Chapter Six: Jealousy is an Ugly Thing

Margaery's Point of View

"Hey, Ellaria, it's me, Margaery, I was just calling to see how you are. I haven't heard from you. Um…I miss you. Call me when you get this message."

I hang up and dial the number again; maybe she will pick up this time. My girlfriend Ellaria is in University. She has not been picking up the phone. It's been almost a week since I last heard from her. She could just be busy. That's how University students are.

"El, I'm so glad you picked up. How are you? Oh. Well, yeah, I understand. Bye."

It's over. She says I am too young and she needs someone older. I gave her everything. We had sex. How could she do this to me? I thought she liked me. I toss Loras's phone on the bed and pull my knees up to my chest.

"Hey, Margaery, have you seen my phone? What's the matter?" my brother asks.

"Ellaria broke up with me."

I wish I could say it would be okay, but truth is, it really hurt. She was my first girlfriend. I had never had sex with anyone before her. I fooled around before, but I never—she was my first. How could she.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Loras says.

He slides into bed beside me. I climb on my brother's lap to be held. He wraps me in his arms and gives me a gentle squeeze. I nuzzle my face against his neck and sob. He rubs my back and rocks me back and forth.

"I gave her everything," I sob.

"I know. It's her loss. She's going to realize she made a mistake. But you know what; you're too good for her."

"You're supposed to say that you're my brother," I squeak.

"I'd say it if I weren't."

"Loras, tell me I'm pretty," I say.

"You're beautiful."

I sob harder into my brother's neck. He squeezes me tighter. He spreads his legs on either side of me and shifts the position he holds me in. He pets my hair.

"It's time for school," Loras says.

"I don't want to go."

Loras comes in the bathroom while I am getting out of the shower. I put a towel around me and watch him pop a zit in front of the mirror. I hand him the acne cream. He rubs it all over his face. I wipe steam off my part of the mirror and check out my own face, which is almost identical to his, only his cheek bones are more prominent.

"You need to take better care of your skin. Mummy and Daddy would be disappointed. You're letting your figure go. You need to watch your diet. This American food is fatty, Loras."

"I know. I gained three pounds. Don't tell Mother and Father. I'm going to lose it. I'm going to start working out with Robb and those yoga classes are helping. You look great. How do you keep from gaining weight?"

"I'm just lucky I guess," I say, I kiss the side of my brother's face and grab my bra off the hanger. Loras ignores me while I get dressed. He changes in front of me all the time. I slip on my underwear, my tights, and then my skirt. "Your bruises look better today. How's Renly doing?"

"He's still mad at me. He kicked me out of bed."

"He'll get over it. He's just mad you lied to him. Come to think of it, I'm mad too."


"Because we're best friends and you didn't tell me. I don't want us lying to each other. I worry about you."

"I worry about you too."

I push my brother playfully, he pushes back. I smile at him. Even our smiles match. I put on my white shirt and button it up. My bare-chested brother puts on an undershirt. I reach out to tickle him. He recoils, but I gain the advantage. He goes weak in the legs and collapses against the basin from being tickled. He is laughing so hard he can barely breathe. I let up when he submits to my will.

"I yield. Oh that's not fair."

"Such is life."

He grins and pecks me a kiss on the lips.

"I'm glad to see you're happier now."

"It's because I have a great brother."

He leaves the bathroom, and I finish getting ready for school. I put on my makeup and braid my hair down my back. I weave a ribbon into my braid and add glitter to my cheeks. I spray on perfume to hide the peach scent of my shampoo.

I ride shotgun to school. Loras sits in the back gazing out the window, his book bag on his lap. I spot the pretty new girl in the parking lot when Gendry drives around looking for a place to park. He pulls in right beside her car.

She is wearing her long black hair in soft ringlets. Her bright blue eyes shine out at us when she smiles. My heart drops into my stomach, and I feel a deep burning between my legs. I cross my legs and bite my lip.

"Hi," she says. Her voice is not disappointing. The burning between my legs worsens and I sway from side to side rubbing my thighs together. It's not helping. Her skirt is playing peak-a-boo with her tan thighs.

"You're Princess Margaery aren't you? Someone told me you went to school here. That's why I transferred."

She extends her hand to me. I shake it and stare at her lips. Her lips are rosy red and plump. Her pearly white teeth stand out in a billion dollar smile. My heart is running rampant in my chest.

"I-I-I," I say.

"Well, I hope to see you around. Tryouts for the play are today, I hope to see you there!"

She walks away before I could say anything. My knees give out but my brother catches me. He beams brightly at me as he helps me stabilize. I kiss his cheek.

