AN: So, I was inspired to write this by the multitude of fics on here that pack similar conversations into small portions of chapters. I am in a very dialogue-y mood lately, so this came out. It kept going, too. They wouldn't stop talking!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for reading!


Videl couldn't have known how obvious she was being, lost in a daydream while Bulma walked around the kitchen preparing coffee for the two of them. Teenage mind delving into what could only be described as some pretty racy thoughts, Videl had one knee hugged to her chest and was picking at the skin around her thumb agitatedly.

The kettle began to whistle, prompting Bulma to pick it up and pour water into two mugs before turning around to glance at her guest. Videl didn't see the smirk that graced Bulma's face upon noticing her intense daydream.

"And just what has you so distracted, young lady?" Bulma asked, setting one of the mugs in front of Videl, who was suddenly snapped out of her reverie. "I've grabbed some milk too, in case you want that," she continued, pointing at a small carafe she had also placed on the table.

Videl felt her face go a little bit pink, as if there was a screen behind her, projecting her thoughts for all to see. Now that would be a nightmare. "Oh, um. Thanks, Bulma," she said, grabbing the carafe and pouring a dash of milk into her coffee. "I'm… yeah. A little out of it."

"You don't say?" said Bulma, with a chuckle. "Is it anything to do with what brought you here so early? Not that you aren't always welcome," she added. "But I figured you'd be arriving with Gohan a little later?"

Bulma had decided to host a little gathering at Capsule Corp, scheduled vaguely for 'late afternoon'. Videl had told Gohan to meet her there, since she lived much nearer, but nevertheless out of the way if Gohan were to come collect her first. It wasn't like she needed him to fly her, or anything. In any case, Bulma was right; she was here early, and for a reason.

Except, now that she had arrived, she didn't really know how to begin. Not eloquently, anyway.

"Yeah, um. I wanted to talk to you for a bit," Videl explained, awkwardly. "I didn't really know who else to ask…"

Bulma's eyes seemed to literally light up at this. She apparently knew how to read between the lines. "Videl," she said, teasingly, "Are you here to ask me about sex?"

Videl's stomach twisted with misplaced anxiety. She didn't need to be embarrassed about this but damn it, she was. She felt her cheeks grow redder, and she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat.

"Honey, it doesn't have to be weird, come on," Bulma reassured. "Now, what's up?"

"They always said at school, if you aren't ready to talk about it, you aren't ready to do it," Videl blurted out.

Bulma's face softened, in an obvious attempt to make things a bit less horrifying for the poor girl. "They're right, you know. Do you talk about it with your friends at all?"

Videl took a sip of her coffee, which had cooled down quicker than she had expected. Probably due to the milk. "A little…" she said, giving it a bit of thought. "Most of them have already done it, actually. That's not really the point, though. I can talk about it if I'm being… detached?"

"You mean, when you aren't referring to you and Gohan specifically?" Bulma asked.

"Yeah," Videl replied. "I think if it were about anybody else, like if I was with a normal guy from school it'd be… well, it'd be easier to talk about."

"So it's the Saiyan business that you're concerned about, right?" Bulma stirred her coffee a few times, dissolving a sugar cube.

Videl sighed, thankful that she was able to get to the core of her worries. "Pretty much, yeah."

Bulma took a sip of her coffee, before scrunching her nose up a bit and adding another sugar cube from the bowl on the table. "They don't know he's a Saiyan though, do they? So what's the problem?"

"Well, it's hard to talk to anybody about my relationship with Gohan, anyway," Videl reasoned. "Everybody knows a few very important things about him, and that just leads to more questions. I try not to let the conversation veer into dangerous territory."

Bulma nodded, and leaned back in her seat. "Of course," she said, "they know about him being Saiyaman and the Gold Fighter, don't they? And Gohan isn't really comfortable with erasing more memories than we have to, after Buu. How's he dealing with all that?"

Videl rolled her eyes. "Awkwardly, like always." She giggled a little at the thought. "He just dodges questions and changes the subject. I think everybody kind of gets that he doesn't want to talk about it, but of course that doesn't mean they don't ask me."

"That must be hard for both of you."

"It's okay," Videl said with a shrug. "We've talked about it a few times. I think Gohan worries that being with him means I'm becoming isolated, but I've always been pretty withdrawn anyway."

