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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Dean's office=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Naruto could be seen filling out a set of papers, while Hinata watched, having pulled his spare shirt from a seal, a simple blue shirt with elbow length sleeves.

The dean however was standing behind his desk, though considering it was broken in half, it didn't do a proper job of being a barrier.

Takahata was doing his best to dodge punches from the angry seventeen year old girl, which scared him, after she punched the dean's desk in anger after the dean told her she was supposed to pretend to be a fourteen year old in Naruto's class.

The dean barely admitted that he was taking advantage of the situation to get more protection for the class Naruto was teaching, before he had to avoid the irate girl who he admitted to taking advantage of.

"So you two perverts just trick anyone into joining your school? Are you trying to pimp out your students or something?"

Evangeline was quietly watching the two old perverts dodge the pink haired girl, silently pinning Asuna as a mix between her and the blond male.

She watched as Naruto filled out the sheets for something as the Hyuga girl answered his questions as he asked them, showing that he was filling something out.

Takahata was the one to try to calm the irate girl this time, hoping his answer was not a punch strong enough to break something made of solid magically enchanted oak wood.

"Well, you need an alibi to stay here, and there are plenty of mature looking girls in the class…"

Takahata was silenced as he jumped out of the way of a sofa being flung at him, which was stopped from hitting Evangeline by a calm Naruto single handed.

Though both Takahata and Dean Konoe both noticed his pactio being activated.

"Sakura, calm down, this will allow us to work as a team, just like old times."

Sakura gave Naruto a very serious look.

"And what pray tell, do you believe you know that I don't?"

Naruto smiled.

"Absolutely nothing."

Naruto smiled as he tossed Sakura a collar. Takamichi and the dean both stayed silent at all the questionable thoughts that went through their heads.

Sakura sighed as she placed the collar on, and de-aged right before everyone's eyes. Eva walking towards the blond to speak to him.

"Would you be able to make one of those that works in reverse?"

Naruto chuckled.

"Yeah, but only girls who behave get to get nice things."

Eva, as well as the two older males looked at the choker around Sakura's neck, noticing that while a bit plain, it had a pink diamond in the front. Naruto began to explain it.

"Sakura's choker has a seal placed in the diamond, as while done in pink ink, making the diamond appear pink, it also bends space and time around her, allowing for her to be fourteen while wearing it. Though this actually de-ages her, this does not actually give back the years she has already lost. Basically, it shrinks her back to the way she looked as whatever age I set the choker to."

Sakura took the couch back from Naruto and set it back where it was before sitting down. Takamichi asked a question.

"So Hinata is going to use one of those chokers as well?"

Naruto sighed.

"Hinata can't."

Takamichi and the dean both raised an eyebrow at the same time as Naruto rolled his eyes before elaborating.

"Hinata is pregnant, the seal shrinks the wearer to the previous age, none of us know the kind of effects it would have on the baby, and neither of us believe the risk is worth it, so I filled out the sheet to allow her to get a job as an assistant, and was going to ask Shizuna-san to watch over her while I work."

Both older males nodded in understanding, as the dean suggested Naruto take the two girls for a tour around the school so they had some idea of where to go.

Naruto and the two kunoichi left, leaving the dean to mope about his desk and talk to Eva about what he summoned her for.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=with Naruto=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Naruto, with Hinata and Sakura following, was on his way towards Shizuna's office, where he caught her leaving to run her own errands.

"Greetings Naruto-sensei, is there something I can do for you?"

Naruto smiled as he spoke.

"Well, I got a surprise visit from some friends from my home village, and one of them is under special circumstances. She can fill you in on any questions you may have, but I got her to fill out this pamphlet to be your assistant. Considering one of these special circumstances keeps her from doing a whole lot, I was hoping you would be able to help keep her close to me. I would owe you one. Or several."

Shizuna smiled as she looked over at the two girls.

"I assume you already introduced them to the dean?"

Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, I came here to ask you to let Hinata-chan work as your assistant while she stayed here."

