I decided to write a sequel to "Prince of Flowers" I wanted to show what happens to all the characters. This will probably be a little more adult, and feature more characters from the series.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. George R. R. Martin is King of Westeros.

Prince of Flowers: Roses and Stags

Chapter One: A New Beginning

"Do you need a ride home?" Renly asks, dropping me off at school on the first day. I throw my book bag over one shoulder to hang down by my hips, and pick up a cup of hot spiced tea with honey.

"No, I'm going with Robb to take Torrhen to the doctor. He can't play football this fall on account of being a teen dad, so we get to hang out more."

Renly laughs. He kisses me, wraps a loose curl around his finger and kisses me again. I get out of the car and look back over my shoulder at him. He blows me a kiss before he drives away. I count to ten in my head and watch as Renly reverses to blow me another kiss.

"Hey, buddy," says Robb putting his hand on my shoulder. He waves to Renly. I watch my fiancé drive away before greeting my best friend.

"You two are disgustingly cute," Robb says, smacking me in the gut with a book. It's a university booklet on a highly recognized university nearby. Robb decided recently that he wants to stay close to home. This University is only a twenty minute drive.

"Did you apply?"

"I did. I really hope I get in," Robb says with his mouth full of burrito.

"I'm thrilled; I want you to stay close to home."

Robb offers me a bite of his burrito. I grin and nibble off a corner, a little happy to bite something that had Robb's mouth on it. I feel my face redden a little at the thought. The burrito is a little spicy, so I take a huge sip of my tea and it burns all the way down.

"How are things with you and Meera?" I ask as we walk into the building. I stare at Robb's face. His lips turn up into a smile and his cheeks redden.

"I feel like the luckiest guy in the world," Robb says.

"You really are in love with her aren't you?" I ask.

"Did you have any doubts?" Robb asks.

Maybe I did. I sort of still hoped Robb would announce that he is in love with me. But now that Renly and I are engaged I would never dream of leaving him for anyone. I love Robb, perhaps I always will, but I will never have him.

I stare at Robb while he talks about how great Meera is with the biggest smile on his face. I bump into someone in the hallway and fall down. Robb stops talking long enough to notice I am no longer beside him.

"Watch where you're walking, pretty boy," says the boy I bumped into.

Quentyn Martell is plain looking in comparison to his relative Oberyn who Renly slept with. I bare this Martell no ill will, but if Oberyn ever crosses my path, I may have to hurt him. He only makes it worse by calling Renly ever night begging him to take him back.

But this boy, I have nothing against him, other than his name. I get off the floor and apologize for bumping into the boy. He shoves me into a set of lockers really hard and walks on by with a few of his friends. Robb comes back.

"Are you okay?"

"I just bumped into someone," I say.

Robb raises his eye brow, I know he is about to ask questions I would rather not answer, but luckily the bell rings and I quickly throw my stuff in my locker and get my books for my first class. Gendry is in my class, he waves me over to sit with him. Tyrion Lannister's first period history class is just what I need to start my day.

About half way through class my back really starts to hurt. I lean and shift into different positions, but it only makes it worse, I yelp out loud in pain when a girl behind me accidently nudges me in the spine with her heavy purse.

"My prince, is something wrong?" Tyrion asks.

"No, Professor, well, yes, actually," I wince in pain.

"Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"Yes, Professor," I say.

"Would you like an escort?" He asks when I notice that Gendry is halfway out of his seat. I nod. Gendry follows me to the infirmary. The nurse has me take off my blazer, my tie, my shirt, and undershirt to examine me. She calls in a male teacher to do the inspection.

I wince when Mr. Luwin pokes me in the spine. I hear them mumble between them. Finally they let me get dressed while they talk. I stand before a mirror in the infirmary and look at my back. I have a bruise the size of a soccer ball on my back.

They bring Mr. Stark in to talk to me. This must be serious if they have to bring in the Headmaster. I sit on my cot and raise my shirts to show Ned Stark my back. He looks more concerned than the others did.

"Loras, did something happen at home?" Mr. Luwin asks.

"No. Why?"

"Well sometimes in relationships one person could get mad and take their anger out on another," says Mr. Luwin.

"Renly would never hit me if that's what you're implying."

"I believe you," Mr. Stark says.

