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Naruto sat there staring at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. Class ended at 11:00, letting them go to lunch. It was only 10:30 and he felt like he had been staring at it for forever.

"Staring at it won't make class go by any faster Naruto." He heard Sakura say.

"I'm hungry! I missed breakfast because I slept in-" he responded, banging his head on the table.

"That's your fault! Maybe you should set your set your alarm to an earlier time!" Sakura replied, smacking him.

"I really wish you weren't so dumb Naruto." Sasuke said from his seat behind Sakura. Naruto looked back.

"I really wish you weren't so emo. Besides, what does my… umm… whatever have to do with you?" Naruto said, pointing at him. Sasuke sighed, pushing back a strand of black hair.

"I'm trying to help you." He replied, taking notice of the teacher walking in.

"How is that helping me?" Naruto snorted, crossing his arms and looking to the front of the class.

"Academics Naruto. You're failing in all of your classes. You won't go to special help-" Sasuke replied.

Naruto shook his head. "I'm not going to special help because of that reason. If I go to special help, they'll make fun of me!"

"More than they do now?" Sakura jumped in the conversation, laughing.

Naruto growled. "It has to called "special" for some reason! That's why I'm not going!" he burst, standing.

"Naruto." He heard his teacher say. Looking to the front of the class, he saw everyone was staring at him.

Laughing he replied, "Here."

"Naruto, that's the seventh time this week you've-" he scolded.

"Iruka-sensei, it wasn't my fault and besides, you just got here so that doesn't count-" Iruka pointed to the door. "I didn't do anything wrong-" Naruto protested, throwing his arms into the air.

"I'll talk to you in the hall." Walking slowly to the door, Naruto glared back at Sasuke before shutting the door. A few minutes later, Iruka came out, calmed down.

"Why do you always pick on me? I didn't do anything wrong!" Naruto exclaimed, hoping he wouldn't get another detention.

"I just wanted to talk to you about your grades and behavior-"

Naruto looked away. "You're not my counselor." He grumbled. Iruka ignored the comment.

"Naruto, I want you to be able to get into college but you won't be able to if you don't keep up with your grades- you're already a month behind. Your behavior… If you don't start behaving, the school is going to expel you-"

"They wouldn't do that to me Iruka-sensei and my grades… I can get those up real quick! I'll even go to "special" help- I don't care what it takes." Naruto interjected, just wanting to graduate.

"I know you won't go to special help Naruto." Iruka replied, watching a stray student run down the hall.

"But I will-"

"I've already set up an appointment for a tutor."

It surprised Naruto. "A tutor?"

"Yes, today after school." Iruka told him.

Naruto shook his head. "But today's the Taijutsu tournament! I'm supposed to-"

"I've already forfeited you."

Naruto collapsed. "Now everybody will think I'm a-"

"Brains are better than brawn Naruto."

"But what about Lee and Sasuke?" Naruto asked, upset.

"Their grades are fine." Turning to go back into the classroom, Iruka said, "3:30 in room 211- Don't forget."

Naruto leaned against the wall, thinking of what he was supposed to do. 'How am I supposed to get my grades up if I keep getting kicked out? That's not even fair.' Sighing he walked to his locker down the hall.

"What am I supposed to do now?" He kicked his locker, opening it. Rummaging through the mess, Naruto pulled out his textbook for science. "I guess it won't hurt to be prepared." He sat down at one of the benches in the hall and took out his iPhone.

"I wonder if Kiba needs a tutor. I know his grades were bad too… I wonder if my tutor is Shikamaru." He unlocked his phone, seeing no new messages. "What? Choji said he would tell me if he was able to prank Iruka with me and Kiba tomorrow after school… I'll talk to him during lunch."

Going through his contacts, Naruto saw Neji. 'I barely talk to him anymore. I wonder if he's still going on with all that fate and destiny stuff.'

Hey Naruto text.

Ten minutes later, Neji replied. What did you want? I'm in philosophy.

Naruto laughed. Did you pick that class? That sounds just like you.

Neji: …Yes, I did. I heard you got kicked out of Iruka's again. (:

Naruto growled. 'How did he hear about that?' How did you hear about that? Who told you? Was it Sakura?