"She's so hot," I whisper.

"You should go to the tryouts," He suggests.

"Only if you come too," I say

"I can't say no to you," Loras says.

I jump in his arms and devour his face in millions of kisses until he yields to me. He laughs and pushes me off him. He gives me a piggyback ride into the school. Loras drops me in the hallway by Sansa's locker. Robb is talking to her sipping something hot, and looking somewhat healthy.

"Robb Stark it is so good to see you," I hug him before Loras gets to. Robb kisses the top of my head and pulls me into a bigger hug. Robb's scent and warm body only make the problem in my loins worse. I need to find someone who would make them go away.

"I missed you, Mags," says Robb.

"Where's Meera?" I ask noticing she's not at her boyfriend's side.

"Where's Arya?" Gendry asks at the same time I ask for Meera.

"Meera is running late, and Arya is with her lab partner they had to finish some homework together or something. They're in the science lab," Robb says. Gendry leaves us to head in that direction.

"Where's my hug?" Loras asks.

"I missed you," Robb tells Loras.

Robb hugs Loras with both arms wrapped tightly around him. It's a very brotherly hug full of deep mutual affection.

"I missed you so much," Loras says.

Robb wraps one arm around Loras's shoulders and ruffles his curls.

"Don't get so emotional. I got you something," Robb hands Loras a gift bag.

"What's this?"

"Open it," Robb says.

It's a wood carving of a stag eating a rose.

"Did you make this? It's beautiful."

"I made it weeks ago but I forgot about it."

"I love it, thank you."

I roll my eyes. They act like a couple sometimes. Sometimes I think that Robb is too nice to my brother. He's going to spoil that boy. Meera finally shows up. Robb's pupils dilate and I watch the corners of his mouth form an automatic smile as a light blush creeps onto his cheeks.

I say hi to Meera and lead my brother away while the happy couple kisses. They have not spoken since last week. Robb refused to let Meera see him while he was sick. He believed she would fall out of love with him if she saw him like that.

I see the girl again in the middle of a small group of boys and girls. She is flirting and laughing. I duck behind my brother to stare at her. Loras laughs. I lean against the wall behind us and sigh when she walks by with her friends.

"Hi," she says.

"Wap!" I say.

What is "wap?" Did that just come out of my mouth? Oh my goodness this is embarrassing. Loras is staring at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Did I just say 'wap'?" I ask.

"I have no idea what you just said, but on the plus side I don't think she does either."

"Kill me."

"We're definitely going to that audition and you're going to talk to her."

"I can't talk to her you saw what just happened."

"Margaery, you're a princess. You know how to speak eloquently; you are the most charming person I have ever met."

"I'm so nervous. She's so—isn't she? Her hair is just so—don't you think?"

I choke back a moan as I think about the girl whose name I have not learned. I cross my legs tight when I start to feel a little hot. Loras offers to walk me to class. I agree to let him walk me half way then I duck into a bathroom. I open the first stall and lean against the door. I reach down inside my tights.

The bell rings and I am forced to hurry. I wash my hands thoroughly and scurry off to my first class feeling a little guilty. I avoid eye contact with everyone. I fear my face will give me away. I suffer through several periods of boring lectures until lunch time.

I meet up with my brother and he walks me to the cafeteria. He grabs my arm and pulls me aside for a moment.

"You look a little guilty."

"Trust me you don't want to know."

"Margaery, this is school. You can't do stuff like that here."

"What was I supposed to do? I can't control it."

"We'll talk after lunch; I'm hungry and its pizza day."

Arya has a little friend eating with us today. He is thirteen, he's obviously interested, and he's cute as a button with bright eyes and mouth full of braces. He's her lab partner. She asked Robb's permission for him to join us for lunch. The rest of the table voted on it, and everyone said yes except for Gendry.

Loras told me that Gendry has been in a bad mood all morning. He keeps trying to get Arya's attention during lunch but she is preoccupied with the boy who I learned is named Edric Dayne. She keeps laughing at his jokes and stealing glances at him.

"Arya, look at this two pizzas in my mouth at once," Gendry says.

"That's great," says Arya, obviously not paying attention.

"Arya, do you want to hang out after school?" Gendry asks. He's biting his bottom lip waiting for the answer. He's watching her every move.

"Can't, Edric and I are auditioning for the play," says Arya.

Gendry slinks back in his seat and tosses his breadstick on the table it bounces in Loras's direction. He folds his arms across his chest. "What's so great about him? He's not even part of our group. He doesn't belong here."

