"Alexandra wake up! You have to get to school!"

I groan as my mom pounds on the door. I hear chuckling and jerk upright, tumbling to the floor in a flurry of long hair and limbs. I lift my head up and see Benny and Yeah-Yeah in my room. They're smirking at me from above.

"Go away." I groan.

"Come on, we're ready for school." Benny says.

"Fine. Whatever. Just leave so I can get ready!" I snap.

They nod and run out of my room. I pick myself up and walk over to my closet. I dress in black skinny jeans and a Mexican soccer shirt. I walk downstairs, where the boys are waiting, and slip into my Converse. Then I grab my backpack and Juliet's wrist and walk out of the house. The boys trail after us.

"Hey Alex! Hey Juliet! Going somewhere?"

I turn around to see Ashley and Emily running over. Mandy is homeschooled because of a bullying accident. People started making fun of her weight and red hair.

"Nope. Just waiting for you!" I call back.

They join our group and all thirteen of us walk to the school. I stop right outside and study the group. Then I nod.

"Okay. Tommy, Smalls, Squints, Ham, and Bertram go with Juliet and Ashley. Timmy, Yeah-Yeah, Kenny, and Benny come with Emily and me." I say.

They all nod and we walk into the school. I tell the person at the desk that a few exchange students will be here for at least two weeks. She nods and gives us their locker and schedule information.

"Okay, follow us to your lockers." I sigh.

"Hey Alex, who are your boyfriends out of time? I don't have any competition do I?" An annoying voice calls.

I turn and see Josh, the most popular and annoying boy in school, run over to me and smirk. I glare at him and clench my fists.

"First, I would never go out with you! Second, they are not my boyfriends! Third, what do you mean out of time?" I snap.

"I mean that they dress like people from like the fifties or something. Don't they have style?" He snorts.

"Yeah, wearing baggy pants, backward hats, and gold chains are so stylish Josh. Just go away. Or I'll make you."

"You're on probation. And you wouldn't hurt me. You love me."

"You are so full of it! I don't even remotely like you!" I yell before pushing past him.

"You'll change your mind! They always do!" He calls after me.

"Psh! As if!"

I shake my head as I twist the combo into the padlock and open my locker. Emily snorts from beside me and I hear banging from where the sandlot boys are trying to figure out their lockers.

"It isn't funny. He won't leave me alone!" I cry.

"Come on, it isn't that bad. I wish someone would like me that much." She sighs dreamily.

"He doesn't like me. He likes my lips." I scoff rolling my eyes.

"That isn't such a bad thing."

"Yeah it is." I reply slamming my locker shut and twisting the lock.

I then walk with Emily to Math, pretty much my worst subject. I tune out most of what the teacher says and doodle on my paper. The first half of the day goes by in a blur and before I know it, lunch is my next period. I'm on my way to sit down after getting through the lunch line when Josh intercepts me.

"Hey gorgeous." He says with a smirk.

"Oh, you used a big word. Congrats Josh, you now officially have the vocabulary of a second grader." I reply sarcastically.

"That's so funny Alex." He rolls his eyes.

"I know it was. Now what do you want?"

"A date. Just one. Please Alex?"

"No. Goodbye!" I say with a smile before sliding onto the bench next to Emily.

"I hate that kid. Won't leave me alone." I growl, glaring in Josh's direction.

"Yeah, what's up with him? He just makes me so mad." Benny says murderously.

His friends smile at him knowingly but only my friends and I know the real reason why he's so protective. Subconsciously, he knows that I'm his niece and he feels the need to protect me.

"We were playing spin the bottle last year at a party and I had to kiss him. Ever since he's been following me." I explain shaking my head.

"I hated that party." Emily sighs sadly.

"Her boyfriend broke up with her after he kissed Ashley. But she totally turned him down because she hated him and she didn't want to break Emily's heart even more." I explain.

"What a jerk." Yeah-Yeah growls.

"He kissed Ashley?" Timmy asks his voice cracking.

"This is a bad idea. Their fatherly/uncle senses are kicking in." I whisper to Emily.

"I know. But what choice do we have?" She replies.

