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Chapter 3 – A Mistake that changes Everything

A child born of the purest blood,

Will worship the ground his mother walks upon.

The child born of this blood,

Will be the protector of his mother's air.

Lo those, that betray him or his mother, for thou shalt suffer his wrath.

Beware the protector of a Black by birth and a Malfoy by marriage…

A few months later the Malfoy family woke up to a rainy day; it was on this particular day that Pollux got up later than usual. Narcissa was just walking into her bathroom when her bedroom door opened. Hearing the shocked gasp she turned around and found her youngest son standing in the door way with flaming red cheeks and ears.

"My apologies mum; I didn't know that you were already up."

"It's alright son, you may stay, I was just about to shower, and I shouldn't be to long." He nodded and with his head bowed he walked over to her bed.

Getting into her shower she set the water going. Washing herself and deciding to wash her hair as well, she was completely unaware of the brilliant blue eyes watching her from the key hole in her bathroom door.

Pollux having never been told the birds and the bees was completely enchanted by his mother's naked form. He had no idea that she was that beautiful under all her robes, and not knowing any better followed his mother's steps to the bathroom door and peeked through the keyhole.

He watched as she turned the faucets to allow the water to flow gently, stepping beneath the spray of water he was completely enthralled as the water ghosted over her body. He watched as she washed her body and then rinsed off before picking up another bottle, this time to wash her hair.

After she rinsed her hair she shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel that was a soft green and fluffy. Still unaware of her son's eyes watching her she started to dry off. Hanging the towel over the towel rail she grabbed the smaller one and quickly towel dried her hair.

Walking over to her mirror she picked up her wand that lay on the basin counter and with a flick of her wrist her hair was completely dried and hanging down to her shoulders in waves. After brushing her teeth she walked over to her bathroom door and pulled it open her son falling at her feet in the process.

"Pollux! What are you doing outside the bathroom door?" she said with shock.

Blushing a furious shade of red he stuttered his reply, "Uhm, uh, well you see... I was just… Uh you know, uhm, curious and so I ah, watched you."


"I've never seen you like that before and I was just curious…" he trailed off with an abashed look.

"Ah, I see. I think it's time you and I had a little talk, but first I must get dressed." She had noticed that Pollux's eyes kept travelling down instead of staying firmly fixed on her eyes.

"Ah, okay." He shuffled away to allow her to get dressed. Once she had a robe over her naked form she patted the bed. He went over to her and sat down onto the bed.

"Pollux, I haven't even spoke to Draco about this and I'm not sure if your father has either, I was brought up to speak of this in a very blunt way." He nodded.

"You have seen yourself, you know that you have certain parts that are different." Again he nodded, "Well now that you've seen me, you will notice that when you see little girls they don't have what I have yet."

"Like what mum?"

"Like my breasts, they will only get them when they are in the teenage years, at around thirteen or fourteen, girls start to mature and become woman. They also get something else, but I will only tell you that when you are thirteen. Anyway, boys also start to mature around that age as well, they start getting underarm hair, the hairs on their legs get darker and there's a lot more." Pollux looked up at his mother's eyes.

"They also get facial hair and then they also start to get pubic hair, near their privates." Pollux's eyes widened a fraction before he blushed a soft pink.

"There is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about son, it's natural, girls also get pubic hair as you've seen, and they also get underarm and leg hair growth which they shave off or wax off." Pollux wanted to ask a question, but he was a little to embarrassed too.

"I can see that you want to ask me something, what is it love?"

"Will all girls have hair like you do, you know in a stripe?" She chuckled and he looked a little nervous.

"No, I just have mine waxed that way my darling, some girls won't and some girls will, then there are some who have theirs removed completely." His mouth formed an 'o' in understanding.

"Do you have anymore questions?" He shook his head, but then thought about a question.

"Can I stay and watch you get dressed?" he asked innocently. Narcissa looked at him with a smile, but nodded. Of course this is a mistake she will later come to realise changed a lot of things in her life and that of her son.

It was Pollux's birthday today and his friends, Theodore, Blaise and the Yaxley girls were to arrive soon.

"Good morning, happy birthday my love. How are you this morning?" his mother's voice woke him. He smiled up at her and sat up in his bed. He watched as his mother bent over to pick up Epsilon, he saw her dress move forward a little giving his now eleven year old eyes a good view of her ample cleavage.

"Morning mum, thank you. I'm doing well thanks. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did thanks. Come breakfast will be ready soon and if I'm not mistaken you'll be receiving your owl this morning to." She smiled at her son, leaning down she brushed some of his hair away from his eyes and kissed his cheek.

Walking down the stairs still his pyjama's Pollux looked at his mother's back, then down towards her rear. He was amazed at how her hips moved as she walked, trying not to be to obvious he slipped his hand into hers and walked next to her instead of behind her like he had been doing for years.

They got to the dinning hall and found Lucius and Draco sitting at the table, Lucius with the paper and Draco with Pollux's letter.

"Look Pollux, your letter got here this morning, you were still sleeping so I took it for you. Go on open it quickly." Pollux had a huge grin on his face. He ripped the envelope open and read it.

"I've been accepted father, mum, look." He gave Lucius his letter and waited while his father read it and then his mother read it as well.

"Well done, son. We'll get your supplies on the weekend and you can pack them into your trunk. It's best to be ready now than sorry later." Pollux agreed.

After breakfast his friends arrived and they spent the day celebrating his birthday. He opened gifts from his friends, brother and parents. He got a chess board from his best friend Theo, it was an onyx board with white marble, and the pieces were a mix of onyx and marble. All the white pieces had an onyx stone and all the black pieces had a crystal on them.

Blaise got him a new set of travelling cloaks woven from white Russian wolf fur, it was the softest fur he'd ever felt. Draco got him a tome on ancient magiks and runes. Lucius got him a robe that was woven from silk, it had the Black family and Malfoy family crests on either side of the clasps. Megan and Belinda Yaxley got him a chain with obsidian mixed into the sterling silver of the chain.

Narcissa got him a drawing book as he'd taken to drawing pictures and then placing a charm upon them to make them move around. He'd gone through six books already and he couldn't wait to fill this one and he already had an idea for the first picture.

