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The Offer

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"You are a very beautiful lady. Would you care to have a drink with me?" Brad said in a flirty tone of voice and Eliot rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I have a lover and I'm sure he wouldn't want me to have a drink with you all by myself." The lady informed him.

"Hey, Sweetie. I hope I didn't keep you waiting." The man said to the lady and she smiled at him.

"Well, honey. This man here wants to have a drink with me." The lady commented calmly to her lover.

"That would be okay as long as I'm with you, Darling." The man said to her. The lady smiled at him and turned her eyes towards Brad.

"Would it be okay if me and my lover were to have a drink with you?" She asked Brad.

"Sure the more the merrier." Brad answered her. Eliot blinked his eyes and wondered what is going on. After several drinks Brad, the lady, and the man were pretty drunk. Eliot rolled his eyes and he felt a bit bored.

"So, Brad. What would you think of a threesome? Me, you, and my lover?" The lady asked him and her voice was slurred. "You are very very pretty, Brad. Nice slim hips and nice ass too."

"Me and my darling love having another person with us." The man commented and his eyes were half-lidded. "Doesn't matter if the other person is female or male or whatever as long as they are above the age of twenty years old. It's tons of fun."

Eliot looked at Brad and appeared as if he was thinking about it.

"Brad, Are you serious?" Eliot asked in a whisper and Brad tilted his head to the side.

"Never been in a threesome." Brad told them. The lady and man smiled at him. "I don't know."

"Well, The three of us can go to a hotel and we can show you how good threesomes can be darling." The lady said to Brad and then she touched her lover's hand. "My man here is gentle, but he can be rough if you want him to be rough and stuff."

Eliot grabbed Brad by the arm.

"Hey kid where are you taking the pretty man with a nice ass?" The man and the lady asked in a slur. Eliot ignored them, he dragged Brad away, and Brad just went with the flow. Eliot muttering to himself and shaking his head.

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