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Sasuke lifted his chin, allowing Itachi to fix his tie. He could scarcely believe Hinata had said yes, and it was strange that he was this nervous since he and Hinata had been engaged for eleven months. He shifted nervously, earning a not-so-gentle swat from Itachi.

"Keep still," the elder Uchiha grumbled, bending to fix Sasuke's purple tie. Itachi's mood was understandable, because he hadn't seen his love interest in a full month and he needed a Sakura fix in the worst way.

"I can't," Sasuke muttered back, clenching and unclenching his fists. "What if she doesn't turn up? What if she changed her mind? What if she…"

"Shut UP, Sasuke," Itachi groused, tugging unceremoniously on Sasuke's tie and choking off his younger brother's sentence. "She has more balls than you. She's gonna be here." Sasuke raised a brow, coughing and gasping. He tugged at the tie.

"Too… tight…" he gasped. Itachi smirked and loosened the tie for him.

Sakura's crass way of speaking was rubbing off on Itachi. Sasuke knew if Itachi realized how he'd taken to speaking, he'd be mortified. He almost brought it to his notice, but that would be a little mean, now wouldn't it?

The wedding troupe was staying at one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Kirigakure, which was about a seven hour plane ride from Konohagakure. Hinata had wanted a beach wedding, and Sasuke had wanted an evening wedding so that he could escape with his bride very soon after the ceremony, so the two wants had gelled together perfectly.

Only the sunset idea was not working out for Sasuke, because Sakura insisted that the groom could not see the bride on the day of the wedding, and it had taken ages for it to be freaking sunset! Sasuke had paced restlessly almost the entire time, and every time he tried to sneak a call to Hinata, someone blocked him. Before long, Itachi had stolen his phone and hidden it from him.

The ceremony was supposed to take place at five o'clock in the afternoon. It was now four fifteen and it would take a thirty minute drive to get to the section of the beach where the wedding was supposed to take place. Neji, Hanabi, and several more of their friends were already at the venue and were making sure everything ran smoothly.

Surprisingly, Neji and Hanabi had become much closer to Sasuke and Hinata in the eleven months, after she'd stood up to them and they'd come to respect her, even talking about their differences with Dr. Yamanaka and trying to come to some sort of solid ground. Hinata had joined Team 7 fully as a vocalist (and Sasuke's muse), and the fan base had skyrocketed after she'd joined due to the vast amount of her male fans. That was something Sasuke had to struggle to come to terms with. He didn't want anyone else looking at Hinata the way he did.

"There, that looks presentable," Itachi muttered, turning Sasuke around so he could look at himself in the full length mirror. In white tux, pale purple dress shirt, darker purple tie and white pleatless trousers, Sasuke figured he looked a bit like a dandy. He was ridiculously attached to his rocker outfits and this was so completely out of his normal style range. Still, it was what Hinata had wanted, and the look in her eyes when he'd tried it on first made him buy it without question. He'd thought it was completely unfair that she got to see what he was going to wear, and he couldn't get to see her dress… even though he and Naruto had tried their damndest to get a peek.

Now, however, four months after the purchase of the tux, and without Hinata's eyes to reassure him, Sasuke felt a mini freak-out coming on. Seriously, it was becoming a concern that she would laugh at him if she saw him. Would she? It was uncomfortable too. The tie felt like it was cutting off his air supply, and the sleeves of the jacket were… well they were long, and even in the air conditioned room, he felt hot and miserable, and he just wanted to go somewhere with Hinata and keep her away from everyone else and-

"Are you sure she liked this?" he asked in an embarrassingly timid voice, meeting his brother's gaze in the mirror for confirmation. Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Hn," he grunted, an evil thing to do considering it was neither a yea nor a nay.

"Itachi…" Sasuke moaned, his brows furrowing. Itachi rolled his eyes again.

"I said you look presentable," he almost snapped. Sasuke scowled, then his brows rose.

