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**Sam POV Monday Morning**

The smell of bacon cooking jerks me out of sleep. Oh. Good. Emily is cooking. My name is Sam Uley, I'm a twenty-one year old man who moved my girlfriend in way too soon, and way too young. The last three years have gone from cohabitant bliss to cohabitant annoyance, the little things I didn't notice when we were living apart are now the huge things that drive me insane.

The way she talks to me like I'm an infant, or some sort of small dog, the way she always has to be the center of my attention, the constant checking up on me, showing up at sites, coming by my office, calling me every hour on the hour. She's not a girlfriend, she's a fucking probation officer in an apron. Don't get me wrong, I think I love her, I just wish she would back the fuck off a little.

Dragging myself out of bed, I throw on a pair of blue and white striped boxers, and an undershirt, and make my way through the living room. I grab the paper off the coffee table and head into the kitchen hoping that reading the sports page will keep her off my back for the duration of the meal at least.

Emily sets a plate down in front of me, she's fully dressed, and it annoys the crap out of me…she doesn't work, doesn't have to, yet she's up and dressed with breakfast cooked before I've even really woken up. It's like she's auditioning for the role of my wife, she does the things that wives are expected to do but without the title. At first I loved it, now, well honestly, some mornings I just want to eat a cold bowl of cereal or toast myself a fucking Pop-Tart.

I pick up my fork, and reluctantly start to eat the scrambled eggs, they're good, but that's not the point. I've barely swallowed the first bite, and Emily speaks up, "Sammy, I want us to go out tonight."

Sammy…I fucking hate that nickname, and she knows it. Setting my jaw, I ask her, "Where do you want to go?"

She smiles indulgently at me, that look on her face that tells me that if I don't want a fight I had better go along with what she wants to do tonight. After about a half a minute, she replies, "I want to go to see that new movie, you know, with the girl who's in love with the vampire.

Choking on my eggs, I clear my throat, "That's not really my kind of flick, Em. Can't we see something both of us will like? Why don't you ask one of your girls to come down from Makah for the night, you guys could go out to dinner, catch the movie, really make a night of it."

She scowls a little, "Well yeah, I could do that, but I want to see it with you! I want to have a date night Sammy, please!"

She pouts her lips and does the sad face, and of course, I grudgingly cave, "Fine Em, we'll see the movie. I have to get ready for work."

Getting up I head back to the bedroom, ignoring her shouted, "You haven't finished your breakfast yet!"

Grabbing my phone off the nightstand I check my appointments, I had a consultation with Police Chief Charlie Swan up in Forks first thing, apparently his wife had had it with his DIY tendencies, and insisted that he call in a licensed professional after he left a gaping hole in his daughters wall when he tried to fix a stuck window.

**Bella POV**

I'm woken at the obscene hour of 8:00am on my first day of my first week of Summer Vacation by my dad sticking his head in my door, "The construction guy is gunna be here in about a half hour Bells. You know he'll have to come in here."

Rolling my eyes I look at the plastic covered hole where my window used to be, "You think? I'm getting up. I'll be ready by the time he gets here."

My 18 year old brother Embry calls up the steps, "Bells! I'm going to the beach with Jake, and Quil, do you want to come?"

Hmm, do I want to go to the beach with Jake and Quil, yeah I'm gunna pass on that. Jake will spend the whole time either glowering at me over our break up back at the end of April, or trying to get back into my pants, and Quil, well, let's just say that Quil can't go 3 seconds without making a sexual innuendo and leave it at that.

Calling back down, I answer, "No thanks Emb! Have a good time though!"

The only reply is the door closing heavily behind him as he runs out of the house, and the sound of his motorcycle revving as he tears out of the driveway. Dad shakes his head in good natured amusement, "That boy…"

I roll my eyes, if that was me tearing down the road on a bike he'd have been after me in 2 seconds flat to haul my ass off of it. My mom, Kay, well, my step-mom really, but the only mother I've ever known, calls up to dad, "Charlie! Honey, your breakfast is ready!"

She calls to me next, "Bella! Do you want something to eat?"

Dad turns and hurries down the steps, as I call back, "No thanks Mom! I'll get a Pop-Tart when I get out of the shower!"

Heading into the bathroom I close the door without bothering to wait for her reply. I turn the shower on, setting it just warm enough to be comfortable before stripping down and stepping in.

I can hear the faint voices of my parents in the kitchen, arguing good naturedly about god knows what. Probably Embry's motorcycle, that's usually the topic of their arguments.

