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Sweat drained down the sides of Sasuke's cheeks and neck, but it only added to the hype and the rush that came from performing. The lights overhead were blinding and hot, but they only added to the thrill; complementing the effect of the crowd screaming his name. The pulsing vibe of the crowd at his feet made his blood pump; made him feel more alive than any other aspect of his life did, and he loved it! He gripped the microphone, barely hearing the chains on his wristband and rings jingle as he pulled it closer to his lips. His eyes scanned the crowd, searching for her before he began to sing.

When I see your face

I feel a thunderstorm

The crowd erupted at the words of the song, singing along with him for the rest of the chorus.

You feel like life to me

But it's so damn dangerous

Sasuke was thankful that this was Team 7's fifth song for the night, and that the crowd was screaming so damn loud, because his voice suddenly failed him. She was here! Why did she have to make her appearance now? Now that it was time for him to leave centre stage. His blonde band-mate stepped forward, playing the opening notes to the famous bass solo of Team 7's Thunderstorm.

Sasuke felt his insides squeeze uncomfortably as her face lit up as soon as Naruto stepped forward. Under the suddenly too harsh strobe lights, Naruto seemed to shine out more than he did. The sweat on Naruto's face caused by the suddenly unbearable heat of the stage seemed to drip that much more dramatically than Sasuke's had, and the bassist's charisma was like another member of the band altogether. The crowd went wild as Naruto's experienced fingers ripped through the complicated series of notes of Thunderstorm's bass solo. The sheer perfection of Naruto's execution would make the fans scream and would make it into this week's newspapers and music magazines… but Sasuke hated him for it, because the pretty blue haired chick with the grey eyes he could see from here and the curves in all the right places had eyes only for Naruto.

Not soon enough, Sakura was slamming at the drums like a maniac, signaling the beginning of the next verse. Sasuke moved to the front again and reached for the microphone again. 'Stay and listen… please stay,' Sasuke moaned inwardly, but by the time he brought the microphone to his lips, she had faded into the crowd. He scanned the crowd for her while he sung the words of the second verse, the faces of the fans melding together under the flashing, crazy, dizzying lights and bursts of flame. When he finally saw her again, she was leaving the crowded club from the side exit.

I hate you for makin' me love you


The footsteps of Team 7 echoed as they made their way out to the back exit of the venue for their latest stage show. Sakura was pissed at Sasuke for being surly for the entire interview he had just had to sit through, and Naruto was still pumped, still happy, still fucking annoying. Sasuke tried to convince himself that he generally found Naruto this annoying and that it had nothing to do with how she had been looking only at him, but the mere fact that he had to try to convince himself meant that there was no way that was true.

The relative quiet of the hallway gave way to almost deafening noise the closer Sasuke got to the press blockade. Paparazzi bombarded him with questions, cameras flashed and the crowds yelled… it was pandemonium… and she wasn't anywhere to be found in the crowd. Sasuke glared at the cameras, not bothering to hide his face behind his hands, and pushed through to the safety of the stretch limo that was supposed to take them to the next stop – Club Hokage. Sasuke had been anxious to get past the teeming paparazzi, and had left Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi behind as a result. He sat in the limo, uncomfortable, pissed off and steaming in his jealousy. If tonight was the first time the pretty fan had eluded him, he would think it was his imagination, but she had appeared at their performances every time for the last ten shows, and she always only had eyes for Naruto. Was it just because she wasn't one of the masses of his fans that he wanted her to see him?

The limo door opened and Naruto and Sakura clambered into the vehicle. Kakashi entered soon after that, his spiky silver hair brushing the top of the opening for the door.

"Ugh in here is too empty… we need some girls up in here," the band leader said, grinning rakishly. Sakura rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her pink hair.

"Make sure you get some guys too. Last time I checked, I was straight," she mumbled, fiddling with her lip ring.

"So… does that mean that maybe you could possibly have gone bi since that time?" Kakashi asked with an unmistakable twinge of hopefulness in his voice. Sakura slapped him on the head.

"Not a chance, you pervert!" Sakura growled, even though she was smiling.

"You know what they say about rock stars and money, sex and drugs," Kakashi mumbled, reaching for the skylight hatch on the roof of the limo.

"Well, we have money and sex… but we don't use drugs in Team 7… that I know of," Naruto quipped lazily from where he lay sprawled in the corner of the limo. He was staring intently at Sasuke while saying that.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sasuke said, just as Kakashi opened the skylight.

"First six girls to get to the door drive with us to the club!" He ducked his head back inside and looked to Sakura. "How many dudes do you want?" Sakura looked up at him and rolled her eyes.

