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A Clan Reborn: Chapter 4

Wakening up slowly Naruto felt more at peace and more comfortable than he had felt before, trying to move one arm up to wipe away the sleep from his eyes he felt a weight on that arm and that side of his body. Wakening up a bit more he noticed that there was a weight on his other side two, opening his eyes and looking around he recognized what was laying on top of him. Or who in this case two whos, Sakura was laying curled up against his chest on one side of him with Hinata in the same pose on the other side.

Feeling Naruto stir under her Sakura slowly started to come awake. Stretching Sakura uncurled a bit running her free hand over Naruto's warm toned chest.

"Good morning Mr. Namikaze." Yawned Sakura scooting up a bit to lay her head beside Naruto's and give him a gentle kiss.

"Morning Mrs. Namikaze" Said Naruto allowing the arm and hand she was now off of to slide up and down her side. "Did you sleep well?" He asked giving Sakura another kiss.

'I swear she looks the cutest when she just wakes up.' Thought Naruto staring at Sakura's beautiful face with her disheveled pink hair forming a halo around her pink lips and cute nose. Naruto brought his hand up to run it through her soft hair, giving Sakura short playful little kisses.

"Mhmm, though it looks like Hinata is still asleep maybe you should wake her up." Suggested Sakura moving a bit to allow Naruto to get his arm out from under her, rolling onto his side he used the arm under Hinata to hug her against him and using his free hand moved the hair off of her face and cupped her cheek.

"It's time to get up sleeping beauty." Said Naruto before kissing her on the lips, pulling back Naruto was thinking about how much Hinata laying there sleeping looked like the princess from the movie.

"Mmm Master." Moaned Hinata lost in a dream.

"Silly Hinata-Chan it's time to get up." Said Naruto kissing her again, running his tongue over her lips teasing them and causing her to open them in her sleep. Deeping the kiss Naruto stroked Hinata's tongue with his own causing her to moan a little in her sleep and come further awake.

Slowly coming to Hinata felt something warm surrounding her filling her with peace and contentment, she also felt like she had something in her mouth moving around, whatever it was it tasted like ramen. Opening her pale white eyes she saw her blond haired master pull back from the kiss and smile at her, love and happiness shining in his eyes.

"Good morning sleeping beauty how are you doing this morning?" Asked Naruto rubbing her cheek with his hand.

"Really good Master how are you doing?" She asked not breaking eye contact with the blond as she closed the distance he had created and kissed him again.

"I woke up with two of the, no the two most beautiful Kunoichi in the village sleeping beside me, who love me and I love them I couldn't be doing better." He Said

"I can think of something that would make it better." Whisper Sakura from behind Naruto, gliding her hand down over his firm rump before reaching over and sliding her soft hands over his erection. "And already so hard." She added amused and turned on, though now that she thought about it ever since that first night she was always on at least whenever Naruto was around.

Throwing the covers from their waist down to the bottom of the bed, Hinata looked down to see her Masters huge dick being jerked off by Sakura's small hands. She could fill herself getting wetter and her nipples started to harden as she watched the sight before her.

"I think it's time for my breakfast" Said Sakura sliding down to the bottom of the bed, after having him roll over she bent down and slowly licked up his shaft before taking the top of it in her mouth and sucking on it, swirling her tongue around the sides and making loud slurping noises as she moved up and down his cock.

"You were right this was defiantly much better." Said Naruto watching as Sakura's lips slid up and down his shaft. Looking over at Hinata he watched her as she watched him get a blowjob. Moving one hand he traced a path with his finger from the top of Hinata's hair line going down across her jaw and stopping under her chin. Using the finger he lifted Hinata's chin up until he was staring into her pale eyes. "Don't you think so Hinata-Chan?" he asked

"Y..Yes Master." Stuttered Hinata as Naruto used that finger that had been under her chin to trace a path down her neck, following her collarbone and ending up circling the areola of her left breast. Taking the large breast in his hand Naruto started to play with it loving how it felt in his hand and remembering the feel of them wrapped around his aching cock. Speaking of his cock Naruto could fill himself come closer and closer to release as Sakura took his whole shaft in her mouth causing it to go down her throat.

After a few more licks Naruto felt himself ready to blow "I'm about to cum Sakura-Chan make sure to eat it all up" Said the blond before releasing a torrent of his cum down her throat, swallowing it all Sakura got up licking the leftover cum off her lips and laid back down next to Naruto wrapping her legs around one of his and grinding up against his side.

"I would love to take it slow with you this morning like we did the other day but I still need to get cleaned up I have to go to the hospital for a bit then meet up with Ino, so I want you to fuck me hard and fast with that cock of yours." Pleaded Sakura her voice alone making Naruto want to cum he could even feel his hip getting wet from where Sakura was rubbing her pussy against him.

"Keep talking like that and I might not let you leave." Said Naruto rolling over on top of Sakura his arms by her side holding him up above her, moaning Sakura moved one had down her neck stopping to play with her breasts, using the other hand to massage her clit. Naruto had all of his attention on Sakura watching as one hand slowly pinched and pulled at her nipple while the other hand slowly snaked its way down her toned flat stomach to play with herself.

"Do you like watching me play with myself Naruto-kun?" asked Sakura in a sweetly innocent voice as she brought the hand that had been rubbing her clit up to her mouth and gave the fingers a long slow lick.

