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"Inuyasha!" I screamed with absolute horror.

Inuyasha was thrown towards the well and was knocked unconscious. I quickly ran to him, but I was cut short by about five demons standing in front of me, "Kagome!" Sango and Miroku yelled, but had their own hands full with about 15 demons each, including Kirara.

I could still see Inuyasha unconscious by the well. Shippo had a hold of my leg, "Kagome…" he said fearfully.

How did he learn? How did Naraku learn? I pulled an arrow out and readied it. Inuyasha needs help. I released the arrow, but only purified one demon. The others just laughed, "Oh, scary miko…" one said then laughed.

I clinched my teeth. Suddenly, an arrow flew past me and all the remaining demons were purified. No, it can't be. I turned quickly towards where the arrow came from and saw Kikyo standing there, not even three feet away from me. I gave her a grateful look before running to Inuyasha. I set my bow and arrows down and looked Inuyasha over. His breathing was irregular and he had blood all over him. Blood was mostly in his black hair. I suddenly heard another of Kikyo's arrows shoot past me. Shippo jumped into my lap frightened by the sudden attack. I turned to Kikyo and saw that more demons had arrived, "Kagome, get Inuyasha someplace safe!" Kikyo yelled.

"Nani!" I yelled, "I can't leave you!"

"We'll be fine, Kagome-chan!" Sango yelled as she destroyed five more demons, "Get Inuyasha to your time! At least until morning!"

I bit my lip, "Kagome-sama, go!" Miroku yelled.

I stood up and lifted Inuyasha as best I could, but I couldn't get him into the well. Shippo jumped onto the edge and started pulling Inuyasha up, but it didn't do much; only got Inuyasha's head above the edge. Suddenly, Kirara was thrown into me, throwing me to the side of the well and Shippo fell inside the well while Inuyasha fell back to the ground. I looked at Kirara, "Kirara, get Inuyasha into the well, quickly," I said.

Kirara nodded and quickly grabbed Inuyasha with her mouth and dropped him into the well. I winced, not what I had in mind. I quickly ran to the well and jumped in. I felt myself be transported to my time. When I felt myself land, I realized another problem, "How are we going to get Inuyasha out?" I turned in shock at the voice.

"Shippo?" I asked, "How did you…"

"I fell in the well when Kirara ran into it, I guess it took me when it took Inuyasha," Shippo said.

I nodded and grabbed the latter hanging from the side, but then got a better idea, "Shippo, climb up this," I said, "Go into the house and tell the woman inside who you are and that a wounded Inuyasha and I are in the well."

Shippo nodded and quickly climbed the latter and jumped out. I bent down to the human Inuyasha. His breathing was still rigid, but he was breathing, but I need to stop the bleeding as fast as possible, "Kagome!" I looked up and saw my mother, "Inuyasha!"

"Mama!" I yelled happily, "I need help getting Inuyasha out. He's human for the night and losing a lot of blood."

"Hold on," mama said, "I'll figure something out," mama then ran back out.

I heard a groan come from Inuyasha. I turned so quickly that I'm surprised I didn't get whiplash, "Inuyasha?" I asked.

Inuyasha's eyes slowly opened, but only halfway, revealing his dark brown eyes, "Kago-" he hissed in pain, "Ah…"

I placed my hand on his chest, "Don't move," I said, "Mama's trying to find a way to get us out of here."

"Huh?" Inuyasha asked confused.

"Just stay awake for me, Inuyasha," I said, "Please."

Inuyasha groaned in pain, "Kagome!" mama yelled causing me to look up, "We're going to try and make a make-shift pulley," suddenly a rather large blanket was thrown down, "Put Inuyasha on that and tie a knot in the front. We'll send a rope down and pull once you have it tied to the knot."

"Got it!" I yelled then stood up.

I laid the blanket down just as the rope came down. As gently as I could, I pulled Inuyasha onto the blanket. Inuyasha hissed in pain several times. I took the four corners of the blanket and tied a knot with them just above Inuyasha's stomach. I then took the rope and tied it around the rope, "Okay, mama!" I yelled, "Be gentle!"

The rope was suddenly pulled and Inuyasha was lifted up. Inuyasha winced every time the pulley moved. I quickly climbed the latter following beside Inuyasha to make sure Inuyasha didn't fall. We both reached the top and I saw mama, Jii-chan, Sota, and Shippo pulling the rope. Sota and Shippo then ran and pulled Inuyasha away from the well and mama and Jii-chan lowered him down. I quickly ran to his side, "Mama, the first aid kit," I said bending down to Inuyasha.

Mama quickly ran off. Inuyasha was beginning to sweat a little. The sun had set, but there was still light in the sky, "Kagome?" I went rigid at the voices of my three best friends.

Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka entered the well house and gasped, "Wha…Kagome, who's this?" Eri asked.

"Inuyasha," I stated to them, but not taking my eyes off of Inuyasha.

"What?" Ayumi said shocked remembering him from when they met him before, "What happened?"

Mama ran back in with the first aid kit, "Not now," I said to my friends and took the kit from my mother.

Ayumi quickly came beside me and started helping me. Inuyasha hissed every time Ayumi or I touched one of his wounds, "Inuyasha…" Shippo said sadly.

I turned to Shippo quickly before going back to work, "He'll be fine, Shippo," I said, "I promise."

