Author's Note: This is my first fanfic, so cut me some slack, yeah? Also, it's probably important to note that this story probably won't follow the correct timelines and such. The beginning takes place just after episode 9, Bereft. Okay, enjoy

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Chapter One


The alarm that blared in Superboy's ear was loud enough to wake anyone in a five mile radius of MT. Justice. He quickly covered his head with his pillow, and punched out blindly for wherever the noise was coming from. Just as suddenly as it had started, the buzzing subsided, to make way for the monotone voice of Red Tornado.

"Attention Superboy, and Miss Martian," it said. "Please meet in the Mission Room. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Artemis are awaiting your arrival." Superboy groaned and glanced at the clock on his bedside table. Seven a.m. On a Saturday. This had better be good.


Miss Martian gently floated out of bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Slowly floating over to the mirror above her dresser, she commanded her sleep clothes to morph to her casual attire. The siren was still ringing in her ear. Why did Red Tornado want her and Superboy to meet in the Mission Room so early? And why were the others here? Could they already have a mission? These questions, and more, were floating through M'gann's head when she finally floated outside her room. Superboy was standing in the hallway already, clearly groggy from the rude awakening. She waved to him, and he gave a half-hearted wave back before trudging off for the Mission Room. M'gann shrugged and floated off after him.


"I told you I don't know, Wally," insisted Robin, in response to Kid Flash's constant pestering. He would not shut up about how he was no good in the morning, especially on Saturday. He figured, since he didn't know why they were there, and neither did Artemis or Aqualad, than Robin must know something.

"Come on, man," He insisted again. "Batman must've told yousomething about why he'd called us all here so early."

"Speaking of which," said Artemis. While all the other members of the team were wearing casual attire, Artemis hadn't even bothered to change out of her pajamas, which featured pink bunny rabbits (Kid Flash had a field day with that.) "Where is Batman? He said he'd meet us here, right?"

"And here I am," said a deep, gruff voice from the shadows. In a moment, the Dark Knight had stepped into view. How does he do that? I didn't even hear the Zeta-Beam, thought Robin. "Where are Superboy and Miss Martian?" As if on cue, the broad Superboy stumbled into the room, followed by Miss Martian.

"Present and accounted for, Batman sir," said Miss Martian, gently touching down on the floor. "Now, if you don't mind me asking, what was the summons for?" Batman, instead of speaking, stepped aside and motioned behind him, to the Zeta-Tube. In flashed Martian Manhunter.

"Hello children," he smiled. "Nice to see you all," before he could continue, though, M'gann zipped over.

"Uncle J'onn!" she shouted, giving him a tight embrace. Martian Manhunter, though usually reserved, offered a wide grin and returned the hug.

"Greeting, my niece," he smiled. "How has life been treating you since we last spoke?" She grinned wide, and discretely looked back to Superboy. The two had been in that odd "are we dating or not" phase since the first week or so.

"Very good," she said, not mentioning Superboy. "I've found companionship among everyone here. And it's nice having another girl around, as well." She turned and smiled at Artemis, the newest member of the team, who gave a little wave to the Martians.

"I am glad," said M'gann's uncle. He would've said more, but a quick glance from Batman made him decide otherwise. J'onn nodded, and moved away from his niece. She floated quickly back to her spot among the rest of the team. Batman stepped forward again.

"Team, I'd like to introduce you to someone," he said. Just then, the Zeta-Beam flashed a bright orange light, and when it died down, there stood a tall teenage boy. He had short cropped, dark brown hair, and a fair complexion. He looked a bit like Superboy: not like they could be brothers, but maybe distant cousins. He was wearing a light blue shirt and cargo shirts, and he had a deep tan. Batman held his arm out behind him, gesturing to the new arrival. "This is Desmond Marigold. He'll be your newest member." As if that were enough of an explanation, Batman turned and walked back to the Zeta-Tube. He offered a slight nod to this new boy, Desmond, and with a flash, he was gone.

"Uhh…" said the boy, after a moment of silence. "Does he give the cold shoulder to all the new recruits?" Robin walked up to the boy. This new kid towered over the Boy Wonder, but he was used to it.

"That's just Batman for you," he said, extending a hand. "Trust me. You'll get used to it. I'm robin, nice to meet you Desmond." The new boy smiled, showing 32 white teeth, and grasped Robin's hand.

"Thanks," he said. "And call me Des. Desmond seems so, I don't know, formal." Robin opened his mouth to speak, but before he got the chance there was a sudden blur, and an orange haired boy was standing beside him.