"All most as much as I like fucking you" Said Naruto slamming dick into Sakura's pussy causing her to scream out from the rough treatment, she could fill his cock filling her up and pressing against the sides of her vaginal walls, she would even swear it was a bit bigger than it was the night before though that could of just been the lust talking. Putting his arms under her knees he lifted her butt up to where it was off the bed and continued to thrust down into Sakura's dripping pussy.

Naruto started to speed up as the pink haired girl's screams started to turn into moans and her hands made their way up to the headboard to hold on while she was being bounced against the bed by his dick. "Since you're going to be at work all day why don't I give you seconds so you don't get hungry" grunted Naruto pulling himself out of Sakura's aching pussy and lining his cock up with her mouth from where he was at the bottom and finishing himself off with his hand shot ropes of cum at Sakura's face. As testament to Naruto's ability to aim most of it made it into her open mouth or landed on her cheeks and chin.

"I would love to stay for thirds but I really do have to go get washed up" Said Sakura licking the cum off the fingers she had been using to clean herself up with. Getting up Sakura gave Naruto one last lingering kiss before slipping into the master bathroom and jumping in for a quick shower. Turning around Naruto saw Hinata siting on the other side of the bed moaning rapidly fingering her snatch with her legs spread wide open, scooting over Naruto ran one of his hands down Hinata's arm and rested his hand on top of the one that was currently digging into her cunt.

"Why don't you let me do that Hinata-Chan" Said Naruto his hand cupping hers and both of their fingers sliding inside. Moaning Hinata removed her hand placing it on Naruto's dick and started to jerk him off with her hand.

"Why don't we play a game Hinata-Chan, whoever makes the other cum first gets to make a request of the other how does that sound?" Questioned the blond.

"Ok Master but I'm not going to lose" Said Hinata speeding up, Naruto figured he would win there was no way that a simple hand job would finish him off before Hinata came, that was until he felt Hinata's hand get warmer and a pleasant sensation fill his cock, he about blew his load when Hinata took her other hand and using two fingers did some sort of juken strike on his ball sack.

'Using my medical skills and byakugan is probably cheating but I want to win.' Thought Hinata sending chakra into the palm of her hand, and using her fingers to target pleasure points, she could tell that Naruto was close to cuming from the way his cock was twitching but he also felt her hand slacken as she tried to fight back and orgasm. Finally sub coming Naruto shouted out and sprayed his load all over Hinata's hands before the girl let herself experience her first orgasm of the morning.

"Your wish is my command Hinata-Chan." Said a smiling Naruto.

"I want to rub your whiskers again Master, if that's ok?" Asked Hinata blushing from the memories of the last time she had.

"Really? You know what I was like the last time you did that." Said Naruto, the more dominating part that came out at times like that was both empowering and scary to the blond.

"I'm sure" Said Hinata tackling Naruto and rubbing her fingers across his whiskers before he could back out of the deal. Before she could do anything about it Hinata found herself on her back Naruto's face with its darkened whiskers and red ringed eyes inches above her face. Grabbing her breasts in his hands Naruto roughly massaged and played with them making them bounce and jiggle, and earning moans and whimpers from Hinata at the treatment.

"My little Hyuga cow I've been wanting to play with those huge utters of yours all morning." Said Naruto moving his face down and taking one of her boobs in his mouth sucking hard on the nipple causing Hinata to moan out in pleasure, moving up to straddle her chest Naruto placed his dick between her breasts, taking what he could of the large soft orbs he used his hands to press them together.

Moving his hips Naruto started to fuck Hinata's breasts the tip of his dick hitting the bottom of her chin every time he moved up, Feeling himself get closer Naruto let loose spraying his cum all over Hinata's breasts and chin.

"Now I want you to turn around and get on your knees facing the mirror" Said Naruto getting up behind her. Turning around Hinata felt Naruto lightly run him hands down her arms before taking her hands and pulling them behind her back making her lean back and jut her large breasts out. Using one hand to keep her hands in place Naruto used the other to guide his dick into her pussy before placing it on her hips holding her tight in front of her.

Ramming in fast Naruto kept slamming his cock in hard making Hinata's breast bounce up and down, seeing Hinata's large breast flopping in the mirror Naruto increased his grip on her hips and speed up his thrusts. "That's it cow look at those huge utters of yours flop around while I plow your ass" Smirked Naruto

"That's it Master fuck your slutty cow, I love having your huge cock up my cunt." Screamed Hinata watching herself get screwed in the mirror though she had peeked on Naruto before this was the first time she had ever watched herself get fucked. Hinata started to move her hips in a circular motion feeling Naruto's shaft hit new places each time he entered her, her moans were cut off as she yelped from Naruto spanking her ass with the hand he had on her waist.

"I don't know which I love more your huge utters of this fat ass of yours." Said Naruto. Leaning back into Naruto's chest Hinata turned her head taking Naruto's mouth in a kiss.

"You don't have to choose Master." Said Hinata moaning into his mouth as the hand that was holding her arms a minute before reached around and started to play with her clit. A few minutes latter Naruto gripped both hands around Hinata's waist before pushing in as deep as he could before screaming out that he was cuming.

"I see you're having fun with Hinata-Chan." Said Sakura walking out of the shower her still damp hair sticking to the side of her neck. Walking over to the bed she gave Naruto a quick kiss, then just to tease him bent down and had a long make out session with the white eyed Hyuga girl letting out a little moan every time their lips separated for air.

