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A Clan Reborn: Chapter 1

Light started to stream past the light blue curtains hanging up on the windows causing one of the occupants in the bed to stir from his wakeful sleep. Naruto had had the best dream ever that night he dreamed that he had come home and his teammate had been waiting for him on his bed dressed in nothing but a skimpy pair of lingerie and they had made love. Half-awake Naruto figured he must still be dreaming because he could feel something warm and soft hugged up to the side of him, and could swear he smelled the apricot shampoo that Sakura used.

Opening his eyes he noticed a pink mop of hair laying on the pillow next to him, and the owner of said hair was also starting to wake up. Leaning up Sakura captured the lips of the still drowsy Naruto with her own in a sweet good morning kiss.

"So it wasn't a dream" said Naruto.

"No it wasn't" said a smiling Sakura before wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and kissing him again, pulling back Naruto just took a minute to look at the sight of his beautiful team mate with her sleep disheveled hair caught in the morning light laying naked in his bed.

Cupping her cheeks in his hand Naruto leaned down and gave her a kiss on the nose before rolling over and placing his knees on the bed on either side of her body. Sakura could feel the tip of Naruto's dick rubbing against her stomach, right where the spark of desire was starting to burst into an all-out forest fire. Sakura moved her hands under the covers and grabbed Naruto's shaft with one silky hand and gave it a jerk, causing Naruto to lean farther into it and let out a little breath.

"mhmm are you all ways this ready to go in the mornings?" she asked, still slowly stroking off Naruto's erection, figuring turnabout was fair play Naruto reached down and took one of her breasts in his hands.

"Only when I have a beautiful girl laying in bed next to Me." said Naruto rubbing the pads of his fingers over and around her nipples. Sakura reached up and took his mouth in a searing French kiss and when it was over drug her tongue from his lips all the way up to his left ear and whispered in it.

"Naruto remember what I told you last night about not being able to wait to have your cock in my pussy every day, well I'm waiting." she whispered in a erotically wanton voice.

"Your wish is my command my sexy vixen." said Naruto moving himself down where he could position himself at her lower entrance. Unlike last night where it dissolved into pure heat and sex, Naruto wanted this time to be about passion and love. Naruto started teasing Sakura's pussy by rubbing the head of his cock around her lips sometimes even pushing the head in a bit before taking it back out. This was about to cause Sakura to lose her mind, the fire in her stomach had moved to her lower extremities causing her body to ache with the want to be filled up by Naruto.

"Please no more teasing." begged Sakura wrapping her legs around Naruto and trying to pull him closer. Being ready to go himself Naruto slowly pushed all the way in until his whole dick was engulfed in a warm velvety vice. Slowly working back and forth Naruto picked up speed as he pulled most of the way out and slammed in the Sakura, he was pleased to see that the faster he went the more her tits jiggled and bounced back and forth. From the moans Sakura was making Naruto knew that she would soon be close to cuming so he increased the speed of his thrusts, each one building up the pleasure until me felt Sakura's vagina grab onto his dick and start to spasm. Soon both of the lovers were close to cuming and shouting out each other names the two collapsed into a heap on the bed, and Naruto pulled Sakura over close to him and put his arm around her.

"I don't remember if I said this last night or not but I love you." said Naruto still holding on to his lover.

"I love you to" said Sakura "so what are you doing today?" she asked

"Well I have to go talk to granny about my inheritance and the CRA, then we are going to go over some more of my hokage training, then I guess ill finish up running over to Hinata's. What about you?"

"I'm going to go work at the hospital for a bit today, then go hang out with Ino."

"mhh when do you have to leave?" asked Naruto burying his face in her hair

"Not for another 30 or 45 minutes." said Sakura

"Good then we have time for a shower before we leave, and I can walk you to the hospital before I go see granny Tsunade if you want" said Naruto

"I would really enjoy that" said Sakura to both of the questions.

After a couple more minutes of snuggling Sakura got up out of bed and started her way over to the bathroom where the shower was, leaving Naruto sitting in bed watching her nice rear and strong toned legs as she walked into the rest room and turned to open the shower door. Before getting up to go join her Naruto made a clone and gave him instructions on making their breakfast, then walked into the bathroom closing the door to make sure none of the steam escaped. He stood outside of the shower door just watching Sakura wash herself for a minute, how the droplets of water rolled over her breasts and down her stomach and legs, watching as she slowly drug the washcloth over her neck and down her chest.