"Don't insult my friend, you stupid oaf," Arya says fiercely.

"I can insult anyone I want. Don't call me stupid."

"You are stupid."

"Oh I'm the stupid one?" His nostrils are flaring. He shoves Arya so hard she falls out of her chair. Robb rises out of his seat quickly.

"Take it easy. She's smaller than you are," Robb says.

Gendry grunts. He marches across the high platform to the table where the new girl is sitting. She is so pretty. I want her so bad. I have no idea what her name is but she is always in my dreams.

Gendry brings the girl back with him and pulls up another chair for her. I look at Sansa who looks down at her food and pretends to be interested in the crust of her pizza. I meet Meera's eyes, but she just leans toward Robb.

I blush and avoid eye contact with the girl. Robb shakes her hand and welcomes her to our table today. I can tell by the look he gives Gendry that this is an evaluation. Her presence at our table is temporary since we never voted on it.

"This is Bella. I'm going on a date with her Friday," Gendry says, putting his arm around her. The girl giggles. That's a pretty name. It means beautiful.

Gendry keeps shooting glances at Arya, but she is refusing to care. I am not sure if this bothers her or not. She's hard to read sometimes. She ignores Gendry completely and strikes up a conversation with Edric. I look at Robb. He has one arm on the back of my brother's chair, and the other is holding a slice of pizza, but he is very interested in what's going on with Gendry.

"Robb, don't we have a date Friday? Maybe we could double," suggests Meera.

Gendry glares daggers at her. She recoils into Robb. Robb and Loras make an excuse to get more pizza. Of course, leave it to boys to flee when a situation turns awkward.

I wish I had gotten up with them. It's hard enough watching Gendry flirt with the girl of my dreams. She seems to enjoy his company because she is flipping her hair and laughing. I get up and join my brother and Robb in line when I cannot take anymore.

"I'm sorry," Loras says, rubbing my arm.

"What did I miss?" Robb asks.

I feel like crying.

"It's not fair," I choke out.

"Do you like that girl?" Robb asks.

I nod.

"You're much prettier than Gendry," Robb says. I laugh. He kisses me on the cheek. I stand on the tips of my toes to kiss him back.

"I guess it's not meant to be," I say fighting back tears.

Loras rubs my arm again.

"Don't worry, sweet sister, you'll find a great one someday. She will be the love of your life and she'll worship the ground you walk on. You'll drive her nuts."

"If not there's always Sansa," Robb jokes.

I laugh and punch his arm playfully. We get our pizza and head back to the table. Gendry has his tongue down Bella's throat. I look down at my pizza to preoccupy my thoughts. Arya is sitting close to Edric if they move their heads a certain way they would certainly bump noses, and possibly more.

Gendry does not seem to like that. He looks over Bella's shoulder at Edric with a murderous look in his eyes. His breathing is heavy and strained.

"I think you'll make a great Nymeria in the play, Arya. That part was meant for you," Edric says.

"Thanks. I really hope I get it."

"Maybe I'll get a part too and we could share a kiss on stage," Edric says.

"Arya's too young to kiss boys," Gendry says, his arm around Bella.

"Mind your business, stupid."

"Arya, is that any way to treat your friends?" Sansa asks.

"Shut up, Sansa," Arya flicks tater tots at Sansa.

"You are incorrigible," Sansa says. Getting smashed tots out of her hair.

"That's enough! I am sick of all three of you. You're giving me a headache," says Robb. He starts coughing very hard. Loras thumps him on the back and Meera gives him a bottle of water. He chugs it, but it is not enough to help him. Sansa and Arya look guilty.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"I don't feel well. This bitching isn't helping," Robb says.

"Do you need to lie down?" Meera asks.

Robb's face is turning pink. He hits the floor almost instantly. Meera and Loras move chairs out of the way, Gendry stops people from coming close. The teacher on duty comes over to help.

"Arya, go get Daddy," Sansa says.

I cover my mouth with my right hand and wait while Mr. Stark and the nurse and health teacher revive Robb. He wakes up long enough to get into a wheelchair. They take him down to the infirmary. Meera goes with them.

"Is he going to be okay?" I ask.

"I don't know. He just got over an illness, but this can't be normal," Loras says. I can feel my brother's heart pounding. There is a look of deep concern in his brown eyes. I put my arm round him.

"I'm sure it's just stress," I lie. He is not convinced but he buys it anyway. I guess we really do not want to think of worse alternatives.

Author's Note: Bella was the name of the girl who asked Gendry to "ring her bell" in A Storm of Swords.