Feeling his erection growing from the show and knowing that Sakura was a secret excabitionist Naruto decided to try something. As Sakura was bent over pulling her panties up over her long toned legs Naruto came up behind her and grabbing her breasts from behind pushed his dick into Sakura's tight little vagina.

"Naruto wha…what are your doing I need to go." Said Sakura her insides feeling like they were being bounced around from Naruto slamming into her, the more she tried to protest the harder he started to pound into her.

"I have a gift to give you before you leave for work." Said Naruto using his hands to play with her clit and breasts quickly bringing her to orgasm and causing her to cum seconds before he did; pulling out Naruto brought Sakura's panties up to where they covered her pussy and taking his fingers started to rub at her core soaking the panties in their juices, before lifting her skirt from the floor and fastening it around her.

"Why?" was the only question Sakura could think to ask her mind still hazy from the orgasm.

"Because I know how much you like me watching you when you masturbate. And today everyone will be watching you, talking to you never knowing that you're a slutty little nurse who likes walking around with my cum dripping from her pussy. "He said whispering into her ear, while one of his hands still rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Turning around Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling their body's closer she rubbed herself up against him as she ran her fingers through his hair before pulling him down for a kiss. Sakura let out a small eep as Naruto worked his hand back under her skirt to play with her through her panties. She could feel the still warm sticky liquid as it was being spread over her pussy and thighs sending a tingling up her spine.

"I'm going to get you back for this Mr. Namikaze." Said Sakura turning to leave while swaying her hips as she left the room.

"I'm looking forward to it Mrs. Namikaze." Said Naruto as he watched Sakura go, the old saying was true he hated to see her go but loved to watch her leave.

"Master I still haven't had my breakfast yet." cooed Hinata as she lay back on the bed, her fingers dripping from the cum she was cleaning up from off of her boobs.

-Tea shop later in the day—

Though it was lunch time the little tea shop slash coffee shop wasn't that busy, it was one of the most favored by the hospital staff for being close by and having an incredibly strong brew. Sitting at their usual table Sakura and Ino were taking their break, somehow Ino and Sakura always seemed to get the same shifts.

"So Ino what did you want to talk about the other day?" Asked Sakura sitting down at the table, as she sat down Sakura made sure to keep her legs slightly spread just too where her thighs weren't touching. If she was walking or busy she could ignore it for a while but just sitting there she could feel her legs rubbing up against the damp cloth causing her to fidget a bit, smiling she tried to keep a straight face not wanting to let Ino know what was going on.

'What do you mean not let her know what's going on. She's one of Naru-kuns potential mates and you know you want to screw her just as bad as Naruto does.' Said inner Sakura

'Whaa I thought I finally got rid of you, and what are you talking about no I don't.' Thought Sakura

'You did you had me locked away but then a couple days ago something brought me back. And don't change the subject you know you want to run your lips all over that tanned skin of hers while Naruto watches.' Said inner Sakura filling her mind with images of the two lying in Naruto's bed hands gliding over each other's oiled bodies, tongues and lips teasing each other while Naruto sat and watched, his hand slowly pumping up and down his shaft matching pace with the girls.

"Hey Sakura you still there?" Asked Ino

"Yeahh sorry I was just trying to remember if I put down everything on the duty sheet for the nurses." Said Sakura covering up her erotic daydream, she could fill herself getting wet again if it kept up she would have to make a quick exit to the restroom to relive herself, for the sixth time that day.

It hadn't been bad most of the time, but on times like when she had to talk to the whole nursing staff that morning had about caused her to cum, or when as she was checking out an Inuzuka chunin for a fractured elbow the chunnin's dog started to sniff around her legs and its noes brushed up against her panties.

"Were one break you can stop worrying about the hospital for a while, and if anything goes wrong Shizune is in her office and the hokage is just a minute away." Said Ino taking a sip of her tea, maybe it was something to do with working in her family's flower shop but unlike most nurses she preferred tea to coffee.

"Then there's always Naruto." Said Ino raising an eyebrow at Sakura

"Naruto? What about Naruto?" Said Sakura practically spilling her coffee.

"Ohh Nothing I was just saying how he always shows up to the rescue." Said Ino smiling at her friend Sakura was too easy to fluster. "Actually Naruto is kind of what I wanted to talk to you about."

"What about Naruto?" Asked Sakura she already knew what Ino's question was and what her answer would be but it was fun to get her back for making her flustered.

"Well you know how he's the heir to three clans now and falls under the CRA." Said Ino stirring her tea with her spoon trying to put all the words in the right order 'damit it's never been this hard before why now?' she thought.

"Of course I know, the sign on my door is soon going to say Dr. Sakura Namikaze you know." Said Sakura sounding like a school girl who was writing her name in a binder.

"Yes I know that forehead what I wanted to know is if it would be ok with you if I went on a date with Naruto." Blurted out Ino causing some of the patrons to turn their heads and look over to their table.

"No" Said Sakura calmly taking a sip of her coffee, confused Ino parroted her "No?" she asked.

"No…Not until you tell me why."

"Why what?" Asked Ino growing more confused.

"Why do you want to go out with Naruto?" Said Sakura sitting her cup down on the table.

"Why does that matter?"

"Because I know you and I know Naruto, and though you are my best friend I don't want to see Naruto's heart get broken if this turns out to be just some fling." Said Sakura it might be a little harsh but it was her job to protect her mate from getting his heart broken and her best friend was a heart breaker.

