Symmetrical Love

A series of drabbles about Liz and Kid and their relationship. Each drabble will bounce back and forward through their relationship. Updated when I get an idea.

Chapter 17: Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving Day, one of the Thompson sister favorite day of the year. Growing up on the street they didn't always have a lot to eat so when they started to live in the Manor with Kid when the day cam around they could as much as they wanted. But even that would change, now Liz and Kid had four kids and Liz was already showing with the next pregnancy. Maka and Soul also had two children and Tsubaki and Black Star had one daughter. Kim and Ox had gotten together and were expecting a baby too. Jackie and Harvar had started dating. Patty had even been starting to spend a lot of time with Kilik. Patty would say that she just spent time with him because she also liked playing with Fire and Thunder but Liz suspected something else might be happening. Marie and Stein had a child and Liz had never seen Marie so happy. They were all coming over for Thanksgiving dinner along with a few other guests.

Liz was never such a great cook but they had the money to have a great cook make the dinner. The food had arrived the day before and now they just had to reheat it and serve it. Liz had put herself in charge of reheating the food. Kid was in charge of setting the table to his symmetrical delight. Patty was busy taking care of the kids so their parents could get ready.

Patty was sitting on couch with Raven, Bram, Celty and Angel watching the parade, "Look at all the balloons!" Patty pointed at the at a big turkey shaped balloon. "Oh, look one of your grandpa!"

On the screen there was a big ballon of Lord Death. After they fight on the Moon and the defeat of Kishin he passed away but he was still able to meet his first grandchildren.

From what they could figure out he gave the rest of his power to Kid to lead everyone into the age of humanity. That power that Kid had would slowly transfer into his children and leave him human. The children would share that power and pass it down into they would all be humans with just a bit of reaper power. The new age would not be ruled by gods but by humans.

Patty knew what she was grateful for, her family. She didn't have to worry about Kid dying like his father but still got to have great nieces and nephews. She loved how they were all happy together. Patty wrapped her arms around them and gave them a hug.

"Aunty Patty!" Bram tried to wrestle away from her hug. "We're missing the parade!"

Liz was busy in the kitchen. The smell of the rich food flooded the air. Liz wished she could go like that. She had never thought about becoming a mom until she found out she was going to become one. Raising Patty was already so much for her but she wanted to be a great one for her kids. She wanted them to have things she didn't, a loving mom that would make them great meals whenever they were hungry. She was taking a few cooking classes hopping to learn to cook. They certainly couldn't let Kid cook, his symmetry obsession would not work well in the kitchen.

Liz looked down at her growing belly and knew another life was forming there. She felt lucky to have such a big and growing family. She loved everyone and was overjoyed to have them in this big house. She wasn't much for a fight but she knew she'd fight to protect this life of hers. She'd fight to protect them. But that was the beautiful thing about being married to Kid he made her feel like there wasn't anything to so scared about. She was sure that together they would always be able to overcome anything that came their way.

Kid was finishing up setting the table. He set up a lot of plates for all his friends and family. He thought back to meeting Liz and Patty. He never knew that he'd fall in love with Liz and start a family with her. That both girls would open up his world and get him out of his head. Because of them he'd make new friends and eventually his larger family. They taught him how to be human, what it meant to be human and what it meant for him to lead the world out of the age of gods into the human age.

A few hours later their friends had all gathered around the table. Angela was left in charge of the kids table watching all the kids as they ate their food. Black Star and Kid were fighting over who got to carve the turkey.

"God daddy!" Little Yuki cheered her father.

"Dad!" Bram cheered his own father.

"Now, now, he invited us," Tsubaki told Black Star. "he should carve it."

"Somethings never changed." Maka grumbled as she watched her friends fight.

"Did you really think they'd change?" Soul smirked at his wife.

Finally Kid took up the carving knives away and stood up at the front of the table, "It's great to see you all here today. I'm happy to share a meal with all of you. Despite all our differences I like to think that we are all family. That we make each other better and we are there when we need one another. So I am glad that I can offer this meal to share with everyone of you."

He started to carve out the was it a somewhat peaceful day to spend with their family, that was all they wanted. Kid and Liz held hands, when the first met they had very little family to speak off but now they had so many and they were greatful for each and everyone one of them.

Authors Notes: Hey everyone! I'm back. I decided to quickly write this story set in Thanksgiving day. I also added my thoughts about how Lord Death died in this Au I've created. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA. I hoped you liked it I had to write it quick today but if you liked it please leave a review.