Renee, my biological mother, had walked out on Dad and I when I was just a year old, she just really didn't want to be a wife or a mom. Dad started dating Kay when I was three, and Embry was four, and they got married a year later.

Now I'm two and a half months shy of eighteen, it's the summer before senior year, and for the first time in two years I'm single for the summer. Finishing up in the shower I turn the water off and step out.

I dry off and head back across the hall to my room. I turn my stereo on and start Godsmack's self titled album before going into my drawers. I pull out a black bra and thong set with little pink stars printed all over, stepping into the panties I pull them up over my hips adjusting the strap so that I can barely feel it.

Pulling the straps of the bra up my arms I settle my breasts into the cups and hook it closed before adjusting it so that my breasts are thrust up and out. Crossing back over to my closet I grab out a pair of tiny denim shorts and put them on, pausing I scan my closet.

Do I want to wear the hot pink v-neck tee? Or my black Rob Zombie baby tee? The pink shows a nice amount of cleavage, but the black hugs my figure nicely. Before I can decide, my door opens, I turn towards it, expecting my mom.

My mouth drops open in shock as a tall, built, Native American man with spiky black hair wearing jeans and a plain white fitted tee comes in ahead of my dad who I now hear talking in the hall.

I let out a shrill shout, "Hey!"

The man stops short staring at me like a deer in the headlights, I turn back to the closet yanking my pink v-neck off the hanger and pulling it on over my head quickly. Spinning back around, I find my dad scowling, first at me, and then even more deeply at the very good looking man who is still caught up staring at me with his very sexy green eyes.

Dad turns his attention back to me, snapping, "Bella! Go downstairs. Your mom has your breakfast ready."

**Sam POV**

Shit. The girl brushes past me, the scent of her shampoo setting me on edge. She's probably only 16, and her dad is probably about to bust me for being a fucking perv. Fuck, we should have knocked…

Chief Swan claps a hand on my shoulder, gripping tightly, but not overly so as he grits out, "Now, I know that there are some things a man can't help. But I'll tell you honestly Mr. Uley, that if I ever catch you lookin at my baby girl like that again it'll be my gun doing the talking. She's still in high school for fucks sake! Hasn't even started her senior year yet."

Oh shit! I am a fucking perv, and I deserve to be busted! Chief Swan clears his throat, and gestures to the gaping hole in the wall that's covered with plastic sheeting, "Uh, that's it there."

Gaping at it in shock, I manage to ask him, "No offense Chief, but how in the hell did this happen?"

He laughs good naturedly, "I honestly have no idea. I took the blame for it, but it was really my boy who did it. His sister asked him and his bone head friend to open her window because it was stuck. I think they tried to wedge it open with a screwdriver and a sledgehammer. They probably knocked the molding loose, and then tried to hit it back into place, and ended up knocking out the whole window."

I nod, "Okay, well that explains how it started, but how did it end up going all the way down to the floor?"

He turns a light shade of pink, and rubs the back of his neck, "Well, you see, my daughter. She wanted one of those big fancy windows with the kind of grid pattern… they go from the floor up. I tried to install it myself but that didn't turn out so good. My wife insisted that I call in a professional when she saw the hole."

Keeping my tone professional, I sum up, "Okay, so your daughter wants French windows. Does she want the kind with the half circle on top? And do you want the kind that open?"

He thinks about it, "I'm going to say yes to the half circle, and no to the opening…"

I see him looking at the tree that sits right beside the hole, and I understand why he doesn't want the window to open. That tree is just begging for some horny teenage boy to climb up it, or for a horny teenaged girl to climb down.

Turning back I nod, "Okay, well I'll go get a price on the windows and get back to you with an estimate in a few hours."

**Bella POV**

I hear voices a minute before my dad and Sexy Construction Guy come into the kitchen. I catch SCG's eye, and smile, disappointed when he looks away without returning it. I scowl at my dad, he probably threatened to shoot SCG for the way he was looking at me in my bra.

Mom asks, "So when do you think Bella will be able to have a fully enclosed wall again?"

SCG thinks about it for a minute, before answering, "I think probably by next week, ma'am. I was just telling Chief Swan that I'm going to go price the windows that your daughter wants and I'll get back to him with an estimate in a few hours. I'll have to repair the wall though, and prep it for the window installation, that'll take a few days in itself."

Mom nods, and I ask, "Will you be doing the work?"

He looks at me warily, and I just smile as I cross my arms, squeezing my boobs together to give him a better view. He swallows and looks away sharply as he answers, "Probably. I may have one of my associates come up if I have other jobs to attend to."

