Greetings, I have decided that I will make another story, because I have been looking through the Naruto Negima crossovers to find one I like, though I do enjoy reading both Kitsune Butler and Mahora's Mad Kitsune Hatter, both by The Swordslinger, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I enjoy a good insane main character… but every fic I have read has something I felt should happen, but being me, I don't enjoy telling people what to do, I hate it when others do it to me, so I refuse to bitch them out for writing their stories the way they want to, so I decided to write my own to satisfy my desire for a fic to go my way, I just hope others follow my example.


Naruto stared at Sasuke in shock, as he stood over a dieing Hinata, who had a hole through her stomach, crying as she laid motionless, reaching for him, the man she gave herself to not too long ago, after he came back from stopping both Madara and Obito.

Naruto recalled how he ended the war, how he defeated the two insane Uchiha and stopped the Gedo Mazo, by taking all the power he received from the other bijuu, allowing him to form a type of juubi power to counter the one Obito created, awakening the slumbering power of his past life, giving him a fused doujutsu of the rinnegan and sharingan, allowing him access to the hidden Senju blood of his own Uzumaki blood (yes, I believe this will happen, and yes, this is an op Naruto fiction... though the whole rinnegan and Mokuton might not happen...)

In the end, it was a battle to see, with the help of Kurama, they battled against the ten tailed beast, and won. After the battle was over, Naruto met back up with everyone, only to be kissed by Hinata, after being tackled by said woman.

It was months later when he ended up in bed with her, and Sakura wound up beating the crap out of him for knocking her up, while Hinata argued that Sasuke may still try to get revenge on the village, so she didn't want to wait in case Naruto's prediction of them killing each other came true, especially after the nightmares that chased her to sleeping with him haunted her, she wanted a part of him, and she got it.

Until Sasuke struck today, nine months after the war, almost seven after Hinata got pregnant, and now Naruto realized Sasuke wanted him dead.

Sasuke had found Hinata relaxing in the garden behind Naruto's new home, wearing a lavender dress, which showed a bit of her curves, as well as her swollen belly, where Naruto lived after the war, and Hinata joined him after they found out about their child.

And when he found her, he attacked with a chidori through the back of her stomach, killing her unborn child, as Naruto walked out to spend time with her, wearing his orange sage cloak with black flames lining the bottom, as well as his tight black t-shirt, and anbu style black pants, with his new black shinobi sandals.

Sasuke had told him he blamed all of Konoha for his misery, and by killing the hero of the ninja world, he would have his revenge in full.

Naruto began to glare at Sasuke, his eyes becoming that of the true rinnegan, as his pupils became slit, and took on the horizontal slits of both bijuu and sage modes, alerting the village to danger, with how much power he was using.

Sasuke watched with a smirk.

"Come on dope, just because you managed to defeat those old geezers, doesn't mean you can handle me"

Sasuke closed and opened his own eyes, revealing he reverted his own sharingan into the rinnegan, just as his predecessor did.

"Just as the psycho did, I also awakened my own rinnegan. Unlike your phony one."

Naruto glared at Sasuke, as he opened his red sage cloak, revealing row after row of tri-pronged kunai, which flew from his coat, and began to float around him, while the yellow flash that came with the use of the hiraishin as they spun faster and faster.

Sasuke looked confused, never before seeing this technique, Naruto rushed forward, only to appear in front of him in the yellow flash of the hiraishin with the kunai still circling him, shocking the Uchiha greatly.

Kicking Sasuke back, the Uchiha felt himself get impaled by the kunai spinning around the blond, only to be revealed to be a log, revealing Naruto had been spinning the kunai with chakra strings, spinning them around at fast speeds with the help of Kurama, allowing him to launch them as they are aiming where he wants to go, so he can flash there and strike, allowing him a continuous use of the jutsu, but limiting him to where he sees.

Sasuke smirked after he figured out the dope's use of the technique, only to lose it as Naruto flashed at him again, and again, he was having trouble staying away from him, unable to figure out how to escape the unique method of chasing him, though Sasuke felt something off as he suddenly was trapped between four blonds.

