Chapter 13

Set 4x03

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(Set before chapter 10)

Erin's POV

When I heard the knock on the door I went to answer it but I stopped before I went any further when I was about half way to the door because I knew that Vlad was about to come and warn me about my stasis spray on me and to top it up, so once I had stopped he did exactly that first he stopped me by saying,

"Woah, woah top up your stasis spray" so I took it from him and sprayed my pulse points held out my arm so he could check and he nodded then said,

"No pulse you're good" so then I walked the rest of the way to the door and opened it then stretched out my arm and said,

"Come in," while they were coming in Vlad counted them then when he got to the last one he said,

"Well, defiantly more than last night" I crossed my arms and said,

"A smile wouldn't kill them."

"It's going to take time to drive out that mix of bloodlust and attitude," then the count came, (no surprise there) and said,

"Wonderful news. Your fiancée, the princess Adze will presented to you in five minutes." I fake smiled at him as he said this and then he continued with, "I think it's time to ditch the breather trash" then after that he sped away and sighed annoyed and said,

"He can't force you into this engagement. Just don't show up."

"She's Ramanga's daughter. I can't insult him. I need his support with the high council" I shook my head as he said this but he took his hand lifted my chin up so I was facing him then said,

"I'll find a way to get rid of her" I smiled and replied with,

"We'll find a way we're in this together" we both smiled and leaned to kiss when we were interrupted by 'yours truly' Renfield he could have come at a different time but he didn't and he said,

"Ah! Message from Van Helsing. He is going to be late delivering the blood to feed the ferals." Then he turned away and left and I said,

"Wow, he came in great timing now didn't he?" Vlad smiled at what I said so he replied with,

"How about we finish that kiss upstairs come on" he took my hand and sped to his room and before you knew it we were kissing, like we hadn't kissed each other in what? One hundred years maybe? Yeah sounds about right, anyway one thing led to another and we both ended up on the floor in each other's arms before getting dressed and going out of his room acting like nothing had happened, when we went to meet Vlad's 'future wife' as the count calls her, but Vlad got changed into a suit?' Wow he really is trying to impress her' I thought that's why I asked,

"A Suit?"

"Well jeans and a t-shirt would have been shown as disrespectful" he sat down and I sat down next to him before he continued with,

"Are you sure you want to be here for this" I scoffed and said,

"Are you kidding? I want to get a proper look at the competition"

"There is no competition" he reassured me I smiled and said,

"Right answer," smiling I put my hand on top of his before the Count, Ingrid and Ramanga came in, the count and Ramanga were next to come in hugging each other and then Ramanga sat down not next to Vlad but the end chair and the Count sat down in his throne, then Ingrid came in and asked Ramanga if the seat was taken before sitting down nearly throwing the long dress over Vlad and I.

Next Renfield came in and said,

"I present princess Adze" then she came in but the story doesn't end there because:

She was beautiful and what was worse was that Vlad didn't see it, I should have been flattered but I wasn't, because if he didn't think she was beautiful maybe he thought that I wasn't pretty, but how would I know what he thinks, after all I'm only a breather/ex-slayer girl, as the count tells me.

Once the meeting of 'the chosen couple' as the Count called it he said they wouldn't meet until the blood tea ceremony I was confused I didn't understand what he meant by it so when everyone had gone I asked,

"What's the blood tea ceremony?" I only asked it because I knew he would tell me the truth about it, well that's what I thought the truth was anyway, but it wasn't what I thought was the truth was that he said,

"Just part of the process. All show, no substance, just like my engagement," but it was only a matter of time before I found out what the real truth was but I'll come to that later.

Next once we heard the ferals were trying to drain humans because they were so hungry, we went to sort them out as I like to call it.

When we walked into the classroom and they were all in bat-form within two seconds once Vlad had clicked his fingers they went back into their normal forms and he said,

"I'm sorry. Do you want to back to dossing about in abandoned building and feeding off stray cats? Because if you want a life here the only way it is going to work is if you listen to Bertand and me."

"If you can't deliver, I'll find my own food" Ryan butted in then I said,

"Lose the attitude, Ryan."

"Stay out of it breather," he said and I asked,

"What are you talking about?"