Shizuna became shocked for a few seconds at the name, remembering her from Naruto's stories, before she turned to the girl, and noticed the bulge of her stomach. Shizuna turned back to Naruto, accepting the papers he offered her with a smile.

"One who heals can never have too many assistants."

Naruto smiled wider, while Hinata and Sakura smiled as well, though neither as much as Naruto.

"Well, I will be showing these girls around campus today, and I will bring Hinata over before taking Sakura to class tomorrow morning."

Shizuna nodded as she went off to finish her tasks for the day.

Upon walking outside, they noticed a young boy being dragged around by a pair of twins, who easily noticed him.

"Hey Naruto-sensei!"

Both twins ran up to the boy as he smiled and waved back.

"Hey you three."

Negi smiled as he spoke to his older assistant.

"Hello Naruto, who might these two be?"

Fumika and Fuka both looked curiously behind the blond, just now noticing the two females behind him.

Naruto chuckled as he began.

"Well, this is Hinata and Sakura, Sakura is my friend from back home who came with Hinata to visit me."

Sakura and Hinata were about to question about him not introducing Hinata, but the twins walked up to her.

"So your Naruto's girlfriend?"

Hinata smiled kindly at the two young girls, as they both started asking Hinata questions.

"Is there something wrong with your eyes?"

"Have you found any girls you are interested in taking home with you?"

"You know, we are very energetic, fun, loyal, and adorable?"

Both twins stopped asking questions when Naruto placed a hand on each of their heads.

"I have already told the class about our situation, so the moment they discover who you are, you should expect a lot of visits, and possibly even bribing. But these two are the prankster twins of class 3-A, Narutaki Fumika and Fuka."

Both girls smiled at Hinata, as Naruto spoke to Negi.

"So, I was showing these two around campus. What were you three up to?"

Negi sighed as he spoke up.

"Well, I was trying to deliver a letter to the Tatsumiya shrine, when these two stopped to help me, but all we managed to do is get chased by a rocket, and visit an island that was a library."

Naruto chuckled as Hinata began to fret over the small trio. The twins both smiled widely as they both spoke up.

"Hey, if these two are new here, than why don't you join us in our touring of the campus with Negi?"

Negi sighed as he groaned.

"Can we please head over to Tatsumiya shrine before we go any further with this tour?"

Both twins smiled as they tried to pull the two girls along. Naruto chuckled as Negi once again sighed.

Hinata smiled as she followed along with the two girls, while Sakura groaned about mini female Naruto twins.

The girls turned to them in realization, Fuka asking the question, practically jumping out of her shoes.

"Hey, Naruto mentioned that he did pranks back home, can you guys tell us anything about that?"

Hinata smiled as she giggled slightly, Sakura groaned. Hinata decided to be the one to answer.

"There are plenty of pranks Naruto managed to pull off, too many to recount in a single day."

The twins both appeared to smile widely.

"We can't wait to hear all about them."

Naruto chuckled as he heard them, Sakura simply groaned.

Negi sighed when the twins lead them to a restaurant, where Naruto decided to buy them something to eat.

After their meal, during which, Negi ended up begging the twins to take him to Tatsumiya shrine, which the twins finally folded and took them there, leading them through an authorized personnel only path.

Naruto, Hinata and Sakura each figured they could handle whatever came at them.

Negi was against entering the path from the start and got worse after the girls mentioned bears living in the woods around them.

Fumika started to fidget as she turned to talk with the others.

"I need to talk with my sister about something."

Hinata and Sakura both got the meaning.

Negi however.

"I do believe it is a bad idea for us to separate."

Naruto also missed the hidden meaning.

"Especially if you weren't kidding about the whole bear thing."

Sakura groaned at the blonde's stupidity, while Hinata giggled at it. Fuka however had no qualms about blurting out what she meant.

"She means she has to use the toilet."

Naruto sighed.

"Then why didn't she just say so?"

Hinata and Sakura sighed as Fumika reprimanded her sister. Naruto spoke up again after everyone quieted down.