"It's over Uchiha, we thought you could be saved, but it looks like Itachi failed to save you, as well as myself, it appears all you Uchiha want is to rule the world, and for killing my child, I shall kill you."

Sasuke laughed, until he felt the agonizing pull of kamui, Sasuke glared at Kakashi, only widen his eyes at the fact that he had every shinobi of Konoha behind him, with Sakura healing Hinata, and everyone was glaring at him, so he smirked, and used his own rinnegan/sharingan to take control of the Kamui, until he managed to widen it enough to capture the four Narutos within the technique with him.

Everyone froze at that, time-space ninjutsu were never meant to be screwed with, period, why? Because you never know what will cause them to fuck up, and with four Narutos using his continuous Hiraishin technique, along with the dimension traveling abilities of the Kamui, Naruto and Sasuke were in for one hell of a ride.

Originally, Kamui would send whatever it struck to his own personal dimension, but with the traveling abilities of the hiraishin, the technique ripped apart the very fabric of the worlds, launching the two boys into a dimension other than Kakashi/Obito's.

=-=-=-=-=-=said wrong dimension=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sasuke woke up feeling like hell, only to stare at the one Naruto with ten motionless hiraishin kunai around him, he also noted the shelves of books, and he could hear people, girls talking about a young teacher... groaning caused him to get up and prepare to finish off the blond, though he assumed they both would have died.

His body felt like it went through a blender, only to be resown and tossed in again for the hell of it, and since he only saw one Naruto, he assumed that the blond experienced it as well, only to experience it another three times when his clones popped, he did not envy the blond, and almost felt sorry for him, almost.

Naruto stood on quaky legs, only to drop as Sasuke tried to slice him to ribbons, and watch as he cut some books in half, and let them hit the floor, making a ruckus.

"What are you doing? P-p-p-please s-s-s-stop damaging the books."

Sasuke looked behind Naruto, and found a petite young blue haired girl, with her hair hiding her eyes, looking at him with fear, yet enough anger to protest destruction of the books.

"I will destroy what I wish, and after I am done killing this blond fool, I will then burn this place and everyone and thing within range to ashes and laugh at your misery!."

Naruto cut his evil tirade off by stabbing him through his chin, and into his brain with one of his discarded hiraishin kunai.

Nodoka looked on in shock as a boy with black hair and strange eyes threatened her and everything that she new, get stabbed by another strange boy, both looking around her own age, and she was forced to watch as blood spread over the books and both boys.

The blond appeared regretful, and sad, as he looked at her, revealing he had stranger eyes than the dark haired boy.

She watched as the boy pulled out a scroll, opening it and caused the dark haired boy to disappear in a cloud of smoke, the boy then stood, still covered in the other dead boy's blood, raised his hands as a blue glow began to mingle in with the red of the blood covering books floor and human alike, only for it all to float towards the blond and get absorbed into his hand.

She looked on in shock as the boy grabs the books the dark haired boy cut one at a time, causing them to gain a blue glow, as the books mended themselves back together.


Before she could finish what she was going to say, the blond walked over to her.

"I apologize for what you just saw, but that man would have followed through with what he said."

After looking around, Naruto realized his hiraishin flung him somewhere, but where is what he had to find out.

"Where am I?"

Nodoka looked frightened beyond what she knew she could be, she just watched as one boy threatened everyone, and then saw another kill him, she was confused and scared, not knowing what to do, she answered, and hoped that the one in front of her, who appeared to be kind, was not gonna kill anyone else, until he shocked her.

Naruto noticed she was a shy girl, like Hinata was when she was young, and with as innocent as she appeared, he assumed he was not in the elemental countries, so he came to the conclusion, he was in an alternate dimension, unless if the Kamui just extended the launch of the hiraishin and just flung him to the other side of the world, he hoped for the second, considering he didn't have dimension traveling techniques.

Naruto also realized he needed to stay hidden until he could return, and so, he had to convince this girl to not run and cry psycho, and being him, he jumped to extremes right off the bat...

Naruto began to cry when he realized he was screwed, and then he got down on his knees and begged...

"Please don't tell anyone about me, I'm begging you, I'll do anything, just please... I may also need a place to hide out..."

