Hello, this is KR Accel Max with an epic challenge, the Kamen Rider Transfer challenge! Ok, basically you make an OC and you either have him replace the main Rider of the series or make him a Kamen Rider and a part of the main group (the group with the main Rider. This challenge also restricts you to using only Ryuki to Decade as a series. If you choose to replace, fit the storyline with your character's personality, but also give some of the original main Rider's traits to him as well (like Takumi Inui being a nekojita). If you choose to make him a Rider without replacing the main, you can either make a Rider based on the series or use a Rider that appeared in the movies of that series. That's due to the story being focused solely on the show itself, no movies included. Pairings are suggested depending on the series and your OC. No yaoi or yuri, please. Also, if you don't replace the main Rider, be sure to give your OC's Rider armor a Final Form that they gain after the main Rider gains their Final Form (i.e. Faiz Blaster, Ryuki Survive, etc.). Anyway, when you want to take the challenge, PM me the OC you made, what Rider he is, details of the Rider if you created it, and the series you're using so I know what to look for. Now for the revision addition. You see, I just thought of a few concepts for some of the series. For Ryuki, you can actually do three additional things: you can use Kamen Rider Abyss from the Ryuki no Sekai episodes in Decade, have the OC use his/her own version of the Alternative Deck, or use the Dragon Knight version of an existing Rider. If you use the last option, you have to do something similar to Ryuki and Ryuga, making them look alike but with a slight color scheme change. In Faiz, you could use the rumored extra Riders Neo-Alpha, Pyron, and Seeda. Decade-wise, your OC can use any secondary Rider in the Heisei Era that didn't play a specific role outside of being one of DiEnd's summons (like Kamen Rider Tiger of Ryuki or Kamen Rider Sasword of Kabuto) and, if you want to, you can have the plot twist of your OC being originally from the Shinkenger's World once the Hikari Studio ends up there! His relation to the Shinkengers is up to you if you do so, though. That's it. Remember to PM me details and when the story might be ready to post. See ya!