"Well, at least let Sakura go with you. I know she can handle any beast that may be lurking around, or if there is some kind of pervert that sneaked in, she can handle the situation."

Fumika smiled at the new student.


Sakura sighed as she went with the twins, leaving Negi, Naruto, and Hinata, who waited for about ten minutes when they heard the twins scream.

The trio that was left behind reacted quickly, Negi outright sprinting in worry, Hinata moving as fast as she could without jostling her stomach and its contents, while Naruto chose a middle ground so he could speed up to stop a beast, or dash back to help Hinata.

Negi was caught off guard as the twins rushed forward from the trees, Sakura right behind them, when Fuka fell down a hole.

Naruto slowed down to protect Hinata if she needed it, knowing Sakura would be able to handle whoever, or whatever gave the girls a fright.

Negi tried to help Fuka out of the hole when they noticed a gun aiming from behind a tree.

Negi stood in front of the three girls, surprising Sakura a bit considering he was just as afraid as Fumika.

Sakura noticed Naruto wasn't rushing to their aid, so she assumed he recognized the presence of the person wielding the weapon at them.

Sakura noticed where the weapon was aiming, and turned to see the strange shadow that frightened the twins the first time, and kept her eye on it, noticing it retreating after a few seconds.

Sakura turned in time to see a tall dark skinned, mature looking teen walk from behind the tree, causing Negi and the twins to identify the girl as Mana Tatsumiya.

Mana led the group through the rest of the path, and to the shrine, where Negi gave Mana the letter he had to deliver.

As the six guests were leaving, after Mana was introduced to her new classmate, and her teacher's girlfriend. Naruto decided to let the twins show Negi to where they wanted to take him, though the twins protested his leaving, Fumika more so than Fuka, Naruto explained about getting some accommodations for Hinata and Sakura.

So they just let it go, though Hinata noted Fumika appearing a little more down about Naruto's departure than Fuka.

Naruto led the two girls back to the dean's office.

They were there as Evangeline was leaving, though the vampire looked like she was wanting to see if Sakura would blow up on the dean and Takamichi again, as she chuckled and looked between the door and Sakura.

Eva apparently chose to just head home, leaving the three newcomers to deal with the dean alone.

When the three entered, they were greeted by a new desk, which they were pretty sure was the same desk as before, just magically repaired.

Konoemon appeared to be cowering for a bit when he saw Sakura, and would have continued if Naruto hadn't spoken up.

"Can I have a chunk of land with an underground well to build a house on for Hinata, and anyone else who comes over from my world?"

The dean just shrugged.

"Sure, I always have a couple spare wells hidden out in the woods in case something comes up. Like the saying goes, 'It's better to have something and not need it, rather than not have it and wish you did.' I actually have several areas ready for construction out in the woods in-case if we need to have more buildings built. You can have one, near Evangeline's cottage. I am sure you can catch up to her, then follow this map to the site. And while you build the house, your girlfriend can bunk with someone from the girl's dorm, and here is Sakura's new dorm number."

Konoemon smiled as he handed the map to the blond. Before handing Sakura a piece of paper. Afterward, they left and caught up to Evangeline, who sighed and glared at them before huffing and continuing on her way, with the three ninjas following.

When they made it to her cottage, Evangeline allowed the girls to hang around her cottage while Chachamaru helped Naruto locate the site in which his new home would be located.

Naruto smiled and thanked the robot, before he memorized the location, and headed back to get Hinata and Sakura.

When they returned to the girl's dorm, he was greeted by the library trio, as well as Iincho and her two roommates, who led them to Sakura's new dorm.

Where they met Sakura's new roommates.

Izumi Ako and Sasaki Makie.

Both girls read over the letter and smiled at their older sensei, promising to take good care of his friend.

Naruto was caught off guard when Shizuna came up and told him that Hinata could stay with her until he procured living arrangements.

Naruto smiled and thanked her, promising he would do something to repay her kindness the first chance he got.