I shrug and finish my food. Then I dump it and walk around the school. I'm about to return to the cafeteria when someone grabs my wrist. I'm about to scream when someone presses their lips to mine. I pull away and see Josh. He smiles at me and I narrow my eyes.

"Please. Give me a chance!" He begs, falling to his knees.

"Fine. Change your clothes to normal clothes and I may change my mind." I reply before walking back to the cafeteria.

I'm actually pretty calm about the whole situation. Maybe it's because it's about time I get a boyfriend. Or maybe because I'm tired of him following me around. I shrug and sit back down.

"You seem pretty pissed about something." Emily muses.

"I'm not pissed. Annoyed but not pissed. Josh found me in the hall and kissed me. I told him if he changed his clothes I'd maybe go out with him." I reply.

Benny clenches his fists so hard his knuckles turn white. My eyes widen as I see his reaction. I mean yeah, my present uncle would react the same way but this Benny is twelve! He shouldn't be so protective.

"Well, lunch is almost over! We should get going now!" I say happily.

We exit the room and get on with the rest of our classes. As I close my locker and go to get Juliet to go home, I hear giggling and talking. I peek around the corner and see Benny talking with Emily.

"Benny, you're just so easy to talk to. So much easier to talk to than Andrew or even Alex." She says happily.

What? I'm her best friend! How could she even say that?

"That's not true. Alex is your best friend. She should be the easiest to talk to."

"No! She's not afraid to voice her opinions. And sometimes those opinions really hurt my feelings. Like when I was dating Andrew she kept telling me he'd dump me in the worst way."

"But wasn't she right?" Benny asks.


I fight the urge to go over there and break all the bones in my best friend's body when I see what happens next. Emily kisses Benny. My best friend kisses my uncle! Do you know how wrong that is? Instead I just turn around and stomp back into the school. I find my sister, grab her wrist, and drag her all the way home. Then I go to Benny's room and glare at him fiercely. He's looking very disgusted.

"How could you? How could you let her do that? You looked like you were enjoying it!" I screech at my uncle.

"Alex, I wasn't there! I can't control these things! But believe me, I wish I did! I know have the memory of kissing Emily! She's twelve!" He yells back.

"Well… ugh! Now I can't be mad at anybody except Emily!" I scream.

Emily and the rest of the boys come running up the steps. I glare at my best friend and younger uncle. I drag them both into my room and stand in front of them fuming.

"You. Are. Dead." I growl through gritted teeth.

"Alex, I'm so sorry!" Emily starts.

"Don't speak! It's my turn to talk! Or am I not as easy to talk to?"

"You heard that?" Benny asks.

"And I also saw what followed that little moment! Emily, how could you? You kissed him! Him! How would you feel if I kissed Yeah-Yeah? How do you think Ashley would feel if I kissed Timmy?" I yell.

"Alex, I wasn't thinking."

"Well then start to think! Fine! You know what, you can be with him! But one wrong move, from either of you, and you're both dead!" I screech before storming out of my room.

"Wait, this is my room. Get out." I say, poking my head back in.

"You're overreacting! It isn't as though I'm your brother or anything! I'm not even remotely related to you!" Benny yells.

"That's where you're wrong." Uncle Benny says stepping out of his room.

"No. You don't." I say.

"I have to. You are related to her. You're her uncle. You're me." Uncle Benny explains.

"What? Is that why I got so protective of her and why she's so protective of me?" Benny asks in awe.

"Yes. But please keep the PDA to a minimum, I do not want to keep getting memories of your little love fests." Uncle Benny snaps shutting the door to his room.

"I'm out!" I yell before shutting the door to my own room.

I sit at my desk and then try to do homework. The rest week goes by pretty easy, minus the part where I watch my friend kiss my uncle. Gross. So the week goes pretty smoothly. That is until the day of the new moon comes. Juliet was way wrong about the way they would act too. She said they would act like they did the first day they got here. But she was wrong. They got really angry at each other. Well maybe it would help if I told you why they got really angry…

So, I hope you like it so far. Please keep reading it even if it seems stupid! I think it'll pick up. And, just so you know, the town is way more like a city. It has really tall buildings and such. But it also has some of the small town qualities from the movies.