"Woah, Itachi," he said, turning to face his brother. "Are you… are you jealous?" Sasuke asked, toying with the idea in his mind. It was a distraction from his nerves. He shoved a hand into his pocket. Itachi scowled at him.

"Well, you're getting to claim Hinata as yours legally, and I haven't seen Sakura in…" Itachi clenched his jaw and spun on his heel. "I am not in the mood for conversing on this subject," he said stiffly. "It's time to go, anyway." Sasuke struggled to hide a smile before following his brother out of the hotel suite.

They moved to the elevator in silence, both men lost in their thoughts. Sasuke nibbled on his lower lip nervously, as he wavered between wanting to grin like an idiot and wanting to curl up into a ball and bide the day through. Hinata couldn't possibly really want to marry him, right? He just had a sinking feeling that he was going to stand up at that altar – they'd decided on a western style wedding – and she just would not show up. The fear alone was enough to make it difficult for him to breathe. Something was going to go horribly wrong; he could feel it.

"Itachi…" he said cautiously as they reached the lobby. "Where… do you have the ring?" he asked, patting himself down frantically. He wasn't feeling the little box anywhere.

"Otou-san has it. He'll give it to Aoi-kun when Hinata is in front you," Itachi said without looking at Sasuke. Sasuke nibbled on his lower lip and nodded at the back of Itachi's head… for his own benefit. He was getting married today!

Did the car ride to the beach really have to be this long? The longer it took to get there, the more nervous Sasuke got, and Itachi's sour mood – he was going through a Sakura withdrawl – was not helping any at all.

"Itachi…" Sasuke mumbled, bouncing one leg nervously.

"She's going to show up," Itachi snapped, staring resolutely out the window at the passing scenery. Sasuke sighed. She was going to show up… maybe. She wouldn't leave him standing there, would she? He'd probably leave him standing there if he was her. He knew she'd been with him for almost a year, engaged to be married, but this day itself was daunting. They hadn't moved in together, but now they would be, and Sasuke couldn't shake the fear that she would hate living with him.

He was beginning to hyperventilate for the second time that day. Sasuke leaned his head back on the headrest as the beach came into view, and forced himself to take slow, deep breaths. He could do this. She would come. The car pulled to a halt.

Who was he kidding? He was scared as heck that she would not turn up.

Itachi got out before him and ran around to the other side to open the door. A wave of sea breeze, slightly warmer than the air conditioned coolness of the car's interior, hit Sasuke's face as soon as the door opened. He could smell the sea.

"Open your eyes, Otouto," Itachi said, his voice gentle. Open his what now? Sasuke hadn't even realized that he'd squeezed his eyes shut. He opened them, blinking a little, and set one foot out of the car. He took a deep, calming breath when Itachi rested an arm on his shoulder and closed the car door behind him.

The scene before Sasuke made his heart race. Was this actually happening?

The first thing he noticed, were the tea lights. In tall, cylindrical glasses with bleached white sand mixed with dyed purple sand, the tiny tea-lights flickered slightly, the sand causing a pretty glow to emanate from the glasses. The glasses formed a long walkway leading between the two sets of rows of chairs, over a small wooden bridge that went over a trickling tributary that fed into the sea, and up to the steps of a rough-hewn wooden gazebo.

The chairs for the guests were covered in white, purple or pink chair covers and formed seats for the over four hundred guests. Dr. Yamanaka and his wife were present, as well as Sarutobi Hiruzen, his son Sarutobi Asuma and daughter-in-law Kurenai, and Sarutobi's grandson Sarutobi Konohamaru. Hanabi and the rest of the Hyuuga clan were also present, as well as Sabaku no Gaara and his siblings. All of Itachi's platoon and war buddies were in attendance, as well of friends and family of the band members. A fair amount of the guests were also fans that had won invites to the wedding from another Team 7 lottery.

The guests all turned in their chairs to smile encouragingly at Sasuke as he began the walk towards the gazebo, where the priest was waiting. Naruto and Kakashi, dressed to the nines, were already in position on the gazebo steps, as well as an euphoric Yamanaka Ino, whom Hinata had allowed to be a bridesmaid.

