"Oh my god guys! They don't look too good!" A female voice whispers.

"Juliet, give them some air. They might be unconscious, but they still need to breathe." Another girl's voice scolds.

"Sorry Emily."

"Emily, don't be such a buzz-kill. Do you know how funny it would've been if they had woken up to see Juliet's face right in theirs? Ah, epic." Another girl laughs.

"Alex, that would've given them heart attacks. And we don't want that. Because remember, you and I are still on probation." Emily sighs.

"Man, being on probation changed you in a bad way. You're no fun. Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" Alex replies.

"Guys, I just want to get back to playing!" A girl whines.

"Ashley, you play keeper. Keeper. It's not like you get actual exercise." Another girl snorts.

"Mandy, you should not be talking. You don't even like actually play. You just walk around and pass the ball the first chance you get." Ashley scoffs.

"Guys quiet! They're waking up!" Alex yells.

The nine sandlot boys open their eyes to see five very different looking girls leaning over them. One of them is a small girl with pale skin, brown eyes, black hair, and glasses. Her eyes are filled with intelligence. The next is an average height girl with fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Her eyes are filled with worry and nervousness. The girl next to her is tall with tan skin, brown eyes, brown hair, and pixie features. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and laughter. The next girl is short and plump with red hair, blue eyes, and her face is sprinkled with freckles. And the last girl has strawberry blond hair, light green eyes, fair skin, and is quite short. The Hispanic looking one tilts her head and studies them closely.

"You guys look fine besides the fact that you're on the ground and you were bonked out a few seconds ago. Hey, I'm Emily McClellan. This is my friend Alex Fernandez. This is Juliet Fernandez. Kid genius. Ashley Timmons. And last and certainly least, Mandy Davis. We play soccer here. Who are you?" Emily says.

"I am not least!" Mandy protests.

"Mandy, you should be playing keeper. Like seriously, you don't do anything! The only reason you don't play keeper is because you can't catch a single ball." Alex replies rolling her eyes.

"Now that isn't fair! I can't catch any of the balls you kick! And you kick them so hard, they fly too fast! And they hurt my hands to catch them!" Mandy complains.

"Oh shut up Mandy! Stop whining! We have protective gloves!"

"I was wearing the protective gloves!"

"Guys, stop." Emily hisses.

The two girls fall silent but Alex shoots Mandy a glare. The girl with the fiery hair shrinks back giving the boys the feeling that Alex is in charge with Emily.

"I'm Benny Rodriguez. This is Squints, Yeah-Yeah, Timmy and Tommy, Kenny, Bertram, Ham, and Smalls. We play baseball on our sandlot around town." Benny introduces.

"Uh, no you don't." Emily says.

"Yeah we do. How would you know if we did or didn't?" Ham snaps.

"No, you don't play on the sandlot! Because we're on the sandlot right now and no one has played baseball here for decades! We took it over and started playing soccer on it. I think we would know." Alex growls.

"Decades?" Benny asks his voice cracking.

"Yeah. Since like 1980. It's 2012 now." Alex replies with a sympathetic look.

"That can't be possible. It's 1962." Benny insists.

"Oh no. He was right. That crazy old man that died a few years ago was actually right!" Alex groans.

"Don't be ridiculous Alex. They're just pulling our leg. You know, they somehow found out about what he said and they're making fun of us." Emily replies.

"Really? Do you see what they're wearing? Seriously Em! Open your eyes and look at them! The man was right! We would witness time travel!" Alex exclaims.

"But he also said-"

"Shut up Juliet. She doesn't need to know about that at the moment." Alex hisses.

"But this is important!"

"Juliet, can I speak to for a moment?" Alex asks.


Alex grabs the small girl's wrist and drags her over to the dugout. They start arguing, both using their hands which makes the boys assume that they're related. Emily clears her throat and turns back to the sandlot gang.

"Just ignore them. They're sisters so they argue all the time. Now, I know that this must be so weird being in the future or whatever, but we'll help you. Actually, Alex can help you a lot more with the legal stuff than any of us. Alex! We need you over here!" Emily says with a smile.

"¿qué está pasando?" Alex asks, obviously not knowing what's going on as she runs over with her sister.

"Uh, we need your help. With their documents or whatever." Emily replies.

"Problem. My uncle disappeared. Well he didn't disappear, baseball season started up again. You know he manages the Dodgers." Alex says rubbing the back of her neck.


"So he's the one that can do all that stuff!"

"Wait, your uncle manages the Dodgers?" Benny asks in awe.

"Yeah." Alex replies nervously flitting her gaze away from him.

"That's amazing! I have to meet him!"

"No, you can't. I think that you should avoid meeting people who might've been alive in 1962. It's too dangerous. People might recognize you in the back of their minds." Alex says immediately.

"Alex, what's the big deal?" Emily asks.

"He- I- Juliet- never mind! Can we get to playing?" Alex replies throwing up her hands.

