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A Clan Reborn: Chapter 3

Naruto was let into the Hyuga estate by one of the branch clan members and led into a small private house off to the side. Opening the door Naruto stepped inside making sure to take off his sandals when he entered, the house was a nice little one story building with a living room and bedroom off to one side and a dining room off to the other. Naruto heard a noise coming from the room straight down the hall, figuring that was where Hinata was at Naruto made his way through the house, it was a nice place and he figured that this is where some of the Hyuga clan's more long term guests got to stay.

Hinata had just finished putting her food into the oven to cook and was running water into the sink to wash up what few dishes she had left before Naruto got there. Though she had a literal army of people who could have made them dinner she knew that Naruto liked a nice home cooked meal and she was happy to fix one for him. Not hearing Naruto come in or walking through the house she was surprised and jumped a little when she felt two arms slide around her waist and the person lay their chin on her shoulder, she was just about ready to turn around and permanently paralyze whoever it was when the owner on the arms spoke up.

"That food smells really good Hinata-Chan" said Naruto still keeping his arms wrapped around her and pressing up against her back. Now that Hinata new who it was she let a bit of the tension out of her body, though her normally white face had taken on a red sheen from her blushing at having Naruto so close to her in such a domestic setting.

"Th-Thank you Naruto-kun, but you're early I wasn't expecting you for another hour so the food won't be ready for a while, I'm not even dressed up yet." Said Hinata referring to the loose fitting kimono she was wearing, or the lack of makeup she had on.

"You look as beautiful as ever Hinata-Chan" said Naruto giving her a kiss on the cheek, loosening his arms from around Hinata's waist Naruto brought his hands around to the front of her stomach and started stroking it through the material of her kimono. "I guess I will just have to find something to do until the food is ready." He said moving his hands a little bit higher rubbing her ribs and below her perky DD breasts.

"I wa..was just getting ready to wash some dishes." said Hinata the stiffness starting to loosen in her body.

"So wash dishes then." said Naruto slipping one had inside the kimono where he could use it to massage her stomach and sides, though she was far from fat Hinata was a little more curvy than Sakura was. Naruto grazed his rough hand over her soft skin making her sigh or release a cute little 'eep' whenever Naruto's hand would creep up and lightly ghost over the bottom of her breasts. Nuzzling in the side on her neck with his nose Naruto took a deep whiff of her long black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back like a waterfall. Placing little kisses on the back of her neck and head Naruto placed his lips right next to one of Hinata's ears to whisper to her.

"But I can think of much better things to do than wash dishes." said Naruto his voice taking on a husky tone. "Do you know how beautiful you look in your kimono right now?" said Naruto moving the hand that had invaded her kimono up to grab and play with one of her bra clad breasts ' I wonder what color her bra and panties are?' thought Naruto before moving the hand back down to stroke her stomach. "I just want to kiss you senseless and bend you over that counter and fuck that beautiful ass of yours." said Naruto giving Hinata's large soft breast a squeeze.

The thought of Naruto wanting to make out let alone have sex with her caused Hinata to come close to passing out 'I am not going to pass out and miss my chance to be with Naruto-kun.' thought Hinata finding her the courage she had been missing for so long. Leaning back against his chest Hinata turned her head to look up at Naruto and stared into his deep blue eyes. Leaning his head down Naruto took her lips in a long sweet kiss before taking her up in his arms and starting to carry her out of the kitchen and towards the bedroom.

"But Naruto-kun what about the food?" said Hinata not that she really cared all that much, yeah she had spent a long time cooking it but right now she was being carried to the bedroom in the arms of her long time crush and all thoughts of food quickly slipping from her mind.

"I can think of something much more tasty I would rather have." said Naruto entering the bedroom of the small house it was furnished like some of the hotels he had seen on his travels with the pervy sage, a dresser, nightstand, bathroom, but in the middle was a large queen sized four poster bed with a silk top.

Gently placing Hinata onto the bed Naruto took off his shirt and pants and left them at the bottom of the bed before joining Hinata in the center of it. Leaning on his side to face her Naruto cupped one cheek in his hand and pulling her face towards his kissed her, unlike the kiss in the kitchen this one was passionate and demanding. While Naruto and Hinata's tongues were engaged in their dance Naruto slid the hand that had been on her cheek down her arm and side until he came to the cord on her waist. Giving it a large tug the cord came loose letting part of the kimono fall down revealing Hinata's creamy white skin clothed in a pair of orange lingerie.

"Orange is you favorite color isn't it Naru-kun?" said Hinata removing the bit of the kimono that was still wrapped around her body. Kissing her lips again Naruto quickly moved both of his hands to the now revealed breasts and works quickly to free them from the bra. Quick as his nickname the 'orange flash' ripped off the bra and slung them to some other side of the room before cupping the large soft breasts in his hands. 'Wow there about as huge as granny Tsunade's' thought Naruto massaging the huge breasts with his hands enjoying how large and soft they were like two big pillows.

