Hey everybody.

Sorry, this is not a chapter.

I've gotten a quite a few PMs asking whether I'm alive or whether I've abandoned the story, so, rather than reply to them individually and still leave more people wondering, I'll just post this. So, this is my explanation for why there hasn't been a chapter in so long, and why there probably won't be another one for awhile.

Ok, see, last November I got kicked out of my home by my parents. Some stuff had happened the previous January, and because of that stuff, I made some decisions that did not agree with my very traditional, conservative, old-fashioned parents. As it was, I am no longer marriageable material, so instead of allowing shame to fall to their family name, I got disowned. And kicked out. And my mother tendered my resignation at my previous workplace, so since I'm a minor and need their permission to work, I didn't have that anymore.

So. I spent a few weeks doing 'week-long sleepovers' with some friends whose parent's *didn't* know mine, but I couldn't do that for forever, right? So I finally found a place that doesn't mind letting a room to a minor- or didn't notice, they didn't exactly ask for an ID, and rent is cash by the week, so...yeah- and I've finally got a, job, that pays well enough to keep me in a room and fed. I'm still doing school somehow, and I am both a full-time high school senior and I'm taking 4 college courses, which my high school is paying for, so that takes up most of the day, and every time I go in to work at night it's a litany of prayers 'I-hope-no-one-I-know-comes-please-pleasepleasepleaseplease' and it's damn humiliating but at least I'm not on the streets and I'm getting paid, so, yeah.

So, how am I coping? In a decidedly very unhealthy way, I tell you. Since I can still get As and Bs with barely paying attention to the class, I've thrown myself into two completely new fandoms. New fandom, new me, right? I can pretend things are still fine. And I have been doing just that, I'll read and review, bright-happy-gushing-everything-is-fine-in-my-life reviews. I read during school and in breaks in school. I threw myself head-first into them. And I'm pretty damn sure that I've written more reviews in the months since this happened than in all the years before put together.

But, as I'm sure you all can understand, I haven't had the chance-or the desire- to write. I read to get away. The rest of the time I do homework and work. So, sorry everybody. But until I get back on my feet- I've hit bottom, but I've still to get up-I won't be writing much. Once things calm down- perhaps during spring break?-I'll work hard to get the next chapter out, because I did leave a pretty shitty cliffhanger, but...yeah.

So, now you know. I hope all readers will forgive me for leaving you like that.

Kayla- I'm sorry I haven't written. I did read your message a few days before shit hit the fan, and I meant to reply, but then this happened, and I didn't want to bring you out of cloud 9 with my problems. Then it was Christmas, then New Years, then your birthday- happy 18th, by the way-and then I got embarrassed and didn't write. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I hope you'll forgive me. Congratulations on that last bit of news you told me. :) I'm happy for you.

Best Wishes to All,