Derek grabbed his duffel bag and started to pack the few things he owned into it. He was just putting the last of his photographs into his bag when he heard Stiles' jeep pull up in front of the house. Stiles leaped out of his jeep and up the steps to the front door. When he got to the door he didn't knock or hesitate, he just walked straight in knowing that derek could hear him. As soon as derek heard stiles get out of the jeep he started to make his way down the stairs so when he burst through the door derek was on the last step with his duffel bag in his hand. Stiles stood and stared at derek for a while before he finally managed to choke out

"You can't go"
"Stiles I have too"

"No you don't you can stop here and hide and I will make sure no one finds you"

"Stiles it won't work the hunters will find me I have to go"

"Please stay"
"I can't and you know that"
"Please stay for me, for the pack they need you"
"They don't Scott knows enough to keep them under control. They will be fine without me."
"Then stay for me please I need you."
"No you don't stiles you will be fine without me."

"How do you know that?"
"You're strong after everything that has been thrown at you, you're still here and still strong and that's why I know you will be fine without me."
"You're wrong"
"And why is that?"

"That's not an answer stiles"
"Fine you can't leave because I love you alright"