Naruto walked from the dorm, using his pactio to make a late night visit to library island, to leave a couple clones to read up on construction, before returning and sneaking in through the library trio's window as usual.

And with a smile and a promise to show them his home when he finished it, he hid under Nodoka's bed.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=the next day=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sakura was irritated with how much she was questioned when she was introduced to the class, the main question being why she got to come in after the exams, but she lost some irritation when Hinata was introduced to the class, considering how much more questions she was asked.

And don't get her started on when they discovered she was pregnant.

Now they were out in the courtyard, she had actually spaced out while reading when they said why they were aloud out here to enjoy the fresh air, and she was pulled off to join her new roommates for some volleyball.

Sakura sighed as she watched Ako hit it too far, causing Makie to miss it, which allowed it to roll off towards some older girls.

Sakura barely paid attention to the girls, though she did manage to catch the ball when it was thrown at Ako.

Sakura glared at the high school girls.

"What the hell?"

"So one of the babies actually managed to catch that throw?"

Sakura grew ticked at the girl's words.

"What was that?"

Sakura glared darkly at the girl, before gripping the ball tightly in her right hand, ready to throw it right through the girl's head, though her plans were interrupted when they all heard Negi shouting at them to stop.

"Wait please, don't fight, if you do I will be very unhappy."

Sakura looked at the boy, and almost admitted that he appeared adorable when he stated that with such a serious face.

The high school girls however couldn't control themselves as they all crowded around him, squeezing him between them all.

This went on for almost thirty seconds when Sakura felt the ball get taken from her hand, before she watched it get thrown at who appeared to be the ringleader.

"Who wants to die?!"

Sakura sighed as Ayaka spoke up.

"We students of class 3-A come here every day, so you old hags should go back to your own school and back to your plans on how to recapture your youth."

The leader of the high school girls stood up from cuddling Negi as she smirked at the middle school girls.

"Well why don't you make us?"

Ayaka became a bit testier as she spoke again.

"And another thing, how dare you lay your hands upon my sweet and dear Negi-sensei?!"

Ayaka was silenced as Asuna pulled the blonde behind her.

"What my less street smart friend is trying to say is, get your sorry buttes out of here before we kick them out."

One of the henchmen of the high school girls spoke up in defense of their group.

"Pretty big words from someone who still wears a training bra."

Queens Bee spoke up once more.

"We've heard of you two before. Asuna Kagurazaka and Ayaka Yukihiro. Even in the high school you both are notorious for being quite pig headed."

Negi looked surprised.

"I didn't know you two were so well known."

The high school queen bee smirked as she continued.

"You were the two who assaulted that private investigator."

Ayaka quickly jumped to defend herself.

"We did no such thing, Asuna was the one who attacked him."

Asuna was quick to respond.

"You were the one who said he was a peeping tom."

The high school girl decided to bring up another fault of theirs.

"If I'm not mistaken, you are also the two who broke the statue of Mahora's first Dean."

Asuna turned her attention back to the girls.

"That was the result of our class president trying to prove how brave she was."

Ayaka looked affronted as she spoke up to defend herself.

"I only seamed brave because I was standing next to a coward who was so scared because she thought it was a ghost."

Asuna turned her attention back to Ayaka.

"You didn't let that stop you from throwing the last punch."

Ayaka got louder as she continued to argue.

"After which I donated a solid gold replica."

Asuna returned her argument by getting louder as well.

"A tacky gesture from a tacky girl."

Although nearly laughing at the two who turned on each other so quickly, the ring leader of the high school girls decided to speak up.

"My point is, is that if you listened to your elders you wouldn't get into so much trouble."

She then picked up Negi before continuing.

"At any rate, you cruel girls have been keeping this adorable creature to yourselves for far too long, it's our turn now."

The girl finished her statement by kissing Negi on the forehead, which caused Ayaka to blow a gasket and attack the girl, while Asuna stepped forward to handle the rest of the girls.

Negi looked on helplessly as his students were fighting with the high school girls, and more of his girls were about to join in on the fight, if not for the nicely dressed arm stopped them.

