Okay, here goes my attempt at a Sterek fanfiction. Let me know what you think. I know this story starts out slow, but it will get better. Enjoy.

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Chapter 1

Stiles paced his bedroom floor. Scott was at home, having dinner with his mother. She wanted to talk to him about the "werewolf" aspect of his life that he had kept from her. Stiles understood, but he had nothing to do and he couldn't sit still.

He paced around his bed two more times before he decided to go for a ride. He ran down the stairs. "I'll be back later, dad!" He yelled as he exited the house before he father had the chance to say a word.

He got into his jeep and turned the ignition on. He reversed out and took off. Two blocks down from his home, he thought of where to go. It was 7 o'clock and the sun was beginning to set. "Where can I go?" He asked himself out loud.

He looked at the stores and shops he drove by; a book store, a subway, and a coffee shop. Reading was out of the question. His mind couldn't focus. Caffeine was completely out of the question. It would only make matters worse.

He decided subway was the best of the three. Plus his stomach growled at the thought of ordering an Italian B.M.T. foot long. He pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine. He searched his pockets for his wallet. He slid his hand into his left back pocket only to find that it was empty.

An image of his wallet sitting on his dresser flashed in his head. "Crap!" He said as he let his head fall on the steering wheel, hitting the car horn. The horn frightened him, causing him to jump back in his seat. He placed his hand over his over-accelerated heart. He looked around, no one heard it.

When his heart beat lowered to a normal rate, he put the key back in the ignition and started it. As he shifted the gear into reserve, a tall, brute looking man caught his eye. Derek. They were buddies or at least in his desperate moment, he hoped they were.

He turned off the engine and exited his jeep. He quickly walked to the entrance as casual as he could, which was horrible obvious. He walked in and looked to his left where Derek sat oddly by himself. He was surprised that Derek was actually eating subway and in public. He always imagined Derek would be eating alone, in a corner of his burn down house in the woods.

He quickly walked over to Derek as he was meant to meet him here. "Hey, Derek," he said as he patted him on the back of his muscular shoulder and sat down across the table from him.

Derek was in mid-bite when Stiles patted him. He moved his eyes forward.

Derek didn't speak; he just chewed his food and swallowed it. Stiles spoke, "strange seeing you here." He smiled awkwardly. His stomach growled. "I was wondering if you could be the gentleman"-he placed his hand back on Derek's shoulder-"hmm." The glare Derek gave him caused him to pause. He removed his hand. "I was wondering if you could lend me like ten bucks so I can get something to eat."

Derek took another bite, chewed it, and then swallowed it.

"Remember, I saved your life like twice, maybe more times. Consider the loan a nice way of thanking me." Stiles grinned.

Derek put down his sub sandwich and just stared at Stiles for a moment. His stare made Stiles uncomfortable and that satisfied him. The satisfaction made the corner of his lips slightly curve upward.

He reached forward for his sprite. His quick moment made Stiles flinch. He took a sip, grinning. "Remember when you used me to persuade that gay guy?"

"Yeah, but I saved you from Jackson when he was all on killer mode," Stiles stated. "Remember when we took a swim." He paused, thinking about what he had said. His sentence sounded sexual.

"Leave me be, Stiles," Derek said, using his intense, unbreakable stare.

Stiles raised his hands in the air and slowly got up from the chair. "Alright, alright. I'm going." He walked away from him, feeling slightly disabled.

As Stiles reached the door, Derek spoke again, "Stiles."

Stiles looked in his direction. Derek held up a ten dollar bill. Stiles smiled and ran back to Derek. "Thanks, man." He grabbed the ten dollar bill and ran to the counter and quickly placed his order. After he filled his cup up with coca cola, picked out some lays chips, and got his sandwich, he returned to the table, sitting in front of Derek. "Thanks, again." He opened the wrapping and took a big bite of his foot long.

Derek stared at him, wondering why Stiles was still here. "I gave you money in hopes that you'd let me finish my food in peace."

Stiles paused, mouth open and full of food. Derek wanted to eat alone and Stiles found himself not wanting to. He pouted his lips, trying to be adorable.

Derek growled. "Fine, I'll leave then." He picked up the remainder of his food, walked over to the trash can next to the entrance, and tossed everything in it. He exited.

Stiles quickly shoved everything back into the bag, grabbed his drink, and followed Derek out. He, surprisingly, caught up to him rather quickly. "Come on, where are you going?"

Derek abruptly turned around, startling Stiles, wiping away the very little color he had on his face. "When and where did we become friends?" He asked, yelling and throwing his arms in the air.

Stiles stood still as he tried to think of something to say. His thoughts stumbled on each other, rendering him silent. After waiting a few minutes, he lowered his shoulders in defeat and walked back to his jeep. "I just wanted some company," he mumbled, feeling completely dumped.

Stiles opened the driver's door.

"Stiles," Derek said despite his better judgment. He rolled his eyes, irritated with himself. "Wait. I guess…we can hang out."

Stiles whipped his head around and smiled. "Where do you want to hang out?" He looked at his hand, holding his food. "Before we do anything, can I eat my food first?"

"Eat quick," Derek ordered.

Stiles sat into his jeep and began eating the rest of his food. Derek stood several feet away from him in the open. Mouth filled with chips and a giant bite from his sandwich, he said to Derek, "you can sit in the passenger seat."

Derek didn't catch a single word Stiles said.

Stiles pointed to the passenger seat. Derek moved closer to Stiles' jeep, but he refused to get in. Stiles quickly finished his food and turned on the car. "Get inside." He looked around the small parking lot. Derek's car wasn't here. Derek must have walked here. "You don't have your car."