Bulma smiled, though Videl noticed a hint of sadness in her eyes. "I understand, honey. Once you're a part of all this," she said, gesturing with her arms an imaginary concept of 'this', "it's hard to interact normally, sometimes. You're burdened with a lot of knowledge."

Videl nodded. She was pleased that Bulma understood. It had been under three months since Buu had been defeated; they had to wait another three before wishing selected memories away from the general public, but the memories they were keeping would be enough to ensure that they knew Gohan was a bit… different. It was helpful in some ways, in that his excuses to leave the classroom when Videl did, were not resisted. On a shallower level, it also meant that he now held this aura of mystery to everybody at school, which made Gohan adorably uncomfortable, much to Videl's amusement.

For the next few months however, everybody would have some vague recollection of being returned to life after dying. Thankfully, with the global overexposure to complete madness, their classmates largely brushed off a lot of what made Gohan different to them, but that was only as long as nobody got an opportunity for a one on one interrogation. It was exhausting, being with someone who had so many secrets that needed keeping. Videl had a lot of respect for the women behind the Saiyans. They were crazy sometimes but damn, did they have an excuse.

"I think we've drifted from the original topic a little," Videl pointed out, suddenly feeling shy again. Though, she had definitely become more comfortable after having a bit of a preliminary chat.

Bulma smirked. "Ah yes, we have indeed. So." She crossed her legs and leaned forward eagerly. "You guys doing it?"

Videl bit her bottom lip. "No, not yet… that's kind of why I'm here. Sex advice from my friends is…" she paused, trying to collect her thoughts. "Well, none of them are with Saiyans, are they?"

"I wouldn't imagine so, no," Bulma said facetiously. "So, you want to know if there's anything… different about it, I'm guessing?"

"Pretty much," Videl admitted. "We're… progressing normally enough, I think. I just kind of want to know if it's going to get weird."

"What, like ritualistic?" Bulma asked, eyebrow raised. "No. It's pretty normal, in my experience."

Videl tried to think of a world where sex with Vegeta could be considered normal. Now, there was a visual she regretted conjuring up. "But, I mean… how do they… you know. Not kill you."

Bulma, evidently seeing the anxiety in her eyes, reached over to where Videl's hand rested on the table, and patted it reassuringly. "Well, consider this."


"All of the Saiyans, even little Trunks and Goten, use the same things us normal folk use every day," Bulma explained. "They drink out of glasses without shattering them. They turn doorknobs without ripping them out. They have control."

"I get that," Videl said. "But, sex is a little different, isn't it?"

"A little different, sure, but the same principles apply," Bulma pointed out. "It's still a matter of them recognising that their 'normal' isn't the same as ours. I think you'd be surprised at how adaptable they are."

"I guess…" Videl trailed off, still unsure.

"Okay, so forgive me for being intrusive, but…" Bulma said, pausing for a moment to take a sip of her drink. "I assume we're having this talk because you and Gohan are just about ready. I've known Gohan since he was tiny, so this is a bit creepy for me, but when you two… mess around, has he ever been too rough with you?"

Videl blushed a bit as her thoughts wandered back to the weekend before, when the two of them had retreated to one of the many secluded areas in the mountain area near Gohan's home. After convincing Gohan to spar with her and help control her ki a little better, they had taken a swim to cool off, before finding themselves entwined, lakeside, her top and bra in a crumpled pile. His hard chest pressed against her own, she had sighed in contentment as his hand brushed experimentally over her hip, before allowing his fingers to slip past the seams of her underwear and…

"No," Videl said quickly, shaking her head free of that memory so that she could hold a proper conversation. "No, he's… never too rough."

Bulma held back a laugh, probably knowing fully where Videl's mind had crept to. "Well, there you go. Anyway, I'm pretty sure if you're thinking about it, he is too. You have nothing to worry about."

"Yeah, he's a smart cookie," Videl said with a smile. She finished her coffee with a large gulp, since it had cooled down enough and was going to become too cold in a matter of minutes.

"That's true, but since I've never had Chi Chi mention any sex injuries to me, I'm going to go ahead and guess that you don't have to be the sharpest Saiyan to know you have to hold back," Bulma replied, winking cheekily.

Videl shuddered and squeezed her eyes shut, as if that would somehow help. "No, don't make me think about that!"

"So hearing about me and Vegeta is fine, but not Goku and Chi Chi?"

"You two aren't my boyfriend's parents," Videl explained desperately. "It's slightly less weird."