Sakura had been aware of Naruto watching her ever since he had come in and decided to give him a little show, dropping the cloth she ran one had down her stomach to stroke her vagina while using the other to play with and tease her breast, then taking the hand that had been squeezing her breast she placed it on the wall under the shower head and bent over. Giving Naruto a good look at Sakura's ass and pussy as she continued to finger herself, but what was also turning Naruto on was all of the water streaming off of her toned backs and legs, and chest, he wanted to take his tongue and trace where every drop was going. Being watched while she was fingering herself was turning Sakura on more than she thought it would, this feeling was causing her to speed up each of her thrusts, looking back she could see Naruto standing there absentmindedly stroking himself watching her.

"Are you enjoying watching me play with myself Naruto?" she purred "why don't you come and join me it's much warmer under the water."

Broken out of his trance by her words Naruto opened the glass door separating the shower from the rest of the room and stepped in, expecting to be speared by Naruto's big cock Sakura placed both hands on the wall to brace herself. Instead of feeling Naruto's rod stuffed into her waiting womanhood Sakura was surprised to feel wet hands slowly glide over her rear and back, she was even more surprised when she felt him reach under her arm to her shoulder and pull her up so she was now standing with her back to Naruto's sculpted chest.

Naruto had decided he was going to do just what he had been imagining, moving his head closer to Sakura's neck he gave it a quick lick where a drop of water was sending shivers down Sakura's spine.

"Naruto what are you doing?" asked Sakura as she felt his hands gliding across her stomach and hips and his tongue was licking her neck. One of his hands was palming her left boob caressing and massaging the breast, while the other had was tracing lazy circles on her stomach with its fingers and occasionally dropping down to tease her wet folds before retreating up to her stomach again, she also felt his dick slowly rubbing against her butt cheeks in time with the motions of his hands.

"You're all wet I'm just trying to dry you off." said Naruto noting another drop of water on the back of her shoulder, Naruto followed another drop with his lips as it worked its way down Sakura's spine to her tail bone stopping right above her butt and bringing out little whimpers whenever his lips would touch her skin.

Then taking her hips in his hands he motioned for Sakura to turn around, this time when she was facing him he used his tongue and lips to kiss the inside of Sakura's legs and up to her vagina where he used his fingers to spread her lips so his tongue could get deep into her moist folds and make sure he retrieved every drop of water hiding in there, slowly he retraced his tongue and kissed the outside of her folds working his way up and taking her swollen clit in his mouth and sucking on it earning a loud moan from Sakura.

After licking and rolling her clit between his teeth he moved his way up her abdomen stopping to pay special attention to her navel. Naruto followed the water upwards until he got to the valley of her breasts then he started to lick at the side of one, working his tongue around it slowly drawing in to the nipple until he got up all of the water droplets, then he moved over to her left one and repeated the same process.

After a minute of kissing and sucking on Sakura's boobs Naruto worked his way up to her neck and chin, Sakura pushed her neck out to give him better access to the drops of water and moaned as he licked and nipped at the pule point. Happy with his drying off Naruto gave Sakura's pink lips a lick asking her to open them, going in for a long kiss and making sure not to leave any area of her mouth unexplored with his tongue.

"Turn around and put your hands on the wall like you were before." asked Naruto

"Like this?" said Sakura bending over and giving her ass a nice shake.

"Perfect" said Naruto looking at his teammate now lover bent over in his shower with her dripping pussy pushed up in the air just waiting for him. "Where would you like it this time Sakura-Chan, in your cute little pussy or your nice ass?" he said giving one of Sakura but cheeks a small slap causing her to let out a moan.

'Wow who knew Sakura-Chan was so kinky' thought the blond

"I want you to use your dick and fill up my pussy again." said Sakura pushing her butt even farther out, smiling Naruto took both of her hips in his hands and slowly pushed into her. Building up speed Naruto was quickly slamming into her causing his balls to make a wet slapping noise every time he went in, something that Naruto had found out and was enjoying was that Sakura was not a quiet lover with every thrust he made bringing out a new moan or scream from the pinket's mouth. Quicking his pace Naruto bent over and put one hand on the wall using the other to play with Sakura's boobs as they swung back and forth.