"Ned, we have to take situations like this very seriously. If not Mr. Baratheon then who else would have done this. Domestic violence is a major issue, and since Mr. Tyrell is not only a minor but a prince we have to be extra careful."

"I do not believe Renly would hit Loras. He's a good-natured lad. He's nothing like Robert."

"I suppose you're right."

"I got pushed into a locker," I say.

"By whom," Mr. Stark asks.

"I don't know. I never saw his face. I assume it was an accident, I wasn't watching where I was going. He probably didn't see me."

"You may go back to class," Mr. Stark says.

"May I have something for the pain?" I ask.

"We can't legally give you drugs," Mr. Luwin says.

I nod and they give me a pass back to class. Gendry is waiting for me in the lobby. He walks me back to class. I am happy he never asks very many questions. Gendry usually respects my privacy. But when we are out of earshot he asks me who pushed me.

"It was nothing. I just bumped someone, and bounced off them," I say. I know Gendry is not buying my story but he says nothing. We get back to class as the bell rings. I gather my books and Professor Lannister gives us the syllabus because apparently that's all we missed.

I walk to my locker. I scan the hallway for Robb; I spot him down the hallway talking to Meera. I put my history book in my locker, and lean down to tie my shoe, when I stand up Quentyn Martell slams my locker shut in my face and calls me a bad name.

"I don't want to see you in my hallway," he says walks by.

"You don't own the hall," I say back. He stops and turns around. Oh great. Why did I speak? It's only the first day of school and I am going to get beaten up.

"What did you say to me, pretty boy?"

"I said you don't own the hall," I say.

He grabs me by my collar and pins me against my locker. He gets up in my face; I fear he is going to hit me. I close my eyes.

"Loras, are you okay?" Margaery asks. No, Margaery, go away. Go find Robb.

Margaery is not the damsel in distress type. Instead of hollering for some strong boy to come to help she tries to fight the boys off herself. The boys just laugh at her and Quentyn pulls his fist back ready to punch me. I am so glad I decided to wear contacts today.

"Let go of my brother," Margaery says.

"Back off, girlie, before you get hurt," says Quentyn.

"Drop him," growls Gendry. He picks Quentyn up by the back of his collar. Gendry pulls me out of Quentyn's hold with little effort. He sits me on my feet and tosses Martell aside.

"Watch your back, pretty boy, your body guard won't always be around," Quentyn says. He walks away with his friends. The bell rings again and I notice I am shaking.

"I didn't need your help," Margaery says, "but thanks."

Gendry kisses the top of Margaery's head. She gives me a kiss and scampers off to class before she gets a tardy slip on the first day back. Gendry stares me down. I avoid looking in his eyes. I watch Robb walk off in a different direction with his arm around Meera.

"I didn't need your help," I say.

"It sort of looks like you did. Did you honestly expect Margaery to rescue you?"

"I didn't need her help either. She could have been hurt."

"Yeah, she could, but so could you."

"I don't want to talk about this."

I try to walk away but he grabs my arm to stop me. I look him in the eyes. I see Renly in his face and it breaks my heart. What is Renly going to say when he finds out?

"Don't tell Renly."

"I won't this time. But you should."

"Thanks," I say.

Gendry walks me to class. I am so glad that juniors are not required to take physical education this term. I sit comfortably in the back of my math class and drool over the hot boy sitting three rows over two seats up. He must be new, but he is dreamy.

I avoid my locker for the rest of the day and just carry whatever books I am giving in class with me. It starts to really weigh on my arms and my back by lunch time. Jojen Reed takes a couple of my books off me and walks me to lunch. He heads to his friends as I look for my usual table. Robb is sitting at our table on the high platform. I just get a cheeseburger and fries and a bottle of apple juice and join him. I pass a table where Martell is sitting and zigzag through a few tables on the lower platform to avoid him.

He follows me with his eyes. I make it to our table before he can get any ideas. He would never try anything around Robb. As long as I am around Robb I am safe. I scoot my chair as close to Robb as I can get without violating his space.

"You smell nice," I say to Robb and smile really big. He laughs and bites into a fry.

"Thanks, Meera bought me new cologne."

"She has good taste. It's seductive," I say.

"Don't get any ideas," Robb says.

