After the incident, Hydra base.

Madam Hydra was sitting beside Red Skull, explaining to him about the new world. In front of them, a map of the world, flags marked where Hydra bases and Zemo bases were. Johann listened to her as he figured out how to destroy the other bases. "We can't locate the heli carrier because it is movable." Said Madam Hydra. "Then we need a movable base as well, as back up. One we can hide in plain sight." Was Johann's response. A soldier ran in. "Sir, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker has returned and he has news" the soldier said. Johann waved at the soldier to let the man in. The soldier nodded and opened the doors, letting a beat up Strucker in. "My liege, I have news that might interest you." "Then tell me instead of wasting time here Strucker." "The Squid was in Berlin, chasing after one of the pups, he wanted the wench alive. Apparently it was a big fight since she was all torn up. I beated the Squid and tried to finish her off myself but Captain America protected her." The Red Skull growled at the name of his enemy. "And why should I care that the blonde was getting kidnapped?" "She wasn't blonde anymore my liege, her hair was as red as your skin my liege. She must be a mutant or something." Johann looked at Strucker as if he was crazy. Nobody could be a mutant, Jacob became an albino with the ability to shape shift thanks to the serum. Rheinholt could withstand a lot and he had some red in him but the full change from blonde to red? Nah, It can't be that she might be the offspring of Rheinholt, his wife died during childbirth and nobody ever saw the infant. "Leave, send spies towards Baron Zemo and to S.H.I.E.L.D. I want this to be figured out." Strucker nodded and walked off.


"Miss, the pawns are placed, the darlings are almost located, Only Hydra does not have enough darlings. We are only stuck on Werner von Strucker. Shall I call Domovoa to investigate?" One of the soldiers asked, standing in front of the desk. The figure in the shadows chuckled. "Don't worry, soon everything shall fall into place. The Red Skull will find his granddaughter and I will make sure he will care for her, enough to break as I snap her neck in front of his very own eyes. The world will belong to me and Domovoa and Deamon will go as they please." Long nails scratch over the small version of earth. A low growl is heard from the shadows, a figure in the shadows, something big, a tail sweeping from side to side. "When can I kill the super humans?" it growled. "Soon my friend, soon you can feast upon the bodies of all those superheroes. But Skull and Alex are mine. Understood?" "Yes my lady." It lowered its head and disappeared into the shadows. "Do we have the blackmail ready and the rumors?" "Yes my lady!" the soldier saluted. "Then bring the families closer than ever. Suggest to the Baron where the brat lives, make sure they kidnap her and send her to Hydra but.. make sure it fails as well. I want them both alive if we want this to work. Then prepare the ray and push Alexandra towards her grandfather, make both care." The figure placed the small globe in her hand. "And when he loves her like a true family member, kill her and break Hydra." As the words left her mouth, the globe was crushed.