"This won't be a fling." Said Ino

Narrowing her eyes Sakura looked at her best friend, though she hated putting Ino through the ringer like this she had to make sure her friend was being truthful "Why won't it be a fling?" She asked.

"Because if it was a fling I would of already been able to ask him out." Said Ino her shoulders slumping down as she leaned her arms on the table. "But every time I talk to him the words won't come out, I stutter a bit and change the subject. Then when I'm at home I'll think about him, not about his nice muscles or what sort of weapon he's packing but of him sitting at the table laughing or resting on the couch and what it would feel like to be wrapped in his arms again."

"H..How long have you felt like this." Asked Sakura taken aback at what Ino had just Said, from the sound of it her thoughts were filled with love and longing not lust and desire.

"You would probably think it was during the war, the prince rescuing the poor princess and whisking her off but it's not, it was actually after the war."

-Kohana a couple of years ago -

Ino had ran, ran as fast as she could she didn't care where she went just as long as she got away from the I/T department and the rest of the village. She didn't know how long she had been running, didn't really care but now it was getting dark and she was lost. 'Well this is great some mighty Kunoichi you are getting lost in the forest like a academy student.' She thought seeing the last rays of the sun shine through the leaves.

She looked around the little clearing for any sign of which way she came or which way to go but in her state she wasn't able to make heads or tails of the signs she had been taught to recognize. Hearing bushes shake Ino spun around hand instantly going for the weapons pouch until she remembered that she had left it in the weapons locker before the interrogation.

Bracing herself for a fight Ino got into a defensive stance only to see a familure mop of spiky blond hair come stepping out of the bushes.

"There you are Ino I've been looking everywhere for you. When you ran out on Ibiki it worried him so much that he went straight to Granny, I was in the room talking to her and have been trying to find you ever sine and bring you back." Said Naruto walking slowly towards Ino, getting closer he could see the streaks of mascara running down her face form where she had been crying, looking closer he notice that her knuckles and clothes were scrapped from where she had probably fallen and gotten back up.

"I don't want to go back." Said Ino trying to speak without bursting into tears.

"What?" Asked Naruto slowly moving closer to Ino, and for every step her took she took one away from him.

"I don't what to, I caint I caint do it any more." Said Ino her back hitting the tree.

"Do what Ino?" Asked Naruto closing the remaining distance and putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Fight" She whispered looking up at his bright blue eyes they looked concerned and had and air of great wisdom to them where there was usually happiness and delight there seemed to be a sadness similar to her own. "What's the point after Asuma? After the war? We were supposed to be at peace, but Choji was kidnapped and tortured.." Cried Ino falling back down onto the ground, Naruto's strong arms gently guiding her down and wrapping themselves around her while she cried.

"But we got him back, he's ok he's safe in the hospital you and shizune treated him yourself." Said Naruto trying to calm his friend, he could tell she was hurting how much he didn't know, enough to run off into the woods that was for sure.

"But what about next time? There's always a next time some new bandit lord or rouge ninja, when I looked in the bandits minds they were dark and twisted, the things they done, that they would do again on a whim. What's the point of fighting of risking our lives, our friends lives." Cried Ino at this point she was sobbing into Naruto's shirt, gripping onto his jacket like she was going to fall down again. For the next half hour, hour she wasn't sure she just sat there and cried letting all the frustrations she had built up out of her while Naruto just sat their silently. His arms wrapped around her whispering that it would be ok.

They weren't sure what time it was when they started back but the stars were out in full force on their way back adding a magical feel to their stroll. If it wasn't for the tear streaks on her face or the fact that they were in the middle of nowhere one would think it was two lovers out for a night time stroll the way Naruto kept his arm around Ino the entire time until they got to the gates.

-Present day-

"Ohh my god that was so sad and romantic like something out of a romance novel." Said Sakura practically crying into her drink.

"Yeah and ever since that night I've just felt like I wanted to get closer, to feel the warmth and security I did that night." Said Ino glad that the story was over, looking up she saw her friend smiling at her, her green eyes glinting with tears as she took one of Ino's hands in her own.

"Ino I want you to know that you're like a sister to me and I hated to be so mean to you but I had to make sure for Naruto's sake. I would love if you went out with Naruto and joined our family there is no one I would rather share him with more." Said Sakura

"There's no one I would rather have more as my sister," Said Ino, feeling a slight tension start to form the two removed their hands from each other's grasp. "Now on to business I was thinking I would take him out to eat and go clubbing." Said Ino planning her date in her head.

"Isn't the girl supposed to let the guy plan the date?" asked Sakura amused at Ino's take charge attitude.

"It's my date so I should get to plan it, besides its Naruto and as much as either of us love him he would probably end up with us eating at Ichiraku's"

"And when do you want to go on this date?" asked Sakura

"How about tomorrow night since Tsunade decided to push the announcement back a few days, it will give me the time I need to make reservations get some new clothes, and I know this nice club that's open on Saturdays." Said Ino counting out each step on her fingers.

"Well what are we waiting for lets go clothes shopping." Said Sakura getting up to pay for the bill never noticing one of the patrons in the corner who had heard everything furiously scribbling into their notebook.