It wasn't until Sasuke was halfway up the runner that was laid down in the aisle that he noticed the purple orchids placed in artistic clusters along its length. They looked beautiful and delicate, and he could see why Hinata had chosen them.

Sasuke tugged on his suit discreetly as he crossed the wooden bridge and took his place at the top of the gazebo stairs. The gazebo was romantically lit with tiny lights hidden in its nooks and crannies, and a slightly magical look was pulled off. Sasuke took another deep breath and tried a smile. The guests all grinned back at him, obscenely proud looks on their faces. At least one hundred of them were the unwanted kids that Sasuke had sponsored and after spending time with each and every one of them, he and Hinata had made fast friends with all they had met. Sasuke grinned back at the cheeky faces of some of them and then turned his attention to the end of the runner where Hinata would… should… appear in a few moments.

The sun was already setting, making the tea-lights seem to shine all the more brightly, and it was a good thing that they were in decorative glasses, because the pleasant sea breeze that was blowing picked up slightly. Sasuke's hair, which Hinata had insisted he grow out again, blew slightly in the breeze, tickling Sasuke's exposed cheek. He slowly pushed it out of his face, wishing he'd thought to tie it back like Itachi had.

Now all he had to do was, well, wait for Hinata's limo to arrive.

It seemed to be taking hours, and Sasuke could feel the nervousness, anxiousness and pressing fear that she'd left him at the altar, beginning to rise up within him. Suddenly it was hard to breathe, and Sasuke was beginning to panic. The 'what-if's' swirling in his mind were scaring him, and Sasuke's breathing quickened.

"Calm down," Itachi muttered in Sasuke's ear. "Just take deep breaths. She's coming." Sasuke kept chanting Itachi's words over and over in his head to keep himself calm. It wasn't working, and when the guests began looking around, Sasuke was ready to go and look for her himself. Why was she taking so long? Had she changed her mind?

He was feeling a burn in his throat as fear clawed at him when the white limo pulled up with a low purr. Sasuke refused to breathe until Neji ran around to open the door and a head of dark blue hair could be seen over the car door.

She was here.

Aoi and Akira came out of the car, arm in arm, Akira with a basket of flower petals, and Aoi with a cushion with the ring on top. Akira grinned, knowing that she was currently the centre of attention, and pulled away from Aoi, who was staring solemnly at the guests with wide black eyes.

Hinata had taken very quickly to the twins, especially to Aoi, and they had to her. Sometimes Sasuke found himself actively competing with Aoi for Hinata's attention... especially when Hinata declared that she wanted Aoi to be the ring bearer, and Aoi had stared up at her with such an expression of complete love and had clung to her hip for the entire week after that it seemed.

Akira fairly skipped down the aisle, scattering flower petals in her path as she went along.

Sakura, dressed in a short, pale purple bandage dress that clung to her curves stepped out first, with Hinata's bouquet in hand, and helped the bride from the car.

When she stepped out from behind the car door, Sasuke's breath whooshed from his lungs. She looked amazing!

Her dress was made seemingly entirely of pale cream lace. It was sleeveless and had a sweetheart neckline that dipped low enough for her well-endowed chest to be teasingly displayed. It was too classy for a large amount of cleavage to be exposed, but risqué enough for Sasuke's mind to take him there. His heart began to thump harder in his chest and he felt heat crawl up his chest.

Damn, she looked good.

The dress curved smoothly over her breasts, clinging to her slim body like a lace glove and hugging her rounded hips and upper thighs before flaring outward in a wide pale cream skirt of full tulle. The front of the dress was only decorated with a smattering of small pearls at one shoulder and was tailored to be a close fit. It accentuated Hinata's chest area, small waist and perfect hips.

Her hair was piled on top of her head the way he liked and had pearl strings woven among the shiny dark strands. A shimmering pearl and diamond encrusted tiara graced the front of her updo, and a few curled locks of her hair dangled in her face and by her left ear. She was beautiful.