"Naruto-kun I hope you're not turned off by my big breasts they make me look like a fat cow." said Hinata looking worried that her body, one that was the envy of many female ninja wouldn't please her blond haired lover.

"Hinata-chan" said Naruto seeing the slight fear in her eyes "You never need to apologize about your body its beautiful, epically your big breasts." proving his point by leaning down and taking the peak of one large breasts in his mouth and sucking on it while massaging the other with his free hand. Sucking hard on one breast Naruto let go of it with a loud pop before taking the other one and giving it the same attention.

Moving further south Naruto started to tease the inside of Hinata's legs with his fingertips before moving one hand up and rubbing her pussy through the fabric of the panties. Giving her breasts one last suckle he moved down in between her legs, he snaked his fingers to the strings that were holding the panties together and disrobed her of her final piece of clothing leaving her totally bare in front of him. Unlike Sakura who was clean shaven Hinata had left a small patch of fir right above her vagina, reaching down he used the pad of his thumb to rub the small patch of hair before sliding it down and running it along the outside edges of her entrance.

With all of this attention Hinata felt like she was going to explode, having his large rough hands gently massage her large breasts and having his lips and tongue assault and play with her straining nipples was making her feel better than she had ever imagined she would when she played with herself, and having Naruto actually there instead of just being a figment of her heated dreams like usual was too much for the poor girl, letting out a low moan Hinata felt the heat burst until she exploded drenching Naruto's hand in her cum.

"Looks like someone is easily excitable." said Naruto bringing his hand to his mouth and licking the cum off of his fingers. "Mmm this is good Hinata-chan I think I want seconds." he said moving down to where he was eye level with her waiting nether lips, taking in a big whiff Naruto started lapping at the juices seeping out and drinking it up like it was a bowl of ramen. Dipping his tongue inside her folds a couple of times he decided to take his fingers on a little exploration, causing Hinata to make cute little 'eeps' when he inserted the first finger, and got louder with the second and third.

Moving his fingers around Naruto was leaving no crevice unexplored and was being amused at all of the different sounding eeps he was getting from Hinata depending on where he was rubbing. Hinata was grinding her hips and pelvis against Naruto's hand as hard as she could until he came across one spot that made stars appear before her eyes and her legs to go limp like jelly. Noticing her reaction Naruto started rubbing faster at that spot causing her to start panting in short fast breaths of air, moving the thumb of his hand up to rub her clitoris caused Hinata to let out an ear spitting scream before she tightened her hips around his hand and coating it in her juices.

Hinata was so addled by the two orgasms she had just had that she hardly heard Naruto when he said "That was a tasty snack but now for the main course." slowly kissing his was back up her body and getting to the valley in between her huge breasts he took both of them in his hands and pressed them hard together until he could take the peaks of both and suck on them at the same time. Taking his tongue he ran figure eights around and between the bubs, taking them in his teeth and stretching them causing Hinata to whimper and moan in pleasure, letting go of them he allowed the perky boobs to bounce back into the original positions and continued his upward trek.

Working his way up Naruto stopped at her neck inhaling the smell of her sweat, her hair and her skin, licking and kissing at some of the pleasure points he had read about. Apart of him even told him to use his teeth to gently bite and rake against her skin, while using his tongue to lick a path up the side of her neck. Hinata was so lost in pleasure that she was receiving that she barely registered Naruto ask permission to enter her, but once he did something seemed to snap in the shy Hyuga and a part of her that she had locked away escaped and took over.

"Ohh yesss that's it Master." said Hinata as Naruto slid into her gently at first before sliding all the way out and pushing in harder.

"What did you call me Hinata-chan?" said Naruto stopping and wondering if he had heard right.

"I called you Master Master" said Hinata giggling wondering why her beloved master would ask such a silly question.

"And what does that make you?" asked Naruto moving a strand of her midnight hair off of her cheek and leaning down to kiss her lips already red and swollen from their earlier make out session.

"Whatever you want me to be." Said the Hyuga returning the kiss and rubbing Naruto's whiskers with her fingers, she had always wanted to do that wondering what it would do, a part of her wondered if he would start to purr.

Instead of purring it caused the blond to let out a little growl and his body to ache, rubbing the whiskers again Hinata was surprised when he let out a louder growl and she felt his hands lift her plump ass up into the air, and for Naruto to start pounding into her like a wild animal. Hinata was now lying holding her legs beside her ears with her butt up in the air with Naruto standing there slamming into it with a feral look on his face.

"That's it Master pound into your personal Hyuga slut." screamed out Hinata feeling Naruto's large dick slamming into her and filling her up more than any of the toys she had played with she let out another scream when Naruto started to speed up again.

"Slut huh, I'm going to turn you into my own personal cum dumpster." said a feral looking Naruto as he slammed as far down into Hinata as he could spreading her vagina around his large dick.