Derek's eyes flashed red. The color of the alpha. He came here the same way he was planning to leave, with his fast wolf speed.

Slowly raindrops started to fall from the sky. They started off little then in moments, they grew in size. Derek quickly ran around Stiles' jeep and got in. Stiles just looked at Derek as he sat awkwardly in the passenger seat, where he has sat many times before. "What?" Derek shouted.

Stiles jumped. "Nothing. I…just thought wolves were canines." Derek gave him a puzzled look. "You ran in here like a scared little cat, afraid to get wet."

Derek thought about how foolish he looked. He did the only thing that would make Stiles drop it and never bring it up again. He growled.

Stiles pushed himself up against the door. "Okay, okay. Forget what I said." He held up his pale colored hands like they were his white flag.

"Drive north," Derek ordered.

Stiles turned on the engine and drove north. They were about twenty minutes out of town. The drive, so far, was silent and it was getting under Stiles' skin. Derek sat calmly in the passenger seat, staring up at the crescent moon. "So what's new?" Stiles asked, trying to make conversation.

"Just shut up and drive," Derek said roughly as he continued to stare out the window.

Stiles did just that. He drove for another fifteen minutes until Derek said to stop. Stiles pulled over to the shoulder. Derek got out and started walking. "Hey where are you going?" Derek closed the door.

Stiles turned off the engine, grabbed the keys, and got out of his jeep. Stiles quickly, stumbling, followed behind Derek as he walked up a hill. "Derek, can you at least slow down." Derek ignored him and continued walking, zigzagging through the trees.

He finally caught up to Derek when they had reached the top of a mountain. He was breathing hard. "What are we doing here?"

Derek stared off the cliff, looking down on to Beacon Hills. "I come here to enjoy the silence." He voice was soft, well softer than usual. He sat down on a boulder.

Stiles walked over to him and looked at the view. It looked beautiful. "So do you come here often?" He asked, looking back at Derek.

"Don't get mushy on me," Derek said, using his usual rough, intimidating voice.

"Is it safe out here?" He asked. The town and the woods had been unsafe at one point whether it were by werewolves or a kanima and it was only a matter of time before something new surfaces from the slums.

"You're with the Alpha. I think you're as safe as you're going to get," Derek stated, matter-of-factly. His confidence pushed out, making Stiles nod his head, agreeing with him.

They just sat around for a while. Stiles just making conversation, but Derek would always shot him down. He sat and thought why he even bothered with Derek. He was at an all time low of desperation that he was here with a guy who was cold and distant. Why did he even agree to hang with him if he was just going to be an ass?

Stiles' phone went off. Scott was calling him. He answered the phone with excitement. "Hey man what's up?"

"Where are you? I thought you'd be home," Scott said.

"I went out." Stiles wasn't sure how to tell his friend that he was with Derek. Things were still rocking between the two of them, since Scott played Derek for an idiot. Now that he had remembered that part, he felt upset that Scott didn't tell him.

"With who?" Scott asked.

Stiles didn't want to answer. "I just went out." He changed the subject quickly. "So how was dinner with your mom?"

Scott laughed. "Nice dodge. Who are you with?" Stiles didn't answer him and that annoyed him. "Stiles, who?"

"I'm with Derek!" He yelled into the phone and then quickly ended the call.

Derek laughed, but his expression was still hard. Stiles didn't know if his laughing was a good thing or a bad one.

"Well I'm going to go. Do you need a ride?" He was cut off when Derek grabbed him and pushed him hard up against a tree. His back stung. He thought his bruises had fully healed. He thought wrong. "What the hell, man," He managed to get out.

Derek shh-ed him as he looked around. He had heard something.

As Derek focused on the sound or lack of, it hit Stiles that Derek's muscular body was pushed up against his frail boyish one. Their bodies together felt uneven and hard to him, like trying to make a puzzle piece fit in a space too small and yet, strangely comfortable.

His stomach began tingling in an unfamiliar way. He looked up at Derek, who was still looking around.

Derek's eyes turned red. He was protecting Stiles from whatever it was he heard. This was the first time Stiles had seen him this protective…of him. Yes, he had saved Stiles a few times, but he never showed a genuine worry for him.

"What do." Derek interrupted him, "Shh!" He pushed his body more into Stiles, smashing them together, making it hard for him to take a breath. The bark of the tree and the solid steel of Derek's muscles caused his body to stiffen with pain, reminding him how badly he was beaten.

"Stiles," Derek whispered, looking around the tree he had Stiles pushed up against. "When I say 'run,' I need to you run to your jeep and drive as fast as you can and as far as you can."

Stiles didn't answer, but he did hear what Derek said. The pain was too much for him to even speak, let alone breath. Derek looked at Stiles, finally seeing the pain he was in and moved an inch or two back. Stiles inhaled, letting himself lean on Derek's body for support. As he started to slip, Derek wrapped his arm around him, holding him up.

Somehow Derek's muscles didn't feel like solid steel to him, but a comfortable bed he didn't want to get up from. "Stiles." Derek let out a low growl. It snapped Stiles out of his daze. "Run, now!" Derek ordered him as if he were his beta.

As Stiles took off, Derek and he heard a loud howl. It was another werewolf Derek had heard. Stiles ran back to his jeep. He didn't run his fastest due to the pain Derek and the tree had caused and he still didn't have his breath on track.

He heard howls behind him. He looked over his shoulder. A tall dark object stood behind him. His heart rate shot up in terror. "Derek!" He screamed.

He tripped over a tree stump, falling fast and hard on his right shoulder. "Derek," he managed to mumble from the crippling pain surging through his frail body.