Mom catches my eye, looking at me sternly as Dad leaves for work with SCG hot on his heels. Nibbling my pop tart, I try to look innocent, of course it doesn't work. Mom narrows her eyes at me, "Stay away from him Bella. He's bad news."

Looking at her confused, I ask, "What do you mean?"

She sighs, "Ask Leah about him."

Shrugging, I reply, "Okay. What's his name?"

Mom sighs again, like I should know, "Sam Uley."

I shrug and roll my eyes, as I tell her, "Okay, so I'll ask Leah about him."

It's her turn to roll her eyes, as she answers, "Alright, I'm working today at the Johnson's. Call me if you need me."

Nodding I head back upstairs and grab my cell off my nightstand. Opening my messages I send one to Leah, 'hey chica, any plans for later?'

Leah has become my partner in crime, I've known her my whole life from being friends with Jake and his family, but we were never close until his sisters moved away. I had been wandering around first beach depressed about not having Bex to hang with and had run into Leah who was depressed about Rachel.

Leah's 19, she takes classes in Port Ang a few days a week, but is also on summer vacation. Dad was actually pretty thrilled that Leah and I finally became friends, and I was glad too, she's pretty awesome.

**Later That Day around 5:30pm Still BPOV**

Leah and I are hanging out at her place, her parents took her younger brother Seth up to the Makah reservation to visit family, and we're chilling in her living room. Going into my purse, I grab out a bag of weed and a bowl.

Passing both to Leah, she looks it over, "Where'd you get this shit from girl?"

Shrugging, I answer, "Quil."

She rolls her eyes, "Figures, he's the only game in town besides Sam, and I know you don't know Sam. This shit's a joke though, B."

I shrug, "Wait, are you talking about Sam Uley?"

She nods, "Yeah. Why?"

She packs the bowl while I answer, "He's doing some work at our house, mom told me to stay away from him. She said he's bad news, when I asked what she meant though she told me to ask you about him."

Leah hits the bowl and passes it off, contemplating for a moment before she answers, "Sam's not a bad guy. He's just a guy. See, the thing you gotta keep in mind about guys B, is that they're like animals. Sure they may be loyal and loving, but there's always a possibility that they lose control when faced with eager, willing, unrelated pussy. I don't mean to be crude, but take you and Jake for example…"

Scrunching my nose in disgust, I interrupt, "I'd rather not…"

She rolls her eyes, "I know, but seriously, just listen. Ain't nobody gunna win an argument with Jake Black over whether or not he loved you. Jake loved you from the time you all were kids. You got cheated on for the same reason I did. You were payin too much attention to him, and how he was actin, and not enough attention to the real threat."

Bile raises in my throat, even the thought of that bitch makes me want to puke. Leah says her name, raising my blood pressure and bringing my anger to the surface, "Angela…"

I cut her off, "Is a fuckin no good, backstabbing, boyfriend stealing, cunt whore!"

Leah nods, "That's right she is! Same as my fuckin no good, backstabbing, boyfriend stealing, cunt whore of a cousin, Emily!"

She takes a breath, and continues, "See B, Sam and I were together practically our whole lives. We were actually a lot like you and Jake. Grew up together, our mom's were friends so we spent a lot of time together. Of course Emily was there a lot of the time too. Her dad is my mom's brother, and her mom was good friends with mine and Sam's."

She pauses to watch me hit the bowl, I take my hit, and pass her the bowl while I hold my smoke. She hits, and I exhale a plume of white smoke into the air. Coughing overtakes me, makes me feel swimmy, finally I catch my breath.

Leah lets her smoke out and coughs twice before drawing a deep breath, and continuing, "So we all grew up together, Rachel was there a lot too, she tried to keep Emily off of Sam's back. It wasn't really a secret that Em had a little thing for Sam. He never gave her the time of day though, he was so focused on me. When I was 5 and he was 7, I thought he was gross. When I was 11 and he was 13, I thought he was annoying. Oh man by the time I turned 13 and him 15 though? I thought he was gorgeous! He did construction with his pops every summer from the time he was 12, and he had muscles on muscles."

We pass the bowl back and forth a couple of times in silence as I guess both of us ponder SCG aka Sam's muscles. Boy, but that man has some muscles…

She sighs, passing me the bowl back, and continues on, "So long story short, Sam and I got together, finally, when I was 14. We were so so happy. He worshipped me. By the time I was 15 I knew I wanted him to be the first. So he was. He was careful with me, he made it perfect. I was so fucking happy it was insane! I never noticed that Rach and Emily weren't hanging anymore, I never noticed that Em was becoming increasingly jealous, she hated to come down here because Sam and I were all over each other. He never told me she started calling him, but one day I heard him on the phone with her. I could hear her, crying to him when things with her boyfriend up in Makah didn't work out, sobbing about how she had no friends left because I was always with him. Blah blah blah. If I had been paying more attention to her instead of him I would have understood what was going on. He was just as attentive as ever, just as loving as ever, he was just, Sam."