"Please Master," begged Hinata who had taken both of her breasts in her hands and was playing with one while sucking on the other. "I want you to fill me up with you seed, I want to be your personal baby maker."

Letting out another growl Naruto pulled all the way out before slamming all the way down feeling himself grow bigger than before and stretch against the walls of Hinata's vagina, pushing Hinata's body deeper into the mattress with each thrust Hinata felt like her pussy was going to split apart from the pressure and pleasure of having Naruto's dick inside her. Hinata felt herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm with each thrust, Naruto letting out a grunt finally felt the pressure in his dick go away as he released a large amount of his seed into Hinata abused pussy. Without even slowing down from cuming Naruto removed his dick from her vagina and slamed it into her waiting ass causing her butt cheeks to jiggle with the thrust and Hinata to scream out in pain and pleasure.

"Your tight fat ass feels so good." said Naruto looking down at the cute little rolls of skin from where Hinata's stomach was bent together, and the vacant pleased expression on her face as he moved her dick in and out of her asshole.

"Uhh fill my tight Hyuga ass with that big fat cock of yours." screamed Hinata. As fast and hard as Naruto was slamming into her it was a good thing that her cunt had been so wet or else she would have been in pain instead of pleasure. Out again Naruto grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach before pounding back into her earning a surprised yelp then a moan from the Hyuga when he grabbed big handfuls of her butt cheeks and played with them slapping and rubbing them with his hand, after a few minutes Naruto felt himself about to blow his load and pulled out of Hinata's gaping ass and slid back inside her pussy releasing his load deep into her womb making Hinata have her forth orgasm of the night.

Rolling back over Hinata reached up and pulled Naruto down on top of her for a kiss only to have his tongue forcefully invade her mouth and aggressively claiming it as his. After catching her breath from the kiss Hinata looked up into the lust clouded eyes of her lover when she noticed something long and hard pushing against her leg, looking down she could see that Naruto was still rock hard and looked ready to go for another round or two.

"Master you're still ready to go, what can I do to help it looks so big and painfull." said Hinata practically drooling at the thought of having it inside her again.

"Get on your knees I want to fuck those huge utters of yours." commanded Naruto, not needing to be told twice Hinata quickly got off the bed and onto her knees while Naruto sat down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread open. Taking her large breasts in her hands she placed them on either side of Naruto's cock and pressed them together in a breast sandwich. Naruto felt like his dick had been caught in a vice made of pillows as Hinata moved her breasts up and down his shaft, sometimes with both going in the same direction and sometimes with her breasts going in opposite direction.

Bringing her breasts up Hinata watched with rapt attention as the head of his dick was enveloped by her large breasts and watching it peak back our when she moved her breasts down, licking her lips she wondered what her masters cock would taste like, and luckily for her she wouldn't have to wait long to find out. "Umm that feels good slut why don't you use your mouth some." said Naruto.

Not wasting any time Hinata quickly moved her head closer and licked around the top of Naruto's dick the next time it popped up, running her tongue over the slit she tasted some of the precum that was starting to come out, loving the taste she quickly took more of the dick in her mouth bobbing up and down with in time with her breasts. Hinata was surprised when she felt large hands grab her breasts and hold them still while dick that was currently in her mouth started speeding up its thrusts before pulling back and cuming all over her face and breasts and covering her hair.

Swallowing what had made it into her mouth Hinata used her fingers to pick up what she could of the rest of it and eat that to "Master that was wonderful your cum is so yummy."

"I'm glad you think so whore because you are going to be getting a lot more of it in the future." said Naruto before the last of his feral persona faded away, grabbing his head like he had a headache Naruto looked at the cum covered Hinata before getting up and going to the bathroom. Moments later he returned with a wet washcloth and began to try and wipe some of the cum from her hair and body.

"Hinata-chan I'm sorry for some of the things I said to you. When you rubbed my whiskers my more animalistic side came out and took over." said Naruto rubbing the cloth gently against her cheek.

"It's ok Master I know you love me and no matter what you call me I will love you to." said Hinata taking the hand that was on her cheek in hers. Helping her get up Naruto placed her back on the bed but this time under the covers, he left for a minute to make sure nothing was on in the kitchen and to put the washcloth in the laundry room. Coming back to the room Naruto quickly got into the bed beside the Hyuga princess pulling her back close to his chest.

"I'm sorry that the supper you made burnt Hinata-chan." said Naruto running one hand through her long dark hair, Hinata had positioned herself where she was laying on one of Naruto's out stretched arms with her back pressed right up against his chest and his cock rubbing up between her butt cheeks.

"It's ok master I can make you something else if you want." said Hinata moving her hips just a bit causing her butt cheeks to slide up and down Naruto's growing errection.