Naruto and Takahata both reached out and grabbed Ayaka and Asuna respectively, surprising the girls.

"Well, you two appear lively as ever."

The girls muttered out apologies before they were let go. Naruto looked to the high school girls as he spoke.

"What ever happened to maturing with age? You older ladies should be trying to set better examples."

Most of the high school girls blushed at the blond. Naruto subconsciously stepped slightly behind Takamichi when they noticed the stares. Said man got the feeling of a meat shield when he noticed Naruto tensing his arm muscles.

The high school girls all just pouted as they decided to return to their own school for now.

Naruto sighed as he looked to Takamichi, who appeared to be giving him an irritated glare.


Takamichi left to return to his work with a sigh of his own, several of the girls there giggling at the interaction. Negi staring at the two with respect.

Naruto sighed as he decided to go find Hinata, who was with Shizuna.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=girl's locker room=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sakura was practically groaning, as she heard Asuna talk about Takamichi, who along with the dean was an idiot.

Looking around at her new classmates, ignoring the argument about Negi and his inexperience, she did notice how there were girls that looked older than her true age.

Mana, Kaede, and Chizuru were prime examples.

She found herself being drawn to the argument however, when Naruto was mentioned.

"Naruto is no teacher. He even scored bottom grades back in the academy."

Several girls there all looked at her in what appeared to be a deadpanned expressions. Yue spoke up in defense of the blond.

"Naruto-sensei actually focuses more on helping out in the physical aspects of the teaching job. He may be Negi-sensei's assistant, but he actually makes Negi run with him as he coaches us during gym class. Naruto also has many wise things to say, and he even stood up to Nitta-sensei when he tried to punish some of the students in a way he saw as unfitting."

Sakura looked at the girl.

"And what would Naruto see as unfitting?"

Haruna giggled.

"Some of the girls were goofing around and talking about boys, looking at a sports magazine, and Nitta-sensei thought it was inappropriate. So he confiscated the magazine and was going to make them sit seiza for the rest of break, but Naruto swatted the back of his head, and stated they didn't do anything wrong, proved it by making Nitta take a closer look at the magazine. So the girls just had the magazine confiscated for loitering around."

Sakura scoffed.

"Well, the Naruto I know is thickheaded and stubborn, he barely ever show respect to his superiors, even going so far as to give them nicknames. Though I guess I am more use to the bumbling idiot that has always been there to help out instead of the great teacher you all have been dealing with."

Ayaka smiled widely as she gained an idea that she believed would level the field the girls had set Negi and Naruto on.

"Well, maybe you can tell us a bit about his blunders, so we can know more about him."

Sakura sighed.

"We are talking about the same Naruto right? The same guy that painted an entire monument in broad daylight, wearing a neon orange jumpsuit? That idiot may be an idiot, but he is an elite idiot. His blunders even show high level of skill. Naruto is not someone to mess with on any day of the week. He is skilled, powerful, and crafty. He also has so much luck, no casino back home will allow him to even enter."

The class of girls just looked on in shock at the info they just gained from the girl. Fuka and Fumika had stars in their eyes since they heard about Naruto defacing a monument.

Several other girls were more focused on Naruto's luck though. To be banned from every casino in your home area because of how lucky he is, that is a shocker.

Sakura sighed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"Naruto usually rushes in head first, never really thinking ahead. Shikamaru, a friend of ours who has an I.Q. of over 200, plays shogi with him, though Naruto always loses, Shikamaru has admitted to having fun playing against him. Naruto has worked outside the box so much, and so far, he has gotten lost. Naruto never uses a real strategy in the match and that always throws him off. Naruto is always pushing the limits of imagination and impossible with nearly everything he does. Even going so far as to almost beat Shikamaru in the game a couple of times."

The girls of her new class looked at Sakura in shock, as Ayaka pouted as she just threw the balance in Naruto's favor. Sakura decided to help the blonde shotacon out though.