"Thank you so much for all the gifts, I really love them." He said as his friends left. His father and brother were going out that evening as Draco had asked if he could go to work with Lucius again so this left Pollux and Narcissa at home again.

Pollux had excused himself from his mother's company and had gone to his room to draw the picture from the very first time he'd seen his mother in the shower.

The start of the new school year was soon upon the Malfoy's and Narcissa was dreading having her son leave her, it would be Draco's second year and Pollux's first.

They all stood at the platform the morning the train was to leave. Pollux was very reluctant to leave his mother. She had a few tears trailing down her cheeks and Pollux felt horrid. He leaned up to his mother, his height gave him an advantage over Draco, he now stood at his mothers shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a hug.

"I love you mum, I'll write you all the time or when I'm not busy. I'll see you soon." He kissed her cheek and he and Draco climbed aboard the Hogwarts Express.

The train swept out of King's Cross Station at exactly 11:00 AM and Narcissa watched as her boys were taken on the long journey to Hogwarts. Pollux sat in his compartment alone staring out of his window he thought of his mother and then of the little cub that had grown a little bit. He loved that cub just as his mother and Draco did. All three of them were attached to the little fur ball known as Epsilon.

His compartment door opened and his best friend stepped inside along with Belinda Yaxley.

"Hey mate, you okay?"

"Yeah, just missing that fur ball at home."

"Pollux do you mind if I sit with you and Theo, Megan is with her friends and there's no space for me."

"Sure Belinda, of course." Pollux, Belinda and Theo sat together the entire trip. They had gone to the train station in their robes and so they didn't have to worry about changing. Their compartment door opened and a head of bushy brown hair looked around.

"Have you seen a toad?"

"No, why you looking for a toad?" Theo asked.

"It belongs to my friend; he lost it again and now needs help to find it."

"Well, if we do we'll be sure to let you know." Theo replied.

"Thanks, are all three of you first years?" Nodding their heads Pollux stood up.

"This is Theodore Nott, Belinda Yaxley and I'm Pollux Malfoy. It's nice to meet you." Pollux said with a smile.

"Another Malfoy, I never knew there were two of you. I suppose that means that you're Megan Yaxley's sister then?" Pollux looked flabbergasted as did Belinda.

"Um, yes, I'm Draco's younger brother and this is Megan's younger sister. You don't need to be rude to us just cause we're the younger sibling's."

"Yes, well whatever the reason, you two best behave unlike your older sibling's; I'll not have you tormenting my friends." She turned on her heel and walked out, of course she never got very far when Theo stuck his head out the door and yelled at her.

"We don't even know who you are you bloody swot!" Belinda smacked Theo's arm and Pollux chuckled.

"Who the hell was that girl anyway?"

"No idea, best we avoid her then."

"I agree with Belinda, Theo, best we just ignore her." Pollux replied.

The train pulled into Hogsmeade station and just like the year before Hagrid met the new students with a great yell for all the first years. Much like Draco had done in his first year, Pollux looked on in a awe of the great castle. Arriving at the dock's Hagrid led them up the stairs to the large oak doors, he knocked three times and Professor McGonagall greeted them.

Leading them to the small room where she had them wait Pollux looked around, he listened to the students chatting about the sorting and smiled. He couldn't wait to be sorted.

McGonagall returned and gave them the same speech that she'd repeated for many years before taking them into the Great Hall.

Draco sat with Blaise, Vince, Greg and the ever annoying Pansy and watched as his brother and his friends were led into the Hall. McGonagall started calling names. He listened only for the names he cared for.

"Malfoy Pollux" Draco watched as Pollux walked up to the stool with confidence and sat down. The hat was put on his head and was seconds later shouting his new house.

"Slytherin" Draco applauded and Blaise whistled.

Pollux made his way over to the table and soon was sitting next to his brother watching as his best friend was called.

"Nott Theodore"


Pollux clapped and waited for his friend to sit. After more names were called McGonagall finally reached Belinda's name.

"Yaxley Belinda" She strode toward the stool with confidence and grace. The hat was laced onto her head and seconds later called out,


She walked over to Theo and Pollux and sat down with a huge smile.

Narcissa only received a letter from Pollux on the Saturday morning four days after he got to Hogwarts. Smiling at his hand writing she opened the letter.

Dearest mum,

How are you fairing without my presence at the Manor? I miss you deeply and can not wait to see you again.

I was sorted into Slytherin as was Theo and Belinda. Professor Snape is very strict, but you know I'm used to that with father. Anyway my classes are going very well, I've been complimented by Professors, Flitwick and McGonagall on my charms and transfiguration work. Professor Snape says that I need more practice with potions; maybe you can help me with that?

Anyway, I must go for now, please send me a picture of us in your reply as I forgot one.

I love you mum!

Love your ever loyal son,


Narcissa smiled and pulled out a piece of parchment and some ink. She then went to her bedside table and took a copy of her favourite picture of herself and Pollux. It was when he was nine; he was sitting behind her with his arms around her neck and his head was leaning on them, he had looked at the camera with a giant smile before he had moved and was kissing her cheek and giving her a soft loving smile before leaning back onto his arms once again. She was smiling and stroking his arm with her fingers the whole time.

Putting the copy of the picture into the envelope she'd send the letter in she began her note.

My precious darling,

I'm fairing well, I hate this emptiness in the Manor when your father isn't home, I find myself often looking at the gardens or sitting on my bench reading. I too miss you deeply and can not wait to see you again.

I'm proud of you my love, keep up your hard work and you'll be receiving O's in all your subjects. Of course I shall help you with potions when you're home again.

I have added your picture; it's my favourite one of us as you know.

I love you!

See you soon my love,


Narcissa sent the letter with her screech owl, Hydra. Getting up from her chair she strode out of the parlour and into the main entrance hall of Malfoy Manor. She hurried over to the front doors and flung them open with a flick of her wand. A huge gust of icy cold wind hit her bare feet and her face and neck. Shivering slightly she walked out into the late afternoon sun, even if it did not warm her she still stood in the sun's light.