"How about instead of that I take you out somewhere nice to eat instead?" said Naruto before removing his free hand from Hinata's hair and using it to lift one of her legs while he slid his rod out from in between her asscheeks and into her vagina. "How does that sound my lovely little cock sleeve?" said Naruto surprised at where that had come from, though Hinata's reaction was telling him that she actually got off and being talked to like that. Pushing it to the back of his mind for now he slowly started to rock back and forth causing his cock to slowly rub up against the walls of her vagina.

"That sounds great Master" said Hinata loving the feel of Naruto's strong arms wrapped around her while he filled her up with his cock.

"Just call me Naruto in public Hinata-chan, people will think something crazy is going on if you call me Master all the time." said Naruto.

"But master they should know about your family and refer to you as such with pride as many times as you have saved them." said Hinata before moaning as she felt Naruto slide deeper and deeper into her.

"They will in time Hinata-chan but for now I need you to just call me Naruto like you used to." grunted out Naruto before speeding up and releasing his final load into Hinata's waiting cunt.

-Later outside the compound -

After a short nap to rest up Naruto and Hinata got cleaned up and left the estate to go out to eat on the way there they were flagged down by a running Ino.

"Hey Naruto, Hinata wait up." yelled his fellow blond, once catching up to them Ino took too letter out from her pack and held them up.

"What's that?" asked Naruto playing innoncet and pretending that he didn't know that those were invitations to his house warming party tomorrow.

"There invitations to some big party the hokage is throwing tomorrow, all of the rookie twelve are invited along with our sensei's, Iruka, and konohamaru." Replied Ino "Though I don't recognize this address but it seems to be on the older side of the town were all of the old clan houses sit."

"Nope never been there before either." said Naruto and that wasn't a total lie he hadn't went himself though he had sent a small army of clones to clean it up and get it ready for the party.

"There's also something else I wanted to ask you about," said Ino "now I'm not one to gossip."

'Sure you're not and granny doesn't have a drinking problem.' thought Naruto

"But Sakura was telling be about this wonderful guy she slept with the other night, she said that he was from a really important clan and was around our age, and I figured that since you were her closest friend besides me she might of introduced you to the guy." continued Ino picturing some tall dark and mysterious ninja in her mind's eye.

"Nope she hasn't introduced me to anyone, but maybe she will bring him along to the party tomorrow night." said Naruto

"Ok then I better go and find the rest of my team and tell them…about the party that is not the sex." stammered Ino.

'That's weird I've never heard Ino stammer before.' thought Naruto

"And you look very nice tonight Naruto I can't wait to see you tomorrow." said a blushing Ino before she turn around and ran towards the Nara compound.

'I haven't seen her blush before either, at least not when she's talking to me.'

"I think Ino likes you master." said Hinata taking ahold of his arm and pulling him to her side.

"You might be right." said Naruto as he watched Ino disappear around a corner, turning back to the way they were going the duo stuck up a light conversation about Hinata's last mission and continued on with their walk to the restaurant.

- Next day outside Uzumaki compound -

After dinner that night Naruto had escorted Hinata back to her house telling her that he would send a clone in the morning to get her and Sakura and bring them to the Uzumaki clan compound. Naruto was actually the last to arrive at the gates to the estate after having to go back to his apartment and change clothes due to the memories he had gotten from his clones.

Walking towards the girls Naruto kept having flashes of silky nightgowns rubbing up against his skin while his hands were filled with the large soft form of Hinata's boobs , and of a mop of pink hair sliding up and down on his shaft.

"Good morning Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan" said Naruto wrapping his arms around each girls waist and giving them both a long deep kiss.

"Morning Naru-kun" they both said "So have you been inside yet?" asked Sakura

"Not really, I sent some of my clones to fix it up and restock everything but I wanted you girls to be with me the first time I went in." said Naruto moving forward and placing his hand on the gate. Recognizing the familial match, ancient fuinjutsu runes started to appear on the gate spiraling out from Naruto's hand and covering the ancient iron bars.

With a loud clang the bars separated and started to swing inwards on their own. After stepping though the gate they could see a large house on top of a hill, surrounded by trees and smaller houses stretching on for a ways. The large house was the one that originally belonged to the clan head and his immediate family and was the one that Naruto had been sending his clones to clean up.

The House had a lot of rooms on its four floors, a basement with training and game rooms, a first floor with kitchen and rooms to entertain guests, a full floor of bedrooms, and the attic which was filled with old junk that Naruto hadn't had a chance to go thru yet.

Outside the house was a large training area that had a path leading off the hill down to a play area with swings, sandboxes, and other games for little kids. One of the things that had excited Naruto most was the Hot spring and pool after draining it and cleaning it, Naruto had fresh water pumped into the pool so it would be ready for the party later that night.

"Wow this place is amazing, and did you see those scrolls there was a whole wall dedicated to medical ninjutsu." said Sakura who had instantly fell in love with the house when she saw that all of the rooms had large tubs in their bathrooms, there was nothing like a nice long soak after a hard shift at the hospital.