Nodoka looked at the older male, on his knees, begging her to keep his secret and hide him, offering her anything she wanted... she was actually shocked, she had a shiver go through her mind at the kind of anything Haruna would have thought up, but she watched the honest pleas in his eyes, and she was confused, how could the serious and powerful man she just watch kill a guy in cold blood become this grovelling boy... she was confused.


Naruto looked at her as he stood.

"I need to figure out a way home, and I can't draw attention to myself, so please, keep this a secret, I can pay, I have valuable gems, and even... books."

Naruto came up with the last suggestion, due to them being in the library, but one might ask why he would have these things... actually one month after the war, he had been on a mission, and ended up whining about things being boring, and so, after beating him up, Sakura made him create a sealing scroll with things to keep him entertained, as well as everything else he would need, like camping supplies, and seal notes so he could study seals while out, and then he also sealed some other things, like money, some pictures, and even some Ichiraku ramen, he had been happy that Sakura gave him the idea, only for him to keep forgetting to bring the scroll with him when he left, so after another beating, he sealed the scroll into a seal on his arm, and just left it in there.

He also ended up sealing away a lot of his valuables, then the day he got seal happy, sealing everything he got his hands on, until he accidentally sealed his clothes he was wearing when Hinata came home with the other girls of the Konoha 12 and found him trying to get his clothes back from the scroll.

Nodoka was in shock, though this other worldly boy offered her a book, she wondered what kind of books he had.

"Books? What k-k-kind of b-b-books?"

Nodoka loved books, and considering this boy had other worldly powers, he must have other worldly books, and she loved books, and he was begging her, rather than outright killing her, so he couldn't be all that bad.

Naruto smiled, pulling up his sleeve, swiping his hand across a tattoo, catching the scroll that appeared in a puff of smoke, unrolling it, revealing random kanji, until he found the kanji for book, placing his hand on that seal, he widened his eyes in shock as about 29 little orange books appear.

Nodoka was about to read one when the boy grabbed it from her hand, throwing it back onto the pile, as he blushed up a storm, making the pile disappear in a poof of smoke.

"Sorry, but I cannot allow someone as young and innocent as you be exposed to that kind of perversion, I swear I do not remember sealing those in there..."

"Sealing? Is that what you are doing? Sealing all those things within the paper of the scroll? That must be extremely useful."

Nodoka was still wary of the blond, but she was fascinated by his words, and the way he appeared honestly embarrassed by the apparently perverted books.

She watched as he pulled another book from his scroll, this one being brown, as he handed it to her, she read the cover.

"The Tales of the Gutsy Ninja? I've never heard of this book before."

Naruto smiled widely, as he resealed the scroll into his arm, and watched as she look the book over.

"Well, I assume that because I am not from this world, you might not have, so I guess you are the only person in this world with a copy."

Nodoka looked at the boy, and actually smiled, he gave her a book that was basically the only one of it's kind within her world, a one of a kind book, that no one else would have, no matter how hard they looked, which could actually be worth a fortune depending how good it was, it actually made her feel kinda special.

"Thank you, my n-n-name is N-N-Nodoka."

The boy gave a small smile.

"My name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto"

Nodoka smiled at the boy.

"I don't know how I could possibly help you though, I live in the girl's dorm here at the school."

Naruto nodded.

"Well, I just need to hide somewhere, I am extremely well at hiding, and since we are at a school I assume you have class, so I can just focus on my way home while you are in class, and I can pay for staying in your room."

And Naruto is back to begging... Nodoka couldn't explain it, but having the boy begging her, gave her a strange feeling, as if she should be begging instead, though that might have something to do with seeing the man kill someone in front of her.

"Alright, but I will have a lot of trouble hiding you from my roommates."

Naruto looked to be thinking, as he tilted his head with his arms crossed and eyes closed, making him look very fox-like, and a bit cuter.

Nodoka blushed as she watched him.

"Well, if they can keep me a secret, I don't see why we can't allow them to know, I can always give them something if I need to, I have plenty... I think, I never really checked what all I put in here."

Nodoka sweat dropped, the boy she just watch kill someone was now looking through his scroll, at every symbol, and mumbling about going overboard.