Neji: Lee. He's in that class remember? I don't have Sakura's number.

Naruto never really paid attention to who was it what classes. Naruto didn't care.

He text Neji back. Are you still into fate and destiny?

Neji didn't respond. Naruto took that as a yes.

He looked at the time: 10:50. "I should head to lunch. By the time I get there, people are already going to be taking the good tables." He said as he walked in the direction of the lunch room.

Almost there, he heard sobbing and yelling. It was faint because of the yelling, but Naruto could still hear it. It sounded like it was coming in the direction of the locker rooms. Naruto ran quickly, in case something had happened. He skidded to a stop behind a group of peers, yelling and making fun of a girl, trapped in a corner.

"Leave her alone!" Naruto yelled, pushing his way through to protect her. One of the boys sneered.

"Whatever. She's a freak anyways." He told Naruto as they left for lunch, hearing the bell. Naruto turned back towards the girl.

"Are you ok?" he asked, helping her up.

She nodded, wiping away her tears. "Th-thank you. No one's ever do-done t-that for me befor-re." she stuttered as she pushed her navy blue hair away from her face.

"It's no problem. Those guys had no reason do to be doing that anyways." He replied as she walked with him to lunch, a horde of kids passing by them and talking animatedly.

She shook her head. "It happens a lot- I thou-thought I wo-would be used to by n-now b-but I gu-guess th-that just letting it go on h-has made it wor-worse."

"How long has this been going on? I haven't seen you before." Naruto asked as they entered the lunch room. The girl bit her lip.

Just as she was about to answer, a voice cried out from the other side of the room. "Hinata! Naruto!" Naruto looked across the row of tables and saw Kiba, waving his arm at them. Naruto looked at the girl next to him.

He laughed. "I never got your name- I should've asked but it's Hinata, right?" Hinata nodded, making her way nervously over to Kiba's table.

As Naruto followed her, he noticed the stares she was getting. They were hateful ones. "What are you looking at?" Naruto yelled at them angry and confused as to why Hinata would be getting those stares.

He sat next to her, seeing a smile appear on her face as Kiba spoke. "Took you guys forever just to get here! What took so long?"

Hinata looked at Naruto, pleading. He saw the look in her eyes. "She and I met on the way here, but Asuma-sensei stopped me about my grades." He lied.

"You probably have the worst grades out of all of us Naruto! It's no wonder you need special help." Kiba said, shoving food in his mouth.

"I am not going to special help!" Naruto interjected. "Iruka-sensei got me a tutor and he forfeited me… Everyone is going to think I'm a chicken!" Naruto groaned, laying his head on the table.

"A chicken? They'll think you're a puss-"

"Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Asuma wouldn't stop talking about wind nature." Choji replied as he dropped a tray piled high with pork onto the table.

Naruto wanted to pull his hair out. 'Why Choji!?' he thought happy when Kiba didn't question Naruto's answer.

"Don't you eat anything else?" Kiba asked.

"Ramen." Choji replied before shoving a piece into his mouth.

Coming up from behind him, Ino said, "Just watching you eat makes me want to throw up."

"You're too skinny Ino!" Naruto told her as he got up to go into the lunch line.

"Whatever… You're a boy. Guys don't understand." She retorted as she ate her salad.

"Are you eating Hinata?" Naruto asked her, hearing his stomach grumble.

"Umm…" she hesitated, as if she wasn't sure if she was or not. Her stomach growled.

"Let's go. The line is getting longer." He said as he took her hand, dragging her.

"No, that's ok!" she said, pulling her hand out of his.

"You sure? Your stomach says differently." Hinata looked at the line. Naruto understood. "I'm here with you Hinata! No one's going to touch you." He said pulling her in.

"Th-Than-k you Na-Naru-to." She told him as a blush crept onto her cheeks. "You don't need to thank me. It's what friends do."

She looked away as the line moved forward. "Do Kiba and the others know?" She shook her head. "Why not? Don't you think that's kind of important?" Naruto asked, wondering how long she tried to keep quiet.