For reasons unknown to her she decided to rush back up the stairs and get a travelling cloak on along with her shoes and a pair of gloves. Ready for whatever she was about to do, Narcissa left the Manor and walked out of the Manor gates out into the Muggle street. Walking along the street was unaware of a member of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix trailing behind her.

Narcissa had just rounded a corner and nearly screamed in fright when a rather large Muggle contraption came barrelling past her, she flung herself back into the nearest wall and decided that she'd had enough of this little jaunt. Running down the long alleyway she turned on her heel and disapparated on the spot with a soft 'pop'.

Pollux was getting excited, the school holidays were in two days and he couldn't wait to return home. Of course it was also largely due to the scares that had been happening at school with a few petrified people and of course the caretakers cat and the one ghost. He of course was not the only child in the school either; most of the school wanted to go home.

"Hey you okay mate?" Theo asked when he saw Pollux sitting alone in the common rom.

"Yeah, I just can't wait to go home. My mum sent me some sweets, you want any?" Theo eyed the bag of different sweets and found himself indulging on a cauldron cake.

"How's things been at home? You and your father getting along now?"

"Yeah, father told me that he was planning on taking Draco and I to Italy for some much needed time away, but mum said that he should ait until we were older and more responsible, she of course will be coming along to."

"That's brilliant, my father said he'd take me to America for a week in the school hols, it'd be nice to spend some time with him." Pollux nodded.

"Yeah, speaking of which have you seen Belinda anywhere?"

"Yes, she's gone off with Daphne and Astoria, I saw them earlier leaving the Hall and heading outside."

"Oh, you feel like taking a walk to the Lake? We can toss a few enchanted pebbles for a while." Theo looking excited nodded enthusiastically; he hadn't done this in forever.

Narcissa sat with her back pressed against the wall of her window seat; her head was leaning against the window as small tears trickled down her cheeks, her fingers still clutching at the parchment. A soft hiccough slipped out from between her parted lips it was followed closely by a strangled sigh. Her eyes were red rimmed and puffy and the whites of her eyes were blood shot.

The letter she had received bore the M of the Ministry for Magic, it read;

Mrs Narcissa Malfoy,

You are hereby released of the title Malfoy, as stated in your marital contract should your husband die or be imprisoned.

On this day the Friday December 12th 1992, Lucius Brutus Malfoy the second has been incarcerated for his crimes listed below,

The use of the Unforgivables namely the Cruciatus Curse.

The deaths of countless Muggles and Muggleborns.

False evidence in his first trial and lying to the Wizengamot.

You are here forth requested to attend Mr Malfoy's second trial on, Monday December 15th 1992, where the use of Veritaserum will be used.

Wishing you a good day,

Madam Amelia Bones.

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Narcissa was still crying softly as she realised that she would now need to sort out a lot more paper work, the contract that had been signed by her father stated that should her husband, Lucius Malfoy, be imprisoned his heir would become head of the family, any other siblings would answer to the heir.

The contract also stated that once her title had been changed she would lose her children that shared their father's last name. Narcissa would have no say as her title would be reversed back to Black and she would be without her children very soon.

She had to hurry.

It was Sunday and Pollux was more than happy to be going home, Draco and he were standing on the platform and Pollux noticed that his brother had gotten a little taller as they now stood nearly shoulder to shoulder.

"I wonder why father and mother haven't sent us any letters recently." Draco murmured to his brother.

"I was wondering the same thing; do you think everything is alright with them?" Pollux asked looking at his brother's worried grey eyes.

"I hope so brother, I really do." They both had had a bad feeling that morning at breakfast, like something ice cold had dripped down their backs and made their hairs stand on end.

They boarded the train without their friends and sat together in a compartment. The door opened a few moments later and Theo, Blaise and Belinda entered, they were followed closely by Crabbe and Goyle and then Pansy and Daphne.

"I think an expansion charm is needed. I'll get a prefect to do it quickly." Blaise said quietly. After a few minutes they had their expanded compartment, a load of sweets and some games out. This is how they sat for the rest of the trip.

The train eventually arrived in King's Cross Station and all the students departed from the Red steam engine. Belinda met up with Megan and the two Yaxley girls flooed home together after saying their goodbyes to their friends. Blaise and Theodore left as well for their parents were in a hurry, Crabbe and Goyle were gone as well.

Pollux turned to look at his brother and found him looking around the station, a few adults pointed to the two boys with sneers and disgusted looks. Neither boy knew what had happened that would cause such hostility and it was starting to unsettle them both.

"Draco, where is father and mother?" Draco looked at his brother and could see the worry in his eyes.

"Look at the two little prats, they haven't a clue about their parents." A man with his children said to his wife as they passed the two Malfoy boys.

Pollux's eyes widened in terror and without a second thought he ran with his trunk to the nearest floo port and in a flash of brilliant green he was gone. Draco not to far behind him.

Narcissa had no idea how she landed up in a holding cell behind bars. It seemed as though someone was out to get her and Lucius, she had been charged with the use of an Unforgivable. She had screamed for hours about the false charge, but it had fallen on deaf ears.

The trial was set for tomorrow and her boys were supposed to be arriving home in a few minutes if the clock on the wall was correct. No one would be there to fetch them as she had not sent any letters to any of her friends or the boy's friend's parents.

Pollux arrived home already running out of the fireplace screaming for his mother and father.

"Father! Mother!" He bellowed unaware of his brother's arrival.

"Mummy!" he screamed racing up the stairs toward her bedroom. He flung the door open and it bounced of the wall with an almighty 'Bang'.

"Draco! Draco they're not here!"

"Dobby!" the house elf arrived with a squeal.

"Yes, master Pollux sir?"

"Where are my parents? Where's is my mother?"

"Dobby isn't knowing sir, Mistress left yesterday morning, she was crying and holding a letter." Dobby handed the letter to Pollux and watched as the boy went white as snow. Suddenly all hell broke lose in the Malfoy household.

Portraits were screaming at the elf about the letter and how the boy shouldn't have found out. The most horrifying thing of all was the magic that was pulsating around Pollux.

"Draco, we need to get to the Ministry." Pollux shouted. Draco was just running into the hallway when he heard his brother's shout.