Nodoka sighed.

"Well, I should at least go and get Haruna and Yue and ask them first, it must be talked about between all three of us."

Nodoka tried to hand him the book back, only for him to look confused.

"Why are you giving it back to me?"

"Because I might not be able to help you."

Naruto smiled kindly at her.

"That book is so you keep me secret, not to allow me to live with you, I assumed that staying at your place would have been a long shot, but I have to find a place where I can hide out till I figure out a way home, as you figured out, if I am found out, I might have to defend myself against people who might want to use me as a weapon, or dissect me for research, both being very bad for me."

Nodoka nodded, and realized how dangerous this could be, as she also realized why he was begging her so much, he didn't want to hurt her, and he also had to hide, but if he is this nice, than why kill the other boy.

"What did that boy do to cause you to kill him?"

"He murdered a lot of people, including my unborn child."

Naruto spoke seriously, and sadly, as he cried, while she gasped, also crying after hearing what the black haired boy did.

"I'm sorry for asking, you can follow me, we can go get Haruna and Yue, to get their opinion, but I have to take some books from here to another library, so it will be a bit."

Naruto nodded as Nodoka led him to the front desk, where a stack of books waited on the counter, with a girl their age waiting with them.

"So this is who caused that ruckus? He is a hottie, Nodoka, you sly girl you."

Nodoka and Naruto both blushed, but Nodoka was a whole lot redder than Naruto, and was unable to really respond, leaving Naruto to speak.

"I apologize for that, I was trying to retrieve some books from a higher shelf and accidentally knocked some over, Nodoka helped me with picking them up, I am once again sorry for delaying her helping you."

The librarian student giggled.

"Well, she is working alone today, but we are mostly just a club that loves to work with books, so it ain't like we're in a hurry to rush anyone along, and helping out cute boys is a great reason to delay hauling a pile of books to a library on an island on the other side of campus."

Naruto smiled widely as he spoke.

"Why don't I help her, as a way of apologizing for taking up her time?"

Nodoka tried to protest only for it to fall on deaf ears, as well as be too late due to Naruto already having the pile in to equal stacks balancing them perfectly in each hand.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=minutes later=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Negi watched as one of his students walked along the upper area, following a blond man carrying two stacks of books, as he heard another student, that he actually learned to fear by now, yelling.

"Hey, what are you doing to Honya-chan?!"

Nodoka watched as she had to redirect her new friend in the right direction again as he was about to make a wrong turn, again, only to hear a yell by one of her classmates.

Asuna was carrying some bags with party supplies, as she saw her classmate Nodoka following a blond boy, as he carried books, but everytime she would step in front of him, he turned and walked in a different direction, adding in the fact he is a guy at an all girl's middle school, and she felt she was the only one who would ask why he was here, which was kinda sad really, she was also having a very bad day, Takahata sensei had seen her bear panties because of her new sensei somehow destroyed her skirt, and he even had the nerve to replace Takahata as her homeroom teacher, so she was extremely upset.

And now this boy, who shouldn't be here, was bullying her classmate, her day just got worse.

Naruto watched as a girl ran up to him with bags in her hands, yelling at him about picking on a sweet Honya-chan, whoever that is...

What none of them noticed though, is that because Naruto almost made a left turn, Nodoka and he were awfully close to the side of the stairs with Nodoka being right next to the ledge, and as Asuna yelled, and rushed forward, she took that one step backwards, that caused her to fall.

Negi watched as his student fell, and thinking without acting, he launched a wind spell, slowing her descent, as the blond who was with her jumped off the steps, falling with her, as he ran to catch her, what Negi failed to notice, was that Asuna saw what he did, and even as Negi neared his student, and the mystery boy caught her.

Though neither Negi or Asuna took note of the blond catching the two stacks of books on his foot, keeping perfect balance on one foot as he held Nodoka in his arms.

Asuna rushed forward, forgetting about the blond, and dragging Negi into the woods.

'He jumped down to catch her, considering how dumb he looked, she might have been helping him find where he had to go, and seeing as she is from the library club, he might have been helping in exchange.'