"I…I don't want them to get hurt." She told him without stuttering this time.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, concerned about her.

"The-ey sa-say t-the-ey'll hurt my fri-frien-ds if I tell. I don't wa-ant t-that."

"They can't hurt them Hinata. No one will. You should've told someone before-" Naruto was cut off.

"Come on, move up!" someone yelled. Naruto blushed and pulled Hinata forward, grabbing two trays and handing one to her.

"Want to talk about it later?" He asked as he placed a bowl of ramen onto his tray. Hinata shook her head.

"I can't. I have t-to hel-lp someo-one af-after school."

Naruto face-palmed. "Damn it… Thank you for reminding Hinata! I have tutoring after school today. Ugh… if my teachers wouldn't always kick me out class then I don't think I'd have this problem." He replied as he fished some change from the bottom of his pockets, handing it to the cashier, waiting for Hinata.

Standing nervously beside the cashier, she said, "I… nev-never eat he-ere so I d-don't car-ry mon-ney-" she stuttered, stopping as Naruto handed the woman a dollar.

"It's alright Hinata. If you ever need anything, I got it!" he told her with a grin on his face as they walked back to their table.

Sliding next to Choji, Naruto saw her poke at her at her food. "Hey, I know it's not the-" he began, but stopped, feeling someone stand behind them. Looking up, he saw Neji. "Hey Neji! What's up?" he asked, a little uneasy at the way Neji was looking at Hinata.

"That's just like Hinata." He replied, staring down at her. Naruto noticed she could feel it- she tried making herself smaller by pulling her legs up and her arms in.

"Get out of here Neji!" Kiba yelled as he stood.

"Kiba, what's wrong? Why is he-" Naruto wanted to know what Neji and Kiba's deal was.

"You're an idiot Naruto. Neji is Hinata's cousin-" Kiba began.

"Then what's the problem?" Naruto interrupted.

"She's weak. She, like you Naruto, doesn't deserve to have even half the things she has."

Kiba growled. "Leave her alone Neji! Go pick on a freshman or something- you've been doing this to her, her entire life!"

A small smiled appeared on Neji's lips. "Taijutsu." He stated, making Hinata twitch.

"Taijutsu? What does that have anything to do with your feelings towards her?" Kiba asked. Ino and Choji were sitting there, leaning forward and taking it all in- Ino more for gossip.

"You've been her best friend since sixth grade and you still don't know… That shows how much Hinata tells anyone. Who knows what else she's hiding?" Neji replied looking at Naruto. Naruto growled, angry he was picking on Hinata like that.

"Just tell us and go." He said, seeing Hinata's teary eyes.

"The Hyuuga are a family that uses taijutsu. We're very skilled. The tournament, which I've already registered the both of us into will decided who is stronger; less weak." Neji said as he walked away, leaving Hinata curled in a ball.

Kiba sat down, irritated and angry. "Why does he have to do that stuff to you Hinata? You never did anything wrong to him!" Kiba said, trying to comfort her.

"I'll skip my tutor session- I'm going to come cheer for you and watch you kick Neji's ass!" Naruto exclaimed as he stood on the table.

"You almost stepped on my pork Naruto!" Choji exclaimed pushing Naruto off the table.

"Sorry-" Naruto apologized, sitting back down.

Ino squealed. "I can't wait until the whole school hears about this! Everyone is going to-"

"Shut up Ino! Don't you dare tell anyone about this or I'll kill you." Kiba said.

Ino crossed her arms. "Whatever. You'll go to jail and you won't get to see your stupid mutt." She huffed causing Kiba to sigh as he and Hinata stood.

"That's not all I care about and I can't believe that's the best you could come up." Hinata glanced at Naruto, Naruto seeing her eyes for the first time since he had met her.

"I'll see you around Hinata!" he said with a smile waving and trying to make her smile. She gave a smile and Kiba led her out of the room. 'Why haven't I seen her before?' Naruto thought as he turned back towards his bowl of ramen only to see it gone. He heard Ino laughing. Looking up, he saw Choji slurping the rest of the noodles. "Ah, Choji! My ramen…. You owe me!"