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Update: Language updated 31/08/2016 into Gallifreyan v4

Chapter 1 – Out Of Time, Part 1

Staying at Jackie's flat for the night wasn't something the Doctor had really planned to do when he took Rose back home after their parallel world crash. As it transpired the TARDIS had decided she didn't want anything to do with him and Rose and had completely locked herself up to calibrate her systems back to normal with utterly no warning whatsoever.

Since he had parked the now immovable TARDIS in the flat so Rose could get to her mum quicker, Jackie now had a giant blue box in her living room blocking off the TV (and consequently Eastenders) which was not something she had taken very kindly too. That and the fact her friend had come to the flat two hours after their arrival, and with a blue box in the living room Jackie had had to make up some bizarre reason as to why her front room had spontaneously become so inaccessible.

Needless to say, she wasn't happy with him in the slightest, and it was a combination of these things that explained exactly why the Doctor was lying on the sofa in Jackie's flat with his legs dangling over the end at 3am on a Friday night.

He had utterly nothing to do, and he was completely bored. Rose and Jackie were in bed, the TARDIS was inaccessible and he'd been given a strict lecture on how it wasn't etiquette to mess with people's TVs, have a fry up or start practising his Uranian Monk Chants whilst people were trying to sleep. Not that he'd needed the lecture... not after last time.

But Rose, the forward-thinking woman she was, had run out to the shop before they'd closed to buy him a few puzzle books. Which was a nice thought, and all twelve books did occupy him for about forty minutes between them before they were all finished cover-to-cover.

Yet he stillhad a minimum of around three hours before there was even a glimmer of possibility that one of them would get up. Even Jackie would do. Anyone, anything to have a conversation with. Even if a stray dog walked in right now he'd probably try and engage it in a healthy debate on the current political situation on Kasbola Minor.

So eventually he'd decided to try and think his way through three hours. Have a little personal thought trail progressing from fascinating subject to fascinating subject. It used to work in the old days. In his fourth body he could go for days just lying on the floor thinking. That didn't seem to work anymore, and it was since his regeneration. He liked talking too much – that was this body's problem. He liked people, he liked company, he liked attention and right now he liked the idea of running into Rose's room, resetting her clock and pretending it was time to get up. But it probably wasn't etiquette to do that either, so the thought was somewhat fleeting.

It was 3:20am before he decided enough was enough. He had to do something. So he got up, grabbed his coat and made for the front door to take a little walk, but before he got there the TARDIS suddenly emitted a quiet 'vworp'. It took him a few moments to process what that might mean before a huge, joyous smile appeared on his face as the thought occurred to him that the TARDIS was ready to go...

He practically bounded back to the time machine, grabbing the handle, shoving in his key and pushing the door... But it didn't budge. She was still in lock-down.

He sighed, the joyous feeling instantaneously crushed as quickly as it had come. He gazed at her, and reached out to stroke her. But what he wasn't expecting was another vworp and abrupt feeling of his hand sticking to the exterior...

Somewhat alarmed, he tried to pull it off but it was completely stuck. In slight disbelief he tried again, but nope, it was still stuck.

"Oh, this is not good," he muttered to himself, trying again and again to pull his hand off. The TARDIS was suddenly vworping quietly and constantly, the light flashing around and around in a crazy disco. The exterior was slowly fading, and pretty soon the Doctor realised he was slowly fading too...

"Really not good!" he yelped, and tried pulling with the entire weight of his body. He scrambled to reach for the closest door-frame but he was a couple of inches too short. Instinctively he tried levering himself by placing a foot on the TARDIS to push himself off, but rapidly figured that had been a bit of a stupid idea as his foot was also now stuck...

He was fast fading now. There was only one thing he could do. He inhaled a breath, turned his head as far left as it could go and opened his mouth to yell... "RO-"

He didn't get to finish her name, as he was rudely interrupted by four almost simultaneous things - a quick flash of blinding light, a quiet explosion, his arm and foot both propelling off of the TARDIS and the strange feeling that he was flying... Flying – he very quickly realised – into the kitchen wall.

There wasn't much he could do about that, really.

Jackie Tyler had woken up at 7am and had gone straight to kitchen, almost tripping over an apparently asleep Doctor in the doorway. She'd huffed and puffed a little, giving him a light kick to try and get him to wake up and find a better place than a doorway to sleep but he hadn't even reacted. Bloody typical.

