I do not own the Original Speed Racer. This drabble is in Sparky's Point of View. Inspired by the Speed Racer Ep The Most Dangerous Race.

I Wasn't Angry

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I wasn't angry when Speed grabbed the front of my shirt. I was startled and then he tossed me to the ground. There was no anger flowing through my veins only sadness for I was just worried about him. It is for the best to stay away for Speed is really upset with me, he can be a hot-head at times along with being stubborn, he doesn't want me around, and I'm feeling pretty emotional at the moment.

Speed just doesn't understand and he doesn't get it. I believe in him and stuff, but I don't trust the other race car drivers to not pull any dirty tricks. He believes in a fair race, but not every driver in the world believes that for all that matters is winning no matter the cost...

I'm worried and concerned about him. I don't want Speed to lose his life. I don't want him to die or anything. He is my best friend. I really do not have any friends. I watched from a hidden location. Watched as Speed drove away.

"Try to win Speed, but most of all be careful." I whispered while looking at the race track. Tears were falling down, but I didn't bother to wipe them or stop them or tell myself to stop crying. After all I'm not like Speed and it's pretty unhealthy to bottle up any sort of emotion. Speed hates the sight of someone crying and he always tell them 'Stop crying'. Yeah, Speed can be insensitive..Over all he's a good guy, but no one in the world is perfect and he can be a hot-head regarding somethings.

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