Then she turned to take her bouquet of wide-petaled white orchids from Sakura, and Sasuke's mouth went bone dry.

He saw the back of the dress.

Damn, the girl looked fine.

A surge of pride, lust and impatience floored Sasuke when his eyes trailed over the back of the wedding dress. So this was why she hadn't wanted him to see it!

The dress had a high neck at the back from where it had come over her shoulders, and had a small trail of covered buttons going down the centre of her back between her shoulder blades, where they stopped. Where the dress seemed to stop.

The dress was open from there all the way to the small of her back, showing off Hinata's pale, smooth, soft looking skin. Sasuke swallowed. Oh, he was so tempted to touch! The dress restarted right at the small of her back, curving smoothly over her round rear and clinging to the backs of her upper thighs before flaring out in a long tulle train smattered with bits of lace and pearls. Right down the centre of her rear there was a perfect little line of small covered buttons marching down to the beginning of the tulle. Oh, shit, he'd have to undo those one by one later tonight…

Sasuke knew he would be sorely tempted to put hands on that perfect ass as soon as she was close enough, but it probably would be inappropriate, and he didn't want to do anything that might annoy Hinata today.

Her perfect arms, smooth and toned and uncovered by any sleeves, drew Sasuke's notice as well. Before too long, those arms would be curved over her shoulders, holding him as he… Sasuke pulled his mind from that particular road before he got too hot and bothered in front of so many people!

She took the bouquet in her delicate hands… hands which he knew could very well be… argh… there he went again, thinking things he shouldn't! Sasuke couldn't stop the wide smile that pushed its way to his face the moment she looked up and their eyes made contact. His heart was thundering in his chest by now, and he'd never felt any emotion like the one he felt when he watched her walking up the aisle towards him, her hand on Neji's arm as he prepared to give her away.

Sasuke couldn't hold back the grin on his face as Hinata's eyes locked with his as she walked up the aisle toward him. He blinked furiously, abhorring the emotions that threatened to make him cry in public. He was wholly unused to this level of happiness.

Sasuke found it harder to breathe the closer she got to him, but for an altogether different reason than he had before. He had never felt this happy before, and he knew that the moment he heard her say "I do", he'd feel even happier than he did now.

She was glowing. Her full, glossed lips were parted in a smile, showing her straight white teeth and plumping her blushing cheeks. Sasuke smiled back, tenderly and impossibly happily and he felt his eyes sting suspiciously as she came to a stop in front him. The sea breeze wafted her scent over to him and Sasuke felt his knees weaken as the soft, comforting but exciting scent of her enveloped him. He took a deep breath, committing the moment to memory.

"Hey," he whispered as he looked down on her beautiful face as she stood before him.

"Hi," she responded, smiling as she handed off her bouquet to Sakura without even sparing the pinkette a glance. The two of them just breathed for a moment, drinking each other in with their eyes until the priest gave a highly amused chuckle and cleared his throat.

"We are all perfectly aware of your love, young ones," the priest declared in a slightly gravelly voice. The guests, Sasuke and Hinata chuckled at his dry.

Then came Aoi.

Sasuke wanted to scream at how adorable his little brother looked in his white cotton shorts and shirt as he walked solemnly up the aisle with the ring on a purple cushion in his hands. He made it halfway up the aisle before he stumbled, and the ring fell.

Aoi stopped, stared at the ring on the ground, and made such a look of ultimate displeasure that muffled titters sounded among the guests. Sasuke himself was hard-pressed not to chuckle at the expression on his little brother's face. Poor Aoi. When he noticed that everyone was laughing at him, his little face crumpled sadly. He hurriedly picked up the ring and bit his lower lip, very obviously struggling not to cry in front of big brother. Sasuke found it hilarious that no matter what happened with Aoi, no matter where he was, if he was crying, he stopped immediately as Sasuke arrived on the scene.

