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WARNING: this fic contains depictions of sexual actions viewer discretion is advised.

A Clan Reborn: Chapter 1

After leaving the hokages office Naruto made it over to his house, but before he could make it inside he noticed that the door was unlocked. Slowly pulling out a kunai Naruto opened the door and snuck inside intent of catching who ever had decided to break into his apartment. Looking around the place he noticed that it wasn't trashed and there were no lights on except for the bit creeping from under the bed room door. Getting ready for a fight Naruto tip toed over to the door and swung it open, but Sakura laying on his bed in very sexy lingerie and stockings was the last thing he was expecting to see.

"Sa..Sakura?" said Naruto "what are you going here"

Sakura got up onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to the edge of the bed before getting up and walking over to the stunned Naruto and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I'm waiting on you Mr. Namikaze" said Sakura "I have a present for you."

"Wait how did you know about that I haven't told anyone yet" asked Naruto trying to fight off the blush and growing erection from having his scantily clad teammate pressed up against him.

Moving closer still Sakura started to trail light kisses up his neck and chin until she reached his ear.

"Lady Tsunade told me and Hinata about how you were going to reveal your real name and how the council expects you to restore the Uzumaki, Namikaze, and Senju clans"

"But why did she tell you to before I could tell all of our friends?" said Naruto

Sakura suddenly stopped with the teasing kisses instead she moved back and took Naruto's face in her hands and looked him right in the eyes. "To give the two of us who love you the most time to stake our claim before all of the screaming fan girls start chasing you." she said right before pulling his face in for a long kiss.

After a moment of hesitation Naruto wrapped his arms around Sakura and kissed back, after a minute the two had to break apart for air.

"You mean it you actually love me?" asked Naruto looking into her eyes hoping to see that what she was saying was real.

"Yes I do, I just kept feeling closer to you more and more then when you left I realized how lonely I was without you. But when you got back and said I hadn't changed it disappointed me and I didn't act on my feelings." said Sakura

Pulling her into a hug Naruto bent his head down to capture Sakura's lips in another kiss.

"The reason I said you hadn't changed was because I had always thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world, and even after traveling with the pervy sage you still are." said Naruto rubbing his hands up and down Sakura's back.

Blushing from the comment Sakura placed her hands on the front of Naruto's shirt taking in the feel of his abs for a moment before looking up and giving a sexy smirk to Naruto "Well then Mr. Namikaze would you like your present now?" she asked

"Yes please." said Naruto

"Then why don't you go and lay over there on the bed and let me take care of everything." she said

Wasting no time Naruto moved over to the bed and got on propping his back up against some pillows. During this time Sakura had made her way to the foot of the bed and was standing facing away from Naruto with her arms crossed on her stomach. Slowly Sakura started to move her hands up lightly touching her sides and arms before her hands made it to the bra straps on her shoulders, then just as painfully slow she started to remove the straps one after the other until they fell to her sides.

After what seemed like forever Sakura let the bra drop to the floor before turning around and walking towards the bed making sure to sway her hips with every step. Naruto had been enchanted watching Sakura slowly remove her bra before but as he watched his crush slowly make her way onto the bed and crawl on all fours up to where he was sitting he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Not from the way her cute pink hair framed her lovely face, or the way her perky C-cup breast swayed back and forth as she moved, or the predatory smirk she had on her face as she crawled on top of Naruto and pressed her body on top of his.

'That smirk it seems like Sakura really likes to take charge and set the pace, it fits for the top medical Kunoichi in the village' thought naruto as he continued to watch his crush make her way up the bed.

Sakura slowly started giving light licks and kisses to Naruto's face and lips, dragging her tongue from his chin up to his right ear and placing little butter fly kisses around his mouth. After a couple of seconds she licked his lips causing him to open them and deepen their kiss. As they slowly made out Sakura moved her hands from where they had been beside them to Naruto's jacket and shirt, slipping her hands under the fabric Sakura ran her hands up and down his stomach turned on by the feel of his lean muscles.

Naruto's hands also weren't idle, once Sakura had started kissing him Naruto had wrapped his hands around her lithe frame and was gently stroking her back reveling in the feel of her soft skin under his hands and wanting to commit every curve to memory. Slowly after stretching his arms as far as they could go he pulled them back rubbing them over Sakura's sides until he came to the curve of her brests. Gently cupping them in his hands and rubbing them, letting out a small moan Sakura arched her back pushing her breasts into his palms.

Naruto cupped the bottom of her breasts then moved up until running his thumbs around her nipples, flicking and pulling on them, getting a noise out of Sakura every time. Pushing herself off of Naruto Sakura backed herself down until she had her face resting right above his pants and her hands on his waist. Unclipping his pants Sakura quickly pulled then down in one sudden movement along with his boxers, leaving her staring at Naruto's manhood.