"Yes it is truly amazing Master, i can't wait to move my stuff in I already saw the perfect patch of ground for a nice herb garden." Said Hinata

"A big garden would be nice between you, me, and Ino it will be great." said Naruto happy that they were happy.

Thinking she had miss heard Hinata call Naruto master she decided to move on. "So Hinata want to come see what's left to do before the party, I don't know if I want to leave it all up to Naruto's clones." she asked

"As you wish Mistress" said Hinata bowing to Sakura. This time she knew she hadn't miss heard, Sakura gave Naruto a strange confused look.

"Naruto why does Hinata keep referring to you as Master, she is even calling me Mistress?" she asked

"Ughh yet another thing the Hyuga council will answer for; besides making the caged bird seal they also made one that would force all female Hyuga to be subservient. I looked through the scrolls last night but couldn't find a way to break it yet." Said Naruto

"Only in private am I allowed to call you by your titles," said Hinata "Master told me that I was to use everyone's regular names in public, but in private I can use your titles. And as Naruto's first that makes you the head of our family, so from now on I will answer any request you or Master gives me."

"That's going to take some getting used to." said Sakura.

Eventually they had fixed up what was left of the house and waited for all of their friends to show up. Slowly people started to trickle in, first it was Tsunade and Shizune who were bringing some extra drinks though it looked like Lady Tsunade had already drunk half of it. Following a little later was Kakashi who just plopped down on a couch and started to read his book, they had actually told him that the party started earlier than it did so he wouldn't be late.

Next came Ino practically dragging Shikamaru and Choji, who had brought extra food and snacks from his family's restaurant. Ayame and her dad showed up at the same time as Gai and Kurenai by accident, and were closely followed by Lee, Neji, and Tenten. The last to arrive was Konohamaru and Iruka, Ino walked up to Sakura and Naruto who were standing next to one of the party bowls.

"Why were you guys here so early?" she asked "figured whiskers would be training and you would be on call and you guys would forget about it."

"We were actually asked to help clean and set up for the party," said Naruto making up a quick excuse "I was going in to ask for a mission when Granny tricked me into doing this for her."

Ino accepting the answer started to talk to Sakura about the goings on in the village, though Sakura noticed Ino kept sneaking glances over at Naruto.

Walking around Naruto was amazed at how many close friends he had and how far he had come. The party had been going on for a while, Kiba had challenged the ever silent Shino to a game of pool and had lost bad, and he had about accused him of cheating when he saw a bug crawl across the table, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a normal bug.

Choji had gotten into an eating contest with Konohamaru and they were both seeing who could devour a plate of chicken wings the fastest. Team Gai was engaged in a game of darts, which when going against the weapon mistress of Konoha might not have been the best move, after losing Lee went on a rant about what he would do to make up for it.

After letting everyone enjoy the party for a while Tsunade decided It was time to make some announcements before it got to late or she got to drunk whichever came first. Standing on the rocks in front of the fireplace that ran up the center of the house Tsunade tried to get everyone's attention, failing do so the normal way she reverted to yelling until everyone quieted down.

"Now I know you all are enjoying the party but I have some announcements to make." said Tsunade motioning for everyone to set down. "The first announcement is that a very promising ninja has finally came forward as heir to not one but three powerful clans in Konoha, secondly in three months I will be stepping down from my position as Hokage and will be giving the title to that very same ninja."

Shouts of 'what' and 'I thought Naruto was going to be hokage' filled the room as everyone stood up and started to shout, Kurenai even tried to dispel whatever genjutsu she thought had been cast, only to see that there was none.

"Be quiet its already happening, I brought you all hear so you could be the first to meet your new hokage. May I introduce Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, student of Jiraiya the toad sage, and sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village" said Tsunade teary eyed and practically crying after the end of the speech.

Silence filled the room as everyone absorbed what had just been said until Iruka started to clap, followed by Kakashi and Shikamaru, then the rookie nine until the whole room was filled with the sound of applause.

Stepping up to where Tsunade was Naruto gave his adoptive grandmother a long hug before turning around and facing his friends.

"Well I'm not really sure what to say other than when I was first told about who my parents were it was a surprise to me to, in fact it was the day that Pein attacked and I wasn't sure if I was dead or hallucinating or what. Then when I was training with bee I met my mother, after the war I told Tsunade and she showed me this estate, it used to belong to the Uzumaki diplomats and ninja who stayed here and I'm going to reopen it now that I'm taking the hokage position."

"Wait three clans? Does that mean you have to join the CRA" asked Shikamaru

"Yeah the council says I need at least three wives for each clan, the Namikaze, Uzumaki, and Senju. They wanted more but I told them I didn't want to be used as breeding stock and would only marry someone I liked." said the blond, suddenly a dark red patch appeared on Kakashi's mask and the silver haired jonin collapsed onto the couch with thoughts of naked women running through his head.

