings!

Rita Skeeter had turned out to be a great ally after the war, writing only the truth as it came from Harry and those he sent to her to tell their stories from the war.

Some days Harry felt as though he has a full time job just trying to stay away from the press, who were still looking for any little thing to write about him.

Three braided bands of gold: one white, one yellow and one rose, encircled the ring fingers of Harry and his husbands.

Under the full moon and stars, on a tropical island they had all to themselves, Harry and his lovers made love for the first time as husbands.

Valentine's Day used to be Harrys least favorite holiday, but now he had two wonderful men to share it with.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, at Harry's suggestion, opened a 'sister' shop; this one for adults only.

X-Rays may have made medicine easier for muggles, but Harry was very glad that he had magic it made brakes in bones so much easier to find and to fix.

"You have once again done what nobody thought possible Mr. Potter, twice at once this time; in about eight months you and your lovers will be welcoming twins."

"Ziva for our first baby girl, and Abby for our second"; Harry grinned up at Fred and George, knowing that however unexpected they would love their little angels with all their hearts, just like him. (1)

Notes: I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to update this. I've been dealing with a major case of writers block. Hopefully I'm passed that now.

By the end of the alphabet I was rather hooked on Harry's relationship with his lovers/husbands. Oh well. :)

(1) Anyone who can tell me where the names Ziva and Abby came from get a chapter dedicated to them, and I'll use their idea for it.