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Chapter 1: Councils, Jobs, and revelations.

The Anbu captain known as Inu smiled behind his dog mask as he watched the young blond haired boy that he'd been told to watch. Over time the boy had quite grown on him. Several Anbu agents were confused about it, as Inu initially blamed the child for his sensei's death, seeing the boy as the Kyuubi instead of the Kyuubi's jailor. This view had changed suddenly after he witnessed an unforgivable sight.


Inu jumped across the rooftops, cursing the demon brat under his breath. Somehow the kid had run off without him noticing. If the brat could be found quickly, then Inu would have nothing to worry about other. If not, then the Hokage would have his head for sure. Something moved in the Anbu captain's peripheral vision. He turned his head, and saw three shinobi exiting an alley. The thing that shocked him, was the residual chakra he could sense coming from them, the blood splattered on their clothes, and the smell of charred flesh coming from the alleyway. A feeling of panic swelled up inside him as he dashed into the small alleyway. What he saw made him feel sick. The blond child was lying on the ground, cuts littering his body, and burns (Inu couldn't tell if they were 2nd or 3rd degree) covered half of the small body. Something in Inu's heart broke when he saw the damage that had been done to the demon brat.

"No." Inu thought to himself. "If he was a demon, he'd never have let something like this happen to himself. This is a defenceless child." He checked for a pulse, praying that he was still alive. Blue eyes fluttered open, and the child flinched away from Inu's hand.

"It's alright." Inu said through his mask. "I'm here to help you. What's your name?"

"N-Naruto…" the child looked at Inu as if he was trying to see any lies through the mask.

"Naruto…please forgive me for not finding you sooner. I could have stopped this…prevented them from hurting you." Naruto looked at Inu in shock, as the ANBU operative bowed his head. Before he could say anything, he found himself being carefully picked up from the ground and cradled against the adults chest.


"Take it easy Naruto. I'm going to take you to the hospital." Inu carefully jumped up to the rooftops, and ran the distance to the hospital.

Flashback end

Inu chuckled to himself as he remembered he face on the hospital workers face when he'd threatened to have him thrown in jail if Naruto wasn't treated well. Another Anbu officer suddenly landed silently next to him.

"The council requests your presence Inu-san." Inu nodded slightly, and put his hands together in a handsign. "I will watch over the demon Inu-san, don't worry." Inu paused momentarily.

"I think not actually. Shadow clone jutsu!" With a plume of smoke, three clones appeared.

"Watch over Naruto, and make sure that no-one attacks him." He ordered them. The three Inu-clones nodded, and vanished, hurrying off to unseen locations to watch over their charge. The original turned to the Anbu agent, and nodded at him. "Take me to the council." Inu smirked as the council's messenger stiffly nodded and ran towards the council rooms, before following closely behind.

"Anbu captain Inu, reporting in." One of the Shinobi council members stood at hearing this.

"You're late, captain." Inu gave a small bow of respect.

"I'm very sorry, but I was leaving some clones to watch over Naruto while I was here." He turned to the Hokage, and bowed deeply. "Hokage-sama, is everything alright?"

"I wish I could say I knew Inu-san." Sarutobi stated, a smile playing on his lips as he watched the councils reaction to the Anbu captains tardiness reasoning. "It was not me who called this meeting, but the council. I'm rather interested to know what was so important that I had to be pulled out of a meeting." Several of the council members from both sides looked uneasy upon hearing this, having thought that the old man would have been doing paperwork. One of the more important merchants that sat on the council stood up, his large stomach making the simple feat slightly more difficult for him.

"The councils want you to watch over Sasuke Uchiha." Inu nodded thoughtfully for a few moments, before speaking.

"Very well. I'll have some Anbu members that I trust watch over him." The elders stiffened at this. They would have preferred it if the Uchiha was left unguarded, along with the jinchūriki. Another member of the civilian council stood up angrily and glared at the masked man.

"That's not what we said, YOU are to watch the Uchiha, not your underlings!" The man slammed his fist onto the desk before him in anger. Inu turned and looked at the man for a moment.

"I'm sorry…I didn't know that CIVILIANS had the authority in this village to order Anbu captains about. I must be mistaken…but I thought that only the Hokage had that power. Have I missed an announcement, Hokage-sama?" Sarutobi chuckled at the Anbu captain's laid back attitude, and sarcastic remark.

"If there was a note, then I must have missed it as well." The council members flinched as their leaders gaze went over them.

"Captain Inu is within his rights to assign any Anbu that fall under his command to the task that you have…requested, and continue to personally watch over Naruto." Yet another civilian council member rose up, her face a mask of anger.

"Why should the Demon brat have your protection, instead of the last Uchiha?" She was about to say more, when a wave of killing intent hit her. All the occupants of the room looked at the source. Inu turned and faced the councillor. He held her gaze, and she stayed as still as she could, a feeling that if she moved, the shinobi before them would be on her like a hunting dog on its prey flickered through her mind.

"I watch over Naruto, because it is my duty, as appointed to me by the Hokage, and because if I didn't he would get killed by the villagers or the shinobi of this village, something that makes me ashamed to be a Konoha citizen. If it makes you feel any better, I'll put members of Anbu on Sasuke's watch, who I'd trust with my life, and who my old friend, and fellow Anbu captain also trusted."

"Who is this other captain, Inu?" Koharu queried. Inu looked at her through his mask, and somehow the entire council room knew that he was smiling beneath it.