I breathe in Robb's cologne and commit the scent to memory. I stare at him while he eats and catch myself drooling a little. I wipe my mouth before he can notice.

"You have mustard on your chin," Robb says, he wipes it off for me.

"Thanks," I say.

We are joined by Meera who greets Robb with a sweet kiss. Gendry and some really pretty girl who I do not recognize sit down. I do a double take when I realize the girl is Arya. She looks like a girl now. She is even wearing a skirt.

"Arya, you look amazing," I say.

"I look stupid. My mother said it's inappropriate to wear slacks with my uniform so she made me wear this dumb skirt. She also bought me a push up bra. It itches like crazy," Arya says adjusting her bra. Gendry is watching her like she's an exhibit at the zoo. Robb scowls at him.

"I think you look great," I say.

"I second that," Gendry says.

"Stop drooling over my sister or I'll punch you," Robb says.

"Does that include me?" I ask innocently, pointing to myself.

"He should be more worried about you drooling over him," Arya says.

I blush. It's not a lie. Robb lets her comment roll right off his shoulder as if it was never said. I respect him for that. It seems that Sansa and Margaery are the only ones missing. Sansa comes over looking extra gorgeous. Even though I saw her on my birthday a few days ago she still looks stunning.

"Did anyone see the new girl?" Sansa asks.

She points to a shockingly pretty girl walking out of the line. Robb actually does a double take, but then resumes watching Meera eat. The girl has a tiny waist, and even from far away I can see she has shockingly blue eyes. She is pretty.

"She's totally hot," Gendry says, blushing.

"I know right," Margaery agrees.

"She's not that pretty," says Meera and Sansa at the same time.

No, I think I agree with Gendry. She is gorgeous.

"What do you think, Robb?" asks Sansa.

"I didn't really notice," Robb says staring at Meera. I am almost positive he is not lying.

I get up to put my trash away, and Quentyn Martell accosts me. He pins me between him and a trash bin. I stare into his eyes to stand my ground.

"You think you're so much better than everyone because you're a little prince," he says.

"I don't think that at all."

He touches my face which shocks me. Why is he looking at me like that? He shakes me rather hard then slaps me on the butt.

"You're really cute. It pisses me off."

"So you hate me because I'm cute."

"Get your pretty face out of my sight before I break it."

"I was going to say the same thing to you, only you don't have a pretty face," Robb tells Quentyn. Quentyn immediately releases me. No one will challenge Robb. Everyone knows he is tougher than he seems, not to mention fearless.

Robb steps between me and Quentyn and puts his arm out protectively. He stares the boy down. I stare at the back of Robb's neck as he puts up a challenge. Quentyn declines Robb's challenge.

"I was just messing around," Quentyn says.

"Touch him like that again and I'll break your face."

I hug Robb when Quentyn leaves. Robb pats me on the back, but I hold on to him. He laughs and pulls me in tighter. When he kisses the top of my head I squeeze him around the chest tighter. The scent of his cologne makes me dizzy, but I still do not want to release him.

"He won't hurt you again," Robb whispers in my ear.

"Don't let go of me," I say.

"I have to. People are starting to stare."

Robb releases me. I keep my head down to hide my tears. I follow Robb back to our table where I scoot even closer to him. I am practically on top of him, but he does not seem to mind. The extra closeness is making my hormones betray me. I thought I was over Robb, I was definitely wrong.

After school Robb and I go to his house to pick up Torrhen to take him to the doctor. I ask if Torrhen's sick, but Robb laughs. He says no, but little babies need to see their doctors once in a while to make sure they are healthy and stuff.

I ask Robb if we can hold hands in the truck, but he says no. I stare out the window feeling a little down. I know its wrong of me to ask Robb this stuff, but I cannot help myself. He's just so great. I stare at the ring on my left hand and think of Renly. I feel like I am betraying him somehow.

Are we rushing into this? Am I mature enough for a committed relationship? Here I want closeness with another man while I am engaged to another. Renly loves me, and I love him. Is it too soon to think about marriage?

Maybe I should talk to Renly about this. He has a right to know if I have any doubts. That's what I will do. I will talk to my fiancé.

Was it silly of me to write this sequel? Should I continue? Should I scrap it and write something else? Let me know what you think. Thank you for reading. Please review.