Leave it to Asuna to expect someone to be stupid because of blond hair.

=-=-=-=leaving the Negi/Asuna scene as in the anime=-=-=-=-=

Nodoka awoke to find Naruto sitting in front of the fountain at the plaza they were about to walk through, still holding her in his arms, as the books sat down next to him.

Her eyes widened as she jumped from his arms.

'His arms felt safe and warm, and muscular, very muscular...'

Naruto watched her as she acted more and more like Hinata, and he felt he had to ask.

"Do you have bad experience with men?"

Nodoka looked shocked.


Naruto sighed.

"The only girl I know that acts like you was treated badly by her father, he ignored her for her younger sister, and never tried to help her, he had high expectations, and when they were not met, he scowled, she felt worse and worse about herself, and it made her self conscious, she was afraid to step out of her safety zone because she was afraid to disappoint everyone, she was afraid to stand out, she grew so shy, she turned beat red around me and fainted."

Nodoka listened to the story and felt a bit sorry for the girl. Naruto continued on though.

"She had a crush on me because I was loud and spoke my mind, but while she tried to work up the courage to talk to me, I shouted about how pretty another girl was, which really didn't help, I actually feel a bit bad about that, but after a while, she got more and more courageous, and eventually, she confessed... then she got stabbed, and I nearly ripped the guy who did it into unrecognizable little pieces, and I really tried, though the guy proved stronger than me... most of my battles I won due to having more stamina than my opponent now that I think about it... damn."

Nodoka thought about the story, minus the bit about how he won his battles, though felt Haruna would have endless comments about the stamina bit, and realized, she did not want to wait till it was too late for her to fall in love, she wanted to have a family, and someone to love her, but she still didn't know about how to be around men, her father left her mother when she was still young, she has never interacted with men before.

(No I do not know her background enough to know if that is true, though I guess it is, I might be wrong, and I looked, but I do know that Takahata said it was not a fear, but she just didn't know how to act around boys, so blame him. Besides, just because a girl is shy doesn't mean she was raped or beaten by her father. Not all men are retarded jack asses. But some are cowardly shit stains, so I guess her father left or died, and she ended up without being near any males, considering she is in an all girls school, it is not so far fetched.)

Nodoka stood as she prepared to leave, nodding to Naruto causing him to stand and pick the books up as he followed her off to the library to place the books where they had to go.

=-=-=-=-=Later on=-=-=-=-=-=

Naruto walked with Nodoka as she walked to her classroom, he watched as she opened the door and then he was surprised by how many girls were sitting in the room, paying tons of attention to a small boy... lucky bastard!

A tall girl with green hair, and a short girl with purple hair, walked over, the green haired one looking at him like he was a piece of meat, reminding him of Jiraiya, while the purple haired girl spoke first.

"Hey Nodoka, your a little late."

The green haired one spoke up immediately.

"Can you not see the hunk standing next to her? She has one of the best reasons ever to be late, she brought a boy for show and tell, and I can't wait for the showing."

Naruto sweat dropped, he could not think of anything to say to that, Nodoka decided to introduce Naruto to her friends, but didn't realize Haruna had caused everyone to realize that the shy bookworm brought a boy to class.

And the first person there was Asakura.

"Hello, my name is Asakura, what is your relationship towards our little Honya-chan?"

Naruto stared for a few seconds before he widened his eyes in realization, smacking is right fist down on his left palm.

"Oh, I get it now, you all call Doka-chan Honya-chan! I was confused earlier when the orange haired girl yelled about a Honya-chan, but now I get it."

The girls and Negi just looked at him with sweat drops, while Takahata and Shizuna both looked at him suspiciously, Takahata taking the lead began a subtle interrogation.

"So, who are you, and how do you know young Miyazaki-san?"

Naruto tilted his head with his eyes closed, his thinking face coming out full force, Chisame now questioning why a boy was at an all girls school, as well as his strange clothes no one else cared to notice, quietly mumbling about how he looked like a cosplayer, though she did admire the uniqueness of the clothes, as well as the muscles his tight black shirt showed off, she was the only sane girl in class 2-A after all, which raises the question about his eyes.