"That's not funny Ryan," Vlad said and as the other Vampire were standing up looking like they were about to pounce on me Ryan said,

"OK, bad joke. Chill out." After he said this we heard Jonno coming through the door and we saw him as we looked round. Vlad was the first to speak,

"What happened? You cut it fine."

"Yeah well persuading slayers to donate their blood is turning out to be tougher than we thought," Jonno said.

"I'm going to have to introduce the soya blood earlier than I planned, I will get Renfield to start producing. We are going to need volume," Vlad replied

"What's this I hear about your fiancée?" Jonno asked I looked at him as if to say 'really bring it up while I'm still in the room why don't you (?)' then Vlad said,

"Erm she's not my fiancée." He said to Jonno then continued with, "Bertrand, I need you to do some digging on Adze," and he looked at me as if to get my approval on it I nodded and we went down to the training room.

When we were there Bertrand starting talking and he said,

"Adze's ancestry is without blemish. She us the direct descendant of numerous kings and princes going back centuries. On paper she's the perfect match for you" I scoffed,

"'Perfect' ?! She wouldn't be interested in Vlad if he wasn't the chosen one!"

"Thanks (!)" Vlad said sarcastically and I just said,

"I mean, she is a mercenary. Total gravedigger. Nail her in a coffin and post her somewhere sunny," I smirked at the thought of it, then Vlad said,

"If there are no skeletons in her cupboard, then we create one."

"And we catch it on digital camera" Jonno carried on,

"We show the video to Ramanga and the Count" I continued and finally Vlad finished off with,

"Adze is disgraced and it's "bye-bye engagement". Sounds good to me."

"Usually my feminist principles would be questioning such a chauvinistic plan, but in this case…" I said as I put my hand on Vlad's arm and he took it with his hand.

"I'll give it a go." Jonno said we all looked at him not believing what he had just said and then he asked,

"You think I'm punching above my weight?"

"Before the peace, she was a traditional vampire. Now, offer her dinner and you could be on the menu." Bertrand replied and Jonno said simply,

"Look I'm a trained slayer I can look after myself" we look at him again and he continued with, "look I want to do this, Vlad and Erin's relationship, represents the future of the Vamps and breathers, I won't let anything destroy that." I shook my head and said,

"No it's too dangerous."

"He'll be fine, like he said he can handle himself." Vlad said.

Next it was time for Jonno to let's say 'charm Adze', as Vlad was setting the camera up Jonno said,

"If anything goes wrong…" I look down as he continued, "Well, you know what I'm saying. Better dead than undead. No offence" he said the last bit to Vlad just incase he was offended but he wasn't and Vlad smiled and said,

"None taken." Then once Vlad finished setting it up he pushed Jonno towards the door while I pushed Vlad, while he was filming I said,

"So do you think this will work?"

"Yeah I do I just need one shot" Vlad said and before we knew it Adze was going to bite Jonno then I said,

"She's going in for the kill."

"I just need one shot like I said." He replied and when she was getting closer and closer I said,

"Vlad. Vlad!" I said the last bit in a loud whisper and shook him he then replied,

"Okay, get him out," he shut the camera when I went to get him thinking quite quick on my feet I said,

"Oh Jonno, there you are." I took his arm taking him out from his hypnotised state and continued with, "You're mum's on the phone" I pulled him, but he was confused on what was going on and I dragged him out of there.

"I told you that was a bad idea Vlad."

"I know you did, I'm sorry" He replied, I sighed and said,

"It's fine just don't go doing that again either of you" I warned both of them before walking back down to the training room where Bertrand was still sitting and I said basically saying to Vlad,

"A Sensitive Vampire. Who knew(?)"

"It's about dignity" Bertrand said to me then I replied,

"Jonno put his life on the line and you're worried about your feelings!" then the Count came speeding in causing Vlad to say,

"We're a bit busy, Dad."

"Take a moment to ensure those sewer rats who attend your school leave the premises before sun rise. I found her vagabond brother dossing under my desk. If I find him there again… he'll be undead meat. Well not long now until the blood tea ceremony. Your time is almost up" he said the last bit to me gesturing with his hand a wave before he speeded away again, I took a breath and said,

"What did he mean?"

"Ignore him, but if Ryan's taken to wandering about the school, we need to find him before the breather kids arrive," Vlad replied.

"I'll track him down" I said, Vlad shook his head and replied,

"Not on your own."