"Follow me brother." They ran down the stairs as quickly as their legs could take them.

The Ministry atrium was filled with hundreds of wizards and witches, no one even noticed to blonde haired boys making their way to the info desk where their wands would be checked.

"Can I help you?" the man behind the desk asked in a bored tone.

"Where are the Auror offices and holding cells?" The man's eyes found the boys and he let out a gasp.

"You're the Malfoy's boys aren't you?"

"Yes, we are and we wish to speak to the head Auror immediately." Pollux said with a deathly calm voice that made the man's hairs stand up.

"Go down the hall to the elevators, the Auror offices are on the third floor." Draco and Pollux both made their way over to the elevators. They followed the man's instructions and eventually made it to the Aurors office.

Narcissa sat with her head in her hands when an extremely loud ruckus caught her attention.

"You will take me to my mother this very instant or so help me I will report you!" a young boy's voice bellowed. A voice she recognised immediately, it was her son Pollux.

"You will not enter the holding cell area without the proper authority giving you permission, which may I remind you, you do not have." Another voice said back.

"Let me see my mother, Right. Now!" He shouted.

Narcissa waited with baited breath as she heard more yelling coming from the other side of the doors.

"Let go of my brother!" It was Draco and he was not happy.

"You will hold your tongue boy." A woman's voice said with authority.

"You. Will. Let. Me. See. My. Mother. Right. Now!" Pollux said with such anger, Narcissa even shivered.

Pollux was now standing up to his full height, his shoulders squared and his head held high. His eyes were blazing with anger and he was losing more and more control over his magic. Draco was trying in vain to get away from his powerful magical aura that had started to glow a bright blue and silver.

The aurors had their wands trained on the 11 year old boy. The head of the department, Madam Amelia Bones, finally arrived.

"What is going in here, why is that boy pulsating such a strong magical aura?" she fired of the questions and soon was rewarded with an answer.

"This is Pollux Malfoy and Draco Malfoy, they wish to see their parents, we were waiting for you to arrive so that you good give them permission to see them."

"They are children; they do not need permission to see their parents, Kinsley." She snapped.

"You will take me to see my mother now Madam Bones or I will not be held responsible for what might happen in here." The threat was no idle one either and Madam Bones knew it, in a matter of seconds Pollux and Draco were led into the holding cells.

Draco ran for his father's cell while Pollux ran to his mothers.

"Open this door now!" Pollux shouted. He was glaring daggers at the Aurors that surrounded the area. The door was opened and soon Pollux was inside, his arms wrapped securely around his mother's neck as hers were wrapped around his waist. She was kissing his forehead, his cheeks and then his nose, all the while crying her heart out.

"My baby, oh my darling Pollux. I am so sorry I had no one pick you up today." She was silenced by his hand covering her mouth.

"Shh, listen to me mum, we'll get you and father out of here as soon as possible. I know we're young and not even hold enough to do much, but we'll try." Narcissa's eyes filled with tears again.

"Why are you in here anyway?" He removed his hand, watching his mother's eyes as they turned cold and filled with anger.

"They have falsely accused me of casting a Cruciatus Curse." It took a second for the information to settle in before his hands clenched, his teeth gritted and his back stiffened. In a very frightening move he turned his head slowly in a menacing way and looked directly at Madam Bones who let out a frightened gasp when she saw his eyes change from their bright blue to an unnatural dark blue.

With a slow move he stepped out of the cell and into the large waiting area. Draco had heard his mother and had looked towards his father who had a look of hatred etched onto his face. He to left the cell and joined his brother, only he stood behind him with his wand clenched in his right hand.

Narcissa was fast, she launched herself out of the cell and into her now shaking son, and they collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

"Pollux! No, you are way too young to land up in Azkaban." She grabbed his shoulders and looked into his dark eyes, he seemed to realise that his mother was leaning over him in a not so proper way.

"Mum, they've falsely accused you, I can not let them get away with it, do not ask that of me, I will not watch as my mother is taken away." That got Narcissa's attention, her son sounded like Lucius had when he'd first found out about her false charges. Pollux sound like a man, not a boy.

Amelia Bones stood watching as the boy got closer and closer to them, she watched as Narcissa leapt out of her cell and tackled her young son to the floor. Amelia was stunned as Narcissa Malfoy leaned over her son in an inappropriate way, her face a few inches from her son as she spoke to him quietly and he replied just as quietly but with more force.

Amelia saw Narcissa lean up and look at her son with a curious look. She soon was standing and pulling her son up to stand next to her.

"Madam Bones, I wish to know why my parents are here, I swear I will not get upset like I did a few moments ago." Pollux Malfoy spoke to her in a much calmer tone of voice and this surprised her. She was already on her way to let Narcissa out of the cell when the two boys had caused a commotion in her offices.

"Mr Malfoy, I was already on my way in here to let your mother out, it seems as though someone played a practical joke in our offices and had put in a false document for Mrs Malfoy's arrest."

"Then I would like for my family to be compensated for, Madam Bones. My sons were in distress finding themselves alone for a long while." Lucius said with a small trace of anger in his voice.

"Yes of course Mr Malfoy, we shall get to that after I have sorted out Mrs Malfoy's false arrest." Lucius nodded.

Amelia soon sorted out the mess and was pleased when the two boys stood behind their mother with tiny smiles. Of course they would be returning for their father's trial in the morning, but that was tomorrow.

"I am truly sorry for this entire mess up Mrs Malfoy; I hope that after today we can try to not hold terrible grudges."

"It's quite alright Madam Bones, I just wish my sons had never been brought into this entire mess, it's rather nerve racking for them to have to go through this." Amelia nodded and looked toward the boys.

"I hope you boy's will be able to forgive me for not hurrying with your mothers false arrest. It was never my intention to leave her here that long." Draco scowled but it was Pollux who stepped forward and with a slightly shocking action pushed his mother behind his body and stood in front of her in an extremely protective manner.

"Your apologies are accepted Madam Bones, but I do hope this never happens again, I may not be in a forgiving mood again." Amelia nodded. The three Malfoy's left the Auror department with one last glance toward their patriarch who sat with his back straight and his eyes on his wife and sons.