"I want to choose which guys come with us. I'm not as easy as you, y'know," she said, grinning at Kakashi who shrugged and stuck his head back through the skylight. Already about sixty girls were at the sides of the limo, struggling to reach his hand and fighting to get to the door.

"Aright you there in the pink top… oh, hello…. You with the blue hair… get off the car, you blonde freak and give the dame with the big green eyes some space… c'mon over here kitten… uh huh… and you too in the black jacket… step on up… yeah you too with the Team 7 tattoo… that's just hot… alright, you too in the pink shorts. All the rest of you, back the hell up!" Kakashi was yelling from the top of the limo. The side door opened and the 'lucky ladies' clambered into the car, giggling.

"Alright, my turn," Sakura said, pushing Kakashi out of the way. It was the guys' turn to scream as Sakura's torso appeared through the skylight, and catcalls and cheers rang out from the male fans. "Oh hells yeah!" Sakura screamed, giving them the rock horns. Sasuke rolled his eyes and moved to a corner seat in the back of the limo. Already the girls were eyeing him hungrily, but he didn't want any of them. Still, he had a duty to his band to at least attempt to lead them on so that the image of the band wouldn't suffer, so he smiled and pretended to be interested.

There was one girl next to Naruto that seemed content where she was, but Sakura's legs were blocking her from his view.

"You there, you wanna come with us? We have space for three of you! Yeah, bring your two friends, hotshot!" Sakura was yelling at some random guy in the crowd who must have thought tonight was his lucky night. Pretty soon, the doors were opening again and three guys with aesthetically pleasing faces and attire clambered into the car, issuing greetings as they came in. When Sakura sat down, Sasuke's heart stopped. She was here in the car! This night would be torture, unless he could get her to look his way some time tonight. He would. She was looking only at Naruto now, but she would look his way soon enough.

"The performance of Thunderstorm was perfect tonight, guys," one of the girls said, grinning widely.

"I know, right?" the male fan with the bright blue hair chimed in. "When the drums kicked in at the opening to the second verse… I swear I had an eargasm!" The band members chuckled and Sasuke gave a small smile… it was all he could manage. Then she spoke.

"I think the bass solo was the best part. There was not even the tiniest mistake, Naruto-kun," she said in a quiet but incredibly sexy, whispery voice. The others chimed in that of course the bass solo was epic and perfect and Sasuke could feel his already tiny smile slipping.

"Aa… and you're perfect, ne. What is your name eh?" Naruto returned, grinning at her in that affable, pleasant way that made half of Team 7's female fan-base go crazy and gooey.

"Hinata," she fairly whispered, her blush visible even in the dim lighting of the limo. The males, apart from Sasuke, obviously, all commented on how cute she was, etc, as if seeing her wasn't already bad enough for Sasuke.

"I know, I know! Sasuke-kun should totally sing Thunderstorm and we can all sing along and beatbox!" one of the cutest of the six girls said, while looping her arm through Sasuke's. On a normal night, the feel of her curves pressing up against him would have resulted in a … well, a reaction but tonight was far from normal. If it was the blue haired princess next to Naruto, with that perfect rack and the sexy voice, then maybe… reminding himself of her reminded him that it was Naruto she was next to, and all thoughts of a reaction went down the drain. Maybe he might as well sing so they wouldn't notice his foul mood.

"Alright," Naruto crowed. "Start us up!" Sakura and some of the male fans began beat-boxing the opening drumming for the song.

Maybe this was a good idea. Maybe if he sang, Hinata would look at him. Maybe she would forget Naruto.

When I see your face

She was looking at Naruto's face.

I feel a thunderstorm

Naruto slung his arm over Hinata's shoulders and she blushed and focused on a spot on his chest. Sasuke's voice rang out in the relative quiet of the limo. The city lights were whizzing past on the outside.

You feel like life to me

Naruto chipped in with the vocal version of the bass line, and two of the three male fans joined him. The girls were rocking from side to side.

But it's so dangerous

Sasuke paused as the 'drums' rolled and Kakashi's 'guitar' wailed. Naruto filled in with the opening notes of the bass solo.

It's so fucking daann-ger-ouusss!

Sasuke screamed even though he was relaxing, because he was that good. The girls all seemed to be getting ready for the second verse, rocking side to side and keeping timing with the bass solo Naruto was pretending to play.

I just wish you would look at me – yeah

I just feel to self destruct!

Hinata was looking at Naruto. She hadn't looked at Sasuke once… And Sasuke was burning. Burning with jealousy.

And I HATE you for makin' me love you


And I HATE you for makin' me love you


The girls chimed in with him for that, but they didn't know he was singing it to one of them. To the hime with the dark blue hair and the eyes only for his band-mate. He finished by himself to the closing vocal instrumental that the fans and his band-mates were singing.

I just wish you would look at me…

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