When Aoi reached with the ring, Hinata reached down an elegant hand and smoothed it over his face. She bent, whispered something in his ear, and a huge grin spread over Aoi's face. Noticing that everyone was looking at him, he quickly schooled his features, but the extremely pleased expression on his face did not budge. Hinata hid her smile behind her hand and turned to the chuckling priest.

What had she said to his little brother?

The priest gave a suspicious sounding cough before he started the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to…" Sasuke didn't really hear much more than that, because Hinata gave him the look. Yes, that very look that promised that she had something planned for him later. Sasuke felt heat pool in his gut. He raised a brow, having a silent conversation with her. One of her perfectly plucked brows rose and fell in a movement so quick Sasuke wondered if he'd even seen it. And then she smiled. That cheeky smile… oh Kami, he could not wait until they had a moment alone!

And then he heard his name.

"… Uchiha Sora Sasuke take this woman, Hyuuga Yuki Hinata to be your lawful wedded wife in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for better and for worse til death do you p-?"

"I do," Sasuke responded without pause. In fact, the poor priest had not even finished speaking. The guests chuckled, and several rather loud 'aww's floated up from the females, joined with hoots and catcalls from Itachi's rowdy war buddies. Sasuke's cheeks reddened and he gave a sheepish grin and ducked his head shyly. They were never going to let him live this down, were they?

"And do you, Hyuuga Yuki Hinata take this man, Uchiha Sora Sasuke to be your law fully wedded husband in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for better or for worsetildeathdoyoupart?" the priest asked, rushing the last six words just in case Hinata decided to cut him off. The fact that he did so with a straight face and a flat voice made the guests erupt into barely muffled giggles and titters. Sasuke's face heated even more at the implications.

"I do," Hinata giggled, staring up at Sasuke with those perfect grey eyes of hers. She was fully focused on him right now, and the feeling was exhilarating! At her declaration, Sasuke felt like his chest would burst from the happiness of it all.

"Please, present the rings," the priest said with a smile. Sasuke looked down to Aoi, who looked immensely proud at being the one to give the ring to his big brother, but he sent Sasuke a small jealous scowl. Sasuke gave him a small scowl back, remembering clearly the moment that Aoi had asked Hinata if she would marry him instead. Sasuke refused to give her up, even to his little brother, and Aoi had never really forgiven him for it.

Sasuke took the ring and Hinata's hand, and slid the ring onto her finger. The ring was comprised of two white gold bands. The first band was a simple band, encrusted with small diamonds going round it and a small dip where the larger diamond from the second band would fit. The only differences between the first and second band were that the second band had a larger diamond at the top, and the first band had a dip to hold it so the two rings fit together. The bands glittered in the gazebo's lights. The inside of the bands were inscribed 'Hinata, my beloved muse.'

Hinata put Sasuke's ring on his finger; a simple thick titanium band with two grooves near the outer rims of the bands. The ring was cold but Sasuke knew it would soon take on the heat of his hand. Besides, as a rockstar, he was used to wearing rings. He'd taken them all off today though.

"By the power vested in me by the state of Kirigakure, I now pronounce you husband and wife." After saying this, the priest gave a long pause, which was filled with silence and the sound of the sea.

Sasuke wanted to kiss Hinata already! Where was the 'you may now kiss the bride' statement? Sasuke waited, but the priest said nothing. The more astute of guests were beginning to fold their lips to mask their growing grins at the priest's antics. Sasuke turned and glowered at the priest.

"Is it time to kiss the bride yet?" Sasuke hissed impatiently. The priest raised his brows, squelched a smile and nodded.

"Yes, yes… time to kiss the-" Sasuke was already kissing Hinata. "-to kiss the bride… but you are already doing that, aren't you?" the priest finished a little uselessly. Sasuke didn't hear him, or the laughter and cheers from the crowd.