"Well, as soon as you pick an actual name, we'll probably call you by that," said the boy, also offering a hand to shake. Des did so, looking quizzical as to what the boy meant by 'actual name.' The boy explained. "Like me. My name's Wally, but you just call me Kid Flash, at least when we're on official business. Right now, though, Wally's fine." Turning, Kid Flash motioned to each of the other members of Young Justice. "That's Aqualad, or Kaldur, when we're being casual. This is Artemis, both as a team member, and just a person. The dude in black is Superboy, and the green girl is Miss Martian, or M'gann. And the green dude is—" But Des cut him off.

"I recognize the Martian Manhunter," he said, walking up to the full-fledged hero, and extending a hand. J'onn politely shook it. "Honor to meet you sir. This has been a crazy few days. First Batman, now you. Man, who's next? Superman?" The kid in black, Superboy, grunted audibly.

"Not likely," he said. Not being one to pry, Desmond kept quiet. But he got the sense there was some tension between the two Supers. Of course there is, he thought. I've never even heard of Superboy up until now. Martian Manhunter released the new boys hand, and there was a slightly awkward pause. Robin and Kid Flash had returned to their spots in line, and now it seemed all of Young Justice was watching Desmond expectantly. Finally, Miss Martian said what was probably on everyone's mind.

"So, what can you do?" Desmond, despite himself, grinned. He needed a volunteer first. His first choice was Robin.

"Hey," he said, turning to his candidate. "You have, like, explosives on that utility belt, right?" Robin nodded. "Try one on me." Said Des. Robin looked at him like he was insane, but Desmond just nodded. He moved to the middle of the room, clear of everyone else. He held his arms wide, as if saying "You've got a clean shot. Take it!" Robin looked to Martian Manhunter for confirmation, and he nodded. Robin shrugged, and pulled a small metal disc from around his waist. With a sort of apologetic look at Desmond, he tossed the disc right at him. It hit him directly in the chest, and dropped to the floor like a stone. Already that was impressive: those things could pierce metal. Then, the explosion went off.

"Oh my god!" shouted one of the girls. Desmond couldn't tell which it was, but he was pretty sure it was Artemis. The smoke filled the entire cave, making everyone cough, but when it cleared, Desmond stood exactly where he had been previously, not a scratch on him. The team stared for a moment, and then began clapping. Desmond, however, was not done, and he held up a hand to silence their applause.

"There's more?" asked Kid Flash, to which Desmond smiled and nodded. Turning to J'onn, Desmond asked;

"Do you have anything around here you're not using, preferably made of iron or steel?" The hero looked to the corner of the room where a beat-up looking hunk of solid metal sat. The thing must've been used for target practice. Desmond nodded, and politely asked if Martian Manhunter could levitate it over. He obliged, and brought the hunk of metal to rest just next to Desmond. "Watch this," he said. Turning, he walked directly into the hunk of metal. As in, inside of the metal. He walked in and out a few times, sometimes only sticking out an arm or leg, or his head. Once he'd done enough he stepped out completely. Before anything else could happen, however, he held up a finger, as if to say "one more thing." Turning once again to the large hunk of metal, he clenched his hand in a fist, and punched the large block. When he pulled his hand away, there was a foot thick dent where he had punched.

"Very interesting," said Martian Manhunter. "You can change your density. This is a skill most Martians, like myself and M'gann, can learn with a few years of practice. But we can only make it so we can move through objects. You can do that and more, I see." Desmond nodded.

"Yes," he said. "I can make myself nearly invulnerable, and give myself advanced strength." Martian Manhunter, along with several members of the team, nodded their approval. "But, uh, that's not all…" This raised some eyebrows, and Desmond readied himself for what he was about to attempt. Taking a deep breath, he made himself less and less dense, until his molecules were barely keeping together. Then, he bent his knees, and jumped. He rose into the air… and stayed there. He was flying. Well, more like floating, but he could move around slightly. Soon however, he started to feel very out of breath, so he quickly "re-densified" himself, and dropped to the floor.

"That…" said Martian Manhunter. "Was unexpected, to say the least. It appears as if you have four abilities, intangibility, super strength, invulnerability, and flight." Desmond interjected.

"More like three and a half abilities," he said. "I really can't fly all too well, just hover for a moment." Martian Manhunter nodded in understanding.

"I see," he mused. "Still, your other three powers are reminiscent of a few other members of the team." He gestured to Superboy and Miss Martian, standing side by side. "Intangibility, as I have already mentioned, is a common Martian ability. But your super strength and resistance to harm is similar to Kryptonians. Two alien people's abilities, but you are neither. Interesting…" There was another, longer awkward silence as Martian Manhunter stroked his chin. "Ah, no matter," he said at last. "Children, I must go. Superboy, M'gann, Desmond will be staying here with you. Is that correct, Desmond?" Desmond nodded, and J'onn continued. "If you will show him around, that would be much appreciated." With that, he slowly floated off to the Zeta-Beam, and in a flash, he was gone.