1942, Norway.

"Nein, I do not want to go, I want to stay with you daddy!" The young boy shouted, struggling against his mother's arms. The woman sighed, tears rolled down her cheek, in her left arm, her other sons was in a deep slumber. The proud father kneeled down and hugged his son. To the world, he was cruel, sadistic, a nazi but if one looked further, they could see a man caring for his family. "you can not stay here my son. Go and protect your mother and brother."

The man stood up and looked at his wife, a young blonde woman. "Anne, please flee, come back when I tell you to." He sighed, the woman sobbed before moving into his arms. "Johann, stop this, please. Come with me, with your family." She could not ask him to forget everything, no. He pushed her away. "Go, change your name and do not come back untill I give the signal." He looked down at his eldest son and nodded. "Be strong… Heil Hydra." He walked off, to his destiny.

1950, Normandie.

"Please, I need to go, for my boys." Anne begged the captain of the ship that was headed towards the U.S.A. She had to flee, Johann disappeared, if somebody found out about Rheinholt and Jacob, they want them for the blood. To prevent that history will repeat itself. Jacob was sitting on a barrel, watching the conversation, his younger brother Rheinholt stood beside him. "Mother really wants to move to the U.S.A." Rheinholt commented. Jacob just grunted and picked up a piece of rope. "I do not think father died, he just abandoned us, ran off with a younger woman." He said. "You are lying Jacob, you are!" But it did not change the fact they were without father. "When I get my own kids, I will be there fort hem, love the mand raise them." Rheinholt commented, looking away. Jacob just laughed. "As if you get them, you think girls are icky Rheinholt." Rheinholt huffed.

Their mother suddenly called both of them, they were heading towards the U.S.A. Anne arranged something, in exchange she helped out on the ship, they could tag along. The boys ran towards their mother and grabbed their little bags. Together they boarded the ship, escaping the horrible fate that was waiting for them in Germany.