All he felt, all he was surrounded by, was Hinata. Her lips were soft and moist and she tasted like mint gum. Her mouth was wet and warm, and Sasuke's heart was pumping so hard his ribcage felt a bit rattled. Pulling her securely against him, Sasuke tilted his head for a better angle and slid one hand to the exposed skin at her back while the other hand grasped her hip.

Hinata's hands slid over his shoulders, holding him closer. Their surroundings faded from Sasuke's mind, and all he could think about was Hinata, and that she was finally legally and emotionally his.

A not so discreet tap on Sasuke's shoulder had him pulling away reluctantly from Hinata.

"Maybe you should save some of that for a more private occasion, Otouto," Itachi said, his amusement showing in his dark eyes. Sasuke's and Hinata's faces went dark red from embarrassment, but Sasuke quickly recovered, grinning widely and laughing.

"When you get married, I'll remind you of that very thing," Sasuke chuckled in return. It was Itachi's turn to flush guiltily.

Sasuke took Hinata's hand in his, and the two made their way down the aisle. Not to be forgotten, Aoi ran up to Hinata's other side and reached for her hand with his much smaller one. She gave him a smile and he blinked solemnly up at her, his childish love in his eyes. Sasuke sent him a triumphant smirk behind Hinata's back, and Aoi scowled at him in response.

When the door to the limo closed behind them, Sasuke didn't even give Hinata a moment to breathe before he was pulling her into his arms. He'd barely taken the time to notice that the screen between the chauffer and the back of the car was up and that was all that mattered.

"Kami, I want you," he rasped against her cheeks before his lips smashed against hers. "Can we please skip the rest of the night?" he continued when he came up for breath. Hinata chuckled against his lips and pulled him closer to her, turning in the seat so he was easier to reach.

Growling a little in his chest, Sasuke pulled her up to sit sideways on his lap and wrapped both arms around her. Hinata kissed him back without speaking, sending the silent message that she didn't want to waste any of the time that the car would take to get to the wedding dinner. She gave a soft whimper when Sasuke's fingertips brushed the skin at the neckline of her dress, his fingers slipping ever so slightly under the material.

"I'm serious, you know," Sasuke muttered before dipping his head to brush his lips against her neck and ear. "I just want to go back to the hotel room right now," he gasped harshly, his hand going round to smooth over her exposed back.

"Mmmm," Hinata mumbled, her neck arching so he could have better access. Sasuke's tongue flicked out to taste her skin, which smelled like the gourmet chocolate shower milk he'd bought her.

"I just want to peel this dress off you," he whispered in her ear, delighting in the little sound that escaped her throat at his words.

"W-we have to wait until… until a-after the m-meal," she stuttered between gasped breaths. Sasuke's lungs were working overtime, at the speed his breathing was going at.

"We could skip it," Sasuke groaned, drawing random little lines over her exposed back with one hand, and smoothing her thigh with the other. He could feel the warmth of her body through the delicate material of the dress, and if he could take the thing off her right now, he'd have his way with her right there in the car.

"We can't," she groaned in response, shifting restlessly in his arms. Sasuke moaned.

"Hi-Hinata, you can't move like that while you're on my lap…"

"G-Gomen," she whispered back, taking his face in her hands and kissing him.

"Mrs. Uchiha Hinata," Sasuke said with a pleased expression on his face. He growled softly and pressed his face to her throat. "Kami, I love you."

"I love you more," she whispered, pressing her face to his neck.

"I love you most," Sasuke returned. "I would love you even more if you'd chosen a dress that would allow you to straddle me, because-" Hinata laughed at him and pressed her mouth to his before he could finish his sentence.

"We're almost at the hotel," she breathed a few minutes later when they had pulled away after a steamy kiss.

"Already?" Sasuke gasped, not even bothering to hide his disappointment. "I-I thought we might have some more time…" he muttered as the car pulled up in front of the hotel doors. "Damn it," he muttered, straightening his tux while Hinata tumbled off his lap and tucked at her hair.