"Please come in me Naruto, empty your balls into my womb I can't wait to carry you children." screamed Sakura, hearing his long time crush say she wanted to carry his children caused the young shinobi to practically cum right then. Instead he just picked up the pace and started slamming into Sakura's pussy as hard as he could; pushing Sakura so hard she now had her cheek pressed up against the wall.

"Our children Sakura-Chan" grunted Naruto before bottoming out and sending his cum into Sakura's womb. Sakura could feel the hot liquid rush in and feel it up but it didn't seem to be stopping, so much was going in that it was stretching her womb, when Naruto finally stopped and pulled his dick out it was like removing a cork and all of the excess liquid started rushing out of her, this feeling along with the feeling in her womb caused her to cum also sending a mixture of her and Naruto's cum running down her leg.

Feeling her knees go week Sakura dropped down onto the cold tiles closing her eyes and just enjoying the feel of the water spraying on her. After a few seconds she felt a warm cloth pressed against the inside of her thigh and start rubbing, opening her eyes she saw Naruto bent over with the washcloth cleaning up the cum that was coating her legs, she looked up at a smiling Naruto and couldn't help smiling back.

"You know Naruto you haven't been cleaned yet, and I still haven't had my new favorite drink yet." said Sakura getting up on her knees now that they were no longer feeling like jello.

"And what drink would that be Sakura-Chan?" asked Naruto running his fingers through her hair.

"This" said Sakura moving closer and slowly licking his still erect dick from bottom to top causing him to let out a low moan. Moving her head to the side she took one side of his dick in-between her lips moved them up and down his shaft like she was playing an instrument, getting to the top she swirled her tongue around the head of his shaft before descending on the other side and doing the same thing. The pleasure caused Naruto to take a couple of steps back until he was the one pressed against the shower wall. Smiling Sakura crawled her was over to where the blond was standing and took his dick in her hands, except this time instead of the shaft the took one of his ball sacks into her mouth and sucked on it while stroking him off, then she moved on to the other one repeated the process.

Sakura once again ran her tongue up Naruto's shaft before giving the top a kiss, but this time instead of taking it in her mouth she looked up at the blond with love and lust in her eyes. "It's ok Naruto you don't have to hold back, this time you can use your hands and face fuck me if you want." she said before looking back down and taking his dick in her mouth.

Before she could bring her head back up she felt the hands that had been combing through her hair tighten up and slam her face down on his dick causing it to hit the back of her throat and make her gag. Suddenly she felt her head being pulled back almost all of the way off of the shaft before being slammed back down with each thrust picking up speed, soon Naruto started thrusting his hips up each time he pulled Sakura's head down causing his dick to go down her throat. He loved watching Sakura's pretty pink lips stretch around his shaft, and was enjoying the feeling of her mouth and throat around his cock. Starting to feel faint headed from the lack of oxygen Sakura was momentarily surprised when Naruto took her head all of the way off his dick, only for him to slam her mouth back down on it and release his jizz down her throat and into her mouth.

Letting go of her hair Naruto slumped down onto the ground, but Sakura kept holding on to his dick with his hand sucking for all her might trying to get every bit out the cum she could out, the stuff was actually addicting she was finding that the more times she tasted it the more times she wanted Naruto's cum. One she got done cleaning up all the cum off of Naruto's shaft she crawled up and set in his lap and putting a hand on one cheek pulled his face closer to give him a small kiss on the opposite cheek.

"I love you Mr. Namikaze." said Sakura

"And I love you Mrs. Namikaze." said Naruto taking Sakura in his arms enjoying the feel of her wet body pressed up against his, and the warm steam in the air. Eventually he felt the memories of the clone return to his head telling him that breakfast was ready and that they had maybe 15 minutes to get dressed and eat before Sakura's shift started, of course when you are the Orange Flash of Konoha getting from his house to the hospital only took seconds.

"Sakura-Chan," said Naruto placing a kiss on the top of her head "my shadow clone says breakfast is ready and we need to get dried off."