It was Monday December 15th and every member of the Wizengamot was present for the second trial of Lucius Malfoy.

"I hereby call this court to order." Fudge, the Minister, stated after banging the gravel.

"We will be proceeding with the second trial of one Lucius Brutus Malfoy the second, on this day December 15th, docket number 94729." An intern said while Lucius was brought into the chamber.

Narcissa sat in the front row with her two sons sitting on either side of her. She had her hands in her lap and Pollux had his hands on the banister in front of him. Draco sat with his body facing his father's direction, his back straight, just as his father had taught him. As the heir of the family, he was now considered the acting head of house.

As the Minister proceeded to call the court to order Narcissa let out a tired sigh, she had been working non-stop to get Lucius free, but it was to no avail. He would be sentenced to Azkaban and she would lose her sons, unless Draco as acting head made her stay as his ward.

"Administer the truth serum." Fudge spoke. The Aurors placed ten drops onto Lucius' tongue and waited for the glazed look to appear; when it did they started the questions.

"State your name."

'Lucius Brutus Malfoy the second'

"Are you a Death Eater?"


"Did you willingly become one?"

'No, my father forced my hand.'

"Did you kill innocent people while under the Imperious Curse?"

'I did, but not a lot; I killed at the most fourteen people while in my own mind. The rest was because I was Imperioused.'

"Did you lie in your first trial to keep yourself out of Azkaban?"

'I lied about something's, but not all of them'

"Please explain."

'I lied about never using the Cruciatus Curse while in my own mind; I also lied about always being Imperioused.'

"Have you done anything illegal while He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has been dead?"


"Please explain."

'I have used the Cruciatus Curse on…'

"NO! NO! No, father be still! That will destroy us!" Pollux and Draco screamed together.

"SILENCE!" Fudge bellowed.

"Continue Mr Malfoy."

'I used the Cruciatus Curse on my…'

"NOOOO! Father be quiet! I beg of you!" Pollux yelled gripping the banisters tightly; Narcissa was trying to get Pollux to be quiet.

"Be quiet young man or I will have you removed." Fudge said with a glare.

"Pollux my love hush, or you'll get us into trouble." Narcissa whispered while running her fingers over her son's shoulders.


'I used the Cruciatus Curse on my family.' There was a collective gasp from most of the woman in the court room and Pollux slumped into his mother's side in defeat.

"Please explain Mr Malfoy."

'I tortured my wife, Narcissa and my youngest son Pollux, when they disobeyed my rules and I even tortured them if I felt like it.'

"Tell the court why."

'I was under a lot of stress and felt that because they were the nearest to me around my own home that they would be suitable targets to torture.'

"Why did you never torture your heir?"

'He is my heir, he was safe from that.'

By now most people had witnessed the oldest of the two brother's look at his mother and brother with utter shock and horror, he had obviously never known.

"What else have you done besides that?"

'I raped my wife a few times when I was angry.'

Narcissa was crying softly, her cheeks coloured a flaming red, and her son Pollux, was clinging to her neck as if his life depended on it. Draco was sitting frozen and was leaning on his mother. People all around them were throwing them glances filled with pity and sympathy.

"The court members will now think long and hard on this matter, we will vote in fifteen minutes. Administer the antidote."

Narcissa was now hiding her head in her son's shoulders her hair and his covering her embarrassment.

15 minutes Later…

"The members of the Wizengamot have voted, Madam Bones if you will?"

"Yes, Minister, we the members of the Wizengamot has found Mr Lucius Brutus Malfoy the second guilty with the charges of;

The use of the Unforgivables,

Assault on a minour,

Torture of a minour and


The Wizengamot have sentenced you to seventy eight years in Azkaban prison." Lucius looked horrified. He hadn't wanted anyone to know of what he had done to his wife and son. They had forgiven him even if had not forgiven himself, but he knew that he deserved what he got.

"Have you anything that you wish to say?"

"Yes, I hope to one day present myself in this court room when my first five years have passed."

"Auror Shacklebolt and Dawlish please escort Mr Malfoy out of here and to Azkaban, but before that let his family say their goodbyes."

Lucius was led over to his wife and son's and with a whispered goodbye he kissed Narcissa one last time before hugging both his son's.

"I love you, all three of you very much and I will see you again. Draco my boy take my ring, you are head of the house for now." Lucius slipped the ring onto his heir's finger and watched as the magic readjusted the size to fit Draco's small finger.

"Narcissa, explain to Draco about being a ward. It's the only way my darling, I love you." Narcissa kissed him chastely before he was dragged away.

The following morning the Daily Prophet headlines caught the attention of most of the wizards and witches in England.

Lucius Malfoy – Arrested and Tried – Sentenced to Seventy Eight Years

Lucius Malfoy was sentenced to Azkaban for the duration of Seventy Eight years, he was arrested late Friday morning December 12th and was sentenced late yesterday evening December 15th.

Lucius was placed under the truth serum known as Veritaserum, asked many questions and then sentenced. The most horrifying information that was told was this,

'I used the Cruciatus Curse on my family.'

"Please explain Mr Malfoy."

'I tortured my wife, Narcissa and my youngest son Pollux, when they disobeyed my rules and I even tortured them if I felt like it.'

"Tell the court why."

'I was under a lot of stress and felt that because they were the nearest to me around my own home that they would be suitable targets to torture.'

"Why did you never torture your heir?"

'He is my heir, he was safe from that.'

"What else have you done besides that?"

'I raped my wife a few times when I was angry.'

In the picture below you can clearly see the shock on Lucius Malfoy's oldest son, Draco Malfoy, as his father told the court of the torture of his wife and youngest son, Pollux Malfoy, and the multiple rapes of his wife Narcissa Malfoy.

The picture on the right is seen showing Narcissa Malfoy née Black crying into Pollux's shoulder while his brother Draco leaned against her. Clearly this is one little bit of information the family wanted to keep under wraps.

This is all this reporter was allowed to share.

For more information on Lucius Malfoy, turn to page 4.

For more information on Narcissa Malfoy née Black, turn to page 5.

