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Takes place after Maya and Zig kiss.

Mayas pov.

How was i gonna tell Cam that zig and I kissed. How is Zig gonna tell Tori. Is he even gonna tell Tori. Why did we have to kiss? All these thoughts crossed my head.

I'm interuped out of my thoughts when I hear Cam say "Hey Maya, how was the pagent." "Fine, thanks." I reply

"Really Maya? Someone told me you fell." Cam says raising a eyebrow.

"Ok i fell" I say."Is that why your so sad." He askes like he figured it out.

"Well not exactly Cam im sorry but.'' I was about to tell him when Adam and Imogen said "Maya band practice now." Im glad I didn't have to finish that thought.

"Bye Cam" I say as if nothings wrong."Bye Maya."

Cams pov.

What was Maya gonna say. Is she gonna break up with me? No, Cam don't talk like that. But then what would maya have to say that ends with sorry.

"Hey rookie." Dallas greeted me.

"Hi. See you at pratice." I reply. I run down the hallway. I gotta find maya. What was she gonna say.

I see Maya with Zig as they walk into their first period. I was about to walk in then Ms. Autem, their math teacher, told me I need to go to my first period.

I have to find out what Maya was gonna say.

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