"But I'm so comfy I don't want to get up" said Sakura snuggling in closer to the blond

"well then I guess I'll just have to make you get up" said Naruto moving his hands down to her ribs and started tickling them causing Sakura to let go, pushing forward Naruto moved to where Sakura had her back against the ground and he was still tickling her ribs with his fingers. "Ready to go now?" he asked standing up and putting out his hand to help Sakura off the ground.

"yeah I guess." chuckled Sakura before standing up and taking Naruto into a searing kiss before walking out of the shower and getting a towel to dry off, making sure to turn the water off he followed Sakura out of the shower only to be hit in the face with a towel of his own thrown by a laughing Sakura. The two dried each other off then went to put their clothes on and enjoy their breakfast which thinks to Sakura getting on to Naruto for the last couple of months did not consist of ramen, well not only ramen but she had all the time in the world to work on that.

'Ahh the wonders of the Flying Thunder God Technique' thought Naruto after dropping off Sakura in her office at the hospital and teleporting to the top of the hokage tower 'Though I can go just as fast in my fox mode my father's FTG has some advantages, like the web of kunai spread around the elemental nations allowing me to port anywhere I need to go.'

Hopping down off the roof Naruto came in through and open window behind the hokages desk, seeing that Tsunade wasn't there Naruto decided he was going to sit in the hokage chair, hey he was going to be hokage in a couple of months anyway why not see if he needed to order a new chair.

But as soon as his Butt started to graze the soft warm expensive leather of the chair the door to the hokages office was slammed open and a playfully mad Tsunade storming in to the room.

"Get out of my seat brat. What do you think you're doing I'm not gone yet and until I am your butt stays on the other side of this desk."

"Fine granny, did you have a talk with the council today?" said Naruto getting up and stretching his arms out and bowing at the waist making a big deal of presenting Tsunade's seat.

" Yeah and I have bad new and good news" said a smiling Tsunade, she seemed to be in a really good mood that day, she had only once called him brat and had yet to throw anything at him. "After all the great things you have done not just for Kohana but for all the elemental countries, and the fact that you are the last heir to three clans the council wants to put you under the Clan Restoration Act."

"Wait three I thought it was just the Uzumaki and Namikaze?" said Naruto taking a seat on the couch.

"They are also including the Senju can since the two clans are closely related" said Tsunade

"Yeah I really should be calling you auntie instead of granny shouldn't I." said Naruto

Sighing Tsunade continued on "They wanted to basically turn you into a baby maker, half so the village would be stronger and half in their misguided belief that this would make up for all the crap they put you through."

"How many did they want me to have, I don't want to treat women like breeding stock and I defiantly don't want to marry someone I don't love." Said Naruto

"I know you don't and I wouldn't want you to which is why I made and agreement with the council. I agreed to their proposal that you must have at least three wives for each clan, but I said that they would be your choice and that you had to go on at least one date with each of them."

"Ok I guess that sounds fair, is that why you let Sakura and Hinata know early about the CRA thingy."

"Sort of I knew the two loved you and it would help to have people who will look out for your and help you make the right choices." Said Tsunade

"Ok I guess that makes since, Sakura was always the smartest of the three of us. Though I'm wondering why are you so happy this morning you usually whole weeks supply of sake after a council meeting?" Said Naruto

"Because this means that I'm going to have a lot of grandbabies to spoil and play with and get them hyper feeding them sugar and soft drinks and sending them home to you." Laughed Tsunade

"Haha that sounds more like something ero-sennin would do." said Naruto, though after the words left his lips you could feel the mood in the room drop. "I wish he was still alive so he could see all of this, and see my future children"

"I do to" said Tsunade then trying to bring up the mood she said "Though just imagine him learning about you being in the CRA and all of those pervy books he would write. And don't forget tomorrow we are throwing the party for you at the Namikaze clan compound to tell your friends about your heritage, then the day after tomorrow I'm going to make the announcement to the entire village, and you will be expected to make a short speech."

Now that the mood was somewhat above depressing the duo decided to get on with Naruto's hokage training for the day which mostly consisted of him and his clones helping Tsunade with paperwork; Though about halfway through the day a messenger came in telling Naruto that Hinata was expecting him for a private dinner that night at the Hyuga compound.

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Sakura/Ino/shiori (femkyuubi) Namikaze

Hinata/Naruko/Ryƫzetsu Uzumaki

Tenten/Ayame/karui Senju