"While Naruto is unpredictable, he is still an idiot, so if Negi wasn't teaching us, we would never learn anything at all. Looking at it from that point, Negi would be the better teacher."

Ayaka smiled as she noticed what the new student did.

The girls decided to head out for their game of volley ball, where they ran into the girls from the high school again.

Who caused problems, while Makie decided to go get help from Negi.

Who was in the teacher's lounge, getting advice from Shizuna, who had Naruto and Hinata with her when Makie found them.

"Negi sensei, those high school girls are back causing problems again."

Negi looked as if he were going to get Takamichi's help, before changing his mind as he put on a brave front and told Makie to lead the way.

Naruto decided to give Hinata a quick kiss before trailing after Negi and their students.

Hinata waved goodbye as she turned to Shizuna to go back to their previous conversation before Shizuna had to stop so she could help Negi with his problem.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=back with the girls=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sakura was getting pissed off.

As new as she was to the class, she hated being reminded of her own lack of figure, which even Ino was nice enough to ignore when they argued.

These older girls however took every chance they could to point out how lacking they were in their figures.

Sakura was ready to punch someone.

The girls were stopped however with the arrival of our favorite child teacher.

Negi quickly convinced the girls to go about solving the problem without hurting anyone.

But as we all realize, from how long we have viewed from Sakura, when she gets pissed off, she tends to punch someone, she also ignores logic and reasoning.

Sakura stepped forward as the high school girls all laughed at them, and with a shout of 'shannaro'. She threw one of her normal punches at the queen bitch, only for her to punch Naruto's hand.

Everyone looked rather shocked that Sakura actually threw a punch, while also being shocked at Naruto's random appearance.

However, the fact that Naruto flinched from the punch, and even left skid marks in the ground from where he slid away from the punch shocked everyone further.

Fuka was the one to comment though.

"Wow, she has Asuna's 'Baka-Red Super Strength' while already being super smart."

Asuna, while shocked, still managed to deny being Baka-Red, and having Baka powers.

Sakura however was glaring at Naruto.

Who actually glared back.

"Sakura, calm down already and go sit on that bench over there."

Sakura widened her eyes.

"Are you prohibiting me from joining in this game of theirs?"

Naruto just nodded as the other girls all looked upset over losing such a power house, considering they decided on dodge ball, right before Sakura lost her cool after a couple more insults from the older girls.

Sakura stared in shock, she never expected something like this from the blond.

The girls all watched as Sakura went over to sit down, Naruto, as well as the girls who didn't want to join in joining soon after.

Naruto not being allowed to join for obvious reasons.

Naruto pulled Sakura away from the other girls to speak with her.

"What was with that?"

Sakura sighed.

"I guess I have been a bit edgier than normal. Though with everyone being so worried about you before we got here. We may have all relaxed a bit when we found out about you being alright, but did you expect all that tension to just go away? Besides, you know very well how edgy I can be. Hell, I punched the dean's desk in half the first time I met him."

Naruto looked at Sakura a bit surprised.

"Your admitting to having anger issues?"

Sakura sighed.

"I may have been reading a book that helps someone control their temper. Ever since Hinata berated me about my temper hurting those around me, I have been trying to get it under control, and the first step to controlling it, is admitting its there, and denying it to someone isn't admitting it. But I haven't gotten very far in the steps. And I still lose my temper rather easily and my feminine figure has always been a sore spot for me. You above everyone else should know that."

Naruto chuckled as he placed his hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"No matter how difficult the struggle, I have faith in you, and you have my aid if you need it. Just remember, that you are much more mature than those girls if you don't take a swing at them."

Sakura smirked.

"Well, if this is the side you've been showing these girls, I don't have any doubt now why they all see you as a wise sage. You've been hiding you lack of intelligence behind your sweet words of wisdom."

Naruto chuckled as they returned to watch the game.

(Which if you want to see, check out episode 10)

Naruto smiled as he let Sakura join them for the second game, before turning and smiling at a window, which Takamichi, Hinata, and Shizuna were all looking from.


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