For more information on Draco and Pollux Malfoy, turn to page 5.

Narcissa lay in her bed sleeping her left arm hanging off the bed and her right under her head. Draco stood in the parlour with his hands shaking whilst he read the Daily Prophet and Pollux stood watching his father's prized white peacocks running around the front lawn.

Draco eventually called for breakfast and was soon seated at the table with some pumpkin juice while he waited for his breakfast to be served. While he sat reading an owl swooped into the open window and dropped two very official looking envelopes in front of him. Both of which had his name on them.

He very carefully picked up the yellowed envelope that had the 'M' of the Ministry for Magic on it and opened it.

Dear Mr Malfoy,

You have hence forth been declared the head of the house of Malfoy; your mother's marriage has been terminated.

Hoping you are well,

Minster Fudge.

Draco dropped the letter onto the table and picked up the white envelope with gold trimmings it had a big gold G on the front corners, he turned it over and opened it.

Dear Mr Malfoy,

We have been notified of your new status and as you are now the head of the house of Malfoy, you are now in charge of all the family's holdings.

Since your mother's marriage has been terminated you have two choices,

Let her stay with you and your brother as a ward.

Tell her that she must vacate the Manor House.

When you have decided simply cut your finger and press it to the number you have chosen.

We look forward to doing business with you.

May your Gold flow freely.


Head Goblin of Gringotts.

Draco sighed; he needed to speak with his mother.

Upstairs Narcissa had woken up and had found herself feeling rather exposed. She knew that Draco had to decide whether or not he must keep her as a ward or to kick her out. She also knew that she needed to explain things to him and then leave him to decide.

Getting out of bed she entered her bathroom and then the shower. Washing and then rinsing she climbed out of the shower and walked over to her basin, she left her bathroom after cleaning her teeth.

She got dressed for the day in a long light blue dress and left her hair down for the day. She descended the stairs and entered into the Dinning Hall to find both her son's in their usual seats.

"Morning boy's, you sleep well?"

"Morning mum, yeah, I slept well thanks." Pollux replied.

"Morning mother, I too slept well thanks." Draco said with a smile.

"That's good, I see the mail arrived for you Draco, shall we eat breakfast and then we'll talk about it." He nodded and they ate in a comfortable silence.

When they had all finished Narcissa stood and walked over to one of the many bay windows in the dinning hall. With a soft sigh she turned slightly and spoke to both of her son's.

"When I was set to marry your father, a marriage contract was drawn up, if your father or I were to be imprisoned or if either on of us died or was killed the marriage would be terminated. I am now Narcissa Black once again as my marriage has been terminated, you are both now basically on your own. As the heir, Draco, you are now the one in charge, it is the reason you have most likely been asked whether or not you will keep me as a ward or make me leave."

"I would never…"

"Let me finish, if I become a ward, I must follow your rules as you are now in your father's place. I am still your mother, but the Ministry will only see me as a ward in the house of Malfoy. I can not tell you what to do anymore nor can I guide you like a mother would as it would be illegal for the ward of the house to speak over the head of the house." Pollux looked horrified as did Draco.

"Will they know if we carried on like always, but in the public, you could act like a ward?"

"We could do that, but it would get confusing for you my son and so I can not allow it. It is up to you…"

"You'll stay mother, as a ward. I will never lose you, I can't, we'll never survive on our own at our age." Draco took a knife and swiftly cut his finger and placed it onto the number 1 before his mother could even blink. The scroll then started to glow a dark red before bursting into flames.

"Well then, I guess I am now your ward Draco." Pollux left the dinning hall and went to the family's library to read up on the laws about wards.

Two weeks later saw Narcissa sitting on the bench in and amongst the roses she'd planted when she'd first married Lucius.

~*Memory Flashback*~

"Cissy you best make this place a little more lively." Her oldest sister Bellatrix said with a disgusted look upon her beautiful face.

"I know Bella; I just am not sure whether to plant roses or orchids."

"Do roses, there aren't any in this garden and this dump could use a little colour too." Bellatrix had said with a care free laugh.

~*Memory Flashback End*~

Narcissa sighed, back in those days she hadn't much to worry about. Now though, she had to help Draco take care of things he shouldn't even know about until he was seventeen.

Glancing up at the Manor she saw Pollux standing in front of a window looking out onto the gardens where she knew Lucius' prized peacocks roamed. She watched him and found herself picturing him as a young adult.

*~Narcissa's Daydream~*

Pollux stood behind the bay window in the second floor parlour looking out over the gardens, his long brown and blonde hair falling freely around his shoulders, his sapphire blue eyes shinning as he looked in her direction.

He was taller than his father, standing at the same height his great grandfather did, broad shoulders and a muscular body. His high cheek bones more prominent along with his strong jaw and pointed chin. He had a goatee that made him look extremely handsome.

He stood smiling at her with unwavering love in his eyes and with that her daydream ended just as quickly as it had started.

*~Narcissa's Daydream End~*

She looked up at the window and found her son gone, turning back to her book she once again got lost in its pages.

Time Skip Four Years…

Draco was now 16 years of age and in his sixth year at Hogwarts, Pollux was 15 and in his fifth year. A lot had happened since their father's imprisonment two years ago, Draco was running his family's home and business and Pollux was helping him by doing the admin work and the political work. They made sure their mother remained in her position as their mother even though she was a ward.

Belinda and Megan were constantly at either boy's side as they had started dating a year ago, Belinda and Pollux were together and Megan and Draco were together. Narcissa couldn't have been more proud of her son's. Theo and Daphne Greengrass were also dating as were Blaise and surprisingly Pansy.

This year the students would be getting a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and now one knew who it was. All they knew was that it was a woman and she would only be arriving the following day. Draco and Blaise had been guessing, but soon stopped when Snape walked past their side of the table.

"Huh, I guess stranger things have happened." Blaise said with a wistful sigh.

"What?" Pansy asked from next to him.

"It looks like we'll be sharing D.A.D.A with the Gryffindors; I was beginning to enjoy having the Huffs with us last year, but oh well."

"At least we still share History of Magic, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy with the Ravenclaws." Pollux said with a pleased smile towards Belinda and Megan.

