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Chapter 1: Flashbacks

Ross Pvo:


I sat there on eating my bowl of cearl with brothers and one sister, Wachting mom and dad pack last of our things. I wanted cry so bad but i held back my tears we were moving from my home town, that wasn't the main reason why i wanted cry i was moving way from my best friend Danielle Campbell. Danielle was the only one made happy when i was down or hurt i thought my partens hated me. Danielle was probley the most nicest,prettest,sweetest girl i ever met i know her sice i was five years old.

I look at older brother Riker he look like he was happy that we were i look at Rocky he seem really did't care if were moving. I look at my only sister Rydel who was crying she did't want to move because she was going miss all of her frends. Finelly look at my youger brother who did't really seem to know what was going on.

End of flashback

I sigh and sat on my bed thinking how much i really did't want to go this girl i did't like at all. But had no choice because my mom was making me, we had to meet her family. The clock read 6:00 the date is at 7:00 i went to get dress. I look at my self in the mirror i wore a long sleeve red shirt that went to elbows then black jeans that cover my legs last but not least i wore yellow high tops. I look good for someone really did't want to go on this date.

Its now 7:30 "Ross its time to go!" my dad yelled. I ran down the stairs saw my family ready to go. My friend Ratliff there too i guess my mom was making him go too. When we got to Hey Its A Steak House, Cassidy and her mom and dad were already there.

Cassidy ran up to me "Hey Ross you look great." She said. Dang it had to say something nice to her, "um.. You don't look bad yourself" I said did fake simle.

"So Ross how does it feel like to date my Daugter?" Said Mr. Cold.

"Ummm..." 1. I wasn't really dating her she was really Hung up on her self. Thank goodness the waiter showed us to our table. Cassidy sat right next to me.

When we was all done ordering are food i look up to see very familiar girl .

Danielle Pvo:

Look at of my window saw the beautiful sunset at the beach of california. That made me had sad flash back.


I sat on my proch crying while the lynchs putting last of their boxs in the moving van the sun was setting they were leving that night because of less taffice. I was going to miss Ross. Ross was my only best friend i know him scince i was five. Why did the have to move California? The next thing i knew was ross runing towards me. "

Hey danielle!" Ross yelld.


"Here i got you something" Ross said looking though his pockets. Then pulled out necklest gave it to me. "Wow thank you" I said putting the necklest on. That moment are eyes locked. Next thing i knew was ross arms were around me and his face was burnied in my hair. I knew he was crying because my shoulder was wet.

"Your really tuff guy" I said joking.

"Yeah i know" Ross said while i was giggle.

" Ross the sun seting time to go" Mr. lynch said.

End of flashback

I just move california two days ago and already miss Colorado it wasn't my home state i was born in chicago but still it was home to me. It 6:30 my dad said he was going to take us to Hey Its A Steak House. It was funny name but heard they cook good food. Ran down stair to see my brothers and sister waiting, they really look nice.

My youger brother David was wearing plaid bule and white shirt and brown vest with grey jeans. Then Daniel my older brother was wear green tee shirt that said L.A. : Lower Alabama with bule jeans. Darla my older sister was wearing her hair brown hair down, she was wearing white shirt with and bule vest black sking jeans. Wow and i'm going to say it agian the really looked nice.

6:50 were at Hey Its A stak House my partens were talking to the waiter. Then i nocited this boy stareing at me.

"That boy is checking you out danielle" Darla said then i stared to blush. I was looking at him then i look at rest of his family that had blonde hair some of them had brown hair. I saw short women with her blonde hair in a ponytail. She reminded me of Stormie my old best friend mom. I got closer look and it was Stormie!

"Stormie!" I yelled not noctice every in the restaurant was staring at me.