Hi, I feel like I should write something to everyone before I close out this story. And yes I know what everyone thinks when they see a update on a story thats only a few hundred words long. And yes sadly this is that kind of update. It gives me great joy every time I see a email telling me that someone have favorited or followed this story. And and fact that I am still getting likes and reviews on a story that hasn't been updated in two years shows me just how much everyone enjoys it. The only problem is I'm not enjoying it anymore.

One of the reasons I stopped adding new chapters to Kitsunes Seduction was because it felt like I was writing the same scenes twice. That their are only so many adjectives and ways to describe a scene that I was just repeating actions and characters between the stories. And even within A Clan Reborn its self at 242k words it felt like I had just about did every scene I could think of and it got to the point where I figured I must be boring everyone else with these scenes as much as I was myself.

Its not that I'm done writing smut (though I doubt their is much cross over between my StarEffect readers and my smut readers). I need to kick myself in my ass and write the last two chapters of Rebirth of Krypton and Naruto Genin Squad. And I have a couple one or two chapter ideas I still want to do in the Naruto universe and DC universe. Short things that give me more freedom than long running epics. But for Clan Reborn I'm kind of worn out.

The last chapter of A Clan Reborn was kind of meant to be is pesudo end chapter incase I could never bring myself to finish it. It let me write one of the few actual ideas I still have for the fic and gave everyone a glimpse at the future that Naruto would bring about.

The only think between where we are now and that dream would have been going to the spring country and having Naruto and the princes make a porno, them going to Sand where I didn't really have anything planned Temari or the other sand ninja that has a crush on Gaara, and then going to lighting and rock where their was just nothing really that I felt like would make those places stand out.

other than that and seeing Uzu be rebuilt their was nothing more to that I really felt like could be told.

So I'm sorry if this isn't the next chapter you are hoping for but I thank you so much for sticking with me so long and sending me all your likes and kudos and comments and for my smut people I hope to have something else out for you in the near future.