There was one blessing at least; that bloody box of his was gone from in front of the TV, so she made tea and toast and sat down to watch the morning news - but the TV was nothing but static. Broken! At least it was still under warranty. She sighed, ate her toast, drank her tea, and still the Doctor hadn't so much as twitched. That was odd.

Reasoning it was probably just one of the many weird alien things he did, she decided it would be better to wake him up so he didn't get trod on by Rose in her usual utterly oblivious morning haze. Finishing up her tea, she moved over to him and knelt down to shake his shoulder.

"Doctor?" she tried, but he wasn't reacting at all. A little concerned, she checked his eyes, and instead realised he was sweating quite badly. His pulse was going like a marching band on speed and when she lifted his head she realised the carpet was stained with blood.

Her hand went to her mouth as she gasped in horror. "Doctor? Wake up!"

He didn't.

She got up and ran to Rose's room, bursting in to find her daughter splayed across the bed fast asleep with her hair everywhere.

She shook her quickly, panicked. "Rose!"

"What?" Rose groaned, not even opening her eyes.

"It's the Doctor, he's not wakin' up..."

"Yeah, just kick him..." Rose murmured, and buried her head under the covers again.

"I did," Jackie said anxiously. "He's sweatin' and bleedin', I think he hit his head..."

Rose sat up abruptly, eyes wide and hair everywhere. Within seconds she was up and out of the door to the Doctor still lying on the floor.

"Doctor?" she asked anxiously, slapping him lightly on the face but his head just rolled. "Doctor, wake up. Wake up!"

Jackie was already instinctively moving to the phone to call for help, but just as she finished dialling Rose quickly stopped her.

"No, Mum, no ambulance, remember?" she said, but her Mum had stopped listening to her, just listening to the phone. "Mum!" Rose yelped. "Don't do that!"

"No, sweetheart..." Jackie said slowly, looking at Rose, before suddenly holding out the phone to her daughter. "Listen."

"What?" Rose asked, both confused and annoyed. "Mum, hang up the phone!"

"Listen to it!" Jackie demanded, thrusting the phone to the girl again.

Rose huffed a little and took it, pressing it to her ear.

"The number you have dialled is not in service..."

It took her a moment to realise what was wrong before she slowly looked up at her mum, jaw agape.

"999 isn't in service...?"

"Love, the TV doesn't work either..."

"What!?" Rose looked up towards the direction of the TV, but she wasn't looking at it. She was looking at the clear space in front of it. "... Wait, where's the TARDIS?"

Jackie could only shrug. Rose looked at her, then at the Doctor, and then sprinted towards the front door to go onto the balcony, checking the only other place the TARDIS would most likely be.

"She's not..." Rose began to yell back to her mum, but trailed off as she realised something else. There was utterly no one down in the street, and there were no passing cars either. And when she listened, there was nothing to listen to. No traffic, no people, not even any birdsong...

The world was completely silent.

"HELLO!" Rose yelled as loudly as she could... but utterly nothing but her own voice echoed back to her. "HELLO!" she tried again, listening hard... But nothing. "Oh my god," she croaked in utter disbelief.

"Rose?" Jackie asked from behind her.

"Mum!" Rose spun around, her eyes wide. "There's no one else! It's just us!"


"God, Mum, I think we're the only people on Earth."

"Don't be stupid, how can..."

"Just look!"

Jackie did so, and within seconds had turned almost completely white. "Bloody hell... This was 'im, wasn't it!" she yelped, utterly panicked. "What the 'ell are we gonna do!?"

Rose ignored her, running back in to the Doctor and kneeling down next to him once again. "Doctor, wake up!"

Thankfully, this time he did begin to stir, his brow furrowing before he let out a pained moan and opened his eyes.

Rose sighed in absolute relief. "Doctor... Somethin' is..." She stopped, frowning at the sight of him. "God, are you all right?"

He winced, hand moving to his head. "It's nothing, just hit my head."

"What happened to you?" she asked him, helping him to sit up.

"TARDIS," he grunted. "She made a noise so I checked her, got stuck, flew backwards and got knocked out."

"She's gone, I can't find her. And... so has everyone else. I mean, everything, Doctor, everyone's gone."


"We're... Well, I think... I think we're the only people on Earth."

The Doctor's eyes widened, scrambling to his feet using a combination of Rose and the wall. He jogged through the still open front door, checking the street below. After a moment he backed away, hand still on his head with his eyes wide and searching.