"I still wish I had taken Arithmancy instead of Care of Magical bloody Creatures." Draco huffed.

"Oh get over it you sour snake." A voice shouted at him. Looking up they found Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley all sneering at them.

"Leave it be Draco, they're not worth the energy." Megan said with a comforting pat on his thigh.

"Yeah, they aren't worth it brother." Pollux said.

"What have we Lion's got your filthy tongue?" Ginny shouted with a smirk.

"Just ignore them, they'll continue on for a bit, but if you ignore them long enough they'll stop." Belinda said with a smile toward Draco.

"You're right and anyway we need to get to class." The four of them stood and were soon followed by their four friends. All eight of them left the Hall together and made their way to their classes. Draco, Daphne, Blaise, Theo and Pansy were off to Care of Magical Creatures while, Pollux, Belinda and Megan went to Ancient Runes.

It was a bright morning when Pollux awoke at six thirty; he walked into the common room to find that his brother had also just woken up.

"Morning Draco, you sleep well?"

"Morning Pollux, yeah and you?"

"I did thanks, you ready for our morning exercise?" Nodding Draco and Pollux left the common room and made their way to the Lake to do their stretches and to run a few laps. They eventually finished at seven forty five and made it back to their common room where they took a shower and got ready for breakfast.

"Who do you think will be our new D.A.D.A teacher?"

"I have no idea Draco." The two of them walked up to the Entrance Hall once again but this time went into the Great Hall. They walked over to their seats and found their girlfriends already waiting on them with their breakfast. With a kiss and a hug to their respective girlfriends, the boy's sat down and started to eat.

"You two sleep well?" Pollux asked.

"Yes thank you and you guys?"

"We did as well; we just really want to know who the new teacher is though."

"You won't have to wait for to much longer; the Hall is already nearly full." Belinda said whilst looking around the large Hall.

It wasn't that much long after when the small side doors opened and out walked Narcissa, Draco and Pollux choked on their food and were quickly helped out by their girl's.

"Please let me introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Miss Narcissa Black." There were a lot of people clapping and Narcissa's cheeks tinted a light shade of red.

Narcissa looked at her son's as they tried to control their choking. She felt a bit of worry seep into her veins but she shrugged it off for now. She sat in her new place and ate her breakfast; of course she would only have Draco's year in her class on Thursday so it was two days away until she could teach him, but Pollux's year was her last class of the day and she was looking forward to seeing how he is in his classes.

In her first class that was with Pollux, Narcissa sat perched on her desk; her wand lay behind her and her hands held the fourth year D.A.D.A text book. She heard the many pairs of feet coming toward her classroom door and without looking up she heard all the students enter her class and find their seats.

She waited for them to become silent, but there was an extra set of footfalls that could be heard and then the hitching of ones breath soon followed the sudden stop in the student's footsteps.

Looking up she found eyes that matched her own looking at her, she felt a shiver creep its way down her spine and gave him a soft smile. Pollux returned the smile; Narcissa looked into his eyes and found that they had darkened slightly. He walked over to his seat in the back of the class and with that she began her lesson.

Pollux sat watching his mother as she walked around the front of the class as she explained the text she was reading. He hadn't realised how much time had passed until the bell tolled indicating the end of class.

"I want a two page essay on Boggarts by next Monday." The class all stood and left. Pollux left and was talking with Theo when his mother's soft voice called out to him. Telling his friend that he'd catch up he went back into the classroom.

"Yes, mum?"

"I couldn't help, but notice that your attention was elsewhere in class today. Is there any particular reason?"

"Ah, no, I was just lost in thought."

"Hmm, alright, but please don't let it happen again darling." She kissed his cheek and sent him on his way.

Pollux arrived back in his common room and found Blaise and Theo in a heated argument over a game of Wizard's Chess. Shaking his head he chuckled and moved to sit in his favourite chair by the fireplace. He pulled out his sketch book and enlarged it again, he turned to his second last page and began to draw his mother's smiling face, of course, and it was the one she'd given him when he'd first arrived in the classroom.

A long time after he'd put the finishes touches to his drawing he placed it under the charm to make it move and he smiled down at his work of art as it started to follow his mother's original movements.

It was finally the Christmas school holidays and a lot was happening in that time, Draco had asked if Megan would like to join him and his family at the Manor for Christmas to which she accepted, even Belinda was asked by Pollux and she too said yes.

On Christmas day, Belinda and Megan had arrived bearing gifts for everyone; Draco brought them to the parlour where his brother and mother sat waiting on them. Placing the gifts on the table, they went over to greet Narcissa. After their greetings they all sat down for lunch and then decided that they'd open their presents.

Draco had gotten Megan a beautiful dark green travelling cloak with silver fastenings, a pair of black gloves and to go with both he had bought a black dress. She thanked him with a passionate kiss to which Narcissa chuckled.

Draco had gotten Narcissa a brand new set of romantic novels and Pollux was given three more tomes on Ancient Magic, Ancient Runes and Latin Magic.

Pollux had gotten Belinda a stunning necklace and matching set of earrings, they were silver with gems that changed from blue to green depending on the prominent eye colour of the day, seen as though her eyes were both a mix of blue and green he had thought it would be a wonderful gift. She of course had kissed him and given him a hug in return.

Pollux had gotten Draco his own cane with a dragon head instead of the snake one his father had been given a few years back. With a nod and a smile Draco placed his wand inside the head.

Pollux handed his mother a journal with her name written in beautiful calligraphy. Inside were hundreds of moving pictures of Draco, Megan, Belinda and himself. She had tried not to let the lone tear out, but it was stubborn and had made its way down her cheek. It was a wonderful gift and she went to kiss his cheek in thanks, but had kissed the corner of his mouth instead, he pulled away with a soft pink tinting his cheeks.

The girls had gotten their boyfriends, black hooded cloaks with silver trimming and they gotten them each a pair of dragon hide boots to match. With kisses from Draco and Pollux, they sat back and handed Narcissa her gift.