"Um, I can look after myself and you need to concentrate on getting rid of Adze" I blew him a kiss before leaving to find Ryan.

Once I found Ryan I was feeling all kinds of emotions like: Shock, Anger, Upset and stuff like that so I said to him,

"You've just been fed."

"Bottle fed." He spat, "like a baby."

"They could hand you into the slayers for this" I said my voice getting angrier and angrier every time I thought of it and he just replied smugly,

"Well then you better not tell anyone now should you?" I put on a fake smile took out my stake hit it against the drained person who was now lying as a piece of dust on the floor and Ryan just said,


"Why won't you just listen to Vlad, you would have a much better life." I said he scoffed,

"And why do you think he's so special, he's about to dump you for a princess." I stopped him before he could go anywhere,

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"You really don't know the real meaning of that ceremony do you?" he asked,

"What and you do?" I asked, he just nodded and said,

"Yeah Ingrid told me about it." I rolled my eyes and let him leave before following him after then said,

"Go to my room."

"Why would I listen to you?"

"I may not be your sister really anymore but we're still related whether you like it or not." I said and made him go to my room before going to find Vlad.

Once I found Vlad and found out the plan didn't work I said,

"I don't know why this is such a disaster. OK setting Adze didn't work because in your weird vampire world, your girlfriend cheating on you is a good thing." They looked at each other, and I knew that look anywhere Vlad was lying to me so I continued with, "Why am I getting the feeling that there's something I don't know." Vlad looked at Bertrand for support but Bertrand wasn't going to help him because he said,

"I'll see you at class," leaving Vlad and I to talk.

"Well" I said annoyed, "What is it you're not telling me, no don't tell me you've decided to get married to Adze already."

"No, of course not." Vlad said truthfully, I groaned annoyed and asked,

"Then tell me what it is, I don't like being lied to please?" he sighed and said,

"I wasn't telling the whole truth about the blood tea ceremony, OK so me, Ramanga, dad and Adze have to drink blood from the same cup once that's done solemn promise has been made, if I cancel the engagement after that then Ramanga and his clan have permission to hunt me down and kill me." I sighed and said,

"You've got to stop thinking you know best, lying to me, putting Jonno in danger almost too much."

"I'm sorry." He apologized I kissed him telling him it was okay then said,

"Just don't lie to me again promise?"

"Promise." He agreed, I then sighed

"Maybe this is too much, maybe for the sake of the peace treaty you should just go ahead and marry Adze." I said that but I didn't mean it of course I didn't I could never do that I turned around to him after not facing him and said,

"I didn't actually mean it."

"Good" he said and smiled and held out his hand so I could take it, I put my head on his shoulder; closing my eyes as we walked savouring the warmth that he made me feel , after all it could have been the last time that we ever did this.

Next Jonno called us saying it was an emergency, when we saw him Vlad asked,

"Jonno what is it?"

"I was ambushed by a vamp. Unless your feral have developed a taste for cornflakes, we've got nothing to feed them." Jonno replied

"You need to go to the classroom, tell Bertrand to keep them calm." Vlad said and as Jonno left he said to me, "Come on."

"What are we going to do?" I asked worried, 'great (!) now he's looking at me like what am I hiding I shouldn't have said that with so much worry in my voice' I thought before he said,

"Erin is there something you're not telling me?" I sighed and said,

"I'll tell you later alright?" he nodded and we went off to find Renfield to see if he had made the soya blood.

"Stay here" Vlad said I sighed annoyed and started protest but he just said, "No buts just do it alright?" I nodded and he went into the kitchen to see if Renfield had got enough soya blood unfortunately that wasn't the case.

"He didn't do enough, how he could not do enough I have no idea" Vlad said annoyed

"Just calm down Vlad it'll be fine, just" I sighed, "Good luck" I gave him one last kiss before entering the throne room where Vlad came in not long after.

When they were drinking it, I didn't know if I could handle it but when it got to Vlad I knew that enough was enough and when he was inches from drinking the soya blood I couldn't take it so I took a step forwards and said,

"Stop!" everyone was looking at me by this time and I took a deep breath and said, "I object," after all the commotion happened and Adze said,

"This… is war" and pushed past me I longed to catch up with Vlad to tell him what really happened with Ryan,I did try to catch up with him but he was so busy that I couldn't talk to him little did I know that something worse was coming for me.

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