"Dude when you're done you seriously have to do the same thing to my grades" I said as I watched my best friend hastily type away at his computer "If I pull this off then maybe" he replied not taking his eyes off the computer screen, he had been getting shitty grades at school even though he was a total genius and was currently hacking into the school's computer to change his grades, his parents were probably checking the website as he was changing them

"Judging by how fast you're typing you probably will" I said as I sat down on the edge of his bed, I heard a thud come from outside close to his window and my head turned, his window slid open and I sighed in relief once I saw his older sister's face "One word and you're dead" she said to Tom as she climbed through "Are you crazy? If dad catches you he'll kill you" Tom said standing from the computer

"Dad's not going to catch me" she said walking to the other window, she moved the curtain and blew a kiss through the window "I don't get it, what do you see in that guy?" Tom asked, I then knew he was talking about Ricky "You mean other than' the fact he's good looking, sweet, sensitive, romantic, funny and ridiculously atheltic?" Bethany asked turning to face him,

I rolled my eyes and his bedroom door opened revealing Hannah "Dad's coming and he's mad" she said looking at the siblings "At who?" I asked curiously "Tom" she said pointing at her brother, we all heard loud footsteps heading our way and I jumped up off the bed "Crap I'm supposed to be at home" I whispered falling to the floor and rolling underneath his bed, Bethany and Hannah jumped behind the door just as their father walked in

"What?" Tom asked nervously "If you're smart enough to hack into the school website then you are smart enough to pass Math. D'you think Bethany got accepted to Michigan by screwing around all the time?" Mr Pearson asked annoyed "Of course not, she got in cuz she's perfect" Tom replied "No your sister worked her tail off and that's exactly what I expect from you" Mr Pearson said

"Yeah dad you're right, I don't deserve to go on the family vacation I should stay home tomorrow and learn my lesson" Tom said trying once again to stay home from the vacation, I was going aswell but only because my mom had begged them to take me, she thought I would trash the house while she was off on a buisness trip and the Pearson's were more than' happy to let me go

"Oh no no I am not taking that bait kiddo. This isn't you the bad attitude and the grades what is going on?" he asked taking a few steps forward, I felt a sneeze coming so I covered my nose with my hand and hoped for the best "Nothing" Tom said shrugging "I blame all this for coming between this right here" Mr Pearson said motioning to the room and then him and Tom

"Some good old fashioned no tech family togetherness is what we need" he said yanking out the plugs to everything electrical apart from the light "So get some sleep were hitting the road at sun up. Oh and you guys too" he said looking behind the door at the girls, I thanked god that I wasn't caught but I spoke too soon apparently "And don't think I didn't see you Zoe" he said as he left the room, I sighed and rolled out from underneath the bed before getting to my feet

"Well that went well" I said sarcastically while brushing down my top "Tell me about it" Tom muttered sitting back at his now turned off computer, Bethany left the room with Hannah and I turned to Tom "Well I'm coming so you'll have someone to hang with. Besides it's only you, your sisters and your parents right?" I asked shrugging, he gave me a guilty look and I narrowed my eyes

"It is just us right?" I asked slightly nervous, he shook his head and sighed "I didn't wanna tell you because I knew you wouldn't be happy with it" he said rambling a bit "Who else is going Tom?" I asked crossing my arms and legs on his bed "Well my uncle Nate's going which means the twins are...and Jake" he admitted, my eyes widened and I shook my head "No way I am not going" I exclaimed quietly so that I didn't disturb his family

"You have to otherwise your mom will kill you and you don't even have to be around him" he said, I rolled my eyes "You know that's not what I'm worried about" I said leaning back on my hands "Yeah I know you think if you'll see him you'll wanna get back together with him" he said boredly, I punched his arm lightly and stood from the bed "You can be such an' ass sometimes. Anyway I should get some sleep" I said heading for his window

"Zoe" he said with rasied eyebrows, I turned to face him "My parents know you're here you can use the front door" he pointed out, I lowered the window and instead went to his door "Sorry, just following a routine" I said shrugging, he nodded

"I'll see you tomorrow, d'you want me to call at your house?" he asked, I nodded "Yeah, living across the street has it's perks when you're friends with me" I said, he rolled his eyes "Yeah yeah, later Zoe" he said waving his hand lazily "Night Tom" I said before walking out and shutting his door.