"Troublesome" said Shikamaru

"So have you chosen anyone to be you brides yet" asked Ino

"Actually I have" motioning for Sakura and Hinata to come stand beside him, both girls hoped up to where he was wrapping their arms around him and giving him a big kiss on his cheek. "May I introduce the future Mrs. Sakura Namikaze and Mrs. Hinata Uzumaki." said Naruto with a large grin on his face.

"Wait forehead Naruto was the great guy you were talking about the other night?" asked Ino

"Yep Ino-pig I thought I gave you enough clues as to who it was."

Everyone came up to shake Naruto's hand and congratulate him and after another round or two of drinks they all started to disperse though before they left Ino told Sakura that she needed to talk with her tomorrow about something important.

-Later that night-

Naruto had just finished cleaning up after the party, Sakura and Hinata had both disappeared some time ago and he wasn't sure where they were actually at. Figuring they must be in bed Naruto started to climb the stairs when he saw heard giggles coming from the top of the stairs, looking up all he could see was two shadows and receding footsteps. Wondering what they were up to Naruto go to the top and looked around to see if they had left any clues, seeing movement around a corner Naruto walked down the hallway and rounded it, the only thing in front of him was a large door with light seeping out from under it.

Opening the door to what was the Master bedroom Naruto was met with the sight of both girls sitting on two chairs across from the large bed. Sakura was wearing tight jeans with and even tighter sweater and lab coat over it, beside her Hinata was sitting in a nurse uniform that while going all the way down to her knees seemed to be straining trying to hold back her sizeable bust.

"Helllloooooo nurse!" said Naruto.

"Hinata-Chan why don't you help Naruto-kun get more comfortable." said Sakura

"Yes Mistress." replied Hinata before walking over to Naruto and taking his hand, leading Naruto over to the bed. Reaching up to kiss he Hinata snaked her hands under his shirt, running her hands over his abs enjoying the feel of his strong muscles. Hinata broke away from the kiss just long enough to lift Naruto's shirt up above his head and throw it away.

Hinata started to lick at suck at Naruto's nipples while running her hands up and down his stomach, it was a strange feeling to have his nipples kissed but it wasn't a bad one thought Naruto. Suddenly Naruto fell back onto the edge of the bed when Hinata pushed against his chest causing him to fall, sitting up he felt Hinata at the edge of the bed start working on undoing the buttons on his pants.

Pulling them down Hinata took Naruto's still limp cock in her hands slowly stroking it and rubbing her thumb over the tip causing it to stiffen and grow to its full nine inches.

"The patient is ready Mistress." said Hinata

Taking off her lab coat Sakura was left standing in her tight blue sweater and dress pants, walking over Sakura sat down beside Naruto placing a hand on his bare chest as she watched the Hyuga go deeper and deeper, licking her tongue around the head of his shaft before bobbing down and taking the whole thing down her throat.

"Are you enjoying yourself Naruto-kun?" asked Sakura

"Very much so." Responded Naruto his gaze fixed on Hinata's lips as his dick appeared and disappeared inside her mouth.

"You're doing ok Hinata but why don't you sit back and watch and I'll show you how to properly suck a big thick cock like this one." Said Sakura stroking the shaft of Naruto's erection

Getting down beside Hinata, Sakura ran her tongue up the bottom of his dick until she got to the top. Giving it a little kiss Sakura moved her lips down over the head sucking on it and running her tongue up and down the slit. Moving her head back up to where her lips were barely touching the top she pressed her lips back down stuffing half of Naruto's cock down her throat.

Wanting to join in Hinata moved over to get closer to Naruto, her shoulders and legs brushing up against Sakura caused a spike of desire to run through Sakura. Seeing Hinata out of the corner of her eye Sakura released Naruto's dick from her mouth and instead started to lick one side of his shaft while Hinata licked the other.

Slurping and sucking the two Kunoichi worked on Naruto's cock, occasionally in their fervor their tongues or lips would touch lingering together longer each time until the two were kissing each other with Naruto's dick in between them.

Naruto was straining trying not to cum as he watched Sakura and Hinata make out with each other with his penis stuck in the middle.

"I'm going to cum." screamed Naruto not being able to hold it in any longer, moving away the two girls placed their faces cheek to cheek with their mouth open in front of Naruto waiting to taste the cum they had both become fastly addicted to, jerking his hips Naruto came all over the face of the waiting girls.

"I'm sorry guess I'll have to aim better next time." said Naruto

"It's fine Naruto-kun, Hinata and I will just have to clean each other off." said Sakura leaning over and licking up a glob of cum that was running down the Hyuga's cheek. Pulling their faces closer together Hinata licked at Sakura's cum covered chin while the pink haired med-nin used her fingers to get some of the cum out of Hinata's hair. Instead of swallowing Sakura sat up a little higher and lifting Hinata's chin opened her mouth and let the cum drizzle down her tongue and into Hinata's mouth before leaning down and kissing Hinata invading her mouth with her tongue swirling and mixing the cum in their mouths.