"Aah yes. You might have heard of him…his codename was Weasel, but his real name was Itachi Uchiha." A loud murmer ran through the council room. Koharu and Homaru looked at each other and Hiruzen anxiously. The old Hokage just smirked at Inu's ingenuity.

"Very well Inu. Assign whoever you wish to watch over Sasuke, and get back to your post." Inu nodded to the leader of the village."This meeting is over. Go back to what your jobs and homes now. Inu, I'd like to speak with you privately." The Hokage shunshinned to his office, quickly followed by the Anbu captain in question.

"…I thought you said that you were in a meeting." The Hokage smiled as he lit his pipe.

"Just because I said it, doesn't mean that the meeting wasn't being wrapped up when I was called." He gave a short chuckle around his pipe. "Now…about the matter I wanted to discuss with you. I want you to go back to being a jonin, and take a genin team soon."

The Anbu captain paced around the office for a moment, before stopping with his back turned to the Hokage. "What's going to happen to Naruto?" The Hokage smiled, and gave his answer.

"I'm going to keep a close eye on him myself, and show the ninja body what will happen if they attack Naruto. I will also assign some of my personal guard to him." He saw the Anbu's silver hair bob, a sign that he had nodded. He turned, and started to remove his mask. The Hokage found himself leaning forwards, anxious to see what was behind. A shadow, being cast by a sign, covered the lower half of his face. Mask removed, the Anbu captain stared at the Hokage, a scar going through his left eye as obvious as the startling red that the left eye held. Gone was the Anbu captain Inu. In his place stood the legendary Copycat ninja Kakashi Hatake, son of the silver fang of Konoha, and only surviving member of the team taught by Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage. Kakashi sighed, and looked at the Hokage with half lidded eyes.

"Can I keep the mask?"

Naruto sat in the apartment that he'd been given by the 'Old man Hokage' as he sometimes called him, when someone suddenly appeared next to him. Naruto flinched, but calmed down when he saw who it was.

"Inu-san!" the silver haired Anbu chuckled and ruffled the blond ball of enthusiasms hair.

"Hello Naruto." He sat himself down next to the blond and let out an exhausted sigh. "aah…it's good to be able to sit down again." Naruto chuckled at the comment.

"So what are you doing here Inu-san?" Inu let out another sigh, a much sadder one this time.

"I've got some bad news for you Naruto…I'm going to have to quit being a member of Anbu soon…Hokage's orders." He saw the look of horror that crossed the young boy's face. "Now don't worry. I've talked to the Hokage, and he said that he'll be assigning his personal guards to look over you." Naruto's face scrunched up in confusion.

"What does that mean?" Inu chuckled again.

"It means, that you're going to have the same people protecting you, that protect the Hokage." Naruto's face lit up at the idea of having Hokage level protection. "Plus, I'll be keeping an eye on you and protecting you when they can't." He pulled the boy into a small embrace, a feeling of sadness welling up inside him as the child flinched. He let go and stood up, heading for the door.

"Hey, Inu-san!" He stopped and looked back at Naruto. "Can you tell me what your name will be next time we meet?" The two parts of the ninja fought each other. Kakashi Hatake wanted to say yes, but Anbu captain Inu was saying that his orders said no. The Anbu captain won out in the end.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I wish that I could tell you, but I could be endangering you if I did. There are a lot of scary people who would like to see me dead." The small boy pouted. "but…" Naruto's head popped up, his eyes shining in anticipation. "There's nothing stopping me from say…telling you the name of a very close friend of mine." One look at Naruto told him that the underlying message wasn't getting through. He sighed and continued. "His name is Kakashi. He'll check up on you if he's not too busy." He opened the door and started to walk out, but stopped. "Say…I've just realised something." Naruto tensed up, fearing the worst. "You never actually told me your surname." Naruto blinked a couple of times, before answering with a big grin.

"My name's Naruto Uzumaki!" The Anbu officer smiled, and bid farewell to him.

That night, when he took off his mask and uniform, he started to think about what had happened that day. Thou councils demand, the Hokage's request, his promis to Naruto…Naruto. For some reason there was something about him that was bugging both the ninja side and the Anbu side of him. Having shed the Anbu parts, the main person took full control. And suddenly.
"My name's Naruto Uzumaki!" Kakashi froze. 'No…he couldn't be…' he quickly threw on his Jonin outfit, complete with his mask covering his mouth and his head band over his sharingan, and raced out of his home. His mind was in a whirl. There was only one Uzumaki that he had ever known before.

"This is my new wife…Kushina Uzumaki."

The memory rose unwanted, and caused him to put on an extra burst of speed. He weaved around civilians and ninja alike, until he found himself at the memorial stone. His eye scanned the stone until he found what he was dreading. The cyclopean Jonin sunk to his knees as he took in the name, hidden inside the numerous victims of the Nine tailed fox was carved the name;

Kushina Uzumaki

Kakashi stared at it. Another name stood out for him. His sensei, inconspicuously placed just above it. Minato Namikaze. His sharingan aided memory brought two images up, one of the grinning Naruto, and the other of a grinning Minato. His eye snapped open in shock, as the glaringly obvious suddenly became clear to him. He stood up, and sliced open the palm of his hand, before clenching it in a fist.

"I swear to you…Minato-sensei…Kushina-san…Obito…Rin. I will look after and protect Naruto with my life. I refuse to fail you any further." The blood dripped from between his clenched fingers, falling onto the ground. He turned and walked away, determination set firmly in his mind. He wasn't going to let this village destroy his sensei's son.

No matter who tried it.

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