First Austin and Ally one-shot! I've been seeing all you guys with stories like this, so I decided that I should just make my own. I LOVE AUSTIN AND ALLY BUT I DO NOT OWN IT! Thank you!

What is he doing with her?! Ally was writing in her notebook while watching Austin with his girlfriend. She broke her pencil a few times… "Hey Ally!" Trish screamed behind her. Ally jumped up and screamed. "OH MY GOSH WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Trish just laughed and sat down beside her. "So… still watching Austin, eh? Give up on him already! He doesn't like you!" "Yeah, like that will make me feel better…" Ally muttered to herself.

Ally's grades had been dropping because she wasn't paying attention, and her dad was trying to encourage her to get better. Little did he know that it was because of Ally's best friend… Just then, her phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. The screen said Austin, and the ringtone was Not a Love Song, so Ally answered it. "Hi Austin."

"Hey Ally! I was just wondering if I could come over and write a song with you!"

Ally blushed. She knew this would be her chance. "Of course, Austin! When is it a good time for you?"

"Uh, 5:00 is fine with me."

"Okay, we'll probably be eating dinner then, so you might have to change the time a little later…" A light bulb appeared over Ally's head. (Not really it was just a metaphor.) "Or, you could just eat dinner with us!" Austin smiled on the other end. "Uh… sure! I'll see you then!" Ally blushed even more. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Ally immediately called Trish. "HI! GUESS WHAT!" Trish sleepily replied. "What?"

"Austin is coming over for dinner!"

"Great can you leave me alone now?"


Ally hung up and gave herself a big hug. This was her chance.

Did you guys like it? It was my first Austin and Ally fanfic, so it might not be so great, but still, I hope you enjoyed it! By the way, the next few chapters might take a while for me to get done, so please be patient with me! Thank you! R&R!