"Uh, sure. You guys can just sit in the dugout until we're done. Then we'll help you guys get back to your own time."

"The old man said that they'll go back to their own time on a lunar eclipse." Juliet pipes up.

"That's in two weeks." Alex adds.

"Alex, how do you know that?" Emily asks.

"I live with a genius. She's like a human computer. She spouts information whether I like it or not." Alex replies with a shrug.

"Okay! Let's get going! Today's gonna be my lucky day! I'm finally gonna stop Alex's shots!" Ashley yells in anticipation.

"You wish!" Alex snorts.

The girls laugh as the boys climb into the dugout and sit down on the retro furniture. The girls haven't replaced the furniture. So it's the same it was in 1980.

"Hit me with your best shot Mandy! Maybe this time you'll get it in!" Ashley taunts.

Mandy rolls her eyes, obviously not caring about the taunt, and passes it to Alex who starts sprinting towards the makeshift goal. The boys' eyes widen at her speed and her tricks. Then she brings back her foot and kicks the ball into the goal as hard as she can. It whips past Ashley who is looking very scared of the black and white ball. Alex smirks and bows dramatically.

"Thank you!" She yells.

"The Angel strikes again! Ridding the world of weak keepers!" Emily laughs.

"Hey, that's what I'm meant for." Alex chuckles.

"I- ah! I could've died Alex!" Ashley screams.

"I'm not that good. Not yet anyway." Alex replies shaking her head.

"I'll kill you!" Ashley yells, throwing her keeper gloves to the ground.

"You really want to play cat and mouse?" Alex asks jogging backwards.

"Yeah! This time I'll seriously kill you!"

"Wanna bet?"

"Alex! You're on probation!" Emily calls.

Alex skids to a halt and lightly shoves Ashley away.

"Thanks Emily. Because it was kind of your fault we're on probation."


"That's right. You were the one that wanted to break into that kid's house and steal his journal just because he broke up with you! Not a great plan Emily." Alex yells.

"Whatever. Can you keep the guys at your house?"


"Why not? You have the only house that is big enough for them."

"I- fine. I'll take them in. Just… two weeks better pass by fast." Alex snaps.

"What is your problem?" Emily asks.

Alex looks at the boys then drags Emily out of earshot. Emily notices that Alex looks really upset about something.

"Don't you see? You have to see. Benny is my uncle. Timmy is Ashley's dad. Yeah-Yeah is your dad. These kids are people we know in real life. If my mom sees Benny, she'll freak. If you take the boys home, your dad will freak. If Ashley takes them home her dad will have a heart attack. And Mandy can't take care of them. We have a serious problem Emily!"

"You're crazy." Emily snorts.

"Emily! You have to listen to me! We have to stay as far away from them as possible!" Alex cries.

"We can't just leave them on the street. Take them home Alex. Deal with it."

Alex grits her teeth and stomps over to the boys. She shoots them a look and they follow her and Juliet out of the sandlot. Smalls tries to make conversation with Juliet but she pointedly ignores him. Benny then tries to talk to Alex.

"Listen, we won't talk to you. So stop trying to talk to us." Alex snaps.

The boys exchange looks and finally they make it to the girls' house. They run in and make sure their mom isn't around. They sigh in relief and lead them upstairs to the guest rooms. But they get a surprise.

"Hey kiddos! I came back for a while! Surprise!" Their uncle yells, jumping out of his room.


"Whoa. Not the reaction I was- god, I'm dreaming." He whispers, leaning against the wall.

"Uh… Uncle Ben, I'd like you to meet the sandlot boys from 1962. They're gonna be staying with us. Guys, this is our uncle we told you about." Alex says.

"Alex, I-"

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

She drags her aging uncle down the hall as Juliet leads the boys into the guest rooms. She shoots him a desperate look.

"I know this is weird for you, but it's necessary! We can't have Ashley or Emily keeping them! Their dads would go into freak out zone!"

"And I wouldn't? Alexandra, I'm freaking out! That's me!"

"Benny, please!" Alex begs, dropping on her knees and giving him a puppy dog face.

"Fine. But keep them away from me."

"Aw Benny, do you really have to be that way?" Alex teases, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes." He replies shortly before slamming the door to his room.

"Someone is acting like a child!" Alex yells before stomping down to the huge room the boys are occupying.

"Stay away from my uncle and everything will be fine. Oh, and stay away from my mom. And Emily's dad. And Ashley's dad. And her uncle. That should just about do it. Tomorrow you go to school with us." Alex announces.

"School?" The boys groan.

"Do we have a problem here?" Alex asks, giving them the evil eye.

"No ma'am!" They reply.

The two girls nod and go to their rooms. As Alex gets to sleep all she can think is, This will be a long two weeks.

I know this story is probably confusing and I'm sorry for that but I hope it will pick up in the later chapters! If it doesn't, then I'm really sorry! :)