So I've always loved Dollhouse, but I only recently watched it all the way through, haha. Then I was rewatching it with my sister and man…do I love Topher Brink and how can you not, right? Anyway, on top of that I've been studying the human brain a lot more again (I'm studying to be a nurse and my Biology class right now is better than my last one) and I really wanted to do this. Ashlyn and Summer are the same person, just by the by. I doubt any of you will read it, but here goes anyway.

WARNINGS: Language, Dark Themes, Sex, Violence



"Did I fall asleep?" Summer asked, looking at Topher.

The young man looked defeated, but he forced a smile and nodded. "For a little while…"

"Shall I go now?" Summer asked him gently, feeling a strong connection with him.

"If you like," Topher managed to get out.

The Dollhouse was supposed to be a secret, more or less. Of course there were clients who would come with huge sums of money and pay for Actives to play with for a day or a weekend, but Ashlyn Groves was different. She heard about the Dollhouse by word of mouth because her best friend used it every once in awhile when she was in her slump of feeling tired of being single—she used it as a pick-me-up. Ashlyn Groves and Remy Ferris couldn't keep secrets from each other and while Remy wasn't supposed to tell…she did.

Both young women had a strong bond that no one could break.

Still, Ashlyn was a mother bear at heart and when she felt like her friends and family were being threatened, she got aggressive and so she researched the Rossum Corporation. She wanted nothing more than to understand what it was that Remy had gotten herself into and amongst her research she found the name that changed everything for her: Topher Brink. He was a top scientist, young, and she was more than a little curious about him…so she used her connections to get into the Dollhouse.

It looked like a nice enough place and the Actives walking around were friendly, Ashlyn recognizing one of them but they didn't recognize her. She didn't talk to him because then Remy's cover might be blown, if it wasn't already—she was sure that Rossum had already figured out everything there was to figure out about her. Still, Ashlyn met with Adelle DeWitt and she smiled politely, smoothing down her skirt as she sat and just nodded when Adelle offered her tea.

"Everyone seems very peaceful," Ashlyn offered with a smile as she ran her fingers through her dark curls nervously. "It's hard to think that any of them could do anything, good or bad. They're so…innocent and pure."

Adelle smiled at her. "That's the whole idea."

"I should be up front with you about why I'm here," Ashlyn told her.

"By all means," Adelle said as she sipped her tea. "I want you to be honest and open."

Ashlyn nodded gently. "I'm not here to hire an Active for a day…I'm here to see how much it would cost me to get Topher for a day. He has an assistant, doesn't he? Someone that could do his job for him? Perhaps I could just have him for the night? Not in a romance scenario but just…I'm fascinated by him."

Adelle was caught off guard by Ashlyn's request, but in granting it even without talking to Topher about it first, that was really where the whole story began, and yet…there was so much more to it. Every memory that Ashlyn had with Topher was important to her and vice versa, but because of a sincerely traumatic experience, Ashlyn wanted to be wiped—she wanted to be an active. Topher was firmly against it because she was his and they had something special, but it wasn't his choice…not when she signed a contract to give the Los Angeles Dollhouse 5 years of her life.

It was then, that Ashlyn Groves became Summer the Active, and Topher Brink lost everything.

Note: I just wanted to do an intro to set it up, so those of you reading, I promise that everything will be explained and I will focus on their past and their present equally. They are a really beautiful couple the way it's set up in my head. Feedback is always appreciated!