"Now I see why Shizune always wanted to do your physicals." said Sakura lightly rubbing her fingers up and down the shaft. This was causing Naruto and his member to twitch every time she ran her over him, smiling Sakura bent her head closer and gave a long slow lick from the bottom of the shaft to the top causing Naruto to grunt a bit. After a couple more slow licks Sakura ran her tongue around the head before taking it in her mouth and bobbing up and down.

About that time Naruto's mind practically melted here he was laying in his bead, with his crush half naked giving him a blow job, sitting up a little Naruto started to run his hand through her soft hair and the side of her face. Slowly she started to work more of Naruto's cock into her mouth, taking in a half an inch at a time before backing off, then bobbing forward, taking in the full nine inches. This continued until finally she had all of it crammed into her mouth. Naruto, meanwhile, was using all his will power to not blow his load at the sight of Sakura's lips stretched so far around his dick. Just the mere sight her tits jiggling with each bob of her head was stimulating enough to make him blow with time, but the feeling of her hot wet mouth was something else entirely, and he knew he wouldn't last long.

Seeing that her lover was on the edge Sakura took one of the hands she was holding herself up with and used it to cup Naruto's balls and started to play with them while taking his dick out of her mouth and licking the shaft again before bobbing her head down the full nine inches again. Seeing that he was about to explode Sakura looked up and said in the most erotic voce she could manage.

"Naruto where would you rather cum in my face and mouth, or on my boobs?" she asked.

"I would really like to cum on your beautiful face Sakura-chan." said the blond

Moving her hand back down Sakura started jacking him off again while pointing the thing right at her open mouth, briefly before it blew she wondered in Naruto's cum would taste like ramen.

"Sakura" yelled Naruto as he came all over his teammates face shooting ropes of his semen into her mouth and onto her face, Sakura was surprised by the wonder taste and started to use her fingers to collect and swallow all that was on his face.

"Mm that was delicious I could quickly get addicted to your cum Naruto" she said moving back up to wrap her arms and legs around Naruto, and before she could react Naruto filliped them over and was now the one on top and running kisses down her neck and collar bone. Acting on instinct Sakura arched her head back giving Naruto better access to lick and kiss her neck, after a minute Naruto started kissing his way southward until her came to his destination.

The twin perky peaks of Sakura's C- cup breasts were staring up at him just begging to be fondled and sucked on. Naruto took one peak in his mouth running his tongue around the areola and nipping and sucking at the tit, all the while he took the other one and massaged it alternating between which breast he gave attention to. Moaning Sakura ran her fingers through Naruto's hair trying to push his mouth harder down on her breasts, Naruto stopped and kissed his way back up her body to her mouth and engaged her in a long make out session.

Shifting his body to where he was laying beside her he took the hand that was playing with her breast and slowly moved it down her body taking time to feel the strong muscles and soft skin of her stomach before moving farther south, placeing his hands over the front of her panties he could feel just how wet she had gotten from his playing.

"Sakura-chan you're so wet all ready and I'm nowhere near done playing with you wet."

"Uhn" Sakura let out as Naruto moved his hand up and down her soaked panties "I'm the one who is supposed to be giving you pleasure." she said

"But Sakura giving you pleasure gives me pleasure, especially when you make all of those sexy noises." Said Naruto taking her mouth in a kiss and returning his attention to her nether region, moving down to set between her legs Naruto set his hands on the sides of Sakura's legs and slowly began to rub them, moving his hands up and down her stocking covered legs and when he got to the top moving his hand to just outside of her waiting lips but never any closer.

"Na ru to stop teasing me" pleaded Sakura and never being one to refuse a request from a beautiful girl, especially one with the power to punt him from his house to suna Naruto moved his hands up to her hips and slowly pulled off her panties. Now lying in front of him was his totally naked teammate, and just sitting there he took a second to take it all in from her messy pink hair, to her perky breasts and flat stomach, to her cute little shaved pussy.

"Naruto Stop staring" said a blushing Sakura

"I can't help it your just so beautiful" he said causing her to blush even more. Moving his head closer to her womanly folds Naruto took a big whiff breathing in his lovers anticipation and smell, now it was Naruto's turn to return Sakura's favor from earlier running his tongue out to take a taste of her dripping pussy and earning a moan from Sakura. Using all the tips and tricks he learned from having to help edit Jiraiya's books Naruto attacked Sakura's pussy and clit with his tongue and fingers bringing her to the cusp of an orgasm.

"Naruto I want you" she said breathlessly

Looking up with a smirk "And what exactly do you want me to do Sakura-chan" he said with a smirk on his face, knowing what game Naruto wanted to play Sakura was happy to go along with it.