"Do you mean Nodoka-chan? Miyazaki must be her family name then, but either way."

Naruto gained a huge smile as he rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand.

"Actually, she helped me in the library when I made a mess, than to return the favor, I helped her finish her tasks at the library, which after I decided to follow along with her since i'm lost and she had things to grab from her classroom, so I figured instead of letting her walk home alone, I would tag along and help out, I didn't know you all were throwing a party though. Sorry for interrupting you."

Naruto finished with a bow, Ayaka smiled as she walked up to him.

"Actually, we're all happy that Nodoka actually found a boy to date, she always has been a bit shy, and to think, the little shy bookworm would bag someone like you, congrats Nodoka, i'm actually envious of you."

Nodoka blushed more and more as everyone kept referring to Naruto as her date, almost blushing when Haruna started talking about asking to join them when they got 'that' far.

The party went on as everyone went back to giving Negi attention, and Naruto was introduced to everyone, leaving him to hang out with the library trio.

Haruna looked Naruto up and down.

"You must work out, no way that that much muscle is all natural."

Nodoka chose now to bring up what Naruto asked of her.

"Actually, Naruto needs a place to hide, and he said he was willing to pay, if you both want to consider it, we can talk about it in our room, but we must wait till we are fully alone."

Yue got suspicious, while Haruna began to drool, both thinking of the worse the boy could do to three girls in a quite room...

=-=-=-=-=-=Later, after all the girls got back to the dorms=-=-=-=-=-=

Naruto had left the group, claiming Nodoka was safe with two teachers and her classmates walking her home, and followed them by the rooftops, shadowing them with ease, realizing none of them could sense chakra.

As the library trio got into their room, they jumped a bit when they heard tapping on their window, and then to get a shock as they found Naruto hanging from a wire like spiderman.

Allowing the boy inside, He smiled at the three, as he and Nodoka explained the situation to the other two girls, both becoming shocked at the story, only for Haruna to gain a smirk upon the idea of payment.

Yue watched the boy, and became shocked at how innocent and sweet the boy seamed, as he begged them to allow him to use their room as a hide away.

"What is with your eyes?"

Naruto widened his eyes as he looked at his reflection in a mirror that Haruna pulled from somewhere, only to become shocked at what he saw.

"Well, it's called a Doujutsu, it allows me a number of abilities, but I didn't notice they were active, I guess they stayed active from when I teleported here, but I did notice I had lost the ability to release my jutsu, I can gather the chakra needed, but it dissipates when I try to release it, I guess this world's different chakra flow means something after all."

The girls looked a bit worried, though they knew exactly what he was saying, they didn't know anything about what chakra was, but it appeared important. Naruto sighed before speaking his plans out loud.

"Well, tomorrow, while you three are in class, I will go talk to the person with the highest power levels, and maybe they can help me with this problem."

Yue, being the calculative leader of the Baka Rangers, decided to question him.

"And who would that be?"

Naruto smiled kindly.

"I do not know, but if you don't, then they don't want you to, there for, it would be the same as if I told someone that, you were into girls instead of boys, whether it's true or not, you would be the one who would want to give out that information when your ready right? Well it's the same thing, they may want to hide their power for certain reasons, and it is not my place to reveal others secrets."

Yue nodded, as they all blushed at his example. Haruna however decided to ask a very important question, though she smirked as she asked.

"So, where are you gonna sleep?"

The other two blushed as Naruto simply shrugged.

"On the floor."

Nodoka sighed.

"Well, I could sleep with Yue, while you take my bed."

Haruna smirked.

"Or, since he isn't your boyfriend, he could sleep with me."

Haruna appeared all too happy to make the sacrifice, but Naruto caught them all off guard as he pulled a sleeping bag out of nowhere, and laid down in it. Shrugging, Nodoka and Yue went to their own beds and rested, while Haruna pouted all the way to her's.


I hope I didn't screw up too badly, next chapter has more explanations, and like any other, furthering the storyline, and yes, before you all ask, Naruto will return home, they will obtain a method in order to safely travel back and forth, but it will take a while, so be patient, and wish me luck on all my fictions.