I removed Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat as gently as I could, then did the same with his white shirt. Ayumi, Eri, Yuka, and mama gasped when I had both shirts off. Even though Inuyasha's half demon, he still retains a lot of scars from battles and the recent wounds weren't helping much either. I was completely unfazed by Inuyasha's wounds and continued to wash and clean them. Inuyasha hissed loudly when I started putting the peroxide on, "Sorry," I said knowing he hated when I had to do this.

Once I wrapped Inuyasha's chest in bandages, he fell unconscious again. I took Inuyasha's undershirt and his Fire Rat Robe. My eyes lingered on the robe, what if he didn't have this? My grip tightened on the robe and slightly thanked the heavens for whoever gave Inuyasha the robe. My eyes opened slowly and I stood up halfway and started lifting Inuyasha up the best way I could, "Kagome," I turned to Yuka, "What…what happened?"

I closed my eyes, "You wouldn't understand," I said and started walking towards the house.

"What do you mean?" Eri asked as my friends and family followed me, "Is he in a gang?"

I glared at Eri and entered my house, "He is!" Yuka yelled, "Kagome, you-"

"He's not like that!" I yelled angry now.

I set Inuyasha on the couch then glared hard at my friends, "You want to know the truth?" I asked glaring, "The truth about everything?"

Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi were confused. Shippo came over to me and I placed my hand on his head, "Do you?" I asked.

"What…truth?" Eri asked, finally.

Mama, Sota, and Jii-chan were standing in the doorway. I closed my eyes, "I'm a time traveler," I stated, "I use the well in the well house to travel 500 years into the past; Inuyasha and Shippo's time."

My friends' mouths dropped because they knew I couldn't lie with a straight face, "All the myths about demons are true," I stated, "Shippo's a fox demon and Inuyasha is half dog demon, but on the day of the new moon, like tonight, he's human. I'm the reincarnation of a powerful miko. I'm the only one who can purify a powerful jewel known as the Scared Jewel. I travel back in time because there's an evil hanyou named Naraku who wants to use the jewel for his own evil purposes. Inuyasha has all those scars and wounds from protecting me," my friends looked at the still unconscious Inuyasha then back at me.

"Reincarnation?" Eri asked, "Of who?"

I closed my eyes, "The miko, Kikyo," I said.

"Wait…didn't you say that Kikyo was-" I cut Yuka off.

"Kikyo and Inuyasha were lovers," I stated, "But they were both tricked by Naraku because the human part of him, which he intensely dislikes, was in love with Kikyo, but she loved Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Kikyo were going to use the jewel to turn Inuyasha human, for good, but Naraku tricked them into thinking the other betrayed them. Naraku killed Kikyo, but before she died, she pinned Inuyasha to the Scared Tree. She didn't kill Inuyasha, but he was asleep for 50 years; I'm the one who woke him from that sleep."

Ayumi had her hand over her mouth, "Why aren't you hurt?" Yuka asked, "If Inuyasha was this wounded then how…"

I closed my eyes, "Kikyo," I said causing my friends serious confusion, "About a week after I started going to the past, Kikyo was brought back to life," now they were wide eyed, "She holds half my soul, our soul. She remembers everything and has her priestess powers. She destroyed the demons around me, but only because she wanted me to get Inuyasha someplace safe. Kikyo still has hatred for Inuyasha even though she knows it was Naraku who killed her and yet…she still loves him," I looked at Inuyasha sadly.

Shippo sat in my lap trying to comfort me. I looked at my friends and they had shocked and sad faces on, "We usually stay hidden on the night of the new moon," I said, "Me, Inuyasha, Shippo, and our friends Sango, one of only two demon slayers left, Miroku, a monk with spiritual powers cursed by Naraku, and Sango's pet demon cat, Kirara. We all protect each other, but tonight, just as the sun set and Inuyasha was human, hundreds of demons sent by Naraku arrived. He somehow found out about Inuyasha…" Shippo cuddled closer to me, "And that's what happened."

Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi were in shock, "Kagome…" they said.

I stood up with Shippo in my arms, "I'm going to put Shippo to bed," I stated and headed upstairs.

I put Shippo on my bed, "Get some sleep, Shippo," I said, "We'll go back in the morning."

Shippo looked at me sadly, "Please?" I asked.

Shippo lay down and hesitantly closed his eyes. I pulled the blanket over him and left closing the door. I walked downstairs just as Inuyasha groaned again. I quickly ran over to him, "Inuyasha?" I asked sitting on my knees next to the couch.

Inuyasha opened his eyes slowly and blinked, "Kagome?" he asked quietly, his voice horse.

"How you feeling?" I asked.

Inuyasha looked around, "What are we doing in your time?" he asked.

I closed my eyes, "Kikyo wanted you safe," I said opening my eyes; "She, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara were fighting the demons before I left."

"Nani…Kagome," I pushed Inuyasha back down when he tried to get up.

"Inuyasha, you can't fight," I said, "You're extremely wounded, even if you were half demon it would be bad."

Inuyasha groaned, "But, Kikyo…" Inuyasha hissed in pain.

I closed my eyes, "Rest, Inuyasha," I said opening my eyes, "Please?"

Inuyasha groaned and fell back asleep. I stood up, "Kagome?" Eri asked, "You're not gonna…"

"I can't let Inuyasha go through that hurt again," I said then turned to mama, "Take care of Shippo," I then ran out of the house towards the well.

"Kagome!" my family and friends yelled.

I slammed the doors of the well house open, "Kagome!" I turned to my three best friends, "You can't!"

I ignored them and jumped into the well, "Kagome!"

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