"I want you to fuck me hard, I want you to take you dick and ram it into my pussy again and again until I cum." screamed Sakura

"I like that dirty mouth of yours Sakura it really turns me on." said the blond positing himself at her entrance. Following her instructions Naruto slammed his dick in not afraid of hurting her knowing that all Kunoichi were required to have they hymen removed after puberty.

"Ohh yes that's it screw me, use my pussy as much as you want to." screamed Sakura causing Naruto to pick up the pace even more. After a couple more thrusts Naruto stood up on his knees and wrapped Sakura's legs on around his waist to get a better angle to go deeper into her vagina and causing his balls to slap against her but. Using one hand to hold her leg in place he used the other to play with her clit sending volts of pleasure shooting through Sakura.

"Naruto I'm about to cum." panted Sakura

"Me to" said Naruto leaning forward to take Sakura's lips in a kiss as the two lovers came together.

Collapsing on top of one another the two tried to catch their breath and slow down their heart beat before starting up again. Noticing her blond hero's still erect member Sakura got up on her hands and knees facing the bottom of the bed and stuck her ass in the air and used her hands to spread her butt cheeks.

"Naruto-kun there is still one place you haven't used yet." she said

Naruto looked at her cute little but and her puckered anus before moving up behind her and placing his hands on her hips.

"Sakura are you sure" he asked

"Yes I want you to stuff your big thick cock inside my ass, I want you to fuck me and claim me as yours." she said

"Whatever you want my horny little vixen." said Naruto before slowly pushing the head of his dick against the outside of her anus, and after a pop getting the head inside. Slowly working himself in not to hurt her he started to pick up speed until all you could hear was a wet slapping and constant moaning.

"Ughh that's it Naruto pound my slutty ass, I love your dick I can't wait to have it stuffed up my cunt every day." moaned out Sakura whose voice was muffled by the covers her face has getting pounded in to, though Naruto must have heard because he quickly picked up speed and orgasamed Cumming in her ass. Feeling the hot liquid shoot inside her intestines Sakura let out a yell and came to causing her womanly juices to run down her legs.

Flipping her back over Naruto looked down with a predatory grin like the one Sakura had on at the beginning of their love making that had Sakura absolutely sure who was in charge now.

"Ya know I didn't get to taste your juices last time Sakura" Said the blond before he started to lick the juiced off the inside of her legs and work his way back up to her lips. Dipping his tongue once more inside her pretty pink lips Naruto lapped at all of the juices, moving his tongue all over her inside walls intent of lapping up every last drop of her nectar.

When he was satisfied he moved backwards to lay on his back with his head propped against a pillow and motioned Sakura forward. Crawling above him Sakura leaned down and kissed him shooting her tongue out and tasting the inside of his mouth again before pulling back up.

Moving his hand through her hair Naruto looked up into her beautiful emerald eyes "I want to be on the bottom this time, I want watch your boobs bounce up and down as you ride my cock" he said

Smiling Sakura sat back and positioned her pussy right above his rod before come down hard and fast on it and taking it up to the hilt causing them both to let out a gasp from the pleasure. Moving up and down Sakura was enjoying being in control again; apparently it seemed they were going to have a very competitive love life. Naruto was happy lying on the bottom where he was able to either watch her boobs bounce up and down or watch her pussy be speared by her dick every time she came back down.

Soon when the pleasure got high Naruto reached out with his hands and started playing with her clit, causing Sakura to throw her head back and moan and start fondling her breasts. Sitting up but still keeping them in the cowgirl position Naruto took one of the nipples she was playing with in his mouth and started sucking on in and nipping on it with his teeth. Working his way up Naruto started licking at her breasts then at her shoulder blades and neck, soon after he felt Sakura's Virginia grip his dick like a vise and knew she was about to cum.

"Cum for me Sakura-chan." he said right before kissing her one last time and using one free hand to pinch her clit sending her over the edge of pleasure for the third time that night. Sakura tightened up causing them both to cum, she could feel her womb being filled up with his seed and found herself hoping that she would be pregnant soon.

Laying back down with Sakura on top of him Naruto struggled to get the covers out from under them and cover them up. Momentarily getting up so Naruto could get the covers Sakura was quick to get back into her lovers embrace and snuggle up to him.

Looking down at his beautiful teammate Naruto moved the hair from off her forehead and gave it a kiss causing Sakura to giggle and kiss him back.

"I love you Mr. Namikaze" she said before snuggling in even tighter to his body.

"I love you to Ms. Namikaze" said Naruto before drifting off with the love of his life in his arms.

And that's it I hope you liked the first chapter had to do a lot of research.

The girls will probably be

Sakura/Ino Namikaze, I'm giving them that clan just cause I like how it sounds

Hinata/Shion Uzumaki, Hinata gets that one since she always dreamed of being Ms. Uzumaki

Tenten/Ayame Senju, Tenten gets that since she always wanted to be like lady tsunade

Also I might through in femkyubi just because I have a thing for fox/cat girls.