The valet opened the door, and Hinata gave Sasuke a cheeky grin before she slid out of the car. Sasuke followed right behind her, sliding an arm around her as soon as they were both out. The valet uttered his congratulations before locking the car door, and the chauffer drove off.

Outside the hotel doors, the bridal party had gathered to welcome the bride and groom.

"We know that if you two go to change your clothes, you won't come back out, so we're going straight to dinner now," Inuzuka Kiba said with a wide teasing grin. Sasuke scowled at him.

"We're not really hungry," he said.

"Sasuke," Hinata chided with a short laugh, elbowing him gently in the side.

"Oww," Sasuke complained, although it didn't really hurt. "There's only one thing I'm hungry for and it's-"

"Let's just go in, shall we?" Hinata interrupted, her face flaming as the rest of the guest chuckled. Sasuke gave them a small chuckle before he led her inside the hotel and to the dining area which was already artfully decorated with the wedding colours and themes.

"Argh, let's get this over with," Sasuke muttered impatiently in Hinata's ear as they entered the dining area to the loud cheers and congratulations of the guests. Hinata elbowed him again, but giggled a little.

Sasuke was more impatient now than he could ever remember, and he blamed Hinata. If she hadn't worn such a damn sexy wedding dress, he probably wouldn't feel so… keyed up, but as it was, he could barely sit still.

To make matters worse, the dinner was only about an hour in progress, and the toasts and dancing had not occurred yet. Leaning closer to Hinata, Sasuke discreetly whispered in her ear.

"I think I might need to use the bathroom… what about you?" Hinata slid her eyes in his direction at the question.

"I… I think that might be necessary," she whispered back, a small smile on her lips. Sasuke grinned and got up.

"Going to use the restroom," he said, knowing that everyone there would already guess at what he meant anyway. He just wanted to ensure that no one followed them there. Hinata got up soon after he did, her face flaming.

"I-I may need to refresh my makeup," she said softly, ignoring Naruto and Kakashi's knowing snickers.

"Take your time," Kakashi drawled, his eyes seeking out Mitarashi Anko, who was also in attendance. He sent a wink in her direction, and was immediately rewarded with a dark smile from the woman. Sasuke noticed that Itachi looked rather relieved at the woman's action.

The moment Sasuke and Hinata were alone, they were in each other's arms again. They barely made it to the restroom before Sasuke had her pushed up against the door and began kissing her for all he was worth. His tongue slipped between her lips, exploring the moist cavern of her mouth and his hands cupped her rear and squeezed gently.

Hinata gasped, pushing up against him so their bodies were pressed together intimately and the sounds of harsh breaths and whispered words filled the restroom.

She was burning up. Sasuke's desire was infectious and now she wanted nothing more than to rip his clothing off him and give him pleasure. But they had to go back. Before they went so far they couldn't go back! She pulled her lips away from his and tried to suck in a breath.

"Sasuke," she gasped, moaning lightly when his mouth immediately made a hot wet trail to her ear.

"I'm going to have you screaming my name by the end of tonight," Sasuke promised raspily. Hinata's heart pounded at his words, because she knew he was fully capable of fulfilling them.

"How do you know I won't have you screaming my name tonight?" she whispered back, raking her nails through his hair. Sasuke jerked to a halt, his head snapping back to stare into her heated grey eyes with wide, surprised black ones.

"Wh… Can we leave now?" he fairly begged, his eyes darkening. Hinata chuckled, moving away from him and going to the mirror to compose herself.

"If they aren't done in two more hours, let's sneak out," she said, giving him a cheeky grin.

"Fine," Sasuke groused as she opened the door to go back outside. "By the way, I don't scream," he continued, holding the door open so he could pass through it behind her.

"You might," Hinata returned. "And you might beg, too… and mumble incoherent, random, meaningless words," she threatened, a sexy little vibe rolling off her in waves.

"Two hours?" Sasuke asked in response, but his eyes were challenging hers. She stared him down, her eyes promising that she would take him on later.

"Two hours."

Two hours more, and then he would have her for the rest of his life.

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