I tap the remnants of the bowl out, that little plug of burnt ash falling into the ash tray as she continues, "It doesn't really matter though, apparently Emily was telling him I was cheating, that I told her I cheated. Sam shouted that at me when I caught the two of them in bed together. On our anniversary. I was so fucking crushed."

My eyes are wide now, I can't even help but ask, "Did you kick her sorry ass?"

Leah laughs, "I wish. I just couldn't even comprehend it. I didn't bother to correct Sam's statement. I went to the cliffs. Paul found me there, and the rest as they say, is history."

We both sigh a little. Paul Dixon, bad boy extraordinaire, and Leah's boyfriend of just about the last 3 years. The two of them were so in love it was ridiculous, but when they fought oh boy did they fight. According to Leah though the make up sex more than made up for the fighting, and they were one of the happiest couples I knew.

The way she was talking about Sam though makes me ask, "Would you ever want him back?"

She looks at me thoughtfully, "No. I don't blame Sam really, but I would never want him back. Paul drives me crazy, whether we're in bed, or we're fighting, he drives me crazy good and bad, and I wouldn't ever want to change that. Sam did me a favor. Paul and I, we're just, right."

Looking back at her, I ask, "Would you be angry at me, if I told you I wanted him?"

She laughs, "No. I really wouldn't. I don't think it'd even be weird. If I wasn't crazy in love with Paul then it probably would be weird. Paul though, I never told you this, but Paul beat the shit out of Sam about a month after Sam and I stopped seeing each other."

I look at her incredulously, not that I can't picture Paul doing that. I totally can. Paul is the type of guy who when he likes you he'll do just about anything for you. He wasn't just Leah's boyfriend, he was my friend too, and his do anything for his friends attitude had come in handy for me a lot. Especially when Jake wouldn't take 'get lost' for an answer, and my own big brother hadn't wanted to get in the middle, but SCG has muscles on muscles for God's sake!

Leah laughs at my expression, "I know what you're thinking, 'How did Paul beat him'."

I nod, and she continues, "Personally, I think he hit him from behind, took him off guard. Paul says that my love gave him strength. I mean don't get me wrong, Paul's ripped, but…"

I finish for her, "But SCG is beyond ripped!"

Sighing, I sit back on the couch, Leah looks at me grinning, "SCG?"

Laughing as I blush slightly, I reply with a sheepish grin, "Sexy Construction Guy."

Leah throws back her head and laughs, the door opens and we both jump a little as Paul comes in the door, "What's so funny?"

Leah shrugs, "You."

Paul puts on a fake scowl, and pulls her to him, "Oh yeah?"

He nuzzles her neck, lightly biting it, "Is that so? Am I funny Ms. Clearwater? Am I really?"

He tickles her ribs, and she goes from smoldering, to screaming, "STOP! PAUL!"

She laughs, swatting at him as he turns her loose, "Fine."

He plops down on the couch, "What's really up, Bell?"

Leah takes over, "We were talking about how you beat up Sam."

Paul scowls, a real one this time, "Nothing that fucker didn't deserve."

Leah rolls her eyes, "Now Pauly, is that any way to talk about the guy who got us together?"

Pulling her down on his lap he moves his hands around her waist, "I guess not. So what brought up the illustrious Sam Uley?"

Leah shrugs, "Bell here has the major hots for him. Apparently the Chief hired him to do some work on their place."

Paul turns protective big brother on me, "He's too old for you!"

Rolling my eyes, I snap, "I'm not a baby, Paul! I'm less than 3 months away from 18, and I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions about who I date!"

Scowling at me a little, he retorts, "I think your dad would beg to differ. You haven't even graduated from high school yet!"

Leah interjects, "Hey! Enough. Paul, lay off. I support Bella going for Sam. In fact. I think we should go out tonight. If I know Emily I'll bet she's dragging Sam to that movie where the girl is in love with the vampire."

Paul puts his head in his hands, and moans, "Please don't make me go, please don't make me go, please don't make me go…."

Leah laughs, "You can stay here big guy. Bell and I won't be out that late, we're just going to go and make a little scene and then come home."

Paul sighs and sits back in relief, "Thank God."

Leah pounces on him and I call "Later Paul!", over my shoulder as I head out to wait by the car.