'Ohh that story will make a great back drop for my new Icha Icha: Affairs of the Empire series, I even know what I'll call it 'Volume Three: Purple Lillys'

-The next night-

Naruto was standing in front of Ino's apartment door after knocking, he was dressed in a nice looking shirt and pants with a silver vest on, nothing to fancy but looking good. Sakura was really excited about the date almost as much as he was, even before the night in the forest he had always felt an attraction to Ino maybe it was because she was the only other blond his age in the village or maybe because her attitude reminded him of Sakura.

Naruto's brain stopped all thoughts once the door opened and Ino stepped out in a little black number. The dress if that is what you could call it seemed to be made out of a light almost transparent material, the neck of it dropped down to show just enough of her nice breasts to tease but still leave something to the imagination.

"Do you like?" She asked slowly turning around so he could see the back or the lack thereof. The back was open the only fabric covering it besides the shoulder straps was the fabric that started just above the small of her back, though that only extended down to about mid-thigh.

"Ye..Yeah wow Ino you're more beautiful than ever." He Said his eyes raking up and down her body, imagining what it would be like to slowly take of that little dress of hers, press himself up against her body and….

"You don't clean up so bad yourself whiskers." Said Ino taking a hand and using it to close Naruto's mouth that had been hanging open wide enough to catch bugs. "Now I thought we could go to dinner first and then to a nice club I know." Said Ino she was always down with the popular scene while Naruto mostly decided to stay at home he had never like big crowds of strangers.

"Sure where you want to go?" Asked Naruto.

"Just follow me." Said Ino wrapping one of her arms around Naruto's as the duo headed off into the entertainment section of the city. When they got to the restaurant the manager of the establishment came out to offer them or more specifically Naruto the best seat in the house.

Naruto was still not used to people wanting to shake his hand or do things for him, and though he had defeated his dark side at the waterfall there was still the nagging thoughts that these people were only being nice because he was a hero now.

"Don't think about that lets just enjoy our dinner." Said Ino pulling him closer to her side and rubbing her hip against his.

"What are you a mind reader? Oh yeah I forgot you are." Chuckled Naruto as he led the way to the table, stopping to pull out Ino's chair for her.

"One doesn't need to be a mind reader to know what you're thinking. The people honestly love and respect you and that will only grow when Lady Tsunade and you reveal your heritage tomorrow." Said Ino slipping her foot out of her heals she started to rub it up and down the outside of Naruto's calf.

"Ino what are you doing." asked Naruto blushing.

"Getting your mind off of them and back on to our date." smiled Ino moving her foot up a little higher.

The two were able to talk a lot over the dinner finding out that they did have a lot in common besides the fact that they both loved flowers, Ino was very excited about the large garden at the Namikaze estate. Though there was one thing that Ino did that slightly bugged and confused Naruto, every time a server or cook would come over to ask them how the food was she would flirt with them sometimes bluntly.

"Hey Ino why do you always do that?" asked Naruto looking up from his salmon.

"Do what?" Asked Ino taking a bite of her own slowly chewing it savoring the texture and flavor, one night in this place was usually a month's wages, but when they heard the hokage to be was coming they practically gave them the meal for free.

"Flirt with everyone you see." He asked

"Jealous?" teased Ino making sure to slowly take her next bite letting her ruby red lips wrap around the fork as it slid out of her mouth.

"No just wondering." Said Naruto trying to act cool though he was a little bit, just a tiny smidge.

Sighing Ino put her fork down, she had tried to steer away from heavy conversation but she figured that if she wanted to be with Naruto, and she did, then she should be truthful with him. "You know all about having to wear a mask and put up with secrets and you deal with them by training or whatever. In that way were not so different" She said stopping to take a drink of her wine.

"When your entire clan is built around the ability to maniulipate people and rip out their darkest secrets or waltz through their most treasured memories it can be a little much at times. So I like to flirt, go shopping, dance, all the things a normal girl would do. It's how I cope with my job and my abilities, though it's not all that bad in its own way, the persona allowly people to think of me as flighty, as some dumb blond bimbo and that can make some of my missions much easier."

Naruto sat back seeing the truth and vulnerability in her eyes, he had never thought of her needing a mask or an escape. She had always seemed so happy and full of life, maybe that's why he had felt a connection because they were both trying to hide.

Soon the conversation turned back to lighter topics before the duo was offer a dessert by the chef; it was a large piece of chocolate cake with hot fudge icing. After enjoying their dessert the two made their way to one of the town's dance clubs, a popular joint that they wouldn't have to wait too long to get into.

-Dance Club-

Naruto had never been to a night club; yeah some of his friends had drug him to bars even Jiraiya took him to bars on the training trips. "Best sources of information anywhere." he called them.

But this this was different it was dark, it was noisy, and it was crowded. There were people everywhere dancing, drinking, or making out in the corners while the lights flashed and the music blared. As he walked through the club following Ino he noticed how all the guys turned to look at her, not that he could blame them though.

All thoughts stopped as soon as they made it to the dance floor and started dancing, or what you could call dancing, to Naruto it was like sex with your clothes on. Watching Ino dance was like watching sex in motion if someone had bottled it up, Naruto was only able stand there stiffly as Ino danced and twirled around him, rubbing her hips or butt up against him.

"You're really new to this dancing thing aren't you whiskers?" laughed Ino her hot breath against his ears and her breasts only held in place by a thin piece of fabric pressed up against his back.

"I'm sorry Ino never really had the time to learn, Lady Tsunade is having Shizune teach me how to dance formally but nothing like this." Said Naruto as Ino danced back around to the front of him their bodies never leaving contact.