Leaning back from the kiss a small trail of saliva and cum stretched between the two girls until they moved back to kiss each other again, rubbing their bodies against each other using their hands to unhook buttons and throwing away their discarded clothes. Seeing the two of them making out Naruto sat on the bed idly stroking himself off getting hard at the sight of the two of them swapping spit and cum.

Kissing and rubbing their naked oiled body's together 'they must of already been oiled before we started' thought one of the few working brain cells in Naruto's head' Sakura and Hinata turned to Naruto holding each other close and breasts mashed up together, Hinata placed one of her pale white hands on top of her large milky breasts.

"Do you like our breasts Master?" she asked moving and causing her and Sakura's breasts to sway a bit.

"Yes I do very very much." said Naruto remembering the feel of each girls boobs. Sakura's while being a large C-cup were nice and firm with perky nipples that stood straight out, while Hinata's large DD breasts were like two huge marshmallows' that he could sink his hands in to and play with.

Separating Sakura got up onto the bed and pushing Naruto down to where his back was on the bed placed her breasts in front of his face where he began to suck on them and use his tongue to play with her nipples. Down on the end of the bed Hinata took her huge utters and placed them on either side of Naruto's dick moving them up and down in opposite directions and totally enveloping his cock in a warm soft paradise.

Moving her breasts faster she leaned down to lick and suck on the top of his dick causing Naruto to start bucking his hips trying to get more friction, his mouth full of one of Sakura's breasts Naruto wasn't able to holler out before he comes this time. The way his cock was pointing most of the cum ended up landing on Naruto's chest.

Seeing the milky liquid laying on the tanned abs Sakura and Hinata both moved up to lick the semen off of the blond.

"You two sure seem to enjoy my cum." said Naruto looking at the pleased expressions on the girls faces, the two looked like they had just eaten their favorite meal, a memory of Sakura saying she could grow addicted to it rang through his head and for a minute Naruto wondered if that was what was happening to them.

"That was great Master but I want to feel you cock inside me now" said Hinata who was quickly backed up by Sakura after she got done licking the last of his cum off her lips.

"I agree Naruto-kun it's been hours since I felt your dick fill me up inside." said Sakura sliding one hand down her stomach and using middle and ring finger to separate the lips of her vagina showing him how wet and ready she was.

"I could never say no to you girls." said Naruto reaching over and pulling Sakura over on top of himself, slowly positioning her dripping pussy over Naruto's cock Sakura lowerd herself down onto him. Her oiled body glistening in the light Naruto watched as Sakura bounced up and down on his shaft. Moaning Sakura continued to slide her pussy up and down his cock building up speed with every thrust and causing her breasts to bounce around and hit each other.

"Ahh it feels so good its stretching me and filling me up inside." moaned Sakura, taking his eyes off the pink haired beauty Naruto turned his head to see what Hinata was doing. 'Seems like while Sakura is an exhibitionist Hinata is a voyeur, though with a dojutsu like hers I'm surprised her whole clan aren't giant pervs.' thought Naruto.

"Do you like that Hinata, do you like watching while I fuck Sakura, do you like seeing my cock slam into her pussy and hear her moan." asked Naruto watching as Hinata was sitting in a chair her legs separated as she had one hand playing with her breasts while the other was digging into her pussy pumping in and out in time to Naruto's thrusts.

"Yes Master I like watching you fill up Sakura's pussy." said Hinata digging her fingers deeper into her snatch, cum streaming from her pussy and pooling under the chair.

"Your just a horny little bitch who can't get enough of her master's cock aren't you?" said Naruto his eyes getting a slight red ring around them as the lust took over. "Once I get done fucking Sakura you can have your turn." he said before grabbing onto Sakura's hips and slamming them down hard as he thrust up.

"Yes..yes.. that's it harder fuck me harder, destroy me pussy with you dick." panted Sakura bouncing up and down on Naruto his dick going all the way up to the hilt each time she came down.

"Ok slut I'm getting ready to cum." said Naruto through gritted teeth.

"I am to, lets cum together Naruto-kun." screamed Sakura as Naruto shot load after load of jizz into her. Getting off and sitting on his legs Sakura started stroking his lip cock using a secret medical ninjutsu to bring it back to full mast, there were things to be said for screwing a medical ninja.

Getting up and waking over Hinata gots to Naruto as Sakura moved over to sit by his head. Sitting down on Naruto's shaft Hinata started to slowly move her hips in a circular motion while all the while continuing to play with her clit, taking one hand that wasn't in use Hinata used it to bring one of her breasts up to her mouth and suck on it.