Megan had gotten Narcissa a very beautiful figure hugging dark red dress with a plunging neckline. Belinda had gotten her a dark blue figure hugging cocktail dress that had no back and also showed of her ample cleavage. It had one silver, one white and one black sash to go with it, depending on the evening, they were interchangeable. Thanking them she went up to her room to put her gifts away.

When she returned they discussed the ball that was to be held at the Ministry and because Draco was the head of the house he was expected to attend as were his brother and mother. Draco and Pollux would attend with Megan and Belinda and the Narcissa would be escorted by both her sons.

They arrived at the ball and were greeted by many people, Belinda and Pollux disappeared onto the dance floor while Megan and Narcissa were left while Draco went to speak with the Minister.

Pollux spun Belinda around the dance floor and made her giggle when he brushed his nose along her neck. He and his brother were considered to be old beyond their years, it was just how life went when you were forced to grow up in a matter of weeks.

It wasn't long after when he saw his brother and Megan on the dance floor, he looked over to where he knew his mother would be and he could see her looking around, she wasn't happy.

"Belinda, my darling, would you allow me to dance with my mother for a bit, she looks a little sad." Belinda too glanced over to where Narcissa was and saw how the older woman did in fact look sad.

"Go, I will be over there talking with Mrs Hopkirk." Pollux left and soon joined his mother.

"Would you care to dance Milady?" he said whilst bowing and kissing her hand.

"Of course." She replied with a curtsy. He chuckled and pulled her out and onto the dance floor where they danced for most of the evening. Neither said anything as they were perfectly content to just dance together.

Arthur Weasley watched the interaction between the three Malfoy's and the two Yaxley girls. He knew that both the sisters and brothers were dating from what his youngest son has said over the holidays, but what was making him confused was how the younger Malfoy and his mother interacted.

They moved along the dance floor in a fashion similar to how Lucius used to dance with his wife. They were like that of lovers not mother and son. It was making him really confused and he was struggling to not see it that way. He continued to watch as Pollux Malfoy dipped his mother and then spun her around, catching her by pressing her back against his chest, his hand on her waist and the other on her neck.

Of course Arthur Weasley was not the only one who noticed this move that both Malfoy's thought went unseen, Rita Skeeter, a reporter for the Daily Prophet had captured them on camera and was now talking to her quick-notes quill.

The following morning the wizarding world was once again reading the new headlines on the Daily Prophet only this time it was all reported by Rita Skeeter herself and everyone loved a good gossip column.

Narcissa Black formerly Malfoy seen dancing seductively with youngest son,

Pollux Malfoy.

This reporter spotted the young fourteen year old dancing in a very seductive manner with his mother, Narcissa Black. As seen the in the photo below you can clearly see how young Pollux holds his mother's waist and slides his hand down her neck as he places her in a dip in between dancing.

One has to wonder, is there something going on between the two? Or not?

Me, myself and I want to know.

Draco threw the paper across the dinning hall with a growl of annoyance. Of course there was nothing going on between his brother and mother. It was what the dance called for, what they had been taught as children and what his mother was taught when she too was a youngster.

"Absolutely outrageous!" He snarled slamming his fists into the dinning table.

Upstairs sitting on the window seat Narcissa sat wondering what last night was, she was nervous about what her relationship with her son was, if it was normal or not. She knew she'd have to stop being so clingy towards him, but she found comfort in his presence. She knew it would be hard, but she'd have to slowly let go.

It had been five months since the article about Narcissa and Pollux had been printed and still Pollux and Narcissa received odd glances from the students and the staff. Pollux received terrible notes and even heard students muttering about him in the halls.

The morning had started out fine, but half way through breakfast an owl landed in front of him holding an already smoking Howler. He had just untied it when the Howler exploded in his hands, a woman's voice screeching loud enough that many people had to cover their ears.

"You are nothing, but a disgusting and worthless piece of scum. You deserve to be sent to Azkaban along with your rotten father, you horrid little mother fu…" Pollux set the Howler ablaze and looked around the Hall only to find a lot of the students were staring, open-mouthed at him. He was new that his anger had caused his magical aura to appear and his eyes were most likely a dark ocean blue.

He chanced a glance toward the staff table and saw that his mother was just leaving the Hall, her hand covering her mouth and her shoulders shaking.

Pollux knew deep down that his he did not have a normal relationship with his mother in the least. He knew that his dreams were wrong as his fantasies were getting farther and farther away from Belinda. He had started to fantasize about his mother more and even had both his mother and his girlfriend involved.

Shaking his head to clear it he stood up and left the Hall. Pollux decided it was time for a change in his appearance, he'd always left his hair in a mess, but now he'd decided to brush it out. His dark and blond coloured hair fell to just below his shoulders; he had brushed it out and left it as it was. Picking up his wand he flicked his wrist and watched as it straightened a bit more. He picked up a bit of ribbon and gathered his hair at the nape of his neck; he then tied it up and looked at himself in the mirror.

He then pulled out his black pants, a dark red shirt and his black travelling cloak he got dressed for a trip to Hogsmeade. Putting on his black dragon hide boots he was ready to go, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he nodded to himself.

Satisfied with his new appearance he returned to the Entrance Hall. He found Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in the Hall with Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley.

"I still think it's wrong Gin, Dean is an idiot and we all know that…" Pollux walked passed the group and picked up the start of a conversation that would surely turn into an argument and he wasn't surprised when he heard the youngest Weasley start shouting at her brother. He heard an audible gasp and turned his head slightly he caught sight of his beautiful girlfriend and smiled at her.

The four Gryffindors stopped arguing and watched as Belinda Yaxley passed them they had heard her gasp and had wondered what had caused that reaction. Hermione and Ginny looked up the hall and spotted Pollux Malfoy. He turned his head slightly and smiled at Belinda; Ginny grabbed Hermione's hand and placed her hand above her heart. Hermione glancing at Ginny noticed that both she and the younger girl were breathing heavily.

"Oh my!" Ginny exclaimed when Pollux turned completely around. Hermione's heart beat picked up and began to beat frantically against her chest.

Pollux being non-the-wiser to what his new appearance was doing to most of the girls in the Entrance Hall simply turned around to face his girlfriend. He placed his thumb and forefinger on her chin and pulled her chin up to kiss her passionately.