Ino wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and pulling herself closer grinded her body against his. 'it's so hard' she thought 'I can't what he looks like without the clothes'

"Don't worry whiskers just put your hands on my hips and move that sexy body of yours." Said Ino moving her body slowly against Naruto's, she could already feel his desire through his pants, they wouldn't be dancing for much longer she figured.

Naruto was sure he had found his new favorite hobby; the way Ino was dancing around him was setting his insides on fire. Watching her sexy body sway to the music and feeling her rubbing up against him was setting him on edge. Soon instead of just letting his hands rest on her hips he started to move them.

Moving down and back across her hips Naruto's hands started making little circular motions on her butt before taking a hand full and pulling her towards him to grind his pelvis into hers. From the sounds she was making Ino seemed to be liking it to so getting a little more adventuress Naruto moved his hands down a bit more working them under the edge of her dress and pulling it up a bit where his hands could get good access to her soft rump.

Wrapping one leg around his hips Ino ground her cunt and breasts into him while he massaged the beautiful orbs she called her ass. Turning around she started dancing giving Naruto a good show of the ass he had been fondling, when she leaned back into his chest she noticed two hands on her stomach making their way up to fondle her breasts.

"Mmm your getting adventuress Whiskers." Purred Ino, the touches and teases Naruto were administering giving her more energy than the music.

"God your so sexy the way you move your body in that dress." He Said and pulling her really close whispered in her ear. "You were right I am jealous of those guys staring at you, I want to fuck you right here and show them that your mine." Said Naruto nibbling on one ear and dropping one of his hands down to cup her vagina through her pants.

"Since your feeling so adventurous I know just the place." Said Ino taking his hand and leading him through the crowd, going around several corners they came to a private VIP room with bare furnishings, opening the door and dragging Naruto inside Ino quickly locked the door. Slowly walking over and past Naruto, Ino took a seat on one of the counters where the drinks were and opening her legs gave Naruto the sluttyest 'come and get me' look she could manage.

"You should know if you hadn't moved when you did I was going to take you right on the dance floor." Said Ino as Naruto walked over to stand between her open legs, placing one hand on her hip he used the other to glide up and down her leg feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers, moving up he slipped his hand up under the dress pushing the fabric up enough to see her black lacey thong and started to rub circles on the outside of her hip.

"Ohh that feels nice." Responded Ino as she felt his other hand glide up her side and start to play with her breasts, while she wasn't a DD she was a slightly larger C-Cup than Sakura was. Leaning back Ino spread her legs even farther giving Naruto an even better view and inviting him to go further.

Moving his hand from her hips Naruto started to rub the back of his finger over her thong before slipping his fingers under the fabric and pulling it up causing the fabric to enter and rub against the lips of her pussy. Letting out little moans of pleasure Ino started moving a bit trying to get more friction from the cloth that was pressing into her.

"You like having your slutty little pussy played with don't you." Said Naruto letting go of the panties and running one finger up and down her dripping vagina. "But I haven't got to play with those nice boobs of yours yet, so why don't you take off that dress." Said Naruto moving back to give her room.

Sliding down off the counter Ino pulled on Naruto's arm motioning Naruto over to set on a chair before going to a wall and diming the lights and turning on some music.

"You really know your way around this room" Said Naruto watching as Ino walked up in front of the chair and reaching her arms from behind her head let her long blond hair fall from its pony tail and flow around her shoulders and back.

Starting to sway her body to the music Ino gave him a little grin "Let's just say I sometimes use this room if I want to entertain…friends." She said moving her arms and hands over her body in time to the music. As Ino swayed her hips she let her hands glide up and down her body using her left hand to loosen one of her shoulder straps and allow little more of her breast to fall out, and the other hand to raise up the bottom of her dress a bit before letting it drop back down.

Naruto was about to burst out of his pants from watching Ino tease him and it didn't look like she was planning on stopping anytime soon. Turning around the Blonde haired girl slowly bent over putting her hands on her legs causing the dress to ride up and allowing Naruto a nice view of her soft looking but cheeks. Swaying her hips around she caused her butt cheeks to move back and forth in an erotic dance of their own.

Slowly standing up and turning around Ino grabbed her shoulder straps and moving them out of the way let her dress fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in just her thong which was slowly removed. Walking over Ino slowly got onto the chair straddling Naruto's lap with her long slender legs.

Moving her chest closer to Naruto's face Ino looked down and in a voice that could heat the North Pole Said "You wanted to play with my breasts? You can lick on 'em, suck on 'em, what ever you want to do to my dirty little body." She said before taking one of the hands that was behind his head and using it to press his face into her breasts.

Wasting no time Naruto immediately latched his mouth around one of her breasts sucking on it and playing with the nipple with his tongue. Naruto continued to play with Ino breast sucking and licking at them as he took a big hand full of her ass in his hands and moving her closer started grinding up against her.

Moaning Ino slid her hands down Naruto's chest coming to the aching buldge in his pants. "Ohh that looks painful why don't you let me handle it?" asked Ino before pulling back from Naruto and sliding down to sit on the floor between his legs. Quickly using her fingers to unclasp the buttons Ino pulled down Naruto's dress pants and boxers letting his straining member free. Placing her hand around the large shaft Ino slowly began stroking it off.

"Wow Ino you're really good at this." Said Naruto, with the things she was doing with a simple touch he couldn't wait until they got to the main course.