"Oh no," was all he said.

"What is it?" Rose asked, coming up behind him. "Is this to do with the TARDIS?"

"Maybe," he said, but his expression morphed into a frown as he thought about that. "Probably," he amended, and then thought some more. "... Um, yeah, it is."

"Where are we, then?"

"Still Earth," he said. "Definitely still Earth. We haven't moved, at least... not physically ourselves."

"Then how did we get here?"

"Never mind how we got 'ere, 'ow the 'ell are we gettin' back?" Jackie's voice suddenly asked from behind them, a little panicked. "You did this, so fix it!" she yelped, pointing at the Doctor.

"Not quite as simple as that, Jackie..." the Doctor muttered, pushing past Rose to go back inside the flat.

"Are we in a parallel world?" Rose wondered, following.

"I don't think so," he said, frowning again as he stopped to examine the spot the TARDIS had been. "More like... some sort of time trap or... Or being out of sync."

"What you bloody goin' on about?" Jackie wanted to know. "Can we get back?"

Rose ignored her mum, crouching down next to the Doctor. "What d'you mean out of sync?"

"A second ahead or a second too slow..." he murmured. "Maybe some sort of... defence mechanism..."

"For god's sake, Doctor, what the bloody hell is goin' on?!" Jackie demanded to know, less panicked now and mainly just annoyed.

The Doctor sighed, getting up and turning to Jackie. "Right. Time flows linear to you. The sun rises, the sun sets, you wake up, eat beans on toast and go to bed, just like everyone and everything else in the world, yes? Imagine the possibility that you didn't. Imagine if you lived a second ahead, or second behind everyone else? Something happened when I touched the TARDIS, something that possibly knocked me out of sync into a different time flow..."

He suddenly stopped. Rose knew the signs of when he was thinking, so obediently remained silent. Unfortunately, Jackie didn't.

"We've gotta get back!" Jackie squeaked, switching back from annoyed to panicked in less than a nanosecond.

"Jackie, shut up," the Doctor said urgently, hand in the air.

Jackie looked incongruous. "Don't you tell me to..."

"Mum, shut up!" Rose demanded, and the Doctor closed his eyes to think again. Jackie did indeed shut up though began to slowly boil over for the good minute the Doctor spent thinking. Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he ran to the door.

"Get dressed, get some food," he ordered them.

"Where're we going?" Rose asked.

"The TARDIS is gone, and if we are out of sync I can't get us back without her. And I think, when we got knocked out of sync, she remained in normal time. The best place to go is Cardiff."

"Cardiff?!" Jackie repeated in disbelief.

"Mum, there's a rift there, sort of like a bridge between places," Rose explained quickly.

"What the hell does that mean?"

The Doctor groaned, exasperated. "Why did she have to come?" he whined quietly to the sky.


"Mum!" Rose yelped again, taking Jackie's arm. "Just get dressed, okay?"

Jackie just harrumphed and stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Within ten minutes Rose was ready to go with a bag packed full of food, and was now waiting with the Doctor at the front door. Jackie was still in her room.

"Come on," the Doctor moaned, banging his head against the wall.

Rose decided to take his mind off of it. "So, why has the TARDIS done this to us?"

"I... I think she was saving my life."


He gazed at her, leaning back against the wall with his arms folded. "She was still rebuilding when I touched her, and for some reason she was rebuilding the outside too. Which meant all the anti-matter that makes the TARDIS so big inside was all in the wrong places and my hand got trapped inside the matter itself. I became like an extra limb to her. If I'd stayed like that all the power inside of her would've completely burnt me inside-out. So she pushed me off... But she pushed me so hard I went into a different time completely."

Rose thought about that, and slowly began to frown.

He anticipated her next question. "No, I don't know why you and Jackie are here. It should just be me."

"Are you worried?"

"A little."

She looked at his thoughtful expression, and grinned. "You're really lovin' this, aren't ya?"

The Doctor's lips slowly began to turn up at the corners. "... A little," he repeated.

Rose giggled, just as Jackie came out of her room with hair and make-up all done. "What the 'ell are you two laughin' about?!"

"Nothin'," Rose said quickly. "You didn't need to do make up, Mum."

"We're going to Cardiff, not Soho," the Doctor muttered under his breath.

Rose snorted in a pathetic attempt to cover her laughter.

Jackie bristled slightly. "I'm gonna slap you in a minute," she said, but the Doctor was already out of the front door.