Bulma nodded. "Fair enough, I suppose," she said with a chuckle.

Videl placed her hands in her lap. "I just have one more question now, I think," she started. "Saiyans… they don't have super powered swimmers, do they?"

"Swimmers…" Bulma repeated. "Oh, you mean sperm? Cute. Um, well I'd say the same rules with contraception would apply as if they were normal guys. Do you take the pill or anything already?"

Videl nodded and stuck out her left arm. "I have the implant," she said, pointing underneath her bicep. "Intense training and periods don't mix well, and when I did get them they were pretty awful."

"That's probably ideal, it's what I use myself," Bulma replied. "I don't know that condoms would be ineffective or anything but… well, we used some back in the day, and now we have Trunks, so I'm pretty much all about hormonal contraceptives now!"

Videl had been told all about the random miracle that was little Trunks. She was pretty sure she didn't want any surprises like that for quite a while.

"So you think it's pretty reliable?" she asked, just to make sure.

"Well, even if they do have 'super powered swimmers', as you call them, they can hardly fertilise an egg that isn't in the right place," Bulma explained. "If there was no reliable contraception, there'd be many more half-Saiyans hanging around."

"Cool," Videl responded. "That's good to know. Seriously."

"No worries," Bulma said cheerily. "So, I have to ask, how is Chi Chi? I haven't really talked about it with her. Is she being liberal about it or is it all separate-beds-til-marriage when you're there?"

Videl giggled, thinking about the series of awkward conversations that transpired at the Son home since she had begun frequenting the place. "She's… weird. Like, I think she's conflicted. I sleep in Gohan's bed when I stay over, and it's not like she walks in every ten minutes or anything. I think she's pretty traditional though, like she'd probably prefer we keep our clothes on in there."

"Which you evidently don't."

Heat once again rose to Videl's cheeks. She would be suave about all this one day, but apparently today was not it. "Goten doesn't really get it, though. So he just comes in whenever he pleases."

"Oh, you poor things!" Bulma said, laughing. "If he spends more time with my horror of a son I'm sure he'll get it soon enough. Trunks knows far too much and I tell you, it is not my fault."

Videl smiled, thinking of the adorable little Goten and how much he'd become like her own brother. "Gohan actually thought Chi Chi had put him up to it, at first. But no, he's just a little kid who doesn't really get that his brother is an adult."

"Well, you're in luck," Bulma said. "You guys are all staying here tonight since I intend for everybody to have a few drinks. You've not stayed here before but the room Gohan tends to set up camp in is… quite solitary."

"Bulma!" Videl exclaimed, slightly embarrassed at the implication. "Is that really proper? Providing a room for teenagers to have sex in?"

"Probably not," Bulma replied with a shrug. "But if you're going to do it, do it with privacy. Even if Goten never interrupted, you'd be so inhibited by the fact that the rooms are so close together at that house."

Videl had thought about this before. "That's true," she said. "Still, it seems like it'd be weird, having someone know to the minute, when I'm losing my virginity…"

"Ah, Videl," Bulma teased. "Your over-thinking is adorable. You don't have to do it tonight, obviously. I'm just happy to provide a comfortable, private room in case you guys decide you're ready."

"Thanks," Videl said quietly. "I appreciate you talking to me about this. It'd be a little too awkward, talking about it with Chi Chi and I think she'd probably start going wedding-crazy if I tried."

Bulma broke out in a grin. "Any time! It's lovely having you around and Gohan adores you. I'm happy to contribute my brilliant wisdom to a good cause!"

Videl was about to respond, when through the doorway walked Vegeta. He opened the fridge and grabbed a carton of juice that sat on a shelf in the door.

"I couldn't help but overhear," he said.

Videl's vocal functions shut down, while Bulma's lips formed a smirk to match her partner's. "Oh really? Do you have anything to contribute, dear Prince?"

"No," Vegeta replied. "Kakarot's brat already came to me for advice." With that, he shut the fridge door, and left the room, juice carton in hand.

Both women sat quietly for a few moments, the two of them likely thinking similarly about what Vegeta could have told Gohan.

"It's… probably not a disaster, right?" Videl asked.

"Nah," Bulma replied, hesitant for the first time. "It… it'll be fine. But… maybe have a quick chat to make sure you're both on the same page. You know, before you do anything."

"Yeah…" Videl exhaled. "Yeah, it'll be fine."