"Lots and lots of practice whiskers, but from now on I want you to be the only person I dance for." Said Ino her pink tongue darting out of her ruby red lips to lick at his member like it was a lollypop. Still stroking his shaft with one hand Ino placed small kisses on the underside of his shaft working her way to his balls. Opening her mouth wide she was able to take his sac inside her mouth using her tongue to tease and play with them while she jacked him off.

"Damn that feels good but I'd really like to see those slutty red lips of yours wrapped around my dick." Said Naruto enjoying the feel as Ino's silky palms slid up and down his shaft. Slowly Ino moved her lips closer to the head of his dick using her thump to circle around the cap and lightly blowing on it before trying to take it in her mouth. Wrapping her lips around it she slowly moved her head up and down the shaft though as a testament to her skill it wasn't long till she had taken the whole thing down her throat and made him cum.

"God" Said Naruto throwing his head back in the chair after that blowjob. Crawling back up onto Naruto's lap Ino positioned her pussy to where it was rubbing right up against Naruto's growing shaft, leaning in she started licking at his cheeks and talking to him accidently rubbing his whiskers while she was doing that.

"Do you feel how wet my pussy it, how much I want you to fuck me?" Purred Ino the juices from her cunt soaking Naruto's cock, moving her face closer Ino leaned in to whisper in his ear. "But not just yet, first I have something I want you to do for me. I have always wondered about all the uses your clones could have, epically in the bedroom." After whispering in his ear Naruto got a smirk on his face and the next thing Ino knew there was a yellow flash and a pop of displaced air before she was deposited on a large bed.

"Sorry for that I thought something a little more comfortable would be better for what I have planned." Said Naruto before putting his hands together and making the cross sign created four other clones of himself. Ino was practically drooling looking at the five identical blond Adonis standing in front of her, their flagpoles swinging at perfect attention.

Getting off the bed Ino walked over to where one of the Naruto clones were, reaching out to she trailed her hand down the hard chest of one of the clones wrapping her fingers around his hardened shaft. Spreading her legs and sitting on her knees Ino started to suck on the clones dick, seeing the original and all the others standing around out of the corner of her eye she took the dick out of her mouth for a minute. "What are you boys waiting for I want you all to fuck me hard and cover me in your cum." She said

As soon as Ino finished she felt the hands of the first clone on the back of her head slamming her mouth down on his cock before thrusting and causing his dick to go far enough down her throat that Ino's nose collided with his abs. Not long after having the first clones man meat shoved down her throat she felt something poke the outside of her vagina before slamming in hard.

"Ohh Ino your pussy feels so good I can't believe it" Said Naruto as he thrusted in and out of Ino's dripping vagina.

"And those soft hands of yours aren't so bad either" Said the clone on her left who was getting a hand job from Ino, stepping up the clone on her right started to get the same treatment, the only one left out was the last clone who was standing there stroking himself off.

"Hey boss why you don't lay down under her so I can get to that cute ass of hers" clone number four said. Ino's eyes went wide she had never taken two guys at one time before, let alone blown one while being fucked by another like she was now, she was strictly a one man kind of girl.

Lying on his back Naruto brought Ino down to where her back was on his chest and plunged his dick into her ass. After some maneuvering the other clones got back into their positions while clone number four got down on his knees and started plowing into her pussy.

But after the feeling of having her pussy and ass filled with Naruto's dick and the pounding she was getting along with having orgasamed twice she was thinking that could change, as long as it was Naruto and his clones of course.

"Wow Ino your ass and pussy are much tighter than I was expecting I'm already about to cum." Said Naruto.

"Yeah me to her mouth feels great, get ready Ino im going to cum." Said clone number one

"Don't cum inside yet I want you guys to cum on me first." Said Ino after removing her mouth from the clones dick in one long wet slurp. Aiming at her face clone 1 shot ropes of his cum at Ino's sexy looking face, while clone four and Naruto painted her stomach and ass with their white cum before both clones dispersed, seeing that the two clones getting the handjobs started urging Ino to stroke them faster before cuming all over her breasts before they dispersed.

Sitting up off of Naruto Ino started to rub the cum into her skin giving her breasts, stomach, even her legs and butt a sleek shiny sheen to them. Rubbing one shiny breast Ino took a large glob that was on her cheek and started rubbing it into her pussy with her other hand moaning out in pleasure before cuming.

"Don't tell anyone whiskers but it had always been one of my dreams to have all my holes filled and end up covered in cum, I just never wanted to do it with a bunch of strangers." Said Ino

"You really are slutty Ino-Chan." Said Naruto crawling over and holding out a hand pulling her up to her feet.

"And I'm all yours whiskers." Said Ino lifting one leg and wrapping it around his hip, grinding herself against her hardening shaft.

"You really like nicknames don't you Ino Chan? How about I come up with one for you, how about kitten." Smirked Naruto moving the palm of his hands up and down her back occasionally cupping her tight butt cheeks.

"Why because I'm cute and playful like a kitten?" asked Ino placing small butterfly kisses on his jaw.

"That and because I like playing with your pussy so much." Said Naruto as he bent his knees and slipping his arms under Ino's knees lifted her up to where her legs were off the ground and wrapped around his body. Letting go of some of the weight Naruto let her drop onto his dick impaling her to the hilt and causing Ino to let out a scream.