Moving from where she was sitting beside Naruto Sakura straddled the blonds head with her legs, lifting his head up slightly Naruto started to lick and suck at Sakura's pussy. Running his tongue in Naruto moved it up around inside her till her found the spot he was looking for, going at it with a vengeance Naruto attacked Sakura's G spot with his tongue causing the Sakura to scream.

Turning around but still leaving her cunt over Naruto's face Sakura sat facing a bouncing Hinata, reaching her arms out she played with Hinata's breasts pinching the nipples and moving them about watching them bounce around and back into place all the while being tongue fucked by Naruto.

"Ahh Master I'm going to cum." screamed Hinata feeling an orgasm growing

"Cum for us Hinata-chan I want to see that cute face of yours while you cum." said Sakura giving Hinata's nipples a gentle twist sending the girl over the top and orgasaming. When Hinata came Naruto felt like Hinata's pussy was trying to swallow his cock he could actually feel the muscles in her vagina sucking at his cock, letting go Naruto spent another load in her womb coating it white.

Hinata and Sakura both slowly made their way off of Naruto expecting him to be spent after all of that, instead they saw that he was still erect.

"That's strange I have never heard of someone being able to stay hard after so many times" said Sakura.

"Its probably cause no one has as much stamina as me or has been in bed with two women as sexy as you two at one time." said Naruto raking his eyes hungrily up their naked sweaty body's.

"Then I guess we will have to see how much stamina you have." said Sakura getting down on to all fours and shaking her ass at Naruto. Back at full strength the blond waked on his knees over to Sakura and grabbing ahold of her hips drove his cock into her ass causing Sakura to let out a yell that slowly descended into long moans as Naruto roughly slammed in and out of her ass causing her boobs to bounce around and hit her in the face.

Sakura tried to relax and get ready for the next assault when Naruto pulled out only to be surprised when the found herself being pulled over on her side and one leg being lifted into the air. Laying behind Sakura Naruto raised one of her legs up and sheathed himself in her ass before pounding away again, the fill of her ass being filled up along with the ruff covers on the bed rubbing against her nipples was enough to cause her to orgasm and her eyes to roll back up in her head every time he trusted.

Being happy that he was able to bring Sakura to her climax Naruto flipped her over to where she was on her back and pushing into her cunt tried to quickly get himself off as well. Though Naruto knew that Sakura loved taking it in the ass and he loved giving it, his favorite position was any in which he could watch her boobs bounce around and watch her make those cute little faces while she moaned out his name.

Cumming in her vagina Naruto backed up and enjoyed the sight of sweaty pink haired goddess lying on his bed, hair a mess with his cum seeping out of her snatch. Naruto did not have long to enjoy that sight before an even better one came before him, positioning her cunt above Sakura's face Hinata positioned her face above Sakura's, and Naruto watched in fascination as the two girls licked and sucked at each other's pussy's eating up the cum that was coming out.

Stroking himself up to full mast while watching Naruto figured he had one go still left in him for the night and came up with an excellent idea.

"Hinata I want you to turn around and place you pussy right over top of Sakura's" said the blond

"Yes master." replied Hinata moving her huge ass to where it was positioned right over Sakura's, seeing her dark haired lovers face in front of her Sakura used her arms to play with her huge breasts and kiss her while Naruto moved up behind them. Naruto slowly pushed his dick in between where the two girls' vagina's where, the lips of their vaginas molding around his cock like their other lips had done earlier when the girls kissed.

Slowly thrusting Naruto moved his dick back and forth the head rubbing against their stomachs while the main shaft rubbed over the outer lips of their pussy and clit. Moaning from the pleasure the two girls' deepened their kiss snaking their tongues out and sliding them over each other's lips.

Speeding up a little Naruto pulled out from in between them, slamming into Hinata's pussy a few times before pulling out and slamming back down into Sakura's. Speeding up Naruto hammered away at both girls pussys, thrusting into one before pulling out and slamming into the other. Sakura started to squirm under Hinata the thrust rocking her a little bit causing her clit to brush up against Hinata's and sending jolts of pleasure through them both.

Moving Faster Naruto let loose a steam of jizz in Sakura's pussy pulling out before it could stop Naruto slammed back inside Hinata finishing out the last of his load in her tight womb.

"That was a great house warming present" said Naruto

"Yeah and it gave me an idea for next time" said Sakura

"And what would that be Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto getting up to retrieve clean sheets from the closet.

"Two words: Shadow Clones" said Sakura with a big smile on her face.

AN: It is so much easier for me to write a Sakura lemon, writing Hinata takes forever guess cause I don't like her that much, Acctualy the easiest to write would be Sakura, femkyubi, and ino. Something that you will start to see is what I call the difference between the public and private personalities how everyone acts in and out of the sack. Next up is ino, little hint it involves shadow clones.

Sakura/Ino/shiori (femkyuubi) Namikaze

Hinata/Naruko/Ryūzetsu Uzumaki

Tenten/Ayame/karui Senju