A Dimensional Sitch Chapter 1:

The First Fight

Another ordinary day on the Cyniclon's spaceship. That was, until Emiko got sucked into a portal, and landed in a very strange-looking room.

"HEY!" someone said. Emiko looked down, and quickly stood up, since she had landed on someone.

"Sorry about that," Emiko said. "Where am I?"

"My lair," said a man's voice from behind her. Emiko spun and saw a human man with blue skin standing behind her. He didn't look very happy, and he said, "Shego! Get her!"

Emiko turned back to the woman she had landed on, just as her hands started to glow green. Emiko waited a minute, and the green glow shot towards her. She teleported behind Shego, and tapped her shoulder. "Can't you do any better?" Emiko asked. "I could use a workout."

Shego snarled and launched herself at Emiko, who flew back a bit, then lunged and kicked Shego in the chest. Shego went flying backwards, but recovered and lunged again. Emiko dodged to the side, and tripped Shego, causing her to fall flat on her face. Shego got up, and her hands began to glow again. Emiko raised her hands to chest height, formed a ball of energy, and sent it at Shego. The energy ball and green glow met and exploded. Emiko formed a shield around herself, and waited for the smoke to clear. The smoke finally cleared away, and Shego was about to lunge again, when the metal door fell in.

A boy and a girl stood in the doorway, and the man with blue skin said, "Kim Possible!? What are YOU doing here!?"

"Getting back the invention you stole," the girl said. "What's going on in here anyways?"

"That girl with weird ears appeared out of nowhere, so I told Shego to attack and get rid of her," the guy with blue skin said.

Emiko snarled and snapped her fingers. The blue-skinned guy shouted, "HEY! Why can't I move?"

"Because you called my ears weird, and I froze you," Emiko said. "Who are all you people, anyways?"

The girl in the doorway said, "I'm Kim, this is Ron, and the guy you froze is my archenemy, Drakken. Oh, and the woman you were fighting is his sidekick Shego."

"We could have introduced ourselves," Drakken said sulkily.

"Yeah, but then you'd go into a rant about how wonderful you are," Kim said. "It's better if we do the introductions."

"If I could move, you'd regret that statement," Drakken said. He still sounded sulky.

"Jeez, you sound like a child whose toy was taken away for bad behavior," Emiko said. To her surprise, this caused Shego to burst out laughing. Kim and Ron also looked somewhat surprised.

"SHEGO! You're not supposed to laugh when I get insulted, you're supposed to take the person who insulted me down!" Drakken said angrily.

Shego was still laughing, but she managed to say, "Why? It's so funny!" Then she went back to laughing, ignoring the fact that Drakken was steaming.

"This is too weird," Ron said. Then he asked Emiko, "Who are you?"

"I'm Emiko," Emiko said. "I got sucked into a portal and landed here." Then she noticed that Ron's pocket was moving, and said, "Hey, what's in your pocket?"

"My naked mole rat," Ron said proudly. "His name is Rufus."

Emiko started to walk over, when Drakken shouted, "HEY! When are you all going to quit ignoring me?"

"When we feel like it," Emiko said in an off-hand tone. Noticing he was about to keep shouting, she snapped her fingers again, and his mouth snapped shut. Then she walked over to Kim and Ron and said, "I've never heard of naked mole rats. What do they look like?"

Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out a pink hairless thing with beaver-like front teeth. It yawned and looked reproachfully at Ron. Apparently it had been napping.

"That's so cute!" Emiko said. "And you named him Rufus?"

"Yup," Ron said. "Hey, why do your ears look like that?"

"I'm not human, that's why," Emiko said.

"So does that mean you're an alien?" Kim asked.

"Pretty much, yeah," Emiko said. "I'm not from this dimension, though, so you don't have to worry about anything I might do in my own dimension."

"Meaning…" Kim said.

"In my dimension, I'm helping my friends try to eliminate the human race, here I'm a regular girl- except for the ears," Emiko said.

"You're trying to eliminate the human race? Can you give me some tips?" Drakken asked eagerly.

"Let me ask you a few questions first," Emiko said. "Can you teleport?"

"No," Drakken said.



"Create energy blasts?"


"Use a weapon?"


"Fight in any way at all?"


"You don't stand a chance, then," Emiko said. "Face it, if you can't fight, you're going to have a very hard time taking over anything. I bet you couldn't even take over a candy store."

"AAARRRGH!" Drakken said. Shego started laughing again. Drakken was steaming, and then he shouted, "I'll show you! Unfreeze me, and I'll fight you myself!"

This probably won't be a long story, but I thought it might be fun to do this.