"Yes yes fuck me harder, fill your sluts dirty little pussy up with your cock." screamed Ino

"Whose slut did you say you are?" asked Naruto picking up and letting Ino drop down onto his dick, making sure to thrust up every time he let her drop.

"Im your slut." moaned Ino her cute little butt bouncing up and down on Naruto's shaft.

"I really like the sound of that" said Naruto.

Moaning Ino was surprised when Naruto stopped thrusting and was about to ask him why until she saw the smirk on his face and felt something poke up against her ass.

"I figured since my sexy kitten liked having all of her holes stuffed that I should make some more clones." Said Naruto as the new clone started to thrust up into her ass. Soon Ino found herself being held up by naruto and his clone as they thrusted up into her.

After the clone that was plowing into her ass came and dispersed Ino looked around the room and saw it filled with Narutos

"This is going to be really fun" said Ino as she felt one leg being lifted up in the air making her have to put her hands on the ground to support her as one of Naruto's clones used her pussy as its own personal fuck toy. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the three dicks that appeared in front of her face all wanting to be played with.

- Outside the room somewhere-

The person watching had been excited about the inclusion of clones and after the first batch had dispersed ,Naruto had made two others, Naruto would have to work on the clones longevity thought the watcher. The watcher had a hard time following them through the club because of the patrons' attention, but after making a few examples the patrons found others to pester.

Growing tired and excited the Watcher decided to go for now and leave any other information gathering to the small cameras and seals located in the bedroom, the watcher would have to place more in other parts of the house but that was a job for another day.

-Naruto's room later that night ===

Waking up Ino rolled over to look at her blond haired lover, admiring his figure in the moonlight, he had a smile on his face maybe he was having a good dream or dreaming about the fun they had just had.

Though as fun and physically satisfying as it was Ino still felt hollow, the closest she had got to feeling emotionally full was when they cuddled before falling asleep and she could feel the love in the way his arms wrapped around her.

Maybe that is what she was missing she wondered, the love. Like she had said they had fun but they hadn't really made love they had just screwed around, and Ino wanted this relationship to be different. Yeah she really loved the sex but she wanted it to be about two people connecting not just two people using the others body to get themselves off.

Putting her hands on Naruto's shoulders she slowly shook him awake saying his name in a quite whisper. Blinking his eyes Naruto starred at her, at first due to the dim light he didn't notice what he was seeing then after his eyes adjusted he saw Ino's with her hair turned into a silver river flowing down her back and skin soffend by the moon light.

"What is it Ino-Chan is everything ok?" he asked concerned at what had woken her up at night.

"I want to make love to you Naruto." she said placing one of her perfectly manicured hands on his chest.

"Isn't that what we have been doing?" asked Naruto confused at what Ino was getting at

"No we've been fucking, I want you to take me in your arms and hold me, I want to feel your lips on mine as we join together." She said leaning in closer to slowly press her lips against his. Wrapping his arms around her waist Naruto pulled her down ontop of him letting her decide the speed of things to come.

Slowly breaking away from the kiss Ino took her hands and started to feel the outline of Naruto's face before bringing them down to feel his strong and gentle arms and finishing up running them over his chest like she was trying to memorize every curve.

While not using his hands Naruto's had been doing the same thing with his eyes, trying to memorize every curve and line that was painted or shaded by the bright moon light which brought an otherworldly all most magical feel to the room.

"I know I act slutty sometime and like a tease but I really do love you and I want you to love me." Said Ino her eyes locked onto Naruto's as her fingers ran through his hair, leaning down Ino started to kiss Naruto. Not a fierce demanding kiss but a slow passionate caress of her lips. Opening her mouth Ino used her tongue to invite Naruto to deepen the kiss which he happily did.

After the kiss was over and the two separated for breathe though not far as their noses were still touching Naruto started to speak. "I do love you Ino very much and I would like it if you would take my name and become Ino Namikaze." Said the spikey haired blond.

"I would really like that." Said Ino moving some hair from in front of Naruto's eyes and giving him a kiss on the nose, moving back Ino placed herself above Naruto's shaft before slowly sinking down and engulfing his cock with the lips of her vagina. Moving slowly Ino started to move back and forth letting out little moans as she felt Naruto's dick fill her up and his hands roam over her body.

Laying there Naruto just stared at the sight of Ino in front of him slowly rocking up and down on his cock while absentmindly rubbing her stomach with his hand feeling as it flexed every time she came down on him. Leaning forward Ino laid her chest on top of Naruto's moaning into his mouth as he sped up his thrusts.

"I'm about to cum." Said Ino feeling the pressure start to build.

Moving his lips to beside her ears Naruto whispered "Cum for me kitten" before giving one last hard thrust and emptying himself inside her. Spurred on by her lovers request Ino soon came and feeling exhausted collapsed on top of Naruto's chest, through right before falling asleep she could fill the warmth and love as he wrapped his arms around her.

AN: for those wondering the books that are being written by the mysterious writer are 'cheery blossoms' and ' lavender petals' each girl will get a book in the series. If anyone wants to guess who is the author I accept all challenges, who know if you win you just might get something.

Also I don't like Hinata so she will proably be taking a backseat, epically now that Ino is in since my favs are Sakura, Ino, femkyu, and naruko. Also sorry if I mistreat her in this fic but shes basically just there to be a Hyuga baby maker, maby if she had a backbone I would like her, in fact the only time I liked her was the time with pein or that old filler from the first Naruto series with the bugs.

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